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8N W. R. & E. UNE
Total of $105,000 Is Allotted
to Improvement on Wis
consin Avenue.
Tin Washington Railway and
Elect ric (’onipany has agreed. in
conference with the Commissioners.
!■> spend $103,000 in laying a new set
■ tranks for the Georgetown and
Tonlcytiiwn line, in the c'enter of
Wisconsin avenue between Massa
< ims. its avenue and River road,
■when tin- District imvcs that thor
oughfare next Spring.
Tin District. in turn, has agreed to
a Met. mil of the r.tt.othi appropriated
!•> <’i ,n cress fur the paving, the sum)
, r Jtil.ooo toward the traek work,!
■ ine,, the paving of the avenue makes
i • ressary the relocation of the rails.
Held Equitable Settlement.
District officials say they regard!
tliis as an equitable settlement of the j
■ icstion, and they will submit the]
proposition to the appropriations com
mittees of the Senate and House litis!
Kail for approval. Maj. Hell pointed)
out that tin- work could not be done 1
before Spring in any event, so that j
no time is being lost. There has- not
to n enough gas tax money collected]
y> I to do (his job.
Th. < lause in the current appro- 1
t r atom a. I making I avail- ,
abb float the ga otjii. lax tor the
: arfacing es Wis,-oilsiti ji\ .-ntie pro- j
sided that tin Hi,strict should rdo- j
Cal, the Marks ~! the Georgetown I
Mid Tniultown Railway, a sun- i
sidiary of : 1 ■ Washington Uailvv ay ,
and Electric iV„ and to lake steps to |
r ~v. ran assessment Hotn the com
pany for tin moving of the trucks. j
V in\ of engineer Department.
tdil'ia's of th> engineer depart-]
r-.-nl say. however, that the existing j
traiks are iti sin h rondition that!
tis-y eo:«|,l not be satisfaetortly taken j
ui and i, lot at* d in the center ot the j
i.>: i|. City engineers figured it would
«,,st $7.-».(Uni I*, mov, tin- old rails ,
and till nor hate a sit isla -lory job.
>laj i;. n and C B. Hunt. ■ ngituer of
highways, took the mutter no with!
Wiliam I' Ham, pi, ■-blent of the
Washington Kailwaj ami Gleet rie
Compuix. with lb. ie-ult that Hie
eomp.itix offered I" pay ?|n,.nu" to-’
ward llie building of a new set of ;
i; :rk- 111 the mi e and-.i half st retell i
lion, M.i--,.c:nn-et t - au-nn. to River
I irol.
I, Congress approves Hi- plan the
votk will be done on that basis.
Humid it not be approved Ihe work
v ill b, done anyhow, and steps taken .
to asse-s the railway ,'ompanv for its
Si! .1 > .
foresees *,re:it Bet u-rntriit.
Mu Bell pointed out today that if
I! ■ i w rii's are laid as tentatively
agi'fed 11 iix'ii instenl of merely reloeal
itr-; ihe ~t,l tines, ilv.t part of Wisconsin
avenue v. i!| then he in as good coudi- |
tiim as tip rtePiitlv paved sections of
< 'onn.vt icut ;iv cfiue.
Tie Kn-iiie.r Commissioner slated
t it after li ■ stretch of work north
o Ma -s ■ ini-el t s avenue i- completed
s will be i , k.ii to have the com- ,
rove its irack s on Wisconsin j
tive.in, between Thirty-tifih and Thir.
ty-s,-vcinli streets. "
It l - r.ad tin- want riiuiiuis of
*!*h- St;,. Hundreds of situations arc
obtained tiire'i.-i, them.'
« Ul-JMMII liniMrillMM—————————■■—^^
I sx, Coming smartly /]h I
111 \Jmk i . i Ai A I
| *'#vdown to earth fw |
p' "Vionel '~C^ > " ' ‘'Claire |
: ; ; .v&SO $lO $
j p Correct tor informal ET'SjBB OVKEV woman A chic new arrival X
Q wear, in patent H Sa|j , . from (jay Parec, in y(
0 cr or black suede. w|pß treads 111 L Olltl- black satin or patent O
5 fashion’s By-ways, y Q
x when smartly shod at yJA ] g
% Hahn’s. Prices keep I
Q \ . firmly “Down to Earth,*’ //ALA ALJJ S
fi "Middy" „ 9
e, O sec ■ §
1$ ’ Styles pictured at <f//J V(
; / A saucy ribbon tie Q
■- pump, in* black satin these? three stores only. In black satin. pat= Q
5 or patent leather. ent leather, black or r
brown sue d e
Sc j “ Gafetha ” |
.A (ilove-fitting gore ! ?5.60 151 j
p creation. Black satin, I—- Modest in price, but y(
P suede or patent. \£) k_> va in of its beauty, in fk
X black or tan calf. Q
yharlofte ??
-“Bagdad” - Blonde Satin |§|
-S7O . . fP . . . $lO |
_ . „ A touch of oriental • _ ~ , . v(
her Step-in style extravagance, in Fashions newest
S'ack or brown patent leather 0 r black fancy. Also in black Cl
Black satin or suede velvet, black or tan v\
calf. Patent leather. v
♦ c
Capftol Homestead o's the 'Yeomen
has changed place of the “welncr
roast" to Randall Highlands, tomor
row. Members participating will
meet at Fifth ajid F streets at 5:30
Young Men’* Hebrew Association
will give its Autumn ball tomorrow,
9 p.m., at City Club.
Equality-Waller Heed Host. No. !St,
Veterans of Foreign Wars, will meet
Thursday evening at Pythian Temple,
obligation of candidates and desig
{ nation of District representatives for
i the District of Columbia, Hyaltsville,
i Riverdale and Raurel, Md.. also Cher
rydale, Ballston and Falls Church,
A costume bull will be given by the
control service of the Veterans’ Bu
reau. Saturday night at Meridian
Mansions. Maj. X>avis G. Arnold is
director of the service, and Mrs. M. A.
Coyne, chairman on committee of ar
rangements for the ball.
A luncheon nnd dinner for Itvr bene
fit of St. Ann's Orphan Asylum will
bo given tomorrow and Thursday
i from 11:30 to 3 p.m., and from 1 to
V:3O p.m., both days, at Klks’ Hall, II
j near Tenth street. Indies’ Auxiliary
of St. Ann's will be in charge.
The Northern A. will give n
I dance Saturday evening at Sunset
i Inn, 14th and Massachusetts avenue,
j Northern Collegiate Orchestra.
Willinm McKinley Circle, No.
j Radies of the G. A. R., will meet
■ Friday, 8 p.tn., at G. A. It. Hall.
Echo meeting, conducted by Miss
.1. Janifer, tomorrow evening at Gal
j brailh A. M. K. Church. Public in
v ill d.
The llnioc for Widows nod Orphans
Association will meet tomorrow, 8;
I p.m,, in Grand Army Hall.
Drill and school of instruction in
• ("oast Artillery subjects at the Coast)
| Artillery Armory, South and Water
1 streets southwest, tomorrow, 8 p.m.,
jby 2«Pth Artillery, D. C. N. O. Maj.
j Walter W. Burns is commander of the
j regiment, and Maj. Roui s C. Krinton, j
(senior National Guard instructor, will I
I be in charge of instrutioii school.
I _____
1 T. I . da nee. Recreation Hall. Gov
i eminent Hotels, tomorrow night.
Tiioln Pastime Club will give n
dunce Saturday night in private ball- i
room of Arcade.
- i
Thr Distrin Homo I >OllOlll i<** As
sociation will hold its first
of llic season tomorrow, ti p.m.. :aI
chihhousi* of ilu* American Assoeia
ti«.» of l’niv» redty Uomrn. I
r r >
Made to Order
I iur work j- jti>t a litll o
neater, our service just a
little Wetter—that is why
4t!.(,MK) women have brought
its their orders so far this
Bth and £
v j
Secretary of National Association I
of Letter Carriers and Editor
of Postal Record.
Edward J. Cantwell, secretary of the
National Association of Retter Car
riers and editor of the I’ostal Record,
died yesterday at his residence, 1863
Mintwood place, after a long Illness.
Since 1898. when he was elected to
the offices held at his death. Mr. Cant
well had been a resident of Washing
ton. He was graduated from George
town University Raw School in 1904;
was admitted to the District bar the
following year, and in 1908 was ad
mitted to practice before the United
States Supreme Court. The same year
the Supreme Court of New York ad
mitted hint to the practice of law be
fore that tribunal. He was a member
of the B. I’. O. Klks, Washington
liodge. No. 15, and of the National
Press Club.
Mr. Cantwell was born in Brooklyn,)
X. V., and entered the postal service !
as a clerk. Rater he became a letter j
carrier, and at the convention of the |
National Association, in Toledo, in j
1898. he was elected secretary. The I
body will he taken to Brooklyn today f
and funeral services will be conduct
ed in St. Augustine's Church of that !
city tomorrow.
Mr. Cantwell is survived by his widow j
here and a sister in New York.
street. The president. Miss Kmeline I
I Whitcomb of United States Bureau of :
| Kducalion, will outline she Winter ;
\ program.
|f - Lowest Prices and
Easiest Terms in
Come to style head
quarters for your new
and up-to-date Fall ap
parel ; a small part
down is all you need—
the balance a little each
Also New Arrivals in
Men’s & Young Men’s
Attractively Priced!
311 7,1. Si. N.W.-Opcn Saturday Evening,
Automobiles and Woodsheds Also
Claim Attention of Fire
l Grease in a pan on the stove in the)
I kitchen of Bellevue Farms Dairy]
j Runehroom. 1331 G street, became
overheated this morning. Ignited and
started a fire. The lire gained but
little headway before the arrival of
No. 16 Engine Company, and was ex
tinguished before much damage had
Fire was discovered in the lunch
room of Samuel Capodus, 630 48,
street southwest, where repairs had :
been in progress the past few days.
The fire started in the kitchen and
spread to the front room‘before the
arrival of firemen. Origin of the fire
was not determined, police reported,
and firemen estimated the damage at
Short-circuited wires last night
caused a fire in an automobile be- j
lodging to Emerson & Onnc. 1630 M I
I street, at the firm's place of business]
i The car was damaged to the amount
| of S2O.
; The automobile of J. C. Weaver, 1331
1 B street southeast, caught tire iti front
I of its owner's home last night shortly
j before 7 o'clock. Firemen extin
[guished the blaze after the car had
[ been badly damaged.
| Fire in four woodsheds in rear of
j houses on the 900 block of Florida •
j avenue last night claimed the aften-!
| tion of the fire depart ment. The sheds !
] were badly damaged. Origin of the j
; fire was not determined.
Wingo to Address Davis Club.
R. pr. sontative Otis Wingo of Ar
* kansas and Judge F. G. Duvall of Al- I
exandria, Va.. will address the meet
ing of the Davis-Bryan Progressive
Democratic Club which is to be held
at the Shorcham Hotel this evening
at 8 o'clock. Joseph Bombrosf of the
Wardman Park Hotel Orchestra will
play several popular airs. Mrs. Wal
i iiininiii(iiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(iiiii)ii;iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiifiii(iiiiiiiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)iiiiiiiniiii iiiiiiiiniiipi
1 -i
| Outstanding |
1 Mlj Values in
= yji jwl ‘ Careful comparison of E. & 15. fur prices §■
= /Irfi I affords. r«*ady conviction tliat your "fur g
j= . \flyLl money” returns you MOST VALUE here. S
E j J f Featuring Fur Coats for street and dress, II
* V | -..J in every choice pelt. =
|S ‘ I i> | t t £Mf.4 1,1, DEPOSIT will reserve aup pur-
I* I i | 'hasc for future delivery. HE
1 j Remodeling and Repairing 1
= I skillfully dons. Special prices on orders left 11
■ S | with us now. ri |
| | Eanet & Bacher |
| Furriers, 1413 F Street 1
gjiiiiiimiimiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiitniiiiiiiinniinnniimiiini(iimuiiinniiiiniuniniiiiinimiii;iniiiiiinmiiiiiiulT.
: ■ i ——
Tomorrow— The Brooks Great October Sale
Features au Extraordinary Purchase of
153 Stunning Fur-Trimmed Coats

1 MOST 4jfe\ tEE
IMPORTANT EVEM' il{i: ]f iDE or
I Each Coat the Tvpe ’ ggjM
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Exceptional Values 1 col °rings and models.
At $55 to $75 m JjP Coats Showing’ the Careful
yjOC Supervision in Styling and
‘ Fashion Features ° ur Exac,,n « Standards R e -
I? aWwl ! gardless of the Price.
New Flares Extraordinary
Tunic Effects Values for
Yoke Effects October Sale
Lanvin Sleeves -f ;
Special for October Sale \ Special for October Sale Special for October Sale j
12-Button French $4 to $5 Values
$6.95 Silk Nightgowns y:a rimmc Embroidered Radium
Ivm U»lo\es Silk Petticoats
*5 00 $3-95 I $3-00 I
Radium silk and crepe de All the new shades—tan, They are elaborately em
etine; some arenetand lace mode, beaver, gray, black broidered in self colors to
trimmed, others tailored. and white; self-stitching. match any costume.
Tomorrow for October Sale ~~
100 Sample |
.' Hats j
•I, ‘ . (V |i
Lyon Silk Velvets Feather Trimmed r
All Colors Fancies
Latest Shades Ribbon Trimmed m
Gold Effects Silver Effects J
_ , t
tor E. Hutton v ill preside. These
meeting's are hold Tuesday of ea*-h
w eek al the Shoreham Hotel, and the |
club headquarters are at .'<"o South
ern Building, where Inforination can \
ho obtained for registration and vot
I , -
- | Open Until 5 P. A/. Tomorrow and Th ursday i
Columbia National Bank
I 811 F Street
With Notably Few Exceptions
' “America’s mightiest fortunes all had their incep
tion in “nest eggs" built by self-denial and the will
to save.

* That path is still open to the wage-earner and the
salaried clerk. Avail youdself of "Columbia” fa
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Make our acquaintance TINS PAY DAY.
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