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Our 29th Anniversary Sale celebration—the great event of the Fall season for Washington’s thrifty shoppers—goes on with renewed activity tomorrow! The great response during the opening days
the throngs of enthusiastic buyers—-was proof enough that this event is held in high favor. New crowds will come tomorrow to take advantage of the new opportunities for savings.
A Wonderful Anniversary Sale Purchase of S $3»00 D 01X101 4 • / a X 0 p*
Women’s $2.25 Imported French Flannel Pajamas iVIUHVCrSBry ufllC 01 !pZ«ZS
Glace Kidskin Gloves a <P-| QC s i( . <§■ All-Wool French Serge
A truly marvelous Anniversary Sale feature from the til M £ Ja W kJltll
dove department tomorrow —representing a purchase I yf Tnmmrnw ■ rg
■ 1 real imported French Glace L | » W at ”.3 Jk] /U
V/A Kidskin Gloves that should at- so ■ keag” domet flannel—every suit with Jm l ’ ’ JL • M J
™ tettrortsheretomw! V I fleeced"qu^-tl^'btst^maL'by ' ’ Note Width-Full 54 Inches
Hlf tt n . ... , | Cy 1 ■ this well known mill. Coat trimmed / ' Serge is a material always in style and demand for Fall dresses and suits. This is
. xcellent quality, sott supple H with silk frogs and every garment i an extra fine all-wool quality, beautifully finished and of close, firm weave—full of
J skins, in two-clasp style, overseam | H full cut for comfort. service and wear. Full 54 inches wide, which is a decided advantage to the dress
/I sewn and with wide embroidered H Men’s $8 Sweaters $4 95 ‘ —maker when cutting garments. Choice of black, navy blue, brown and burgundy.
c\ hacks that add beauty to their style. Jumbo Knit Sweaters, all-wool quality, made I nn C+f*!FlrPnP /^Q
Jjl All sizes and every pair perfect H with three-piece shawl collar and two lined. I \ |£)
J I Ww Quality Choice of black black with I pockets, coat style, in navy blue and oxford. I \ A fine close-woven quality, in black, navy, brown and Copenhagen, with
\ Moll I white, and white with black; as well I Men', Men's Union Suits. $1.65 neat white “Rayon" hairline stripes. 40 inches wide.
Wla I as brown. lar weaves of the famous Signet Union Suita, random' ii c y*cl\ n . $3 All-Wool Coatings, $1.98 ' $2 All-Wool Tubular Jersey, $1.39 I |
f isj~l make; high spliced heel, double closed crotch; clear white fleec- 54 Inch Coatings, extra heavy Winter weight, Another of the season’s most sought after dress
Oeldenberg*—First Floor. reinforced sole and toe; black Ing that will not rub or wash genuine American Woolen Co. products. Strictly fabrics for smart one-piece frocks—this is the de
and plain colors; former 40c off; sixes 36 to 46- seconds of all-wool quality, correct weight for unllned coats slrable eight-ounce all-wool quality and comes
" - .... i , . grades. * |2.50 grade ’ for women and children. In brown, tan and gray in all the wanted shades, including French blue,
r%r T»1 • g-v | A A-- - _ Oold.nborr’* Ftnt Floor. mixtures, also plain black. gray, copen. silver, jade, rapids, tangerine, delft,
/.Sp I l£Lin Color /re P* g\ A | 1 , tan, almond, peacock, taupe, Russian red.
Outing Flannel • $2.50 AU"Sllk Rich - ~. "Ttv S Y Hi£
“irk -XT A *** -/V and 3>D cace Lllirtains ll*«»t deep pile, close-woven quality for coats $2.50 Wool NoVClty Suitings, $1.98
1 Q/"* I arc! O A tm «->-■ I i-i 0 X capes and wraps. In black, brown, kit fox and 54-inch All-wool Novelty Suiting, stylish nov
-27-inch Plain Color Outing OUIUI *J> 1• / 7 Specially Purchased From a >5 Qg- - Q
dark °gr ay and\v hi t
weight for warm Winter gar- pure silk satin charmeuse, of handsome lustrous quality that An Anniversary Sale feature of astonishing scope and value- capes, etc. m • costumes. In black, navy blue and brown.
ments for women and children. jg “right” for Fall. Comes in black, navy, brown, gray, tan, giving. The assortment is ample to meet every housewife’s re- $225 Wool Suitings, $1.79 $1.75 Wool Poiret Twill, $1.29 J
J; c beautiful 'Usormumt of fallow, COpen, light blue, pink and white. quirements and offers choice of curtains by the pair and panels 54-lnch All-wool Suitings, stylish plain color 38-inch All-wool Poiret Twill, an extra heavy.
S£>ltTaiS? TlSl $1.79 Spiral Brocade $1.79 Silk and Wool uscd one at a . window ' A ” are fine d . ua,itics that will «nder the “f. eri aic£ ITS T* SnSST .SVS s^“=.
wide Q 2VC $139 Faille $1.59 utmost in service and stand many washings. and taupe. henna, copen, burgundy gray and tan.
25c Bleached Shaker Flannel, 27 36-inch High-grade Rayon 40 inches wide a close-woven, __ _ , 111 '" " 1 -- • - , , ... . ... .
Inches wide, heavy fleeced t (fiber silk) Rich Satin Spiral high, lustrous fabric. One of the /So
quality ® Brocade, self-color design, in season’s favorites for Fall wear; ® J WSM . JMB BH/ gA A ® t
29c Bleached Canton Flannel, black navy, brown, gray, tan, in black, navy, brown, cocoa, . M __ * \/U j-* \/U r / I ■ I /\ O /*
27 inches wide; heavy twilled fallow, cocoa, copen and reseda. bluejay and copen. 1 C /-» IJTI m ■ *r/M M I II I I / 1 yL 111 II I I A-M
Sap my ... wU . h . .. c1 .. 0 . 5 . e 19c $2.00 Crepe de Chine $2 Plaid Taffeta, $1.69 IDC lU ‘ U aiiU kJVtlllllVOO XXiViiilllO LVI
60c Bathrobe Fiannei, heavy, re- in 3 a ‘ la'r'i ety ‘of 'ri c iTc o1 o r T-ollfb i- 32-inch Dress Ginghams, in . ‘*W’T *■ A
versible quality. In st^ s 39 Inches wide, a heavy, close- nations, for dresses and blouses. checks, plaids and stripes, to XX T 1 M X -■ g-&
s2.ooßussian&e Pe “aJMSSSi * u wa "" d and Wilton VolV6t KUSS
ro io S oi" V■ A I'm" 1 « Shades, Including white and $1.69 36-inch Percales, light grounds A O
39c Bleached Domet Flannel, 36 black. i nc hes wide; a very heavy In printed checks, stripes, dots,
Z i *?u!l? a ' Vy d 25c $2.00 Black Duchesse close-woven crepe weave quality! plaids and neat figures; a colse- 141 r,. T . WMtM - -
fleeced qualitj ...... «ICQ a great favorite for this sea- "’oven, -oft finish grade, jfa 9x12-Ft. Largest P L n»J 7 to
30c Outing Flannel, 36 inches son’s Fall wear. The assort- Regular price 22c, at .... J J M
h^. , " h e "J^V all ric P h 0re .. , !1!;. SSL ESUi SoT fc^riKi < iSSSS.grS Room Size. All J
22c X.“ r !,r "' ™"’ ! 1S& ri: ■ Perfect Grades i
Qeldenberg's—First Hoor. Floor. ors # 18C WherCVCf a need exists for UCW floor Coverings tO beautify the home, | jSj|Rll
Former $3 Girls* $3.50 All-Wool Pa 3 ifd^^Tnd G coftr™gs! n dark this remarkable Anniversary sale will strike a responsive note. A special I JS
Mesh Bags, $1.59 Rl llp Cpro-p SkirtQ S^T. 8 in^iaiS. purchase of high grade rugs intended to retail at $45 00 and $47.50 brings this
Fine Quality Ring Mesh Bags, J3IUC OclgC Oh.il la and plain colors. Regular gpportunity for rare savings. Perfect quality Seamless Axmmster and Wil- '•"«* £tsr-
JSSS.'SM Anniversary (h/% AO "S Apron ton. Velvet Rugs, the latter with fringed ends, in beautiful designs and color
new narrow embossed frames. Sale in ail size blue checks; ijlAg ings to harmonize with any room decoration. Wonder values at $33.75.
$1 Sterling Bar Pins Special 8 ft. 3 in. size, regularly $42.50. | 6 ft by 9 ft. size, regularly fjO n C
7oC Practical and smart skirts for Fall wear, of all-wool navy Tomorrow at ) $25.00. Tomorrow at
sterling Silver Bar Pins, brii- blue serge—just the kind that will give the utmost in service. ————— s€\ t rv
'lnTJ£orTS.V, Full pleated with hem and muslin waist attached.. Well Women’s 15c & 19c . Other 9x12-Ft. Rugs Other 83x10.6-Ft. Rugs Other 6x9-ft. Rugs
Weil made, with safety catches. tailored and made right. Sizes 6to 14 years. # in the Sale in tnC dale in the dale
Ooldonhorg’*—First Floor. Goldtmberg’.—Third Floor. Handkerchiefs $27.50 Seamless Brussels Rugs. $19.75 25 Seamless Brussels Rugs. $18.75 1 >ls Seamless Brussels Rugs. $11.75 f
$1.49 Bread Trays 69c Wash Tubs sl.lO Percolators 10c
S4O Heavy grade Axminster $29.00 H . ea Xxm . n ! te .' .^ U . BS .. $26.75 20 Seamless Axminster Rugs. $21.75 |
With This HQ r With This AClr* With This AO n S3O Seamless Velvet Rugs. 1 $27.50 Seamless Velvet Rugs. 10*751 $32.50 Seamless Wilton Velvet 7P
Coupon and.... J7 w Coupon and.... 0 Coupon and.... Ujr w Choice of imported lawns, At Rugs. At
_: a batiste, dimities and sport es- Axminster Rugs. 4C A H CA $55 Seamless Axminster Rugs, A A CA $35 Seamless Axminster Rugs. nc
, sects, with embroidered corner, 47T"/eOVI At *P TT«i/v At O
—TDrrP and plain hemstitched styles. 54 an( j $4.50 Wilton $15.75 (Seconds) 85c (Seconds) $7 Jap Grass Rugs
181'ill- Velvet Rugs. $2.95 Gold Seal Congoleum Gold Seal Congoleum $3.98
HI M|i| |nHH from a large importer. All per- RugS, $9.95 58c Sq. Yd. 9.x12-ft. Heavy Double-warp !
Hl'l feet quality and full size. 27x54 Fringed Wilton Velvet 9x10.6 Large Room Size Con- Japanese Grass Rugs, in green,
Women’* Colored Silk Lace Rags, to scatter around the gpleum Rugs, all with complete Slight seconds of the famous blue and brown colorings, bcau-
HHHBJ L. r l £S tsr^ 1 zss'uzz. ssrsz i ifu i oorientali H ental - mc t da,,i r a,i H d n . eat
Silver Plated Bread Trays, Corrugated Galvanized Iron lators, six cjip size; no-burn tricot effects In orange, , ’ fi»Hicns Light and Termed seconds on account of a terns. Full rolls from which we border designs, tape-bound sides
full size: beautiful design. Wash Tubs, 18-lnch size; side handle; makes delicious lavender, green, old rose a«d . n inrine« (Pl*«t Floors— slight blue or uneven finish; will cut the desired number of and ends to match.
(Basement) (S) handles. (S) coffee. (S) white. Reg. 60c grade. At OUK, dark trim » borderg yardß . GoUenl»r»’*-F«rth Floor.
Gtldtibot'i —Fir»t Fleer. Bargain i aoie.y
$5 Extra Size Black Silk Women’s $1.59 Full-Fashioned L,,Sr P T I I w™ ,hC ", k r I
Jersey Petticoats cjlt. S&s*-fe Sr&JUS
Tomorrow OllK. ijlUUUllgO f | (S> Peas, good quality. (S> fish Cakes. (S)
fii JK 2.7,J Ihliß Famon. “Onyx” A! -> SB, $9 and $lO Blankets and 59c Bunny Silks
M\ V tv. W Brand, au JL | IJS Wool-Filled Comforts 44c
//I A manufacturer’s close-out of extra \ / Perfect Quality 4(7X«VI/ , y
f I size siifc petticoats—offering the most V / Choice
I ■ remarkable values that have been known A / a f ea ture value-offering: in new silk hosiery such as-you will only nna m
eluding plenty of rose gold and
Mmm for a long time. Os fine quality black V I our Anniversary Sale. Every pair is fresh *ncl new-the famed at— ffi-,.*ln^lde for draperies ‘
W* silk jersey, heavy and serviceable — made I brand known by all women. Full fashioned, made on eso ®» e An event of extraordinary money- 98c Printed Crepe de Chine, 36
B with deep flounces of knife pleatings. toe and lisle garter top. Choice of black and a variety of desirable Fall colors. g . rt t
tlanlcpt*; and mixed quality, in beautiful x-q
f <CKQ Women’s $1 and $125 Hose, 59c sorted comfort? at" this Anniversary ‘‘ Crepe. 30
m ““SS'js! siss/r*fcr-*-~ "xtes. »*> w a
*TITT in beautiful assorted shades that are popular ’ the lot, but not In each shade an.d style. Women’s SpOft HoSC, 25c double-bed sizes in an assortment of styles, including pretty pai s Lingerie Fabrics, 36 inches
thi L s .l a .!°"- jg.°"”l es of tacks and roffles - ’ , Childreu’sStockings. XOe r^S^SS'S^STt STSJtSffIiS sIiSTJaS Slibbo” S"' ' Till;'“‘^i, ne jS.*. a r.nd' ! s.i.V
© -JJ-e ouo. S .»»ln S .. moatiy ... ...... 0[ 500 , riae . The Comforts are 72x80 double-bed size, filled svid. —rrieT
Q1 vQQ Coomlocc now. Hygeia brand wool, soft, fluffy and warm and covered with fine grade co]ors 20C
0 zf &oamioSS s>ll©otS = = ============= M rrrr: , ***'“> and red to P and back wlth P ,am blue ’ pmk ’ S 9 C White Poplin, 36 inches
„ , *W O _ _ n • Crtlo $2 All-linen Damsak gold or rose sateen borders. wide; yam - mercerized
«r ar All 0i Sewing Machine hale $1.29 Yard $6.50 and $7.50 Blankets and 39c
Perfect Quality *P 7 2 Biff SpCClalS £SS .. Cpm/OftS, $4.85
100 dozen of these superior grade sheets were secured to sell *7 no p- r TTooh s° ft mellow finish grade, in five n n Dhdda , of € bhfe"pink 1 tafuTgray'lreo^whftT wUh l b 1 ueTnd TmneriVl Fntfi;«h T. n *
at this bargain price as a special Anniverstry Sale feature. 81x99 TemtS , SI.OO Per pink horded. Comfort size.’ 72x80 Inches for double beds; filled with c i o s ,h? s cu?SSfea^ne
inches—extra large size for double beds; heavy even thread quality, t • close-woven grade that will give H yKela brand wool, covered with good grade sllkollne, with various ohamols-flnish quality, a.
free from starch or dressing. rlylGCtriC lasting service. plain-color sateen borders. Genuine No. 200 grade.. 9
$1.50 Bleached Sheets, $225 Bedspreads, $1.79 . Table Napkins ooMwhs«B , a-»wath
$4 Japanese Nainsook, 40 inches I
..... ? 1- i? i .a, » .-■ I Portables thru* .. Sale of R& G Corsets SfibSTissSrK sfiz
Seamless Bleached Sheets* «• BmHL- y I 21x21 All-linen Bleached Dam yards in box for s^*Vo
I’nwtm-finish grade, hand torn fclfC DleaChed JVlllSlin, A* Mk Table Napkins, neatly hem- Former $9.00 CT Goldenberr t—First Floor
and Ironed: perfect quality. J4 C med: a " Bortcd P atterna Re » u * T T t A ‘
■ miHl “ rt ß9c Art Linen, 46c
c-.... ...... 29c Sheeting Cotton, 18c Cover-Original Selling ttlKji ’ Dresses, 59c
CC-, TCr» 39- Inch Unbleached Sheeting _ , oia 0 ia ® ® ity, for scarfs and centers. Goidnabry*, Third Floor. Children’s Dresses, stamped on
ddt dOb Cotton, extra heavy round thread z nee, S4O Ooldmhwr'*—First Floor. .ae /eo T 3 . n • Th 1 BOOd quality plain color linene,
ex^ 40 l^gf le slz C e he mS!f O S*Ki Gnttnn nrhm/>ctl/' Automatic Drop, Head-Qmtrol, „ Q $1.39 Extra Size Bungalow wanted shades; sizes
quality pillowcase cotton. 18c Unbleached Gotten JL/ 0133.0 SuC Needle Bar, All Ball Bearing II 89c Extra Size Gowns, * <jt» -t a A |
Bedspreads, $329 mu p* Orlrflnal Selling ApfOllS, ipI.UU 59c Scarfs and Slips, 39c
Crochet Bedspreads, double- 39-lnch Unbleached Cotton, a VL *2 .“ . Muslin Nightgowns, round neck . Os good quality gingham and percale, open front and sllp-on Warranted All-linen Scarfs and
bed size, In heavy raised mar- close-woven grade; 2 to 10 yard 8 | PllCg 565 »*>«l kimono sleeves; pretty col- models: very prettily trimmed. Large assortment of neat dressy Pillowslips, natural linen color,
seUles designs. lengths. *« * „ ored bindings; full cut and weU styles In large sizes. with fringed ends.
Oulileuliaif’* nxit Fleer. - ■— 111 ■ mad. Hldeaheig'*—Third Fleer. v Ooldenber*’*—Fint Fleer.
1 4 ■ -7. I" I J

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