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Alfred Klein and Spouse Ad
t mitted to Bar With 47
Other Applicants.
The unusual spectacle of a hus
band and wife being admitted to the
practice of law at the same time was
presented today in the District Su
preme Court, when John Paul Ear
nest, chairman of the examining com
mittee. moved the admission of Al
fred Klein and his wife, PearJ B.
Klein, who were successful, in the
examinations held last June. The
Kleins have arranged to open offices
at once.
Mrs. Klein has been active in social
service work, being a member of the
board of directors of the United He
brew Relief Society and of the Coun
cil of Jewish Women. Mr. Klein has
been a correspondent for several
Jewish newspapers and for an inter
national Jewish press association.
Both are gradates of the National
University Law School.
Three Other Women In ('lnns,
Three other young women and 44
Other men were given authority to
practice law today. Miss Dale Eliza
beth Hoffman comes from Missouri
and took her law course at George
Washington University. She is em
ployed with the Federal Reserve
Miss Mamie Jackson, also a gradu
ate of George Washington, haiis from
Texas. She is employed at the Treas
ury Department, in the Income Tax
Mrs. Ida Lundquist came to Washing
ton from Indiana in 11)14 to enter the
Government service. She resigned some
months ago after completing her law
course at the Washington College of
Law. She expects to enter upon actual
practice at once.
Lawyer* of Male Persuasion,
The new lawyers of the male persua
sion are: John Thompson Hicks, Vir
ginia; James John Hayden, Wisconsin;
O. F. Hunter, South Carolina; Richard
H. Hert, District of Columbia; M. C.
Harris, Maryland; Julius Allen Hob
eon, jr., District of Columbia; Edward
J. Hart, New Jersey ; Edwin M. Hamil
ton, West Virginia; John E. Jackson.
Pennsylvania; John H. Jackson, Mary
land ; John W. Joralemon, New Jersey ;
William D. Jamieson, Iowa; E. H. Ker
wln, Pennsylvania; Louis Norman Kap
lan, New York; James M. Keating. New
York ; George Kramer. Massachusetts ;
James Harold Kilcoyne, Connecticut; G.
D. Kneip. Ohio; Joseph W. Kennedy,
New York; A Stockton King, District
of Columbia; Alphonse C. F. Kenou
ski, Pennsylvania.
John Morrison Kerr. Kansas; Clar
ence C. Keiser, Maryland; Alton E.
Laughlin, Wyoming; John Paul Labo
fish. District of Columbia: Nathaniel
Henry Leden, Connecticut; John G.
Lerch, New York; Richard H. Lewis,
Illinois; Karl B. Lutz. West Virginia;
Marx Lewis, Wisconsin; Jacob Levy,
District of Columbia; Herman G.
Lauten, District of Columbia, Nichols
Lambadekis. District of Columbia;
Arthur McGregor, Utah; Elton 11c-
Cbrdell, Maryland: James A. McDon
nell, District of Columbia: George L
McGurn, Massachusetts; Harry P.
McKenna, District of Columbia;
Charles B. Mclnnis, Alabama; Wil
liam Thomas McKeown, South Da
kota; Joseph P. McCarthy, Massa
chusetts; Daniel I*. McDonald,
Georgia; John J. McGinnis, District
®f Columbia: Hugh M. McCaffrey, Vir
Beauty Parlor in Bankruptcy.
Petitions in voluntary bankruptcy
have been filed by William J. and
Katherine L. Ggilvie, who conduct a
beauty parlor at 1203 Connecticut
avenue northwest. The liabilities of
William are placed at $7,076 and his
assets at $85.50, while the debts of
the other petitioner are given as
(6,099 and her assets as $95.50. At
torneys Wilton J. Lambert and Alfred
M. Schwartz appear for the petition
$3.50 Philadelphia
$3.25 Chester
j $3.00 Wilmington
And Return
Sunday, October 19
Similar Escnnion
Lv. Washington 7:20 a.m.
Standard Time
Lv. Philadelphia 7:30 p.m.
Lv. Chester 7:50 p.m.
Lv. Wi1mingt0n........8:10 p.m.
Consult Ticket Agents
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
I Cocoa
M ,r *There are twenty-1
a .five to thirty dis-l
> I ferent grades of
- cocoa beans, but
JjSjW Baker’s Cocoa is,,
made of Higfv-j
J j. | grade beans only.j
M ,|| That is one (
reason why it iSj
I better.]
porchesfetMass. Montreal Can.
eoosur or choice scares sent rue. j
This is one of the four pages full of striking Anniversary Sale News. It is difficult to keep our enthusiasm within ■
bounds when we consider the values we are offering; and the way the public is responding. As the week advances the £
values increase. ' * ' ?

" 1 " Now You May Buy 11 B
Holeprobf Silk Hose XT’ “I A It HTM XX A ■
“Mrvct- W .”bSws Unprecedented! The Response to Our \
1 X I ■ I I I I I mercerized garter tops. Me- **■*
dlum weight. In black, white, - _ m ■
• silver, gray. Jack Rabbit, A 9 £ 1 _ 1 _ _JT f 1 •|| V
■ Anniversary Sale ot Silks! :
X' Allt* |\/| $1 Children’s Imported •' ■
iVlUllvy ( g£if’ One Need N ot Wonder When Such •
with fancy roll top. First w r y • rrt | . w j j ■
By Dr. John W. Laird quality; made in England. In I Y UIUCS iTwS Mfl CSC iT. T C InVOIVCd |
When the thousands of government em- Women’s $1.75 ChWon J| ZA t-/v H J wjj !
ployes get their pay envelopes today, they f»h M°«a” C h,.r chir- 1 ,() /tO 1/ 1 19111 and - . •
will immediately consider the very practical son hose, First quality, ju«t MB Sr,,. ■ ' a\ _
ii f i | ' _. 1 received for our Anniversary a j w tT . v
problem or how to get the most of life s Sale. With mercerized garter I I *ll C g J§ J | I I •
necessities out of the money they have at f flllCV jllKSi U,4/ Y(L \ .
hand. The home needs an article of fur- nude, silver and gray. •/ 7 \ ■
niture, a member of the family needs wear- Woawn’. W«rt “Uad.” Then read along and ■
mg apparel, a certain amount of money has a’ protection ’„.m.t coia.. find this list of Silk* for \ ■
to be set aside for recreation. A hundred invisible under the sheerest nna in s IISI ot ,IKS tor A ■
11 1 mi 1 stocking. Warm in the cold- m /// ‘t < -- y Q
and one demands will be made upon the est weather. First quality I A iff TT - "8 '// >?■ I'' y/ \ /I I I B
contents of that semi-monthly “reward of w °°iUi£ e, Lr,i_M.i. Floor. */.ZL J Y V] ■
daily labor.” Women’s Rayon (Fiber •JL M JL VJ. • ■
It is reasonable to assume that in a great Cher ™ se < 51-27 ._ . \ /; ■
Anniversary Sale, where more than half a Pnnted . '
million dollars’ worth of attractive mer- cut earment - Slzes to 42- a
chandise is being offered at prices that make 500 Children^ Vest* Fine Dress Satin /_2j u
possible superlative values, the man or Fleeced vef" ’with high Famous Skinner’s C Zjf f / /illll #
woman who takes advantage of this re- .rLS Satin *
markable price reduction will stretch out 2 to 10 years. Novelty Plaids —■* — t
the buying power of their pay envelope far $1.75 to $1.95 Women’s
beyond its usual reach. In other words, by Athena Union Suits, 97c Colored Chiffon Velvets\ $3.47 yd . 42 inches wide, having a fine silk nap, and a j *
• • 1 m • r 1 • 1 Pirst quality, fleeced lined. v »«■ *
■ increasing the buying power of his salary low neC k and «iee^ie S 8 High vast number of other remarkable values . ■
B ten, fifteen or twenty-five per cent, as the Dutch neck, with elbow sleeves , .. t lIT 4 n . . , A - XT , ■
■ case may be, one actually increases his I B.JSS? u «d Dress Goods and Coatings, $2.47 All=Wool Fabrics at $1.47 Yard ,
m earning power accordingly. extra large sizes Included. Plain and novelty effects. This Item will exceed your expec- Here can be found crepes, fancies and twills, in a good variety B
v l*alai» Royal—Main Floor, of colors
■ Frpnrh Noveltv Cuff tatlons. The values are such that words of commendation would >tany other magnetic items are on display In our woolen g
, 11 i rrenen vuu fall short ot doing Justice to their important feature. An Inepec- goods sections, worthy of your inspection.
■ In order that the government employes Gloves, $2.27 tlon wlll merlt a purchase. miau noyai—second moor. ■
■ might be given all the advantages possible, uce mu 1 efl>cu! r ir.o il
_ 1 | * *# f one riblion trimmed. In new color A n
" h s ve s P e J cl | l Preparation for
: Hfiiective Dress inmmings :
"■ tXfo7a°n; h »:. S e a lL h Pau3^1 e Ostrich Feathers the Important Note I
j E Sl-SOClippedOstrich $1.17 Yard \
m replacements have SO adequately enriched p ril s^nl **’ geDer ,l Made ln r ° und fitrand ®- most deslrab e and effec ve y of tunlcs or glde drapes on afternoon arid evening frocks. Also "I
■ .1 „ f L a l Qcl . -II «Vt K lo>eJOne cl»”Very*. mm on afternoon, dancing or dinner frocks. Beautiful pastel shades make desirable trimmings on negligees. g
the Supply that the last days Will be as great W lth tailored apparel. C f pink, jade, orange, maize, also white, black and tan. Palais Royal—Mala Floor.
* as the first. $2.50 to $3 French Kid ____*
■ Gloves, $1.47 ■ ■
n Two-clasp Glmce Glove*, P. K. *nd • h
_ Good will is worth a great price. If in ifivy embroidery StltchiogS on back. I
* .1 • jm.i a • Ol ■ 1 ix 1 • IX ■ Good nope of sixes in tan. brown, *
; can increa,e n ;he r good of 6 iu pubHcT] oiferin] Housewares and Lamps Specially Priced in Our ;
■ giving values that truly represent a saving Cuff Gloves, 97c AH+U Artoiu apoopit Coin ■
a of money to the customer, then, whatever I.™“ 6 ■ / 111 /\nillV Clbdry Odlc m
m the cost, the Sale will be considered a ara- I Circular Cuffs Perforated Cuffs I a . I j ■
" Prill Cuffs French Cuffs m -- Mahogany- ■
■ mount success. I New color combination* of this I I I Iflnlß hed y\ I I H
8 ae 1 son s wanted Bhadeg. 'V » W I * •
■ Suede Fabric Gloves /a .rra. > P 1 a * m p s*"
■ This is our ideal , our purpose , and our 2 pairs for $1.47 \U J / \ 'vX xJITL ■'lo Ml: ; I
w Bmbmldered turn-back cuffs and ft 1 \\JBf Vt vllilco Igf I I A j j if/
■ STOOL other novelty atyle*. Made of a i fl J f V HI BBT bedand O l it ‘A -
9 An® soede-flnished fabric. In many WroafM IPO* JU L . .Uil f »\ ~ BID f I, / k
g colors. Further enhanced by fancy and | Po 11 Shed, I M g
g If* a • socket and six gill Ilju J sockets, j I g
■ Remarkable Anniversary Sale of I I complete with, I g, l ee t 0( J I I*■
j Art Needlework /iiP 77 CO i= JM I
m As the Anniversary Sale advances, the Art Needlework Department in- HBB dtX AH 'f—f .. $4.47 <m&m~ i
B creases its special offerings of beautiful and useful articles.
i y x *T i Aluminum Kitchen Utensils, 77c ■ —| J i
* Loti —;Velour and Taffeta Lot 3 —Japanese Blue Print Regularly SI.OO. $125. si.so and higher. •
m Pillows, $2.87 Table Covers, 97c . ~"\fl I Dependable quality, all large utensils, most of which have Sun- I jx. | I I
_ You will find a very large assortment of these i^, ZB a t ll3 * l ® °f superior quality of mate- -o \) finish. Included arc: ——__ l m
beautiful pillows. The velours are of a superior borders and blue and white I^ flg^Tred^^oTdere blU * Wxv \ Saucepan Sets, 1, 2 and 3 quart sizes; Preserving Kettles, 8-quart .
quality and are combined with tapestry and gold j • r> . Am, Vv \ 7 Paneled Percolators, 2-cup size; Tea Kettles, 5-quart she; Deep »
■ braid. Most attractive. L»ot 4 .JISdCIFS CdltCrS, $1,47 v Rinsing Pans, Water Palls, 10-quart size; Dishpans, 10-quart size;
■ The taffetas, are round and oval. Designed Hand embroidered on beautiful quality of y JSSai Self-bastlnir Pn..te« 111/ u,h novrt,l» ■* 8
with puffed circular edge In a variety of colors— linen, with rise point edge lace. Size 24 Inches. ~* lr "T*”* KOasters, H/z-mch Size, Double Boilers, 2-quart size,
; -»=■ — —■ si vs.-sr%f 7.&as,n3sf Tt /' K '" fcs “ d s * u “ p "“’ com,,,e,e M c».»v 0 « ‘
. Lot 2—Tapestry Scarfs, $2.47 Lot s—Children’s Stamped «SS l&lS- at *
■ A beautiful assortment of these very desirable o*7/* complete with plug and de- O' A A>l ■
" scarfs. Made of velour and tapeetry. In a com- lj/I C39CS, £4 *UF Tr/C ' tachable cord. Exactly as * *K I I / ,
■ hinatlon of charming colors, trimmed with gold •> Stamped c*n excellent quality of rep. In several pictured. Special— a• a a , g
_ braid. To possess them Is to add beauty and effective designs. Quickly embroidered and eaa- ’ •_ —————————
* comfort to the general atmosphere of any room. ily laundered. dSk A *
| z Palais Royal—Main Floor. „ ( m V
; $ 2.50 to $ 3*95 Silver-Plated Ware, $ 1.47 | :
■ Extra heavy plated ware, in great assortment of bright or platinum finish. sfae.” '^Regularly 2 * W * i , $9 97 **
* Fruit Bowls, Compotes, Cake Dishes, Bread Tray*, Sandwich Trays, Candlesticks, Cheese and |b JllfliOT I | ____________________ **
■ 'Miri'f’llPl* of Ppfll*l TVFPPtiHPPS MQ7 /gn •»©•■•«*« ii , $27.50 I I C«t?° co£ *"
_ ITXvI Lil Vl Vri X vAI 1X X V vlVlvlV'V'Ot JLs y M Mahogany Bow- 111 m Bt, PP le< l sold, mahogany and polychrome; fS R plete with
■ , 7 Kjf HITOWi aolr Lam Ilf ■ completely wired, with two-pull chain ( f | p covers; cor- n
■ 30-incb well graduated necklaces of real mother of pearl beads. Finished with clasp of same Ml UM complet6ly M B Jn^iSefiineY 6 Choose E stylf.Vs n- *
g quality. Shown m pearl, amber and green. -* ffl/ I.IHSI wired, with S f from a large assortment qf "hides In at- I lustrated; | l l i! fl MOT ■*
_ , fittu 1 I BUIESI 2,^ td and plu ®- M . tractive models and colors that are now E strongly Jit ‘‘ ■ ft - tfW *-
■ mm in . W/V Tk. T * J TT * i M Choose from // \\ in vogue. B made, with M . J JIJ 'flfDk
; 75c t.o 4.50 Novelty Jewelry, 47c jT I d'-f OAn « if
1 . . . |l rose. Special— T7P g V/ /■ M Jl Special— W A. ' jr NHni
■ Beautiful iube and cylinder cut necklaces, in all colors. 30 to 60 inch lengths. A special pur- ■■ HI /■ M Lj Cl 4'T RJ 7 I Mlßul *
jU chase from a pirominent importer enables us to pass the savings on to our patrons. JL $1.97 A, 1 f 1H- 1 »‘- 4/ I*■
g Bar Pins, j Cuff Links, Bracelets, Pocketknives, Sterling Finger Rings, Mesh Bags, § | ff
B Ash Trays, arid many others. * p*ui* Roy.i—Fourth Floor. •>'
’ Palais Royal —Mata Floor. —mm J
........... .....................

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