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Police Hear Meetings Are
Held Outside While They
Guard Headquarters.
"Watchful waiting" characterized
Chinatown’s attitude today in the ex
pected outbreak of hostilities among
the members of the Hip Sing Tong and
those of the <>n Lcong faction.
From Hip Sing headquarters, word
has gone forth that six of (their mem
bers have been “marked” by the rivals
for death. At On Leong headquarters
this, when it finally permeates, cre
ates laughter. Both sides maintain
they are as innocent of Wrongful in
tent as spring lambs, and yet each
has lookouts posted for possibilities
of trouble.
Meetings Held Outside.
While police walk up and down in
front of the two headquarters at
;52.» and at 335 IVnnsy!vania avenue,
the Tong members go to other sec
tions of the city for their con' laves.
It was learned yesterday by Sergeant
Davis of the Sixth precinct that one
such conclave was held up on I’ street
yesterday near Fourteenth, at which
40 or more were present. The in
formation came from the driver of a
hacking automobile, who was dis
charged by a Chinese passenger when
lie was found dispensing the infor
mation to the police. He had made
numerous calls for various Chinese,
it was stated. and had seen the
gathering on f street.
Inspector C. I-. (Iran! believes the .
situation under control but ticklish. |
Police have taken every precaution, j
he said, to guard against an out- i
break of hostilities here, but. of |
course, one can't tell when a hatchet- I
man may strike down a victim.
Three Sent to Jail.
Three Chinese arrested by head- I
quarters detectives Monday were sent |
to jail in default of bond yesterday. |
They were Kong Wong. 4S years old; j
Wong Tong and bee Young, 23. The ;
first two are alleged to have deserted |
a ship to get into this country five j
years ago, and the latter is accused
of violation of the Chinese exclusion j
act. Bond was set at $3,000 for each ;
of the first two and at $2,000 for j
the la>t named.
Fang Goon, another Chinese, ar- j
rested this week, was arraigned for
preliminary hearing before United
Stales Commissioner George H. Mac
donald today on charges of violation
of the exclusion act. He told detec
tives who arrested him that he had
come into this country 24 years ago,
landing at Seattle, hut his papers
were taken from him at that time
and he has nothing to show for his
legitimacy of residence.
- ♦
Addresses Y. M. C. A. Class.
Sylvan King, manager and person
nel director of King’s Palace depart
ment store, addressed the Y. M. C. A.
class of retail salesmanship on sales
checks and other store forms. The
class meets every Thursday night
from 7:30 to 9:30 and is being con
ducted for men and women. All those
desiring to enroll in this course may
obtain complete information at the
Y. M. C. A. College.
I Yes, tins is truly |
| Fashions Harvest Time! I
1 yy. “Hahn Special” Blonde Satin 5
i $5 - 95 si ° i
0 v**-*-. J..A\ Opera pumps now S\ \ f X
rj \ Enticing new strap Fashion’s very smart- X LJ \a
pumps in “BLONDE” «* Also in S S fa
X V / \ c*• Cl C I.: >. Black Velvet, Patent / / X
■J I Satin, Shoe I ashion s Leather, Black or Tan ( ~V
very newest fancy! Calf. X*
§ “Elyses'' / |
9 Steps smartly out in AT) / \sP\ ✓X You’ll marvel at both 6
most every modish / / LXjJ \ \ >\ . ,
X i „„j • V \ its smartness and low . 1
C] leather, and some dar- / / \ \ , V(
X y t*>ng combinations you’ll ( \ price. In Black Velvet, fa
X adore! Satin or Patent. X
1 PXX “ Charlotte ” “ Delphi ” 8
I at*-^r' s .„r*oS I
g X. \ Zidl suck sS. ffiv X . X g
8' Black Satin or Patent. SSf c SfiT( g
8 ‘'Hahn Special” u Vionnet” 9
s So. 95 /s'J r
X Opera pumps in —smartly disputes the W
Q chaste simplicity and /^ v NX ' \ vogue of simplicity. W
AC grace, in Black Satin, yT / \ X An alluring mode in />
X Black Suede or Pat- f / V Black Suede or Patent W
Y Patent. St. U
X ' “City Club Shop” 1914-16 Pa. Ave. X
Q . , 1318 G St. 233 Pa. Ave. S.E. g
“X »
Absentee Voting Also to Be Topic
at Willard Hotel With Many
Prominent Speakers.
Republican men and women of the
District of Columbia will gather at
Ihe Willard Hotel at 8 o’clock to
night and listen to several speeches
lauding the accomplishments and
principles of the party and its can
didates. Besides this there will be a
discussion of the registration and
voting laws of the Stales which per
mit absentee voting.
This meeting will he held under aus
pices of the campaign committee of
the Republican State committee of the
District, of which Samuel J. Prescott
is chairman, and will be addressed by
William Tyler Page, clerk of the
United States House of Representa
tives and president of the Republican
State Voters’ Association; John J.
Tigcrt. United States commissioner
of education, and I. V. McPherson of
Missouri, assistant to the Attorney
General. T. Lincoln Townsend, presi
dent of the Coolidge and Dawes Club,
will tell of the progress being made
in building up the membership of this
organization, which has the national
honor of being the flrsfclub of that
name organized during the campaign.
Music on Program.
Miss Helen Harper will sing sev
eral songs, accompanied by Mrs. Paul
Hleyden. There w ill he orchestra music,
Republican women of tbe District
will participate in an auction bridge
Enterprise Serial
Building Association
643 Louisiana Ave. N.W.
53rd issue of stock now open
for subscription.
! Shares of stock, SI.OO each,
payable monthly.
Five per cent interest paid
on stock withdrawn.
Bernard Leonard, President
James F. Shea, Secretary
When you are suffering with rheu
-1 matism so you can hardly get around
just try Red Pepper Rub and you
will have the quickest relief known.
Nothing ha# such concentrated,
penetrating heat as red peppers. In
stant relief. Just as soon as you ap
ply Red Pepper Rub you feel the
tingling heat. In three minutes it
warms the sore spot through and
through. Frees the blood circulation,
breaks up the congestion—and the
old rheumatism torture is gone.
Rowlcs Red Pepper Rub, made
from red peppers, costs little at any
drug store. Get a jar at once. Use
it for lumbago, neuritis, backache,
stiff neck, sore muscles, colds in
chest. Almost instant relief awaits
you. Be sure to get the genuine,
with the name Rowles on each pack
party at the Willard'at 2 o’clock to
morrow afternoon. This event will
be held under auspices of the League
of Republican Women of the District,
of which Mrs. Virginia White Sped
is president.
The list of patronesses follows;
Mrs. Charles Evans Hughes. Mrs.
Harlan F. Stone, Mrs. Curtis D. Wil
bur. Mrs. Henry C. Wallace, Mrs.
James J. Davis, Mrs. Cunc H. Ru
dolph. Mrs. David H. Blair, Mrs. W.
Irving Glover, Mrs. Thomas S. Crago,
Mrs. Henry M. Dawes. Mrs. Frank
Briggs, Mrs. Mary l,ogan Tucker,
Mrs. Harry Wardman, Miss Mary
Perry Brown, Mrs. Robert McNeill,
Mrs. J. J. O’Leary, Mrs. F. W. Mondell,
Mrs. Samuel J. Prescott. Mrs. E. F.
Colladay. Mrs. T. L. Townsend, Mrs.
Henry W. Fitch. Mrs. E. A. Harriman,
Mrs. M. D. Wickersham, Mrs. E. C.
Snyder, Mrs. Henry D. Fry, Mrs.
Louis A. Dent. Mrs. Chas. F. Crane.
Mrs. E. O. Thompson, Mrs. Ross
Perry, Mrs. Per,ry Heath. Mrs. Mary
D. Abbe, Mrs. Percy Hickling, Mrs.
May D. Lightfoot, Mrs. Howard L.
Unkempt hair—
how to avoid it
TT is the first thing people Stacomb, a delicate, invisi
* see. It spoils a man’s ap- ble cream, keeps the hair the
pearance quicker than any- way you like it best, from
thing else. morning till night—smooth.
No matter how well you are natural, lustrous. However
dressed —you cannot look dry an< * straggly your hair
* your best if your hair is out ma y be —however hard to
of place! control after being washed—
■ Today men and women k 'jP ‘ l trim, y
have found an easy, natural
way to keep their hair looking Non-staining and non
always just as they want it greasy. In jars and tubes, at all
to look always at its best. drug an d department stores.
rNI l”M keeps the hair in placb
Hodgkins, Mrs. J. J. Davis and Mrs.
E. C. Graham.
Mrs. Louis Addison Dent, chairman
of the executive committee, has an
nounced the following members of
that committee who will serve on
this occasion: Miss Mary D. Abbe,
Mrs. Charles Alger, Mrs. Marlon But
ler. Mrs. David Blair, Mrs. Robert
Bates, Mrs. J. Edson Briggs, Mrs.
Carll Casey, Mrs. Charles Cecil,
Mrs. H. A. Chase, Mrs. Thomas fTago,
Mrs. George W. Evans, Miss Kather
ine Elkins, Mrs. Henry D. Fry, Mrs.
Martha Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Guilon, Mrs.
E. A. Harrimai*, 'Mrs. Pearl Moore
Gray, Mrs. Percy D. Hickling, Mrs.
Howard I* Hodgkins, Mrs. Amy J.
Leeds, Mrs. Robert H. McNeill, Mrs.
John Nicholson, Mrs. Charles J.
O'Neill, Miss Edna Patton, .Mrs. Doug
las Thompson, Mrs. Sara R. Montague
and Mrs. K. O. Thompson.
Mrs. Harry Wardman, Republican
national committee woman of the
District, who has just returned from
a visit In Europe, has entered active
ly in the local Republican campaign.
Mrs. Wardman will assist in the
campaign for members for the Cool
idge and Dawes Club. Tea will be
served by her every Tuesday until
the closing of the campaign at the
Womens City Club, Wardman Park
Hotel and at her residence, 2640 Con
necticut avenue.
I Economy ’ Counsels I
| t,le of >' our property is to be pi !
I lengthened and repair bills min-
I "oyse imized. | j
P Floor Stains, Varnishes, etc., give maxi- ||i
m War nium P rotcct f° n against the ele- Bj
5 ments because they’re picked I
6 oiains from the WORLD'S BEST, and 9
I w , stand highest in Quality.
isa Stain* anA If Consult us about roof paints.
I vis \TLur h zr* insic,e f,ni : , l ics 1
P * Ol your I" all sprucing-up. Our si
i w . suggestions will save you trouble. I
P Wmdow Were always glad to estimate |l
P GLASS quantities and quote prices. gj |
|i Specially Low Prices I
p| Wmdou, Glass Cut to Order ||
I 1334 N. Y. Ave. Phone Main 1703 |
The House ♦Y* a W
T3T Iff 111 fIH £ t£l% We re < rain f™™ quoting
IJfIL comparative prices because
Z 608 to 614 jtcu ELEVENTH ST. of their tendency to mislead.
of Courtesy m : , ____
= Nearly 700 Superb Frocks
Are A ssem bled "or a Sup reme I
Sales Event
□ Your expections cannot over-top B I
the real values and the wonder- B I r
fully effective models that beckon J P
n for your attention tomorrow m P E
The Crepe Silks —the Satins —and the Cloths that are B H
recognized as giving expression to the highest fashion in- 9 H
terpretations are all included—designed with originality, 9 H
3 tmimed with consummate taste —and marked at a price r
that makes it the banner opportunity of a season rich in 909199
unusual values.
Second Floor.
nf:i ir~ -=ini==inps«"— inn Hi nm inr=rr^T"Tinn==-j^-»iP
Navy Pharmacist Transferred.
Chief Pharmacist Albert B. Mont
gomery of the Navy, at Norfolk, Va.,
has been assigned to duty In the'Bu
reau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy
y714-IIST-^lj^3 2 .8-.45T.l
The advantage of buying at the Fower-Kearncy Markets lies
j in the fact that your choice is made.from selected products. Evcry
| thing wc offer is of one quality—the best. Especial attention given
to Phone orders. CoL 2511 or Main 4030.
Smoked Hams, Lb., 25c Smoked Hams, Lb., 21c
j Morris' "Supreme" or Swift's A special Swift Cure of un
“Prcmiurn.” Delicious flavor. 8 usually fine flavor. 8 to 10 lb.
! to 10 lbs. s'ze.
F* I—IT F 1 ItT IT M C Fresh killed, home dressed; just ¥ OO ' —
¥ *Xl\ M~d 1 the size for Making or Frying. *-*D. <JOC
Fresh Fish— Fresh Meats—
Trout lb 20c Leg O’ Lamb lb 32c
Rock Fish lb 28c Chuck Roast lb 18c
Spots lb 18c Prime Rib Roast ,b ' 35c
Halibut Steak lb 45c Bouillon Roast lb - 25c
Salmon Steak lb 40c Fresh Hams lh - 23c
Oysters 65c Fresh Shoulder u> * 20c
Granulated Sugar B ran U ia“d. 10 Lbs., 75c
Cakes —Gardner’s A. Loffler’s Sausage
Delicious flavor economical Tattle Pig Dinks or Sausage
I size —variety of icings. Take a Meat. Made of carefully selected
Cake home tonight. pure pork and pure spices.
Each, 35c Lb., 30c
Hot Bread —Rolls Potatoes
j —from Berens’ Bakery. Kc- Fine, round Michigan Potatoes
! tcived and hot from the —mealy cookers.
ovens daily. Box Bread, 15-Ib. Peck, 28c
Vienna. Irene!, Whole Wheat p ,
and Rye. “ i cCKSg <pi.w
P Put pep in the day's
work by drinking P- W 1 OP?
"IVvOIICC fast. ofT lCs a the F best J «55c

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