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Republicans and Democrats
Lock Horns Over Maryland
Seat in Congress.
Special Dispatch to Tlic Star.
BALTIMORE. October 16.—With the
death last Saturday of Representative
Sydney E. Mudd of the fifth Maryland
district and the uncertain outcome of
the presidential election next month,
the election of a «ucce:aor to Mr. Mudd
has become a national instead of a
local issue, according to leaders of both
parties here.
The Republicans yesterday nominated
Thomas B. R. Mudd of La Plata,
Charles County, a brother of the de
ceased member, for both the short and
long terms. Charles E. Chance of
Annapolis, Democratic candidate, an
nounced his withdrawal at a meeting
of the Democratic State committee,
which thereupon selected Stephen W.
flambrill of Howard County to make
the race. A full meeting of the Dfm- j
ocratio State central committee will be
held today to ratify the choice.
Coventor at Caucus.
A caucus was held by a number of
State leaders following the meeting
yesterday, which was attended by Gov.
Ritchie and others high in the party,
at which, it was said, a candidate was
While no official announcement was
made, former State Senator Stephen
W. tiambrill of laurel. Howard Coun
ty, a son-in-law of the late Senator
A P. Gorman. will be named when the
committee meets this afternoon.
Both parties are planning a real fight
between now and election day, both
because of the effect which the election
may have on the naming of a Presi
dent of the United States, if that be- 1
comes a duly of Congress, and because
of the change in the fifth district
brought about by the death of Repre
sentative Mudd.
Democratic hope of winning in the
district has been increased, it is said,
by the death of Mr. Mudd, who had
made his personality felt there. The
comparative indifference with which
they regarded a normally Republican
district is said to have been replaced
by a belief that they have some
chance to win. For tljat reason, it is
said, they have planned to put Mr.
Gambrill, who js regarded as the
strongest man in the district, for
wa rd.
Election of Gambrill would break
the three-three tie in Maryland’s Rep- j
resentatives in the House, thereby j
giving the State a vote in case the |
presidential election goes to the i
Since neither the Republicans nor [
the Democrats held a majority, this
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Traveling Salesman Will Be
Buried in Leesburg, Fla.
, I* .T. Randolph. 63 years old, a
travelling salesman who had made his
home here for the last 22 -years, died
at his residence In the Wyoming
[ Apartments, Columbia road and Cali
fornia streets, yesterday. Mr. Ran
dolph had been In failing hraJth for
several years and became acutely ill
about a month ago.
He is survived by his widow. Mrs.
Louise Randolph, and a brother
Henry Randolph of Leesburg, Fla.
The body will be sent to Leesburg to
night, where funeral services and In
terment will be held.
one vote might be the deciding one
in electing the President.
Alabama Senator and Oov. Ritchie
Bated for Marlboro.
Special Dispatch to The Stir.
16.—1 n the Democratic drive just
launched in the fifth congressional
district of Maryland for the seat in
Congress made vacant by the death
of Representative Mudd this clty
will be ax> important place next Mon
j day. At 1 p.m. on that date Gov.
] Ritchie of Maryland. Senator Heflin
| of Alabama and Charles E, Chance
of Anne Arundel County will speak In
behalf of Stephen W. Gambrill of
Howard County, who was chosen
Wedneday to make the race against
the Republican choice.
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Chevy Chase Citizens’ Asso
ciation Almost Unanimously
Against School Plan.
Disapproval of the adoption of the
"platoon system” In the public schools
of the District was expressed by both
school officials and private cltlxena at
a meeting of the Chevy Chase Citi
zens’ Association in the B. V. Brown
School last night. Although the as
sociation refused officially to go on
record regarding the system. Imme
diately after adjournment a stand
ing vote was taken which showed
that only two persons In the- whole
assemblage were in favor of Its adop
It was pointed out the the system
held an especial interest to the citi
zens of Chevy Chase, as there had
been much talk of Installing It in the
E. V. Brown School.
Stephen K. Kramer, principal of
Central High School, when called
upon to express his views regarding
the system, said that such a system
is now in use in the Central High
School, and it is not satisfactory. In
enlarging upon this statement he told
how the teachers at Central have to
teach a part of the students while
others are out at lunch.
“We begin classes in the morning
with about 2.000 pupils.” he said, “and
about 11 o'clock another 1.000 come
In that have not been to school all
that day. We then have to send
about 1.000 of the first 2,000 out to
eat while we teach the last 1.000.
Later wo bring in the 1,000 at lunch
and send out another 1,000. Finally,
after we have
way as far as possfble we have to
squeeae in and sit tight during the
last hour or so of the school day."
Besides-the crowded conditions, he
pointed out that with the platoon
system, the teacher does not get the
close contact with the Individual
student which, he. said is essential
to the best Instruction.
Frank C. Daniel, principal of Tech
nical High School, agreed with Mr.
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Kramer and also pointed out other
disadvantages of the platoon system.
Others who spoke in opposition to the
system were Miss M. E. Given, prin
cipal of the E. V. Brown School; Miss
M. If. Berry, assistant principal of the
same school; Milton Fairchild and
Miss Frances Fairly, principal of
the Dark View School, where the pla
toon system is now used, and Col. P.
M. Anderson, president of the Chevy
Chase Parent-Teacher Association,
spoke in favor of the system. In re
ply to them, however, school officials
and citizens agreed that the Park
View School was a fine school, but de
clared it is probable that It would
be much better if it had a seat for
every child and, accordingly did not
have to use the platoon system.
James T. Lloyd, president of the
board of education, and Dr. Frank W.
Ballou, superintendent • of schools,
were among those present at the
meeting. The system discussed Is
now under consideration of a special
committee of the board of education.
Atwood M. Fisher, president of the
association, presided.
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New Members to Be Sought, Be
ginning October 28.
The membership drive of the V. M
C. A. will begin October 28. In place
of team captains this year, the work
ers will he under the direction of
governors, lieutenant governors and
secretaries of state. The number of
slates has been divided Into districts
and the workers will designate the
particular state in which he wishes
to be enrolled.
The electoral college will assemble
at the end of the campaign, „\'ovcm
ber 1, and the total votes will j>,
counted. Appropriate ceremonies wil
attend this function.
Tn order that the daughter of h
sexton might attend school, it
found necessary to annex a cemeteri
to the city of Spokane school dW

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