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Hall-Quest Has No Wish to
Embarrass Pittsburgh U.
in Love Tangle.
By »h. Associated Press.
PITTSBURGH. October 16.—Dr. Al
fred Lawrence Hall-Quest, who re
cently divorced his wife in order that
she might be free to marry Maj. Fred
erick William Hart of Evanston. 111.,
last night announced that he had re
signed his position as director of ex
tension at the University of Pitts
burgh. Other than confirming the
resignation. Dr. John O. Bowman,
chancellor of the university, declined
to comment on the matter.
‘T did not wish to embarrass the
university because of recent publicity
given my affairs," I*r. Hall-Quest de
clared in announcing his resignation.
He said he had no plans for the fu
Appointment of R. F. Walter, as
sistant chief engineer, to be act
ing chief engineer of the Bureau
of Reclamation was announced to
day by the Interior Department. Mr.
Walter fills the post made vacant by
the resignation of F. E. Weymouth.
He will begin his new duties Novem
ber 1 and will be located at Denver.
He has been connected with the rec
lamation service since 1903, serving
in various capacities.
I The latest Frocks sponsored by Fifth Avenue—Dashing Sports Coats of the fashionable plaids—Smart Accessories for the well dressed m
■ woman—and a glance backward at the days gone by compared with the modes of today—feature this Women’s Pave of ErtranrJlnnrv ■
■ i • f r • e r"» • i o'" * wu ' Mifiui y
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■ , ■
i Gloves Ribbons
* \ln li heavy embroidered ertUchinc* Self! |l j A 1 Ribbon Gartern. in plain eolere and Itt ll \
* I (l J l contrast and two-toned, In all wanted 1 I 1 bowV 0 color!- th j. notted / V VI
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■ el" ll Suede-Finished MoiL. satin, *£"s It ||/|i I 1 I *
■ Fabric Gloves, 2 Pairs, $1.47 V X £ an 6 y An C 0, 0“ and P / ■
g 1 In man y new attractive nov- ML. L. SpCCial 37C Yd IP Ift YJ 1 | f *
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■ Regular $1 value. Fleece lined. Waist style with button attachments. ‘ rtJl J VCI VCI 1 nUIIIICU Odl J1 / ££
g loiee length.
elbow sleeves, and lO OUF FfeHCH ROOHI | « 2iX Oil \ ‘
■ Women’s Rayon Women’s Rayon \\ /1/ S\££ H £ 1 J Just a few items mentioned: ■
■ (Fiber Silk) Vests, 47C (Fiber Silk) ll / l/a> (Iff |V|Cl|*|rpr| T Y\C& ‘WJ%\ 60c Almond Cream, Lettuce ■
■ T> I 7Q I n a 4 Envelopes, $1.27 1\ *l* Jj / V/1I IkviA X .idgnl Cream and Tissue Cream, 30c n m
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■ fancy cuff top. In black, and brown. Sines 6to 10. First quality. 1 I JM' V-Afl 9» • II $10.50 ITfitS lOr $ll.OO $27.50 HfttS TOr $18.34 ularly SI.OO jar. At 50c ■
■ Rmr ° n < * b * r • lUt) Socl “’ with - fancy cufr top - I\ fw IV* / SIB.OO Hats for $12.00 $30.00 Hats for $20.00 Hand Lotion regularly 25c. At. bottle, 15c ■ ,
I SSStiS^r^’U^T'S^S. «? ** <• *««• . |l_ I -J ll I I *20.00 Hate for
g Palais Rayal—Mala Fleer. I.* ■ ——..-4 V- IL—._// .i f • Palala Royal—Seeoad Fleer. PalaU Royal—Balcony.
■ • ... r .■■■-- ' ■ . >- .■/... . ■ . . . . . . „ s ’ « ■ - t ■ >
» ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■oionoooin •■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■#«■■■■■■ ■■■!»■■■■■■■■■■■ •■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■ :
Democratic Senate Leader De
clares Hope That Muscle Shoals
May Yet Go to Manufacturer.
Senator Underwood, Democrat, Ala
bama. a leader in the fight In the
Senate for the adoption of Henry
Ford's offer for Muscle Shoals, de
clared yesterday that he did not regard
the Interview In Collier’s Weekly as
I a definite withdrawal of Ford’s offer.
I "It has not been withdrawn offi
cially and as far aa the Government
is conceited the offer still stands, and
I am for the Ford bid," he declared.
"If It is a fact that Ford has actually
withdrawn his offer it is a lament
able thing for the Government,” the
Senator continued.
"I believed and still believe In
Ford’s proposal. I think his bid of
fers the best solution of Muscle
Shoals. If wo can’t get Ford's bid
accepted then I am for some other
tid that carries the provisions of
the Ford proposal.
"I believe In utilizing Muscle Shoalfe
to produce nitrates for fertilizer In
time of peace and for ammunition in
time of war,” he added.
Senator Underwood passed through
Washington today on a campaign
speaking tour, leaving this afternoon
for Roanoke. Va., to fill an engage
NEW YORK. October 16.—The
Middle West UtiMtles Co. has de
posited with the Illinois Merchants'
Tmst Co.. Chicago, $6,346,500 to pay
at par and accrued interest all of
its 10-year 6 per cent bonds matur
ing January 1. 1935. Payment of
these bonds leaves the company with
no maturing obligations before Sep
tember 1, 1935.
Slayer Sent to Aaylum—Father
Aaka for Mental Test of
Other Children.
By the Associated Press.
MEMPHIS. Tenn., October 16.
Aquitla Redditt, who killed his moth
er, Mrs. Sudle Redditt, and his sister,
Mary Lou Redditt, with an axe at
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pjf feet, Come in and have your footprint taken. • vJC
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their home near Cordova several days
ago, was committed to the State
asylum when a plea of Insanity was
entered In his behalf In criminal
court. The plea was not contested
by the prosecuting attorney.
Hearings will be held in probate
court. October 24, on the petition of
Qreenbury Redditt, the father, to test
the sanity of three other children of
the Rldditt family.
The children”are
tlmberlands valued in the bill at $50,-
000. Redditt asked in his petition
that a guardian be appointed If they
are not found sane.
WIDOW ASKS $8,000,000.
NEW YORK, October 16.—Mrs. Al
bertlne Brlnckerhofl, widow of 'the
bakery king, Daniel D. Brlnckerhofl,
started suit yesterday In Supreme Court
for the recovery of property esti
mated to be worth $8,000,000. Mabel
Assured Income I
means peace of mind. It couti- I
tutea the beat protection against I
the uncertainties of the future. I
You desire it for yourself; you I
would like to provide it for your I
dependents. I
Let our-Officers explain how yon I
may do so by means of a Living I
Trust Agreement with this strong I
trust company. I
* E tr UST CO I
Caflferty, Loretta Van O’Linda and
Theodore T. Brlnckerhoff, children of
the deceased by a previous marriage,
are made defendants.
• Mrs. Brlnckerhoff declares that she
was the bakery king's third wife,
and that those named as defendants
exerted undue influence to obtain
1 possession of the property.
process of launder
ing starched collars
to a pliable comfort
and gleaming white
ness that can only he
duplicated hy an
other trip to
The Tolman Laundry
F. W. Mackenzie, Mgr. 6th and C Sts. N.W.
The nearest laundry station is at —
§ 499 C St. N.W.
2469 18th St. N.W.
6 Dupont Circle N.W.
2417 14th St. N.W.
139 B St. S.E. ,
Or ph one Franklin 71 |
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