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J IT PAYS xo A deai, AT H A « ain f or Tomorrow—A Marvelous Anniversary Selling of $3.25 Novelty Cliff * Samples of
35 ’ 39 - 75 and * 45
Real Kid Gloves fIH IWkwJlr ’° J
Loth sides of 7- at
\ \/f 11 These smart Gloves are 1 j jii
..... .. \ \ - • fashion “right,” and just ( \k~A 1
I aMB* il fI i I ’ r* \ Ui s what the best-dressed ; Jfe /• :
jI I A Wonderful Assemblage of jJS . W’ 7s /IA i : S§§s fcp jC
T 1 I%yr*n* Sj j# k Distinction. I I \ broidered novelty cu/fs, jpS&k-
I lOVPIV rflll Vl l I IITIPFV I fflAlA . This sale truly emphasizes the unusuaHn quality- A. /VjA beaufy. °ln *h. C ~
7 -L▼-I.XA 7 '5 in style—in moderate price. .A collection of beautiful, \colors, 1150 b,ack witb >
* § exclusive frocks for street and afternoon wear con- tV white. Remarkable Anni- ;
For Snorts I touted to cur Anniversary event by makers whose , U versary values at 52.25 a ;
/ \\ F % yW names are best known in the fashion centers. What ~ v
/ / \\ Tailored and - t.
'f \\\ ■ s dresses at this extraordinary low price? „ . _ r „ un ~ wear win indeed be wise to take
/#| \ \J n ’ W I “ S Regular 75c Box 80-Kay Orange advantage or this urm-iy offer
m Xx ress Wear | Delightful Modes Developed from the Finest Silks Blossom Face Powder bpnd-new WI V7S U \Ti S p rie st y yie 0 s!
; j A JIG Vplvptfi || Bengaline Combinations of Chenille CotlDOn and Choice of Collar and Cull Sets,
flSStm. B Heavy Canton Crepe and Satin Back Canton Through special . Panels, \est«t .Sets, Tie Sets and
/ jjßpflgqfl. y If _. % f)| f S Crepe Elizabeth Lovelv Charmppn ment With the manufactur- y -\ others, oi satin, organdy, linen,
'SSaSk. Hatter’s Plush ■ m | t.repe tmaoem lively Lftarmeen e« we permitted to o«*r f j broadcloth and lace. White and
iIMMKBK ” MW 3 Styles appropriate for almost any occasion—for street the arorite ••80-K.y’' Ormnge Qg&jtz. C?(-\ B wanted colors.
f / waßMfcV Fell and Satin MB! and afternoon wear. Tailored and fancy models, with short
: I If I Mff or lon K sleeves, round necklines, new coat styles, finished a tox , Boudoir
klMHMry. % ' Wlth vestec front. Straightlinc and beltless styles and all- ~j .. . . , yC ■ Cape, 89c
WHIRIr ST Styles of the Newest—Many Copied From i 5 over beaded dresses. Distinctly new trimming touche*—some flowed Dainty boudoir caps, of satin
gr l KaWln' Hwh-Priced OrieinJ Models & 1/1/ with bordcr-o.hcrs with silk embroidered designs, ■ STSK’.. WiiT 1 ,! »V'h^
V- U• 4 If. n*. . u , f I an^. nct . a^ c s, jet, steel and glass beads, fancy buttons, Powder—a powder that I. e.CU.Q*>-WH dew. mals, orchbl. Ole. Finished
s'-’ i'll B WiFi 111 /MW/9Z* Hats for Misses—Hats for Matrons S II II golden tmzel thread, etc. truly the essence of the Un- VsK^SMfesSßSt?* 8 With ribbon bows or buds.
I rr'lflrf - ® // I I Colors of black, navy, cocoa, brown and erav. as well prisoned frsgTsnec of tiny ■■■•■'toSSow rtnt Dept.
S? xWwm' ' IBB? A shovvinp- of snedalized Hats at S 5 that S LJ W as lovely pastel shades. white or. ng e blossoms, m VJMw. . tfS =====================
J Wli 1 aSBKmI eclipses all former events this season for | * V “ J w>, “- - $2.49 & 82.98 Wool
• vVt variety, quality and value! Never such an V . .. - ■■ and Cashmere Scarfs
1 I Girls' and Msses’ tis to sitbso Women’s $6 and 86,50 $1.39
- 10 S' Charming-Fall models for dress and street wear « 11/ imlam ■ nofc r ~- —
Vv l - { —types that endear themselves to the feminine i| k_/It TT -i-UICI VjUttlo TT3 11 T ' \ \_^t
I \ heart and win their way into the smartest circles. | _ _ liCW 1: 311JLOW 3110 GS L .
Every phase of the newest advance millinery jj£ itldliy Witll P IIP C.OllarS )
?!■ f \ /( \ mode—chic Directoire, close-fitting Qoches, off- | JF'B
§ / \ / \ the-face effects, the picturesque cape-line. A won- 4 M Sizes Cl* 1 l ilO /" \4--K /m /\t TK- . ’ifSrtfv X
55 \ / \ derful collection of exceptional values to choose .■£ .« IfiYearsA I I I At v/l J ifi > J AzF '
f from at this specialized price—$S. ?5 JOBKI o 1 > V *" /r^
Goldenborr' —Second Floor. ji ‘
_ _ vSHHhB w :m k« aellrrb +oa r *ur ar ?^ bers \ sered at this lowered price for tomor- (
Men! Your Day in the Anniversary Sale! bhRB 1 lire of tomorrow’s event and young girls tbe moste^ wanted Models 3 to |
and juniors will be pleased with the smart | >. choose from, including; AlHllnl'
Two-Pants Suits and Plaid- IB . Materials are fine velours, bolivia and Patent Leather Cut-out Pumps.
sports cloths. Many with fur collars of Tan Calf Gore Pumps.
Tpk -j /A g - Black Kid Arch Support Oxfords in'ThTrnaitTr of stvie boins par-
Hack UVerCOatS 77T c ,T‘ Black Suede Gore Pumps h Z^ n
T I / \ Styled on youthful lines, in belted models, Gun Metal Cnt-OUt Strap Pumps These are shown in an unusually
_ . wth bell sleeves or with turned-hack cuffs. 01 1, c.* c j. • j . ,c. n well se , leoted variety of charm-
mam , / f a \ Plain tailored and embroidered effects. Black Satin Snede-trimmed Gut-out Strap Bumps mg styles, in two tone and com
| MB fl 1 bSW. \\ Co,ori of brown ' deer ’ f-°P en hagen and tan. Patent Leather Cut-out Strap Pumps cashmere color,nss ' o£ w ° ol an<l
tlf I iA lll \ \k d m T isses ’ Bizes * to 16 > ear? - All so-les of heels, and a complete range of sizes from 2#to 7. - l ”
JL, I V o®l<»«nl>m-s'»—Junior Co»t Section, Second Floor. lon *. 18 »o -• inches in width.
n/ il if/ r OoldenVw* •—Fn*t Floor. SoW reffu larly at «“.23 and $2.1>8
We have planned this sale of Winter Clothing as one of the big out- MKP j f. MMM ———— ——— e*ch. Tomorrow at F 1.39.
standing events of our Anniversary Sale for tomorrow-and were ready MOM fJ MM Sutlirflav’a Snl*» V AS' , A c , - Ooldenber, r-F:»t Ftoot.
with values that ithould attract every man who appreciates bu> mg his tSailirUaV S SOIC (QBi A GrCfll AlUllVerSarX SalS OT <r*i n TT Ti
Winter suit and overcoat at real savings. X. i\ I „ J Beat! Necklaces
! Two-Pants Suits at $18.50 ioilet Articles US jw 9 Q 11 * # X llHlUlUimiim AO ~
terials. including’ overplaids, popular herringbones, neat stripes and mi l\] Paste, tube..* VvAk J ; 1 j Farh
SSS. 3s.rs.tsr"* “ Br,y - bro ”"- ,i ‘"- bhw *" Complete From Cap to Stocking. JJJMi
Bla. roomy ov^afs®“b k ai,?somr“sd-b«lt S in Holt color- 29c TcrspitO. a damty Jgg mF-HmuT i\ Total Value, $12.47. J B
ings of brown, pray, tan and heather mixtures-and lange overplaids. Made H JkS deodorant Cf earn I For Saturday Only \M W \ k M
with ulster collars that can be turned up close to the neck when Winter
comes. Raglan and set-in ileeves with tabs or cuffs. Belt around and aKT.IiI MVI^TMI 29c Purity Cold Cream, Jgg klßlftnl \l, *« at J A MOM J *1 _ . '' ncl !
three-piece belt styles. Layge patch pockets. Sizes 33 to 44. TP 'TtS *.lB f° r cleansing and whiten- ißc If/M r t \ a ?Ti
-.-—. ■' ■— 1 ■ "" 1 ■Biff' ,n k 6 s km • ft J mJa As a special feature for Saturday we have prepared 300 of these out- in many novel effects of
'i ll “Ever-Ready” Safety Razor
FREE! i ciSSttCm fllllP del D p% K r e f'c. *s£™i ISc Til WM front head to foot at a saving mothers will welcome. All the articles arc SSX ‘Tlr.rA..^
II \\\ •J-'/.1l 17&r> ■■■ . * . fr„ m tube A ° C iron } our . r «i«V» r st 9?. ks ot dependable merchandise and guaranteed for tone combinations in all wanted
V With every purchase of these ’ Nkd!Fr service and quality. The complete outfit consists of the following: also white. Beautifully
I ifrlUn Two-pants Suits or Overcoats at
$18.50 tomorrow we wfll,p>efreeof “T| .kta, 34c
'/ charge the new Ever-Ready Safety Physicians' and Sur- SI.OO New Fall Ulf Cap. $0.29 Beaded R .<r 4*2^=;
Razor and Cigarette Case — new CTothinc Btwe pons Soap for toilet and 7c Smm 50c genuine Leather Belt. Beaded tfagf^z. ss
model, as sketched. v a USC ‘ ae 50c cut-silk Four-in-hand Tie.
n f a, .. s l a J in l?
YgT *) As T Wr 10c Cluett-Peabody Handkerchief.
Women s sl.Vo and Girls’ Winter Coats $8 Junior Overcoats, $6.29 1 $6.50 & $7.50 Two-Pants Suits, $5.29
• • Convertible collar models, in rich heather mix- New Fall models ot neat suiting mixtures and
/~T| C*|l IJ -m A*%-m r, tures; split sleeves, inverted plait back and muff soft-finished corduroy: perfect fitting styles, with
■ r~| ill XkTI IK _JL ttc ■ •» U A flJf I fllC# pockets; full belted; sizes 3to 10 years. two pairs of full-lined Knickerbocker pants; sizes 7
umion cim at $12.50 and $12.98 Boys-*12.750ver^,58.55 <°~ t
Perfect Quality and Slight Second.
Every Pair Full Fashioned UI uuiauic lIW * XB French faced, made with convertible collar, muff of age; yoke and box-plaited styles, with lapel or
focbi‘ono/1 into pockets and full belted. Rich colorings and over- button to the neck: separate white collar and others An nnusn.lly attmotivi. as-ortmpn.
\ ici mis lusim/ucu x rr \ r plaids. with separate waists. Choice of tweeds, cheviots or Imports Handtiaes in artistic
1 C /w. V practical styles that will ““tmere*. Bd ri, e^ra!^ Iv fr,^
■ ■ N r J irmfm iy / b«ss. in <lrawstrinc ctTn. tv Silk lined
• - ■ ;
ST ye3rs - Ever r coat 18 ffjy. /[ iu\ A Stirring Anniversary Sale of ! Women's & Children's !
Values and selection both very' xC beautifully tailored and I I Wi/l Vt\ ° J Underwear
unusual. A special purchase of A?* trimmed with beaverette f W\ fikA WumPll’e I PUtllPl* RflVlilKaffC
silk stockings, all full fashioned fijffißWl ™I collar. Smart, loose- V i *y\ TT * Illltyll O LCdlllur lltllltlDtlHo ISSSi .ISunv "«,. < “. ,r S
and of the des.rable chiffon V' JOf-H UfAl Ijl O ft'SlU^... '...“. . S9c
Me colors silk - Former P.OO a. ‘
Excellent wearing qualities—reinforced with double sole, a very high Standard. \ (1 | / r»rw1oo J M quality. $1.35 grade at..
heel and toe and lisle garter top. Lined with soft, lustrous R Grades /
A * a*_, Cn A />inL materials. Large selec- utX Women’s Leather Handbags, in an assortment of the P ‘ Boys’ Q Cotton Ribbed
AHHIV ersary upcciais rroni t j on 0 £ s^yies season’s choicest and most sought-after styles and shapes, n^ck"
/v ■ i 171 . ' such as Envelope, Pouch, Vanitv, Swagger and Long-handle pants: aiaes sto 12 y « P i;
OUT 4th Floor UlUe Boys’ Coats, $7.98 Gymnasium Bloomers Bags. S"'. B >?.. ~ 1 ; M 98c
9jtl2-ft. Heavy Axntinster Rugs, former SIO.OO grade, at.—.... 525.75 chu'L.'‘Tt?''assorted
9x12-ft. Seamless Velvet Rugs, former $30.00 grade, at $2L75 around belt and buttons to For girls and misses. Well 3 c nfn . Wl >F indd#> mirror and roin ntircp W#>ll mndo Dutch neck and short sleeves’
9x12-ft. Seamless Axminster Rngs, former $45.00 grade, at $33175 match; good qpallt? Using; sixes made of lustrous quality black oOme niteu WITH inSIUC mirror ana COm pUFSC. Vv 611 mauC knee pants: sizes 2to 12 sn
9x12-ft! Seamless Brussels Rugs, former $27.50 grade, at SI9JS Ito 3 years. Sw.hu wSiftaJd knee-and practical Styles that any woman will delight in Carrying. years; 69c grade 49C
Ovl;?-ft. Tananese Grass Rugs, former $7.00 grade, at SWB « .. as a4Jastablewal3tandknee.au * • 6 J S Oo*d.nbergV-F.r.t Floor.
sx 9 : ft Gold Seal Congoleum Rugs, former $3.50 grade, at $1.95 Girls’ Jacket Suits, $5 sizes - , '
M'5 n l <^i e S , Bi!K’-S% a S« Little Girls’ Coals, *9.95 $1.50 Imported
m .rs« S^r.l?.l ;...2:™S SS.T..Vn»» w,,l ‘ br “ ,,: Vanity Cases
7 9 x80 Sateen-covered Comforts, former $7.00 grade, at $4.95 nicely lined; sizes 2 to 6 years. MlllftlVM /f Us\\ C
45-inch Double-face Velour Portieres, former $27.50 grade, at.. $18.75 ferspv Dresses. $4.98 m, - T\w\\l\\\M\Bß fl IV \tn7J7f%t INA \\\ \ Vh\
Lace Curtains, by the pair or panels, former J 3.00 grade, at.... $1.89 1„. W 05 in Girls’ Sweaters, $4.98 A*z) V\ vk i n n
Lace Curtains, by the pair or panels, former s6too grade, at.... s*» brown, green and blue, with Girls’ Sweaters, slip-on models. l Nickel-silver A anlty Cases, fln-
Nottingham Panel Lace Curtains, former $1.50 grade, at 88c bright colored smbroidered de- in brown, buff and blue; good /r \ -Wi, sbe s cha i" handle.
Perfect Quality Opaque Qoth Window Shades, former 69c signs. New models for girls from heavy grade In various new th f°°‘i Slde tnir f°r and
m „jr*. y Ate, «to 14 rears Os age. Fall styles. I compartment tor powder or
Gridenherg’s—Fourth Float. OeUsataKS’S—CHM Una. ■* 1 "■ 9r * ni ** \\r —"VMrr ♦> c
Goldezxberg'»—First Floor.
■ - 1- .......... . . . . l A • .
v - - wmrwmrjmnrnmjnnmrmmmnj^mmnmnnrr^ -
__________ l w- ! ? < I

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