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Martin W. Littleton Says
Senator Has Consolidated
Radical Forces in U. S.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. October 23. Martin \V. I
Littleton, prominent New York lawyer,
in an address last night. which he
said was pon-partisan, told the Amer
ican Defense Society at the Hotel
Commodore, that the presidential can
didacy of Senator Robert M. La
Follette was "manufactured in June.
1921, by tlie combination of the j
revolutionary forces which are pledged
to the overthrow of this Government,
in one way or another.”
After declaring that Senators La
Follette and Wheeler "enjoy the dis
tinction of being: the only two men
who ever offered themselves for the
first offices of the country who hoisted
the white flag in times of war and
tho red flag in times of peace,” Mr.
Littleton attempted to show how the
"revolutionary forces” brought about
tlie candidacy of Da Follette.
Traces Alleged Coalition.
"The beginning of the co-ordinated
effort of these forces,” lie said, "was
on June 27, 1921, at the Socialist con
vention held in Detroit. There a
resolution was offered by Morris
Hillquit and adopted and this was
the first step in coalition of the
revolutionary forces.
"The next actual record which
shows the gradual coalessing of the
forces is found in the meeting held
on February 20, 1922, at Chicago.
This meeting was called by William
H. Johnston, president of the Inter
national Association of Machinists.”
Johnston. Mr Littleton said, was
a. member of the executive committee
of the Civil Liberties Union. "They •
declare." Mr. Littleton said: “ ‘The
advocacy of murder, unaccompanied
by any act, is within the legitimate
scope of free speech. All of them
(the members) believe in tlie right
of persons to advocate tlie overthrow
of Government by force and violence.
“We also want to look like pa
triots in everything we do. We want
to get a lot of good flags, talk a
good deal about the Constitution and
what our forefathers wanted to make
of this country and to show that we
are the fellows who really stand for
the spirit of our institutions. - ’
Finds Farmers Involved.
About the time of the Chicago
meeting, Mr. Littleton continued. Ben
jamin Marsh, working with Townley,
who represented the Non-Partisan
League, sent out a call for the known
radical farmer movements to meet
in Chicago on February IS. * • * !
on February 20 the Townley dele- |
gates, representing the farm group. ]
moved over in a body to the radical !
conference called by Johnston.
This conference, Mr. Littleton said,
did not content itself “with the pro
gram of depriving the Supreme Court
of the ultimate power to determine
the constitutional act of Congress,
but they included also the acts of
the Legislatures of the various States.
“It is strikingly significant,” said
Mr. Littleton. "that within four
months after this declaration Senator
La Follette declared his intention to
Introduce a constitutional amendment
which would enable Congress, by the
repassage of an act held unconstitu
tional, to make that act the supreme
law of the land. It is even more sig
nificant • • • that the day after
that • • • the American Federa- i
tion of Labor at Cincinnati indorsed
the La Follette proposal.”
Recalls Russian Visit.
Mr. Littleton then traced at great
length the gradual consolidation of
radical organizations, and mentioned
by name some of the prominent lead
ers, including C. E. Ruthenberg of
the Workers’ party, Morris Hillquit,
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Treasury Official Declares Law Be
quires Too Much Private
By the Associated Proas.
BOSTON. October 23.—Saying that
the Federal income tax exercises a
. power of inquisition Into the private
I affairs of citizens. Kliot Wadsworth,
( Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
| in an address before the Associated
i Industries of Massachusetts today,
j said in due course, as the nation’s
| expenses are reduced, and tlie war
; debt liquidated, it should be possible
to obtain sufficient revenue by other
forms of taxation.”
"I wonder if we understand the
true meaning of tlie power of this
bureau which centers in Washington:
how much tlie individual citizen
yields in personal freedom to such a
j power, and how far the strong hand
of government has forced itself into
our personal affairs,” he continued.
“As time goes by there will be in
the Bureau of Internal Revenue a
record of the income and financial
status of every citizen, rich and poor
“The mere fact that such informa
tion is ip tlie tiles places the Federal
government in a position of trust
which involves unusual possibilities
for good or barm.”
D. C. Dorman, Jay G. Brown of Chi
cago and others.
"I do not say,” said Mr. Littleton,
"that Senator I.a Follette had in
dorsed the Soviet government of
| Russia • » • but I do say that
considering the source of his candi
dacy, the means by which it was
brought about, tlie confederated
agencies which run from the cellar
of the communist through the back
room of the Socialist into the parlor
of the pacifist, that Senator La Fol
lette has not been unmidful of the
possibilities which lay out in front
of him when he returned from his
visit to Russia.’’
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Winds Up in St. Louis Tomorrow
and Will Go Almost Direct
ly East.
By the Associated Press.
TO SEDALIA, Mo.. October 23. —Sen-
ator Wheeler. Independent vice-pres
idential candidate, was traveling to
day to his last stop but one in terri
tory west of the Mississippi. After
a speech tonight in Sedalla, and ful
filling of engagements tomorrow in
St. Louis, he will start on a jump
almost directly east, to finish his
campaign, as other national candi
dates are doing, in the populous cen
ters along the Atlantic seaboard.
His itinerary, as scheduled, would
put him back over some of the trail
he covered earlier in the campaign,
with speaking dates in Illinois and
Ohio, States already covered, and
give him a third appearance in New
York City. He will, however, en
ter Michigan, New Jersey and Mary
land before election day.
Baby and Woman Killed; Others 1
Hurt at Grade Crossing.
DETROIT, Mich., October 23. —Eva
Jensen, 3 years old, was instantly
killed and Mrs. Nellie Jones suffered
fatal injuries here yesterday when
the automobile in which they were
riding was struck by a Grand Trunk j
passenger train at Birmingham, a
suburb. Mrs. Janies Jensen, mother I
of the child, anl Mrs. Charles McNeal, I
mother of Mrs. Jensen, were Injured
probably fatally.
Finding that clerking did not pay
her enough to live decently, Mrs. )
Lydia A. Oarleto/i of Brookline, Mass.. |
has turned to driving a taxi.
Grandson of Founder of $30,000,-
000 Fortune to Marry Mrs.
Frederick O. Peabody.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, October 23.—Peter A.
B. Widener, 2d, grandson of the
founder of the Widener fortune and
son of Joseph E. Widener of Elkins
Park, Pa., is to be married soon to
Mrs. Frederick O. Peabody, It was
learned today. Mrs. Peabody has Just
returned from Reno, where she ob
tained a divorce.
Widener’s wealth has been esti
mated at 130,000,000. He Is a brother
of Josephine Pancoast Widener.
known as "Flfi.” who eloped with
Carter Randolph Leidy, a Pennsylva
nia University freshman, in 1920.
Mrs. Peabody was Miss Gertrude T.
Douglass of Albany before her mar
riage, about eight years ago, to Fred
erick Griffith Peabody, a member of
the shirt and collar manufacturing
firm of duett, Peabody & Co.
She obtained her divorce on charges
of extreme cruelty.
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Men Believed to Have Led In Train
MEXICO CITY, October 23.—The
eourtmartlal and execution of three
rebel leaders Is reported from Piedras
Negras by Gen. Juan Andrew Alma
zan, chief of military operations in
the State of Vera Cruz.
The rebels, Jose de Jesus Ponce,
Aurello Lagunes, and Jose Munoz are
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believed to have participated In
1 the attack on a train near Joachln
recently when nearly 30 military
guards and passengers were killed
and several young women carried off.
Capture of the rebels was effected
last Sunday.
1 Gilbert Meets Commission.
i PARIS, October 23.—Seymour
Parker Gilbert, new agent general
, for reparations payments under the
Dawes plan, was yesterday Introduced
to all the members of the reparation
commission by Col. James A. Logan, Jr.,
American observer attached to the
Col. Logan gave an Informal din
ner at hie home In the evening for
Mr. Gilbert. Among those present
were Owen D. Young, the retiring
temporary agent general, and United
States Senator Joseph T. Robinson.
l '
Perfumery Is used more by the
women of America and Franco than
In any other country In the world.
Lock Cashier In Bank Vault,
Escape in Auto.
METROPOLIS, 111., October 2S.—•
Two armed men held up the State
Bank of Brownfield, 18 miles north
east of here, late yesterday and es-.
caped with |1,200 in currency, after
locking‘the cashier, J. F. Crawford,
In the vault. The bandits fled in an

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