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{Municipal Balloting in Britain
Follows Lines of Na
tional Contest.
By the Associated Pres*.
I/iXPON, XoVsmber 3. —Municipal
flections were held Saturday in about
TO of the largest cities and towns
in England and Wales,.but excluding
London. The contests excited noth
ing like the interest created by the
parliamentary balloting*. but the
party alignments were similar.
The elections did not follow the
lines of the parliamentary ; "i;i~s.
however. The Conservatives
ly improved their position, hut the
J-aboritos more than held their own.
Tho Liberals suffered as badly as they
did last week.
Tho Conservatives gained 50 seats
hut lost 43; gained 51 and lost,
31; the Liberals gained 18 and lost 43.
while tho Independents gained 14 and
lost 18.
Political issues throughout Great
I’.ritian were completely dead during
the week end, and the public seeni
ngly enjoyed a cessation of the ora
orical avalanches of the past few
veeks. All the political lights took
. well earned rest.
Coast Guard Battles 50-Mile Gale
to Reach Stricken Steamer
on Isle Royale.
By the Asso'-iafpil Pres*.
HOUGHTON. Mich.. November 3.
Tile two members of the crew of the
-teamship Glenlyon. ashore in Sis-
Kowtt Hay, Isle Koyale, who put off
from tho ship in an open lifeboat
■Saturday, have been rescued by the
Coast Guard crew from the Portage
I-ake Ship Canal, according to wire
jess message s received at Kagle Har
bor last night. The men are Donald
McLaughlin, lirst mate, and Wilfred
Hoy, watchman.
The remaining members of the
crew of the Glenlyon were reported
taken off by the Glensannos. said to
he standing by the distressed ship.
The coast guards arrived alongside
the Glenlyon after a 12-hour battle
■with a 50-mile gal. , having left their
station at 11:30 a.m. Saturday for
the 60-mile run to Siskowit Bay.
They found the two men on tho shore
of the bay. According to the wire
less. the coast guards and the men
they rescued were picked up by the
• rlenconna en route from Fort Wil
liam, Ontario, to the Soo.
The Glenlyon’s back is reported
broken and it is thought the ship
will be a total loss. The vessel,
which is owned by the G*real Lakes
Transportation Corporation, went
aground in th. bay Saturday en route
from Port Arthur. Ontario, with 13,-
450 bushels of wheat.
Trenton to Search for the Lief
Erickson With 3 U. S. Ad
venturers Aboard.
I!y the Assoei.iteil Press.
NEW YORK, November 3.—The
United States cruiser Trenton will
sail today in search of tho Lief Kric
son, a 4ii-f>.oi sloop with three Amer
ican adventurers aboard, which is six
weeks overdue at Hattie Harbor, La
The little vessel left Bergen. Nor
way, last July, the navigators in
tending to bring it to America over
the same route which Lief Ericson
followed. William Washburn Nutting
and Arthur Hildebrand, writers, and
Erie Todahl, a painter, are the men
aboard. All three are known to he
expert sailors.
It is thought that the craft may he
icebound in the drifting floes of the
far North Atlantic, and the Trenton
will begin its search in that locality.
p.y the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, November 3.—Gov.
Smith and his Republican opponent,
Theodore Roosevelt, will make con
• luding speeches of the gubernatorial
< ampaigns in home neighborhoods to
Gov. Smith will tour his Oliver
street district, on the lower East
Side, while Col. Roosevelt will speak
iit Oyster Bay, where he lives.
Gov. Smith’s election eve program
includes a speech of a non-political
nature at Grand Central Palace,
where he will open a national radio
CoL A. N. E. Hartley will fly from
Montauk Point, on Long Island, to
.Buffalo, N. Y., tomorrow, writing in
letters of smoke against the sky the
name of Theodore Roosevelt.
Hartley was a war companion of
the Republican nominees brother,
Quentin Roosevelt, who was killed
in the war when his plane was shot
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Press Club Bible
Stolen ; Intent of
Taker Held Best
There is a meaner thief than the
man who takes pennies from tho
Irat of a blind man.
He is the person who stole tho
Bible from the library of the Na
tional Press Club.
There is a well-founded assump
tion, however, that the man did
not really mean to do wrong. It
is believed he was a newspaper
man, who never before had seen
the hook, and took it home to read
it before going to bed.
Those who have been sending
Ribles to the heathen may find an
opportunity to replace the one
missing at the Press Club.
Gideons’ Society, please note.
President Says Bank Change Will
Not Mean Deflation of
New Standard.
By th»» Associated Prrss.
ber 3.—The sale of the National Bank
of Nicaragua to the Nicaraguan gov
ernment by the Bank of Central and
South America of New York has
given rise to some alarm respecting
the Nicaraguan monetary system.
The unit of exchange here is the
cordoba, which has been maintained
at parity with the dollar since its
inception in 1012.
Guaranteed customs bonds of 1918
to the amount of about 4,000,000 cor
dobas were issued by the government
for the settlement of national debts,
the majority of these being held by j
The president of the republic,
Bartolme Martinez, has written a
letter to Clifford B. Ham, collector
general of'the customs bonds of 1918.
setting forth the attitude and finan
cial policy of the government. The
president declares that there Is no
intention to inflate the currency, nor
depart from the gold standard, nor
yet to depreciate the guaranteed cus
toms bonds. He promised that the
interest and principal will be paid in
money equal to the American dollar.
The president points out that the
Nicaraguan charge d’affaires in Wash- ■
ington informed the State Department
of the proposed purchase and the reso
lution of the government to maintain
the gold standard. To this the State
Department offered no objection.
Lives of Hundreds on Fishing’ and
Pleasure Craft Menaced
By Storm.
Hr the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. November 3.—Three
men were drowned, one motor boat
was sunk and the lives of hundreds
on fishing and pleasure craft were
menaced during a windstorm that
swept the nearby waters yesterday.
Eleven members of the Central Motor
and Yacht Club were saved from
drowning by the fishing boat Linta.
They were taken off the motor boat
Sonny a few moments before it sank.
Shortly before this, the Linto had
responded to a distress signal of art
other motor boat, hut before reaching
it, two unidentified men aboard the
craft had been plunged into the sea
and drowned. Frank Hughes, 22, was
drowned when thrown from a row
boat while fishing..
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Dispatches From U. S. Keep
' British Public Posted on
Campaign Outlook.
Ity the Associated Press.
LONDON. November 3.—Long dis
patches from New York and Wash
ington are furnishing British news
paper readers with the latest prob
abilities in the American presidential
All dwell upon the uncertainties
of the outlook, but most emphtisize
the indications in favor of Mr. Cool
Tho Westminster Gazette does not
expect that any change in America’s
International relations will fojlow
’’unless the improbable happens and
La Kollette is elected.’’
This paper adds: “If Mr. Davis Is
elected he would take a plebiscite on
the Jjeague of Nations, hut tho result
would almost Inevitably ho repudi
ation of the league.”
Tho Daily Express predicts the
election of Mr. Coolldge.
Head of Russ Religious Sect Buried
at Nelson, B. C., Following
Death at Enemy’s Hands.
By tho Associated Press.
NELSON. B. C., November 3. —
While 8.000 persons raised their
voices in a funeral dirge. Peter
Lordly, known as Peter Verogin,
head of the Russian religious sect
of Doukhobours, who was killed <n
an explosion on a train at Var.covver
on October 29, was buried yesterday
in a sepulcher blasted from rock on
a height overlooking Brilliant, the
headquarters of the sect. P’rom
morning until the sun set the wor
shipers sang and listened to eulo
gies of their dead leader.
The explosion, which caused the
deaths of nine and injury to more
than a dozen, was caused by a bomb
placed beneath Vereg'r’s s at by an
enemy wto opposed his progressive
forming ideas, the authorities relieve
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Veteran of Civil War, Aged 82,
Buried in Arlington.
Military honors marked the burial
in .the Arlington National Cemetery
this afternoon of Capt. Richard C. Du
Bois, 83 years old, retired Infantry
officer, who died at Walter Reed Hos
pital Friday after a long Illness. He
is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elia S.
Du Bois, who lives at 18l>6 Wyoming
avenue. Capt. Du Bois was born In
Great Bend, Pa., and served through
the Civil War, first as a volunteer in
the ranks and then as a first lieuten
ant in ihe 158th Pennsylvania Slate
Militia. Ho was commissioned a
second lieutenant in the Regular
Army October, 1865. and afterward
was promoted to the grade of cap
tain. He was retired on account of
disability incident 1° the service In
December, 1870.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., November 3.
Ernest N. Haston, chairman of the
Stale Democratic executive commit
tee, last night mailed a check for $250
to the United Patriotic Society.
Bridgeport, Conn . to rclmhursrt the
organization for Dial amount alleged
to have, been paid Calvin Coolidge,
then Vice President of the United
Stales, “for delivering a patriotic
address before your organization."
“Please accept this check for wel
fare work among the soldiers as
coining from the county Democratic
executive committees of Tennessee.”
Mr. Haston said, in a telegram to the
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Charles N. Hatfield of California
May Have Chance to Moisten
the Sahara Desert.
Ily the Associated Press.
HANFORD, Calif., November 3.
The fame of Charles N. Hatfield as a
result of his rain-making undertakings
in California has reached Africa, where
he may have an opportunity to try hie
cunning on the Sahara Desert. The.
Kings County Chamber of Commerce
announced yesterday it had received an
inquiry concerning Mr. Hatflold from
Tunis, in French West Africa.
The chamber will reply that farmers
in this vicinity recently paid Hatfield
SB,OOO for making it rain. Whether Mr.
Hatfield was responsible or not. it did
rain two and twenty-nine hundredths
inches lietween March 15 and April ]5
this year over an area 75 miles in
diameter after the "rainmaker” had
"shot the skies" with fumes from chemi
Farmer, Wife and Two Children
Die as Train Hits Auto.
FINDLAY, Ont., November 3.
Joseph Roberts, a farmer, his wife
and two children, Lenwood, 11. and
Lavina, 10, were killed yesterday
when their automobile was struck
by a locomotive near their home here.
Roberts and his family were on their
way to church.
4 Buildings Destroyed, Loss Esti
mated at $200,000.
BROCKTON, Mass., November 3.
Four buildings were destroyed and
36 horses perished last night In a
Are which caused a property loss of
more than J 300.000. Richard Leon
ard, a fireman, was Injured when a
beam fell on him.
The woman who has become tired
of the pearl and emerald novelty
jewelry will welcome the newer fash
ions of combining sapphires with
pearls in earrings, necklaces and
1330 N. Y. Am-. N.W.
Relieved By
Internal Baths”
Mrs. Ira E. Bhambough off 32 Julian
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