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— »- - ■ ■■■■■ - - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
One especially planned event on each floor, promoted to make “busy-ness” on an otherwise dull day.
■ . ' ‘ S
/ Gutht "Jim £hv\k /kcciulTtm Ttom,
A Remarkable Purchase of Cql/a 1 CIO Here Are V alues Out of the Ordinary
n i tt it i . r <JI IJU LyiCootio XT 0,1 tx
Sample Handkerchiefs m HringingSmarlnessofSly , e New Stamped Dresses
tyfj <* n <l Variety Climaxed by a vj* f __
2 ' y §l/ Clearance Price our Charming Styles—An fm&
Cj dL \z /3 ft/ /2 r%i / /\a Extraordinary Low Price \zf
19c Each xk SB-90 M) 89c
•A. S At one very low price you have \ \ S ™
jy. , q . IJ' - 1 choice from 150charming'Dresses. ,l\W y)
(Jtners at OC to OoC C/a-CIl Included are simple modes for Each Dress is crisp fresh—beautiful ■mm mi *«p
\ 1 ( mnntifoMnrpn;’ nnd ibusiness wear —and more elabo- TflMßfu designs stamped on linen-like suiting. j% EL . L
A close-out Os manufacturers and <Mf rate ones for more dressy occ-a- HIE There are four styles— two as sketched. il..=
importers Sample Hanakercniels Ot fl cjjyl sions. Smart dresses of nHHH Imagine only 89c and a few hours’ ;$ I#*'(
lines selling in a regular way at one- ifiS* —Canton Crepe —Chiffon Velvet ‘■■■J'K pleasant pastime embroidering—and you j I|Jgr"f !;'i
third to one-half more. A remarkable fj|||l ~i at T , — n D °.° l A Fl * n " e , ls i'llHT will have a neat and attractive frock. > I 1 P ;
i f - „ il l Emb. Jerseys Potret Twill N« { Colors—Tangerine, green, orchid and sand. I I
selection. ifui You It recognize the style-the MBi Sizes for women and misses. JILJ J H-A
**Brr fabrics—shades and trimmings all |&&>p&JE|a *i7T\ ]/!
Men’s and Women’s Linen and Swiss Handkerchiefs fy belonging to much higher priced '\T)l Cotton Kits containing the exact col- ' J/\ /[[
„ _ J/\ dresses! Sizes 16 to 52*4 in the , / ors to embroider, 2Sc, 39c, 48c each \\j UUH
Plain white and colors; some with.embroidered comers. Une lot on (Ml lot. hut not in every style. J I ' 1 jLy
original sample cards, others in folders. Shop Tuesday and Save. Shop Tuesday—and Save! IJ V) Shop Tuesday—and Save! >3
Girls’Middies and Skirts Infants’Bath Tubs
Made to Sell for $1.50 and $ 1.98-Extraordinary Values! ramOUS LOCD
® CI All-Wool Blankets A „ v s X, s .mX«,„ ET5n
3>X.UU T\ Tuesday Only g /
Middies of Lonsdale and Standard Jean— M I S /"X I /EnO
straight and cuff-bottom styles; silk emblems M -A- • I CAW ll J
and three rows of braid trimming. White, white VJ/ -Il •V/ S
with red and blue. Collars and cuffs. Also plain This is the top notch in .value giving! One of the finest All- * \ /jI
colors. Sizes 6to 22. wool Blankets we’ve ever offered—and.here it is tomorrow lower Just what you’ve wanted—and at a UA
Skirts, of white or blue jean, serge and linen. priced than ever before. Absolutely all wool, size 70x80 inches— P rice much les s than you expected to
Not all sizes in all materials, but.all sizes, 6to 14 in attractive block plaids, assembling such colors as rose tan pay! , A g? od tub, with wide roll rim, 17 inches wide and 21 inches long
years, in the lot. cr ray , helio, pink, blue, red and black, black and white—finished ~^ ad , e of wh,t f e P°. r s ! a,n h J Vollrath. Offered at this extremely low
Shop Tuesday—aud Save! with wide soiset’te binding. Shop T.’.esday-and Save ! °' "''P" f -‘'°"™e.y uot.ceable. Shop Tuesday I
x —1 ! i /
The January I l! eS ° rt^ < l oa !^ ll< : " ■ January Prices on L&B
Silk Sale Tow ve Waited For! Nemo and Binner Quality Linens
CjOVSGtS Are Lower Than Even the Most
Smashes All Precedents in Value! J ix Optimistic Shopper Could Expect!
Models we are discontinuing going in the
es at Tremendous Reductions The cost of linen is rising—the rate of exchange
/IX O fl Style nuntbers in this group gS^
I c t t 1° r ai e — ’way below par.
I ■ X rived from our best />n Binner, 6-3, 8-1, 8-40, 3-18 It is possible only because this sale was planned
-JB_ • <4 JI. manufacturers-New W A and 428 ‘ merchaud.se purchased while
11 c o l o r s—New Styles. r-\ Smart Set, 160 and 170.
a- T-a. 0-11 A M&m None made to sell for H A\ Nemo, 600,610, 553, 403 and , A T T •
Yards Upon \ ards ot hine Silks —A less than $39.75, $45.00, '{ffirilL) I 816, 70-111. Linen Table Damask
Rainbow of Smart Colors At a J\ \ \ W- 7 5 and $55.00. j J $6.00, $7.00, $7.25, $7.75 51.95 Yard
Single Low Price * A \ vlt was a white New Year \ / 'and SB.OO
/'3m l'r——that presaged cold weather / /-r . . Heavy Snowy Linen, in beautiful patterns and
40-inch New Printed Crepes IfHL to come - And,,again, we Unrestricted Choice with a satiny damask finish.
„ . x7JWy//\ have thought ahead—antici- 21-inch Napkins to match, $2.75.
40-inch Crepe de Lhine jSmdJU pated your need. iIJ/l OC ’
40-inch Silk Radium / X Manufacturers unable to l(j' j m tT#‘ l‘a yr tJ * I T T * rp , . __
40-inoh Creoe r» get rid of their surplus stocks W l / Z-m. cinen 1 able JDamask
•tu-incn ueurgeue gladly let us have these new - , , X\(\ “T\ QC V A
40-inch Satin Charmeuse I IJ/ I coats at phenomenally low St 11 ‘ th* \\J * • j|i\ I JL ard
in • U R A n 1 prices and we met the fig- btyle numbers in tins group \\J \
40-incn orocade JM ures they gave us with re- are — 1 \ \ An exceptionally fine grade of damask. Every
%-inch Dress Satins 'll ' W ductions in our own stock. Binner, 104-326, 10-32, 11- Wt . J>l thread pure linen, full bleached
. U < A II » The r « ult - coats \ n wh . ich 526, 11-24, 13-28. / 22-inch Napkins to match, dozen, $3.75.
. 36-inch rigured Poulards W !•, you will welcome the crisp, Smart Set 260 and 60. uWtWs
36-inch Plain and Glace Taffeta 1 11 1111 $35! Nemo, 975. I Hemstitched Linen Tea Napkins, 12x12 inches.
32-inch Plain Silk Broadcloth WJB Styles aud materials that J« $9.00, SIO.OO, $12.00, fSm 1 $3.75
32-inch Striped Tub Silks u you will get many seasons $13.50 and $15.00 Km
\1 / of service from, with their _ T . . . Wf j ' . . n .. ~ ,
u , / r o n’rs C curt n d S l an d UnrestnctedCho.ee .Iff p^elT
Here is a real opportunity to look ahead rich fir Lonfltae wrap ’ ftC inch size, $6.75. 2 4-inch Napkins to
and plain your wardrobe for Springtime— . Mi niodcls that f ashion an s ' \K US ■ match, dozen s>/
and include many lovely silk frocks for less good sense approve. ®
than vou can hope to get them for later \m second floor third floor, lAnsbubgh & bro. Linen Cloths, pure linen, snow white,
when'silks are more in demand. •> many designs. 70x72-inch size, $4 50; 7QxBB-inch
size, $5.75. 22-inch Napkins to match, <fj* c* a?
1 here is not one material m this lot that
WC J^ a or e nC)t S ? ld T a j ld S ° ld Quickly a |- sb9s ▼ W Hemstitched Linen Towels, a heavy quality
to $2.25 a yard. And every wanted shade— I I BJ ■ I g » I I L J M M pure li nen > f ree from lint and dressing,
light or dark —is included in the assortment. I J I —. I B ■ 17x32 inches U7C
7th Thru to Bth to E—FAMOUS FOR QUALITY SINGE 1860—Phone Franklin 7400
' •

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