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Prominent Berlin Officials
Said to Be Involved in
Loans to Promoters.
by tin* Associated I’ress.
BERLIN, January s.—Disclosures
Involving: leading' present and for
mer Socialist members of the central
and Prussian governments are expect
ed to be forthcoming from the in
vestiga-tjion of the Prussian PJtate
Bank’s extension of unlimited credits
to half a dozen obscure industrial and
financial promoters, all of whom are
said to have maintained intimate so
cial and even business relations with
t tie members of the Socialist party
in and out of office.
The four Karmat brothers, who are
being detained until the state’s at
torney has completed his investiga
tion of their transactions with the
Prussian State Bank, are being open
ly referred to as the financial backers
of the Socialist party since 1921. Sev
eral of the papers make serious
charges with reference to government
oontfacts and food deliveries from
lie ill a nil Police Head Unit.
Thf Tageldatt and other liberal
newspapers demand the \ (limitary re
tirement of Wilhelm Richter, the
Socialist police prefect of Berlin, who
is reported to have been on more
than a “chummy” footing with the
I! arm at s. The latter, as now revealed
Barmats. The latter, as now revealed,
have struck up an intimate acquaint
ance with other Socialist leaders in
official positions.
The Nationalist party are deter
mined to make p6IS-«1cal capital out of
the incident and are planning the
introduction of motions in the Reich
stag and the Prussian diet next
week, demanding a parliamentary in
vestigation of Socialist connection
with the far-flung post-war opera
tions of the Barmats, whose head
quarters is in Amsterdam, and other
alien promoters who owe their finan
cial ascendency to the- generosity of
the accommodations extended to them
by the Prussian litate Bank.
l.nnm-il I’sMsil Funds.
The Barmats are indebted to this
bank to the amount of 12,000,000
marks, out of 40,000,000 they have
outstanding. The federal ministry
of posts and telegraphs loaned them
14,000,000 from government funds,
which it is stated, is amply covered.
The government’s credits are de
fended on the ground that the min
istry of posts was forced to cover
deficits by loaning out its idle capi
tal to large borrowers. The Federal
Insurance Bureau also loaned the
Barmats several million marks.
Mrs. Helen Keller of Texas, Long-
Distance Bride of Two Years
Ago, Gets Decree.
By tlie Associated Press.
FORT WORTH, Tex., January 5.
Mrs. Helen Keller, 19, "long distance
telephone bride,” was granted a di
vorce by Judge Lattimer from Wil
liam Horace Keller, 20.
Two thousand miles have separated
the couple before and since their
The marriage ceremony was con
ducted by telephone May 3, 1923, with
Keller in Bremerton, Wash., and Miss
Helen Leona Satterwhite in Fort
Worth. Through arrangement with
the telephone company, a line of more
than 4,000 miles of wire was linked
up between the two places. The line
was routed through St. Louis, Chi
cago, Denver, San Francisco and Se
Governor of Porto Rico Has Ho
Desire to Resign.
SAN JTTAN, Porto Rico, January 4.
Repeated press dispatches received
from the I’nited States to the effect
that Horace M. Towner, Governor of
Porto Rico, had indicated a desire to
retire at an early date yesterday
again met with emphatic denial on
the part of Mr. Towner.
The governor said that never at
any time, to any one, had he ever
expressed a desire to give up his post
and that he had no intention of
resigning. He will visit Washington
about January 15 to attend to govern
ment matters pending there and will
return to Porto Rico for the session
of the legislature which begins
February 8.
f-’-LAI - 2 2_. _ :
Manor Park, D. C.
On 14th St. Car Line
3—2-story, 6-room and bath homes
$9,000 to SII,OOO
Built by
Little & Marshall
For Sale by
Terrell & Little, Inc.
1205 18th St. N.W. Main 3285
When You
Feel aWh&>
Com- If %S\
/y laxative'vsA. %
fßmm® 1
I Quinine f
r ;.2r
*%. tablets
to work off the cause and to
fortify the system against
an attack of Grip or Influ
enza, A Safe and Proven
Remedy. Price 30c.
The box bears this signature
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