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War Department Recom
mendations Before House
Committee Today.
War Department recommendations
for reductions of about $14,200.00<
covering four items in the $53,565,001
rivers and harbors bill reported las:
year were placed before the House
rivers and harbors committee today.
If the proposals are agreed to the
$16,000,000 reported for the inter
eoastal canal along the Gulf of Mexi
co would be cut in half, as woub
the $7,000,000 recommended for a new
breakwater at Los Angeles, while th<
$2,000,000 for the Jamaica Bay project
in New York and $714,000 for deepen
ing the channel at Newport News, Va..
Would be eliminated.
Call mil I'p Soon.
This would reduce the total of the
bill to approximately $38,000,000. The
bill will be called up this month.
The committee considered the rec
ommendations at an executive session
today, but delayed action pending a
A subcommittee consisting of Chair
man Dempsey, Representative Mc-
Duffie, Democrat. Alabama, and Maj.
Gen. Taylor, chief of the Army
engineers, was instructed to confer
with Secretary Weeks on the pro
posed reductions.
Because she ha 3 not heard from
her three sons for 20 years, Mrs.
Mary B. Smith, in her will dated
August 27 last, declares she does not
know their whereabouts and so
makes no provision for them in her
will. She leaves her entire estate to
her daughters, Martha S. Hackett,
Bessie S. Raymond, Cora S. Swann.
Laura S. Shelton apd Lena Smith.
She says the daughters assisted her
In acquiring her property and are
entitled to have it. Mrs. Smith died
Christmas day.
Joseph M. Frank, by his will dated
February 28, 1908, leaves his entire
estate to his wife, Rachel V. Frank.
Mr. Frank died December 30 last.
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Garbage Removed
Promptly Even if
Snoiv Work Is Slow
While the District street clean
ing department got off to a late
start on concerted snow removal
work, it developed today that the
same department made a\ better
showing in the garbage collec
tion service.
Since the heavy snowfall early
Saturday morning the city has
succeeded in gathering up 85 per
cent of the normal amount of gar
bage. The ash carts also have
been kept going as rapidly as pos
sible In view of the condition of
the streets.
The garbage collections have
been as follows: Friday, 138 tons
collected; Saturday, 191 tons; Sun
day, 202 tons; Monday, 221 tons.
Reports from New York state
that no garbage has been collected
there for three days.
Supreme Court Holds Its Tentative
Appraisements Not Subject
to Review.
Tentative valuations of railroads as
made by th-» Interstate Commerce
Commission are not subject to review
by the courts prior to being made
final, the Supreme Court declared yes
terday in an opinion delivered by Jus
tice Slcßej nolds in a case brought by
the Delaware and Hudson Co.
The railro-.d sought modification of
the tentative valuation placed upon
its property by the commission. The
court explained that the "tentative
valuation” was no more than an ex
parte appraisement without probative
effect, and that the carrier was au
thorized to make a protest to the
commission before the valuation be
came final.
The railroad had made such pro
tests and was awaiting action there,
said Justice Mcßeynolds, adding that
no showing had been made to prove
that the commission had wilfully dis
regarded the law, failed to proceed In
an orderly manner, or would nflt pass
upon all the matters set forth in the
Senate and House District Com
mittees to Hold Joint Session
Tomorrow Morning.
A general plan of legislation for
the District of Columbia at the pres
ent session of Congress will be map
ped out at a joint session of the
Senate and House District committees
tomorrow morning.
Special joint subcommittees on
three important measures will be ap
pointed, it is expected. These bills
are the proposed rent act, the bill
proposing a merger of the street rail
ways and the bill for a five-year
school building program. A joint
subcommittee already has been ap
pointed to handle the so-called Dis
trict pubtic welfare bill. That sub
committee is to meet Thursday morn
It is hoped the Joint committee
i meeting tomorrow will result in co-
I operation on the part of both houses
(f / ii 43 Connecticut Avenue
Final Reductions
All Winter Hats
Prices Now $5 to sls
Also shows n'tw arrivals in smart Satin and Felt
Hats for now and for Southern wear.
1 ■ w
of Congress to expedite the legisla
tion considered of greatest lmpor- C
tance to the District. Lists of those a
bills which have already passed the
Senate and await action in the
House and of those bills which have
passed the House and await action in
the Senate will be prepared for the
use of the joint committee meeting.
Stone to Act Despite Elevation to
Highest Bench.
While the President, it was in
, dicated, is not ready to announce the
names of the Police and Juvenile
Court appointees here, It was said
1 the appointment of Attorney General
Stone to the supreme bench would
J not delay them any further than they
I would take in the natural course of
events. The Attorney General. It Is
• said, is working on the appointments
as well as the appointments of other
Judges In other parts of the country
and would probably make his recom
mendations before he is confirmed
by the Senate. It is probable that
the decision on the Jocal appoint:
ments will be made in a short time.
Before Yon Invest Investigate.
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Spring-Like Hats for Immediate Wear
The indefinable some- Made of Canton crepe,
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placed at just the right 1 *jj variety of styles^and
or a combination of col ’ youth \ '* ’S/')
V \ u/ Y ors—every hat has acer- l— ■ with large head sizes. f\ ** ' ,
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Sale of Fur Coats New Coats
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or beige squirrel, or jaunty of their being correct to the last
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The most popular of silks for every occasion—from the most correct of tailored frocks to the full formality of
evening—at prices every budget can include.
40-inch Flat Crepe and 40-inch All Silk 36-inch Smart Costume
Crepe de Chine Black Chiffon Velvet Velveteen
$1.98 $3.98 $2.00
Regularly $2.25 Yd. Regularly $5.50 Yd. Regularly $2.50 Yd.
There are thirty-five light and This deep pile fabric with a A durable quality of fast pile and
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dresses or lingerie. gowns. A rich black. shades.
i—^ — ><>>o
Nemo Corsets | CLEARANCE!
That Sold for $5.00 and $6 £0 T n . j n , ,
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Cl /V SiA
Models that we are discontinuing to make way for ▼ ▼ -L
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ingly low price.
Low bust styles of coutil, with long or medium M**/ Sets ' J m ■ Mnvnnnni*,
hipline, heavily boned. In flesh and white. Zl "7r
THIRD FLOOR, LANSBURGH k BRO. Bulb Bowls M „ Sugar and Creams
Men’s Pajamas If «If Dainty, attractive I
of Warm Flannelette [if f greatly'to’’the'posing
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I >t ) / iJR f | I Such values are possible
,tT r. • • Iftf S m I only on these rare occa-
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»<*»♦ " . i .1 ■ ' ■ ....... i >OOP
January Sale of Housewares
Comes Fraught With Value Giving Opportunities in Needs Practical
Food Chopper, that White Enamel Med- Rid - Jid Folding Six Household
may be adjusted to Casseroles, of brown icine Cabinet, size 14x Ironing Table, stands Brushes, for toilet
cut fine or earthenware, mounted 18, with glass sturdily and is not bowl, clothes, vege
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ily size plated frame roomy shelves wobble.. and refrigerator DVC

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