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| Coupon No. 1 | | Coupon No. 2 j | Coupon No. 3 | J 4 IT PAVS TO DEAL AT \ Coupon No. 4 | [ Coupon No. 5 | J Coupon No. 6 j
19c Dress Ginghams Boys’sl.39 & $ 1.50 $1.98 Bedspreads <3l seat Clark s Cotton 2 Cakes Fairy 9* ns <T Ct
. J 2l / 2C o 2^™ch*?L 7 ft Jsc O®lilofirS S wl S T P rfci°of, Soap, 8c
l«-gp assortnipnt of plaid* ami Outing H»nn«l; ne*j stripes, noat natt.rn* double-bed 1 ■—» %3SSIw white and DIaCK , asSOriCU ivvo regular /C C. Kes OI Pet Brand Lvaporatea
checks; mill lengths, 2to 10 yds. frogs; .ires 4JO si... £ithbol.t.r, (S) l, BOTH SIDES OF 7™ AT K, ST "THE DBPBNDABLESTORE" fi numbers. Fa!ry Soap. Milk. <S)_
Ailv.nL.cd Item, Sold at These Prises Only to Those Bringing Coupon.
Two Pages of Unparalleled Bargains for Our January Event. For One Day Only—Wednesday, January 7th, *Tr p~~Z a
Coupon $9 Bolivia Cloth Here are two pages of wonderfully attractive items—extraordinary values. Read them all and slip the items that interest you most—or, better still, bring this entire adver- °ng° n ' X? 11 * * or *i an “
13 gg tisement with you. Coupon Day customers know where to find their best saving opportunities. Look for the Coupon Sale signs in every department. Every lot of merchandise Beans, 15c
THU coupon o»iv designated by this sign is an unusual value—much below the regular price. We cannot fill mail or phone orders for Coupon Sale items. to
-54-inch All-wool Bolivia Cloth, a ================6==================================================== ============================ ■■ ■■ ■' —— mato sauce ’ <S >
rich, lustrous quality, for coats and - d ■ 1 1 ' - 1 • ■ ————————————
a " J crar Coupon 89c Pongee Silk Coupon 29c Peggy Cloth <**•« 89c Table Damask Coupon Sport Perfume Conpon 2 Pkg«. Table Salt ~^ n w ... fl^
I 31 49c 4> 19c 69c ' 28c Half Ounce I 6c in C J. ‘
Coupon €? 25 Wool Suitings th tm- Coupon Only With ThU Conpon Only With Thin Capon Only With Thin Coupon Only With Thin Conpon Only lietKWedr, D3C
1, ' m ° r> inch Ponu«e Silk in the stylish 32-lnch Peggy Cloth. In checks, 64-inch Heavy-weight Mercerized Sport Perfume, made by Denney and Triangle Brand Table Sait, two- W ith This Coupon only
51.59 demi- rough weave- k close-woven, stripes and plain colors; for chit- Table Damask, In assorted neat pat- Denney, sold regularly at *1.25 ounce. pound packages. (S) Including Veetees; Collar and Cuff
With Thin Coupon Only silk-mixed quality, in wanted colors. dren's rompers and women’s wear. terns. (S) (Bring bottle). (S) L.— - ■ ... Sets, Panels and Separate Collars, in
54-inch All-wool Suitings, in nov- <S) (S) - - ■ ■ . various and wanted materials; white
city plaids, stripes and checks; rich _________________________ —— —... 1 Coupon tl 10 an<i co op *
—7 1 °32° n ‘ c „ B ail °3o° n 35c Shirting Madras '' ' 5 Yds. for 79c ° ’ 12c With Thin Coupon Only J I Coupon j _ Boys’ Union Suits
Coupon 5i. 69 French Serge ~ jBC ZZc With Thin Coupon Only "ith Tfcl» Conpon Only Twelve-button Washable Chamo- J2O tr>
75 T Cl IQ With Thi* Conpon Only "with Thin Conpon Part-linen Crash, suitable for roller Vivaudou's Maivou Talcum Powder, suede Gloves, with embroidered backs, ______ 4“C
J 1.1 If 36-inch Shantung, a yarn-mercer- 32-inch Shirting Madras, white or tea towels; fast colors; neat bor- pure high-grade talcum, in the pop- In gray, beaver, brown, cocoa, sand iberond. of 78c Grade!
With Thin Conpon Only ized quality, with demi-rough weave; grounds with neat colored stripes; ders. (S) ular red can. (S) and mode. (S) With Thin Coupon Only
42-inch All-wool French Serge, a a complete assortment of wanted for blouses and men's shirts; fast ————————————J Boys' Ecru Union Suits; sizes 2 to
fine, close, double twill quality; colors. (S) colors. (S) _________________________ —————————————————— ____________ 12 years; seconds of 79c grade. Good
k. iid\>. 1.1 own, beavt r, tun, etc . - ' Coupon 29c Honeycomb Towel. C<> “f" I $169 &$2 Umbrellas I Coupon Jsl & $1.19 Chamosuede I ve ‘ i> ' lt ‘° r } 1
Coupon 59c Novelty Suitings Coupon 15r Anrnn Gintrhams 69 2 for 47c —, , _ 103 Gloves, 65c
sl2 Fur Cloth __f 48c 'Toe 8 TTSII SKiSSWESa C ’,T Girl,'Union Suit,
; with Thin Coupon Only plaids and stripes; beautiful color ln blue and brown checks; fast colors. with lt-ory finish tips and cfkb Tnds gray, covert and beaver. (S) Girls' Union Suits, medium 'weight
50-inch Black Novelty Fur Cloth. In combinations. (b) (S) ““ 777777 7irfecrq7al ty (S)' fleeced cotton; high neck and long
the stylish kerann effect, for hand- L_ Coupon Tablecloths eriect quality. sleeves, ankle pants. (S)
some coats, capes and trimmings. (S) 111 70 I Cl CQ " " "" 11 _ I———
t Coupon 50c White Poplin coupon $1.25 Oilcloth Table ~L jm. C T7" o"' 7 I Coupon I Men’* Handkerchiefs I J sg c jIT ZT. T ZT j
c »“r $2.50 Coatings --J,. T .„ r . J? c ou , “ Covers, 69c 87 6 for 29c wL tk.. r..,r. o.„ C 50c F ««t D»ee Fobo
] $1 @9 • 36-lnch White Mercerized Poplin a With Thla Coupon Only cloths, neat patterns. (S) ivranda or $c and 10c Gradrn) Strap - wrist. Six - button - length _____J
: 2?.,. w “”“ ’“” ,K c ss ■ ssj’S.iU*’- s^~KZp a Jsst£s?&
black" 83 ' in eU " anted colors: a ( ’g° ~ _!!!!!!! I_J Coupon Women’s Sport Hose der* fw neal y m ‘ ‘ hemstitched I brown; perfect fitting. (S) J j ukule"e^accori J
f. oa yv r>l at l— n 7Q. fox trots, waltaes, etc. Included
Coupon 39 c Cannon Cloth «.. rn O:JC are “June Night.” "Doodle Doo Doo”
r n , lnn „ XU > 1*» f„„ nn „ ca r L± “Adoring Tou,” "Honest and Truly,"
Coupon SI.OO Crepe ———l 25c 53 (Some SUghtly Imperfect) C ' ™P° n Women*l2c $1.69 Georgette “Maytlme.” etc.-(Muslc Dept., Bn^-
in • “ With Thin Coupon Only J . . _ 10C . . .'" omen's Ribbed Cotton Sport Hose. 8S Hanrllrorrlilaf. 8r 105 Ctc wo tl HQ ment.) IS)
lo 69c 36-inch White Cannon Cloth, a close With Thin Conpon Only black and colors. While the majority ____J nailQKercuieiS, OC Utepe, Jl.v3
TTi.i. Thi. onlr woven, linen finish quality. (S) 27-inoh Plain Colored Outing Flan- are perfect quality, a few have slight With Thin Coupon Only With Thin Conpon Only —————————————————
"6 inch Crepe one of the popular ————— n«l, double fleece quality, in pink, imperfections. (S) Women’s Uinen Handkerchiefs, plain Georgette Crepe, 40 inches wide; all
fabrics for dresses, etc. The colors r— H«Tht blue and white. (S) white, with hemstitched borders; per- wanted street and evening shades.- Coupon 5() Sheet* Wax PaOef
include black, navy and brown. (S) Coupo „ 55 j aD Nainsook qUall,y - 77. > _ (Si Jn d P
- 36 * co P Coupon Children s Sock* with Thi r /c ft
Coupon $3 Velveteen With Thu Coupon Only Coupon SL7S Bath Robe 35c Coupon Crib Sheet* Coupon $1.39 Spanish Laces so sheets of 12xl8 White Wax Pa-
Iq * nn 40-lnch White Japanese Nainsook, Flannel, $1.19 With Thin Coupon Only 89 A A,. 106 * P€l "’ 50 sheets tobujer.) (S)
$1.98 for fine lingerie. 10 yards in box; with Thin Coupon Only (Seconds of 50c Grade) 79c
with Thin Coupon Only two cut pieces. " (S) 72-inch Bath Robe Flannel, extra- Children's Ribbed Sport Socks, % With Thin. . Coupon Only With ThU Coupon Only ———————
36-lnch Costume Velveteen, a close heavy quality, in beautiful designs. assorted shades with fancy * Spanish Daces, flounclngs and all- Coupon ?5c Boxed StationPrv
pile, rich, lustrous, chiffon-finish qual- (S) colored turnover .cuffs. (S) double-faced maroon rubber, size overs. 36 Inches wide; beautiful pat- iiOC DOXeO OtaHOnery
ity; in seal, brown, golden brown and Coupon WliiU Ratict* L— .4x34 Inches; finished with metal- terns; black, white and colors.— J7 C
navy blue. (S) L °“? n 39C White Bab*te [— ::: rimmed eyelets. -( Notion Dept.) (S) (S^„dF ,„o r .) (8) JTith ThL, Coupon On,y
' With Thl» Conpon Only , <? J.*»P vuriuui -j 17_ C • C-ll ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~ white, blue, pink, gray, lavender and
Coupon $7 Chiffon Velvet 36-lnch White Batiste, an extra fine Stretchers. $2.59 Coupon OCWUIg ollk Coupon $1.25 Metaline Cloth buff - 24 sheet s of paper with en
oii 4.0 nr even fh read quality; for children’s rry . . -U., With Thla Conpon Only 90 O C Bnft l, 11, 107 or velopes to match. (S)
$3.95 dresses and fine lingerie. (S) 7^herP.a,-eCurt a in ( seconds of 2.V Grade) JBpOOU, lIC ___ 75c
„ Onlr ' Selected Dumber Lace .urtain Women's Medium-weight Cotton With Thin Coupon Only With This Counon Onlr
3!-lnch Bl.ck Chiflon Velvet, a 1 fUe"'"VvVtoo?.!«" ' *(« Hoee. ueamed 6aek; aJ.orted color. i«-,.rd Spool. S.wlae Silk, bl.ck Meialloe Cloth, 36 loche. wide. In Counon IA K. D 1
| « Coupon $2 Longdoth I J-I „. “TT.h. I'n'lL,'™ *“a ;lfV;,r , bull~U“.*"£U ) O . , SXi TiT l»c Note Books
tty - 38 $149 *| bilks ' (S) Floor.) ’ ’ (S) 8c
- OBjy . C °T n 49c Garba ? e CanS COUP r B °y*’ $ 4 R ubber ' ' =, UWvSJ2 ™'te CO Books OB com P lete
21 4> loq finish quality; 10 yards in each piece. 56 I 29c _±J Coats, $2.95 I Coupon I 25c Cluny Lace I | Coupon I 59r Vpnim f.»r» I j w!th cover and finer.
$1.23 (S) w ith Thin Conpon Only With This Conpon Only 9J lft »en.Ce Dace
~1, nils Coupon Only ___^_____ Corrugated Galvanized Iron Gar- Boys’ Black Rubber Coats, with hat ______| iUC *OB
40-inch Brocade Dress Satin, a rich. bage Cans, with lock cover; kitchen to match; coat lined with khaki; With ThU Coupon Only rrf „„ _ , Coupon P cn< .;l R„„ c
satin-fai'e Ravon (fiber silk) quality, ja ni */r if •! size. <S) sizes 4to 16 years (except size 8 Linen Cluny Lace, 2 inches wide. ,7* V 1 a so . COC reilCU DOXcS
with self-colored brocade. The col- Coupon 40c Chiffon Voile years). Only a.limited quantity. (S) ecru and white; pretty patterns. (S) tions. 3
ors include navy, brown, old rose, 39 25c 1 ■" * - ' and cream.— (Second Floor.) fS) With ThU Conpon Only
j copen, Belgium blue, shutter green With ThU Conpon Only Coupon j $2.98 A*h Sifter* F7 f“7 J P f n ‘ > » 1 with Pencils.
40-lnch White Chiffon Voile, a fine on Coupon $5 f 0 $6.75 Junior Coupon lOc Embroideries penholder and eraser. (S) ,
I , „ O ~ n ■ 1 “ Suit,, $3.89 ” 6 Yd,.,25c C 3" 69c Cottou Net ===ZZ=ZZZZ:
Coupon $2 oatm Duchesse Galvanized Iron, Revolving. Dust- "Ith ThU Coupon Only With ThU Coupon Only 109 ma
22 tfl cq
With ThU Coupon Only 40 PI IO styles; also tweed Junior Norfolk eyelet patterns. (S) 72-inch Cotton Net, strong, firm- ‘ 37c
35- Satin Duchesse, a rich, $1.13 models; sizes 3 to 9 years. (S) woven quality; white and cream.— With This ronnnn n«i»
satin-face quality, in black, navy, With ThU Conpon Only —“ „ r , " ' (Second Floor.) ( S) “Radio Boys’" Books, in an assort
brown and white. (3) 81x90 Seamless Bleached Sheets, Coupon $2.49 Wash BoilcTS 1 C.nunnn. 9C. C;| D . r TLimLl.e ment of popular titles, such as will
made of extra heavy, close-woven * "“ “ r „„ „ D >Ol coupon Z3C Oliver lllimDieS nlease tA average bov
' ■ sheeting. Full double-bed size. (8) 58 SI.BB Co “f° n Boy*BloU*e* 93 11. Coupon 5r fir RJhkonc
Coupon $1 Crepe de Chine w **i, ' rfc 4s c “*’?'„ o * ,r w „ 16 47c —.nnncnnuiw iio c Ribbon,
: 2 1 79c $2.50 Bed,pre»d. no 41 'coiV. 5 4k ™. 100 Paper Napkins
With This Conpon Only jj . 8 size. ttsl (Some Slight Seconds) made. —(Jevrelry Dept.) (S) Narrow Ribbons, of satin gros- I*B so
39- Crepe de Chine, an all-silk $1.90 L—■ ■ 1 ■■ 1 — 1 “ ’• Flannel Blouses, ln gray. grain, taffeta and novelty effects; all l4,t
quality, In black, white and all With ThU Coupes Only ' ' khaki and lumberjack plaids, mostly wanted shades. (S) _ ' rhl * Coupon Only
wanted street and evening shades. (S) 80x90 White Dimity Bedspreads, Cmi non OS. D.,., grays, collar attached; others of rA «>n cl • L ure ,' , Cr epe Paper Napkins,
— double-bed size. (S) Coupon 9JJ C jJ rea( J |s oxes striped percale, tan cotton material Coupon 50c & 59c Shopping t~- ~ Rold regularly at 15c hundred. (S)
Fr S 2 FaiUe r „ r . u „ - c-i?U T| 1 C T“ 10c & 15c Ribbon, ==
24 tl 49 Coupon $5 Crinkle Bed Set* White Enameled Japanned Tin Shopping Bags, large sizes; well Coupon $2.98 Silk Sc&rfs
—.. n ._ 42 so Bread Boxes, roll-top style; well made of heavy black waterproof auto with ThU Coupon Only 129 to Aa
ln ."J Si,u nd v Creoe Faille $3.98 made. (S) Coupon Steel SciSSOr* cloth. (S) Trimming Ribbons, picot, two-tone $2.49
40- Silk-and-Wool Crepe bailie, With ThU Conpon Only L— 77 AA fancy and satin effects; one Inch With ThU Coupon Only
a rich, lustrous quality, to Novelty Crinkle Bed Sets, scalloped 44C wide; pretty combinations. (S) Crepe de Chine Scarfs, attractive
some gowns, l ac , - with cut-out corners. Size 81x90, for Coupon <1 1A WaclihiKt with ThU Coupon Only r D_ _» $j it I— plain shades, with hemstitched ends;
kings blue and gra>. .) double beds; blue, rose and gold SI.IU JffftSutllD* Imported Steel Scissors, 6-inch size; Coupon $J Pe&rl Neckl&CeS _________ 1% yards long, Vz yard wide. (S)
■ ■== woven stripes. (S) oO gg c perfect quality.— (Notion Dept.) (S) 95 gg c Coupon 9Q r 9. RJLL nn c '
Coupon $1 Ponppe Silk With ThU Coupon Only With ThU Conpon Only 112 07 ~~l
o- ** Galvanized Iron Washtubs, large 30-lnch Pearl (manufactured) Neck- 2/C Coupon ‘IQr In RQr fi'rr.ilnr
79c Coupon 35c Pillowcases 24-inch size; side handles. (S) Coupon IQ C Wash Cloth* laces, Indestructible kinds; opales- With This Conpon Only OIFC '-‘‘‘-Uiar
With This Coupon Only 43 00 . 7B OC 17. cent finish; graduate style; most pop- Five to seven inches wide; in Dres- ° Tabs, 22c
33-inch Pongee Silk, a pure silk *• lor ular sizes. Platinum-finish safety brocade, satin and other wanted With This Conpon Onlv
i quality, in tan and all wanted colors ..."iV* T J , * 1 ° B ' T * Coupon l() c Toilet Paper *_ r 7I h,a Coup ”“ °" ,y clasp. (S) styles. (S) Circular Tabs, of organdy, lace and
warranted absolutely fast. (S) 42x36 Bleached Pillowcases, made , „ „ r Wash Cloths, assorted sizes and . embroidered net, also wool-embroid-
close-woven, even-thread p Q |J s s os jg c Styles.—(Notion Dept.) (S) ; ered effects and i a ce-trimmed net;
i C T“ 69c ShU ll 59
4DC Coupon $3.50 Bedspreads 79 of 7 _ With ThU Coupon Only __ With ThU Coupon Only Coupon Rntre’ tl Punt
with Thi* Coupon Only 44 #n nn —j ________ “ Solid Gold Eingerie Clasps or Din- Misses' and Children’s School Shoes, ~, dujts 1 V-aps
36- English Broadcloth, a rich, _____ sfc.s9 Coupon QRr DruiKle Boilers With ThU Coupon Only gerle Pins, pretty patterns, dainty brown and dull leathers; lace and 55c
silk lustrous, mercerized cotton fab- With ThU Conpon Only * » ,uw Skirt or Pants Hangers, practical, engraved and embossed designs. (S) button styles, heel and spring heels; jr, th -n,.,
I ric. In white, copen, old rose and White Crochet Bedspreads, with o* 69c • well made styles, wood with felt cush- sizes to 13. (S) r.t , -
orchid. (S) Marseilles designs; full dou ; Coßpon only lon end,. (S) =; ends rfWrt-grada materi.U; new
ble-bed size. Gs; Aluminum Double Boilers. 2-quart Coupon <? U__ JL._ C : models; plain '.op or eight-quarter
" IT ~ , „ ! trade size; panel bottom vessel. (S) —j $4 Deaaea flanaDagS Coupon WAmnn’. tl D..LL... college styles; sizes 6*4 to 7. (S)
Coupon 59c Wash Satm —— ■' M ~ " I— Coupon $1 Stamped Tubing 97 I $1.39 ln Women iJI Rubbers .
27 39c Coupon 25c Bleached Muslin with thi* coupon only ___29c
TTi.n TM Onlv 45 ICouponl Coupon $1.25 Dixhpans —— ' 3C Attractive pouch style, with filigree With Thi. Coupon Only Coupon BoV*’ $3 to $4 Lined
, 'V\ h . Thl * _____ _— . Hi ' /• a * With ThU Conpon Only metal frame; pretty designs. (S) Womens Storm Rubbers, high heel 159
36-lnch Dlngerie Wash Satin, a rich. With Thi. Conpon Only 63 69c Stamped Pillow Tubing, assorted style; sizes 3to 6. (S) Pants. $2.44
satin face, yarn mercerized cotton 36-inch Bleached Muslin, a fine, with ThU IToupon Only neat patterns, stamped for scallop- vTith ThU Coupon Only
fabric. In all wanted colors. <» h .u.llty. IS) Al » m TJ S* trari, las. <»> r.nuoon CA, tl |— =, All-wco!" SIS “^
— Bize. (S) o:,c 10 tamngs Coupon Wompn’t t? tn f nilr Pants, of suiting mixtures and cor
„ rn n Cl 1 98 29c 11Z nomen SsJto $3 LOW duroys: sizes 8 to 20 years; regulars
Coupon 59c Dress Flannel coupon 15c Unbleached Cotton . -—77-7 Coupon 75c Stamped Gowns ™. C o» P „ B omy U ° Shoes, $1.79 stouts. (S ,
35c 46 1|). Coupon $1 75 Cookinff Kettles 81 40 Sample lines and odd lots, includ- With Thi. Coupon Only
— ilh ThU Coupon Onlv „ , fu T ’ *. 40C pendant, novelty and button Oxfords and Pumps, patent leather,
inch Dress Flannel a fine cotton w ,lk T, W * $1.19 With ThU Conpon Only styles; great assortment of patterns. tan, black and brown kid; also suede Coupon Bov*’Shirt* and
navy? gray,"Copenhagen and 36-inch Unbleached Cotton, 2to 10 With ThU Coupon Only Stamped Nightgowns. soft-finish (S) and dull leathers; sizes in the lot 133 Rll OQ
tan (S) >ard len & ths ( " ) Aluminum Cooking Kettles, with white nainsook; neat patterns. (S) from 21* to 7. (S) BIOUSeS, $1.09
_____. ' ~ "*~* oover; 10-quart trade size. (S) - ■ ■ (second, of SI.RO to S 2 Grade.)
— Coupon tl Fminlain C. I ' . 1 ' With This Conpon Only
Coup—*) 79c &$1 Crepe de c »“r>“ I 20c Ontin j FUmiel , Coupon $1 Stamped Piece. » 4 gc" y g i ro SiJS!!
29 Chine 58c 7 14 c Coupon 50c Art Cra*h 82 5 Q 116 Shnp« $1 tan and >lue; sizes 7to 16 years in I I
' Ith ThU Coupon’Only „„ , 'V** T* 1 " < -£" P<>n , Oß,r _ 65 26c With ThU Conpon Only Insured Fountain Syringes, good With Thin Conpon Only n 1 rmi.a«!• SIZCS 12 t 0 ,h\’
36-lnch Printed Crepe de Chine, a 26_-Inch Outing Flannel, a r ever si- with Thi. Con non Only All-linen Stamped Scarfs and quality seamless red rubber, usual Boys’ and Dlttle Gents’ Shoes, dull " ’
fine silk-mixed quality, in a beautiful ble fleece quality; white grounds wl sb 18-lnch All-llnen Art Crash for Centers, neat designs. (S) two-quart size; rapid flow tubing and and tan leathers; lace and blucher
assortment of styles and colorings. (S) colored stripes. (S) .carfs or centers; cream color. (S) hard rubber fittings. (S) styles; sizes 11 to 5%. (S) Coupon g ’s2ts3 W h
Coupon 40c Lingerie Fabric. 22c Printed Percole. c„»p„» 35c Turkish Towels C °aT" 25c Sateen c»p.» 2 Can. Cocoa Coupon $1.25 Food Choppers I ~ t.u
—J„. U “ 2 for 49c r , c r .o. on,, 100 11c “ 7 98 c
Qt; in -h \lenerized Dingerie Fab- 36-lnch Printed Percales, light With Thi. Capon Only 30-inch Fast-black Sateen, for lin- With ThU Coupon Only With Thi. Coupon Only with white waist and colored pants
, b tanindino shadow check batiste grounds with colored figures, checks, Fancy Striped Turkish Towels. ings. bloomers. petticoats, etc.— Two regular 10c cans of Hershey s Food Choppers, easily operated; of Peggy cloth; in tan, green, gray
and Jersey;^a?l wanted colors. (S) stripes, etc.; fast colors. (S) absorbent weave, for face or bath. (S) (Dlmit five yards.) (S) Cocoa. (S) well made; good size. (S) and blue; sizes 2*to 10 years (S)

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