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"Blackhand” Plot Theory
Still Held in Explosion
Fatal to Eight.

ft? the Associated Press.
PITTSBURGH, Pa.. May 7-Three
men were being sought by police to
day in connection with the explosion
it Swissvale yesterday in which eight
members of the same family were
killed. The search was started after
detectives were told three men ran
away from the scene a short time
before the explosion occurred.
Detectives continued their investi
gation on a theory that the explosion
was the clumination of a “blackhand”
plot against Thomas Pusatera, a
fruit dealer, whose store was in one
of the four buildings wrecked. They
said a woman, whose name was with
held, had informed them that about
three weeks ago Mrs. Charles Greco,
daughter of Pusatera. had shown her
ft "blackhand” letter addressed to
Pusatera. Mrs. Greco had previously
been questioned and denied knowledge
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of any plot against her father, police
Pusatera, who is absent from the
city, will be called to police head
quarters for questioning when he
Sister Mary Augustina Helped
Found Hospital at Lafayette.
LAFAYETTE, Tnd., May 7. —Sister
Mary Augustina, only survivor of a
band of six of the order of Poor Sis
ters of St. Francis of Perpetual Ador
i ation. which founded the community
;in this country December 14, 1875, is
; dead here. She was born in West
j phalia. Germany, February 24, 1845,
and entered the community there
April 20. 1871.
With a band of six. Sister Mary
Augustina arrived in Lafayette De- .
cember 14, 1875, and founded St. Eliz
abeth Hospital, mother house of the
order. From a one-story, four-room
structure it has expanded to a four
story, 350-room hospital.
35,000,000 as Immigrants.
Since 1844 the United States has
admitted officially nearly 35,000,000
foreigners who have come to the
shores of the United States as immi
grants. The actual number is 34,-
976,404 up to the beginning of 1925.
They have come from practically
every country of the world, although
there are a few countries not officially
admitted because of race, except
under restrictions.
Cripples Who Had Never Walked
Made Normal—4,ooo Others
Get Relief.
More than 2,000 crippled children,
many of whom had never walked a
step, made straight and normal, and
more than 4,000 others, less seriously
deformed, successfully treated, is the
record of the Simmers’ hospitals for
crippled children for 1924, according
to information made public today by
Frank E. Ghiselli, vice president of
the Merchants Bank and Trust Co.,
who is illustrious treasurer of Almas
Temple of Washington.
Five of these hospitals are in opera
tion in various parts of the country
and two more will be dedicated this
month, one in Springfield, Mass., on
May 15, and the other at Montreal
i Canada. May 16. The dedications will
be attended by Mr. Ghiselli, Potentate
Henry Lansburgh, Past Potentate L.
P. Steuart, Recorder L. J. Walker and
Charles D. Shackelford.
The Shrlners’ hospitals are main
tained by a yearly assessment of $2
fur each member, making a total of
$1 ,200,000 which is received annually.
They are open to every crippled child
In North America, without regard to
race, color or religion, but the parent
or guardian must be unable financially
to pay for treatment. The child must
not be over 14 years of age and of
normal mentality. Parents or guard
ians may apply through any Shrlnpr
or through the officers of the nearest
Shrine Temple.
“The chief surgeons of the Shrine
hospitals are the most distinguished
ortheopedlc specialist In America,” said
Mr. Ghiselli. ’’And Dr. J. Albert Key.
with headquarters at St. Louis, is
devoting his entire time to studying
the cause of anthrytis and other
orthopedic troubles. His work will
prove to be of enormous benefit to
future generations.”
The five Shrine hospitals now in
operation are at Shreveport, La.; Min
neapolis, San Francisco. Portland,
Ore., and St. Louis. Springfield and
Montreal will be in operation this
month. Construction has begun on
hospitals in Chicago and Philadelphia,
and other hospitals are to be erected
in Pittsburgh, Chattanooga, Tenn., and
in central New York.
Wisconsin Assembly Votes 40-29 to
Engross Measure.
MADISON. Wis., May 7. —The Holly
bill to prohibit manufacture or sale
of oleomargarine in Wisconsin was
ordered engrossed in the Assembly
yesterday by a vote of 40 to 29.
There was little discussion of the
measure. Assemblyman Holly ex
plained his bill as intended to protect
the dairy industry, showing the As
sembly his charts and pictures of
farm implements, dairy cows and
South Sea Island cocoanut harvesters.
Quinquennial Delegates Invite
Public to Open Meeting Next
Sunday Evening.
Equal moral standards for men and
women and the present situation with
respect to the suppression of vice and
International traffic in women and
children will be discussed at a mass
meeting, open to the public, Sunday
evening, at the Washington Hotel.
The meeting is being held under the
joint auspices of the District of Colum
bia Federation of Women's Clubs and
the committee of equal moral stand
ards of the National Council of
Women, and is to be the Sunday fea
ture of the quinquennial convention
of the International Council of
Mme. Avril de Sainte Croix, interna
tional convener and president of the
“Commission pour L’Unite de la
Morale,” will preside. The speakers
will include Surgs. Gen. Merritte W.
Ireland, U. S. A.; Edwin R. Stitt. U. S.
N.; Hugh S. Gumming, United States
Public Health Service; Dr. Katherine
B. Davis, Bureau of Social Hygiene,
and Mrs. Mina C. Van Winkle, presi
dent of the International Association
of Policewomen. Mrs. Anna Garlin
Spencer will make an address on “The
Progress of the Social Hygiene Move
Artificial sunshine in the London
Zoo keeps tropical birds healthy.
Bailway Man’s Widow Is Left His
Entire Estate.
NEW YORK, May 7 (A.P.)—The late
Newman Erb, president of the Ann
Arbor Railroad, bequeathed his entire
estate to his widow. Martha Trodden
Erb, by his will, which was filed yes
terday. The value of the estate is
Riven as “over $5,000.” The will con
firms a pre-nuptial agreement, giving
Airs. Erb all property in the Erb resi
dence in New York, and states that
provision in trust funds already has
ma< * e two daughters, Fannie
E. Dittenhoefer and Edna E. Mayer,
both of New York.
Mr. Erb. who died March 25, had
been at various times president of the
St. Louis, Alemphis and Southeastern,
Ann Arbor, Des Moines and Fort
podge. Minneapolis and St. Louis and
lowa Central railroads.
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