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Ambassador Is Among Few
American Diplomats With
Such Background.
By Consolidated Pres*.
Alanson Bigelow Houghton, whose
Pilgrim dinner speech in London has
all Europe sitting up art taking notice
today, is one of the very few business
men in American diplomacy. Mr.
Houghton's ambassadorial calibre first
was discovered by President Harding.
It was studied by President Coolidge
and was not found wanting. Mr.
Harding gave Mr. Houghton the dif
ficult task of being the first ppst-war
Ambassador to Germany. Mr. Cool
idge has given him the prize post in
the service—the Court of St. James.
And he has begun his tour of duty
there with a few plain words which
are little short of a sensation.
American Ambassadors to London
always are introduced to the British
public—and often to their own public
at home —at a Pilgrims' dinner, that
revered organization of Americans
resident in England. These dinners
always are marked by the good old
“hands-across-the-sea” stuff, and al
ways the Ambassador has a message.
Col. George Harvey, when he was in
troduced, told Europe that the United
States would never have anything to
do with the League of Nations. Frank
Kellogg, now Secretary of State, was
suavely diplomatic, but Ambassador
Houghton, in true business fashion,
has told Europe to be good if it wants
to be happy and continue to merit the
support of the Llnited States —the rich
est of qll the nations.
Taken from Congress.
President Harding lifted Alanson
Houghton out of Congress to make
him Ambassador. In the House of
Representatives the rich glass manu
facturer of Corning, N. Y., was sim
ply hiding his light under a bushel —
under several bushels, in fact—for as
a light hider the House of Repre
sentatives is without a peer in all
the world. Still, the light was strug
gling. It had attained membership
first on the committee on foreign af
fairs—a step toward foreign service -
and then on the committee on ways
and means, presided over at the time
by the good "Nick" Longworth, new
papa and new Speaker. These com
mittee assignments were rather nifty
for a new member, but the political
leaders in Congress knew Mr. Hough
ton, even if Washington in general
was inclined to be indifferent to his
presence at the Capital, as Washing
ton must be indifferent, because there
are so many Congressmen, by and
Fits in Well.
At the court of St. James Alanson
Houghton, the business man, follows
a long line of lawyers and editors
and publicists. He is the type to
make a great hit with the English
men, for they are frightfully inter
ested in trade at this moment. They
are particularly interested in seeing
what Germany is going to do shortly
in the marts of trade, and Mr. Hough
ton, business man and Ambassador, is
just fresh from Berlin. He knows
the German situation better than the
so-called trained diplomats, and there
is no question but that he will be
a power for good in London as a sort
of unofficial mediator between Berlin
and the British capital.
Mr. Houghton was happy In Berlin,
but he will be happier in London.
Some persons said he -was pro-Ger
man in Berlin. That was because
he showed an understanding of the
German people and their problems.
Probably they will say he is pro-Brit
ish In London, because he likes Brit
ish ways and customs, and, above all,
he dotes on the English tailors. When
in Berlin he always went to Lqndon
for his clothes. Wnv Bond street is
at his elbow.
Native of Bay State.
Mr. Houghton is, a New Yorker by
way of Cambridge, Mass., where he
was born a little more than 62 years
ago. No one would ever guess his
age so high. In appearance he is
much younger. He has kindly eyes
that peer through George Harvey
shell-rim glasses. The British never
can quite accustom themselves to these
glasses. Mr. Houghton's features are
clear-cut. His firm chin is tempered
by evidences of high good humor
about the mouth.
When 25 years of age Mr. Hough
ton began the manufacture of glass
In Corning In due time he became
president and then chairman of the
board of the extensive Corning Glass
Works and Is rated today as one of
the big business men of the country.
He is a graduate of Harvard, an ac
complished speaker, a man of Intel-
For dessert
every doy
09 on ounce
of prevention
Now You ((
(ike bran
I - i
f lectual power. He always nas taken
I a keen Interest in education and is
' trustee of several colleges, as well as
president of the Board of Religious
Education of Western New York.
Skilled in Campaigning.
It was not until late in life that
Alanson Houghton took an interest
in politics, but he is a good one. He
came home from Berlin during the
last campaign and stumped for Cool
idge in the districts where the Ger
man vote was at stake. Mr. Hough
ton knew Germany and he brought
a message about the Dawes plan.
The vote in the German districts re
vealed him as a successful cam
Mr. Houghton has not yet fallen for
the silk knee breeches. So far he
has stuck to plain American evening
clothes. But the portait painters
haven’t got him yet. Wait and see.
R. T. S.
(Copyright, 1926.)
Ordered to Georgia.
Capt. Jarrett M. Huddleston, Medical
Corps, has been relieved from duty
at Bolling Field, Anacostla, D. C.. and
ordered to Fort Benning, Ga. He has
been under treatment at Walter Reed
General Hospital, this city.
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on Conspiracy Charge.
United States Attorney Gordon and
Assistant United States Attorney Bur
nett have brought suit in the Dis
trict Supreme Court on behalf of the
United States against William J. Reid
and his bondsman, Samuel H. Walker,
to recover SIO,OOO.
Reid gave a bond in that amount
before a United States commissioner
November 14, when he was arraigned
on a charge of conspiracy for which
an indictment had been sent from
Pittsburgh. The bond required the
appearance of Reid January 6 and
was forfeited by the commissioner on
his failure to appear.
Reid Is also under sentence of 30
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pealed to the United States Supreme
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lumbia, as far as known. A bond
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