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Trip to Frederick, Hagers
town and Harpers Ferry
' v Full of Historic Interest.
A* vi
Landscapes that feast the eye, sites
. that touch the heart, roads that are
matched by few' throughout the coun
try await the motorist who would
tour northern Maryland! A drive of
a few hours leads to historic moun
tains, famous battlefields, quaint
towns and enchanting l>eauty spots.
This is the route this week of The
Star's special motor tour—to Fred
erick, Hagerstown, Harpers Ferry and
the Antietam battlefield.
Although not unfamiliar to *he ex
perienced AVashington motor tourist,
this trip, because of the splendid roads
and the inspiring country, bears repeti
tion. Along its course there are spots
at which the motorist will want to
linger and pay tribute to the won
ders of nature and the deeds of men.
Leaving the District line at Chevy
t'hase Circle, rather than byway of
A\ iseonsin avenue, which is being
v paved, the road leads to Rockville.
Here the motorist has the choice of
taking what is termed the back route,
paralleling for a considerable distance
the Potomac River, or the more fa
miliar route byway of Gaithersburg.
Damascus and Ridgeville. Roth are
approximately equi-distant front Fred
erick and both are recommenced by
the touring experts of the Antericun
Automobile Association.
Fork at Hendersons Corner.
Along the old route, about 25 miles
from AVashington. at Hendersons
Corner, is another fork, both branches
of which lead to Frederick. The road
leading to the northwest, byway of
Clarksburg, is approximately seven
miles shorter, but a portion of it near
Hyattstown is under construction.
This road is part of the Old National
Reverting to the main route, the
» road leads to Damascus, remembered
by motorists as the place of the
■'sharp turn.” Six miles ahead is
Ridgeville, from which point on lies
beautiful, rolling Maryland country.
Stretching almost directly west from
Ridgeville. the road passes through
N'ew Market, a quaint, one-street vil
lage, crossing the Monocaev River
over the old Stone Jug Bridge, and
into Frederick, a distance of 51.3 miles
from the National Capital.
Frederick is one of Maryland's
larger towns. It is the same Fred
erick the poet AVhittier mentioned
when he wrote his undying “Barbara
Frietchie.” Here is the grave of that
immortal character and a marker in
dioates the spot where stood her home.
Here. too. are buried the remains of
Francis Scott Key, and a monument
** . erected to the memory of the author
of the “Star Spangled Banner" stands
at the entrance of Frederick’s Mount
Olivet Cemetery.
This town knows the sound of mar
tial feet. Not only in the Civil War
did the soldiers, both Union and Con
federate, trod its streets, but also in
the AA’ar of 181,2 it suffered much dev
astation at the hands of the Brit
Leaving Frederick the road trav
erses the heart of Maryland's scenic
beauty. Five miles is Brad-
A Business-Like, Practical Way to Buy a Car
# fitrL.. * You investigate carefully before tine automobile. Qualities that
U#l \ you invest money in a business you can see and feel. On the
JL JVJIv Utpf JLjLdJULJL / Ik. venture. You may consider many Analysis Blank, shown below, we
*** I m nljk investments until you decide on list these all-important qualities.
JV V Jrn the beef one. Do you give the
Y* Wlm. B Y/yhfiL same careful consideration when We show on this blank the facts
t W U an au tomobile? Do about the Paige Brougham. You
* '• i
' ' ' * i ‘ S
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i . f . a Universally known,
n . • . i i r» . .1 n. 'I BEAUTY A matter of personal taste as the most S
Wholesale and Retail Distributor ! r beautiful or .
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7 I WEIGHT Pound* of weitfrt mean poqnde at truth 4200 Ibe.
■ Divide tboae 331 co. in. of power into 42oo lb*, of
• 16th and You Streets—Potomac 772 ■ roKOTIoaT saftSgJaggJSag** 126 lba '
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I •— n " pjflrup, |tUwgf chfu records
Open Every Evening Until 9 | m»rawoe 6i«ha
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_ _ _ I LOHOEVITf 50,000 ariha and more, with upkeep coeta that
iSr.lt ' DEALERS E. B. Motor Company I
1601 14th St. N.W. _ 51810th St. N.E. I SERVICE Hand an eke hara —d ahaiww you ««y «o Aak our owners J L
Alexandria Motor Company Motor Sales and Service Co. Wash.-Westcott Co. • ! ia«aßaa«av«» JSSSS 1
117 N. Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Va. 201514th St. N.Wa 2114 14th St N.W. I dSoamauoam "ZT ~ sa»satDetn* I
- ■ . I cuTftffl Tax extra V
To Cumberland *
A HAOERSTOWN ~ For detailed information on these I
routes call at AAA Headquarters
*vFunkstown 17™ and Pennsylvania Ave.
> lift
•vV i f.-U? k ,i "'v. _ . association
Shepherds- J
To MarUnriuit jfl M>ket
/V\ ftSf VRWgevilk
/ t \ Urban * - /
f / //| \ |
ill I ADamueuj
To BerryvUlt and ° m&s »r. t V (
larksburgAi 1
b Dickerson
//£ i n / l Hendersons
\ 1 \Bealsville 1 Corner
1 Poolesville
ROUTES TO Bethesda v£
dock Heights, on the crest of which
may be had an entrancing view of the
surrounding country. Here Gen.
{lr ad dock died, and many as his
troops were massacred in the Indian
wars in 1765. It was at this, point
THE SUNDAY STAR.' WASHINGTON, TT. ’<?.,• WAV 10, ‘1925-P'A‘RT 3.
that George Washington, then a
young officer, flrst gave an indication
of his military genius, when he took
command after the general's death
and the remnant. '
Descending from these heights the
roail leads into the charming .Middle
town Valley. Ascending and descend
ing again the verdant hills, with now
and then a glimpse of the surround
ing country and intermittently a view
of only the hill ahead and the blue sky
above, the motorist begins to realize
the fascination of this country.
A few miles out of Middletown the
road crosses South Mountain, on the
(Continued on Ninth Page.)
D. C. Attorney Is Chosen by Motor
and Accessory Body.
Royal T. McKenna of Washington
has been appointed general counsel
of the Motor and Accessory Manu
facturers’ Association. Mr. McKenna
was an attorney and examiner for
the Interstate Commerce Commission,
: si- • CoasUtsady n*e Motor Can I . ■; —" 1 "
rr . r*
1 wenty-nve years ago . jfSf
Velie carriages were fa- T . ~ |
I The Four Door
mous the country over coach
for their beauty of design ve£e creaSon- tint,ive
and finish and for the Lockheed Hydraulic - I
Four Wheel Brakes
fine craftsmanship that Fuiisbe Baiuxm Ti res
c 1 ♦ t at Velour Upholstery
tasnioned ttiem* pbteGia SS windows
t -r \ / Automatic Windshield
ror eighteen years Velie Motor Cleaner
Cars have enjoyed that same Rear vision Mirror
• it f /• Transmission and
enviable reputation. Door Locks
- 4 Cowl Ventilator.
And it is a significant fact that The famous veiie bu>h
of all the Velie cars produced
during that long period, 70 per- valves—-50 horsepower.
cent are still in active service. sl4s ° the ftc «or>-
A i . Other Velie Models
Ask for a Demonstration
with yourself at the wheel 5 Passen s er Phaeton
Club Phaeton
UNGERER MOTOR CO. 4 Passenger Roadster
Main 8496-8497 1136 Connecticut Ave. Royal Sedan
after which he became attorney for
the director general of railroads. I-II FQQFY
Previously he was associated with ***-'*JvJi'l LojLA
Senator Joseph T. Robinson of ! Cl? CA _ Cnaeial Cll *%A
Arkansas in the practice of law. He j f U.dU
will continue his offices in Washington. ! itrlined with Gamine Tlirrmoid
Congestion is usually due not to KHRB TKst and .UMIhTMENT
K,„°L SSL ,pa "’ ‘* ut " te " Champlain Kotor Sorvict Co.
Service will occupy an important Rear 1420 K St. N.W.
place in this year's program of the aaHMamm
Society of Automotive Engineers.

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