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Exhibitors Charge Will Hays
Group “Forces” Them to
Sign Contracts.
By the Associated Press.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., May 15.—Dis
closure that activities of the Film
Board of Trade are under investiga
tion by the Department of Justice,
have been made at the convention of
the Motion Pictui'e Theater Owners
of America. Agents of the depart
tnent, headed by Eugene L. Martin,
have been in conference with ex
hibitors here, it was learned, after
having examined records of the film
board in various parts of the country.
Violation of the Sherman anti-trust
Jaw was charged by exhibitors who
asserted that the Will Hays group
‘ forces” them to sign contracts tinder
penalty of being deprived of pictures, j
A rift in plans of the motion picture ;
owners’ fight against the “big three” j
him producers appeared today when I
1 he Allied State Organizations, known |
as the "rebel" group, announced they j
would extend their organization into I
ev er y state in the Union after their i
demand for ten places on the board
of directors was rejected.
Scores 111 Effect.
Prospect of adverse effect on the
i program of the independent theater
owners, however, was scouted by
Sydney S. Cohen, chairman of the j
administrative committee of the or
ganization. who asserted that inde
pendent producers had reaffirmed
their pledges of contributions to a
“fighting fund” immediately on the
Pnnouncement of the Allied State de
rision. The Allied State Organiza
tions declared that they have control
of IX States, exclusive of the Chicago
t 'ity organization of theater men, but
this, too, Mr. Cohen contradicted.
The "rebel” group, which was of
fered five places on the directorate;
under an agreement by five present !
directors to resign, has called a meet- j
:ng to formulate plans for extending j
its organization
States in the new "rebel” group are: j
Kansas. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan.
"Minnesota. Texas. North and South
Dakota. lowa, North Carolina and
-Missouri, and the city of Chicago.
Young Mother Jumps From Roof
Garden of Chicago Hotel.
CHICAGO, May 15 UP).—While
hundreds of pedestrians and automo
biles passed along Sheridan road, Mrs.
Anna Scheff, 27. yesterday leaped
from the top of a 13-story North Shore
hotel to her death in the street be
The woman, whose husband, George
Scheff. said she had suffered from a
nervous breakdown, went to the roof
garden, removed her hat and coat,
and, clad in a pink dress, walked to
the edge of the roof.
There she peered for a time at traf
fic far below her, and then suddenly
horrified spectators by leaping into
space. Her body narrowly missed
striking several pedestrians and
struck the street at the edge of the
curb. She was dead when taken to a
Jiospital. She was the mother of a
child 11 weeks old.
■ •
Staff Sergeant Retired.
Staff Sergt. Thomas H. Baldwin. 6th |
■Field Artillery, at Fort Hoyle, Md.. i
has been placed on the Army retired
list on account of age.
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-- -
F. P. Boushee, Post Office In
spector, of Clarenford, Va., Be
gan Service in Pension Office.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALLSTON, Va., May 14. —F. P.
Boushee, post office inspector, resident
at Clarenford, after more than 42
years' service with the Government
nas been retired
on reaching his
I seventy-first birth
liT Boushee entered
I- Government serv
the assassination
to the Pension
office t<>
the lleld service to
investigate frauds
a nil
i,! connection w r n
pension claims. I ■
■■■■■ continued in this
r. r. boushee. business up to
1900, when he
went to the Post Office Department.
Boushee was one of the original
! men employed in the rural free de
: livery service and was known as an
j expert in this work. He laid out the
' first complete county service (Meek
| lenburg) in North Carolina and the
| first of such services (Jefferson
! County) in Georgia. Some 25 counties
iin Virginia have complete rural de
livery service arranged by Mr.
Boushee 13 to 20 years ago.
Ordered to Probe Fire.
Col. Odus O. Horney, Ordnance De
partment and Maj. Patrick J.
O'Shaughnessy, United States Army,
retired, have been appointed by the
War Department, aboard to investi
gate the recent tire- at the Ordnance
Reserve depot at Old Hickory, Tenn.
Dr. C. G. Storm of the office of the
chief of ordnance, has been added to
the hoard as a technical adviser.
I; I
j can I / find a pair of
; trousers to match my odd
! coat and vest?
ANSWER You can
find a pair of trousers to ;
| match your odd coat at
: EISEMAN’S, 7th and F
i Sts. Don’t waste time
; looking elsewhere.
! Quarterly Stock Clearing! I
I Tomorrow Is the Last Day — $
I I Sweeping Clearance of Spring Merchandise
1 fW __ Seldom have we seen such enthusiasm as has been A quarterly Stock Clearance here is meant to be a ['
JM A 'P evident on every hand in this great saving event. real clear-away of assortments, bought for the natu-
M lm iK A ft \\ ral season just previous. \
/# Py t/ i/ i/ U \\ Aisles have been crowded. Every department has Prices of these groups of assortments, in which
N II w l\ been a hive of activity. That these groups of high- size and color ranges are no longer complete, have
|l II 11 quality, styleful merchandise have been hailed as been made so low that we don’t have to just hope they
M 11 SB m M I I unusual values is beyond dispute—for women have w iH be cleared—we can feel assured that they will— r
H -I I 1216 F StN.W. * * I | bought garments and accessories not by ones but sev- and so be confident to go out and buy new merchan
uj \ 1 II eral at a time. And the savings mount up! dise for the season approaching. M
M \% It’s fun <o sell clothes in a sale like this! The ml ___ • _ _ _ „^
1 \\ // Women’s Underwear! i «r , I %
I BUt whei whar" £/ CoatS and SuitS Clearing our stocks after a most % \ WOHICFI S DIfCS36S $
ft >\ ' hey " aVe SaVed! // -at amazing reductions in order to successfully Sale we find many ” !R
W At clear our stocks during our regular fifes—odds and ends—m broken tOT A f ternOOn and Evening Wear M
It VW-SSk. Quarterly Stock Clearing. Exclusive Gowns regularly sold A
H ChooS€ carefu,,v! Ensemble Suits I life clearance! I *at from $45 to sos d* w'x [”A |
(k " $65 to $79.50 Suits, in natural $4.95 and $5.90 Crepe de Chine. One-of-a-kind models-all of these! ft
,' Jl . 111 ' tan, wigwam, green and chili. Satin and Radium Silk Che- of them copies of original imports 0
ft ' " kashmir, with frocks of self mise, in tailored and lace-trim- from Paris! An extraordinary opportu- W ,
*- and printed tf*OQ 7CC meci styles. Flesh, CO QC nity! Choose from all these groups: (p
ft H crepe ’’r orchid, peach and nile, Ac • Brightly Beaded Georgette Satin Dresses, tailored or ",
ft? $55 to $69.50 Dressy Twill En- s’-69 Philippine and Porto Rican Gowns —chic tunic arid straight combined with fine, delicate [7]
H W ■'■lnSP 1 ' ' nPkIPW semble Suits, with straightlme Envelope Chemise handmade , ine models embellished with lace.
If ft A fu / II st' 7 ft // dKr Jr and flare coats and printed or and hand-drawn. Others seal- bright silver bow-knot em- Simple prints, some straight- R
yl- Cm. Hie plain crepe frocks. [°P* d a . nd e T. br ° ,d - - broidery. • line models and others with
[7 KRt, in wigwam, chili ered yokes. Slightly Cl 1C Gowns of lace and embroid- pleated apron effects.
*|}li W- 'jpfl L jj|C ""Tf-.Try lAr and naV y I *J mussed i ered nets, languorously draped And a very limited but de- ijj
ilj ft tenen M , „ T . I . $4.50 and $3.95 Glove Silk Vests, over satin or crepe de chine sirable group of ensemble *
K If X hWIWWA $ wfth frock, trimmed with filet and .Irish slips in the favored high colors. effects. > <
lAfi / \ \ i /K \ kAiPi \jyCA\ ? ult *’ w,th f,at re JL e a l ro^ k A‘ crochet laces and CO QC / //,/ / j ~, , 1
M \\ / /l\ vH A' ln tan ’ a reen and $48.75 ribbon straps ht all the newslwdcs and black
u| I \y /U\ WAa i M o g so y inHE | ahnra to En $2.95 Glove s.ik Envelope chemise These Womens Silk Dresses Reduced
F I \\/ ■IIW'JV /\ I \\ V\ W9-5 ° u? d o $95 E ' aboratc En : and Vests, trimmed with filet , . . ,
\U i \\ \1 V semble Suits, with plain and and val laces. In peach, flesh, from regular prices of $35 to .
1 L | \\ I \IM lauamarfn! wfn CCO nile and light Cl QC $55, to dear quickly at C•J Cft '!
SI | \ 1 warn and rust $58.75 blue ... . ... *• 5 Materials of high quality—including
I Ilj k\\ twmJ * m is n* 8 E, * b °:*'.: e -- , d „* d • ‘ b t'T; d i7!„^‘%^ p rL‘l'n chi "'' A
m r~~} — \ semble Costume Suits, in m ise, trimmed with CO blocked prints, crepe roman. f.;
® joseena and charmeen, with fur va l an( j fj| et DAi.Od These are street, afternoon XFme pleating and tucks: Ijji
m ,-A/ « tA&W bordered and embroidered $2.95 Tub Silk Petticoats with 20- and evening dresses, in a pro- panel and graceful cluster es- M
II 1 ' vUi l ln h, b n a . mb r n R CO-T nc lnch shad ° w In brown, of the smartest styles- fine , aces that form the V
\ amber, beige and CQ7 YC purple, black and navv A few a " for immediate and early
El uVj j \ 'Rfv rust ipO» •• O Jersey Silk Petti- Summer wear. Many of the yokes, collars and cuffs of great
\\\ \ , rr. ■* . coats included, with Cl QC dresses are one-of-a-kind mod- charm; shirred apron fronts;
\V Hm \ ui Women s Tailored pleated flounces Spl.lzO els. Black, navy, cocoa, blonde and as to sleeves—full length,
\ ( / \__y T,.„71 $3.95 Radium Silk Slips, with 20- I t" d the P°P ular hl 9 h shades. elbow, cap sleeves—or none at U
I Will LoatS inch shadow hems In brown Styles include- all.
5- 1 —| —1 t —7 / $35 Navy and Black and cocoa. Included in this 5 Satin Street Dresses 00
j Jtf*- r \ h t ■- Straightline Twill CO4- 7*l 'group are some Rayon Slips pIV.VU (
j \ I j I Coats u with shadow hems. 5 $25 Flannel and Kashmir Sports Dresses 815 00
b \ / $35 and S4O Navy and Black In navy, black, French CO QC _ _ 1 kJ.KJKJ
r? IT \ / • Straightline Coats, b,ue and cocoa 3 to $39.50 Crepe-back Satin Dresses 812 50
I\ \ I braid and button COC
1 \ \ I trimmed !%J Radium Silk and Crepe de 5 $25 to $35 Satin and Georgette Beaded Dresses 817 50
wX§KSSy S I \ \ ( 145 and 549 60 Twill Coats in Chine Slips. Tailored and em- _ . *
y v IV ** .y,«.?. - «-«-»• «•«•»•»« ".m.§22.50
n . IT co’laV, . Ur .". ’ 36 $34.75 $4.85 « *23-50 K. shm i, Sport, Dr„«, $17.50
V XiTh ‘cobras G 5 s39 ' s ° Plam and Two ‘ tonC Kashmir Dresses $25.00
MM* J n n a 9 vy. #,l black Car lnd C °C39 Jg Novelty Jewelry 10 549 - 50 Flanel Ensem ble Dresses $27.50
l« I IyIICCAC wigwam • —takes drastic reductions in order 7 $55 Tailored Kashmir Ensemble Dresses nnn cn
ITIIOCVtJ Women’s Dressv Cloth vav for new Summer stocks. Women’s Dress Shop— Second Floor S>*J4S.DU
'I rr urucil s uressy uiurn $35 to $65 Necklaces in assortment i 4 |
Ql»xsssi-| nf I* nn l n Coats of cut jet, whilby jet. amethyst, i
L Dpnng Uoats ’"ciJ’S IK!!" .S-SS?, Silk Stockings Costume Blouses' L
T jeweltone and joseena. Em- styles. Carnel.an & woiuure UIUU3C3,
of the grades regularly sold up to s69£o JSP'UXZ'H; , 'Z! ‘ *529.50 R , iucti iay .4 ggUyl
will be offered Saturday ch,l, i amber, bam- 53 t 0 s'-50 Fre /> ch B ! ad Quick Clearance! I Pair Printed Silk Hip-length Over- 1 ‘
j f h.no gypsy, navy $79.75 -some with X bl with short® or long
Sg . and black VlV.to* N ? a J'H e n sleeves. Trimmed with con- Lj
1 ( - $98.50 Elaborately Embroidered $ 2 Knlt Beaded Bags with pairs and $2.50 Plain and trasting colored fabric or ;p
at Twill Coats, with fox and squ.r- =nd be^ful'"color C/5 Lace-clocked Silk Stockings. bright embroidery. Also some
*TTC3 . collars. In aquamarine, and beautiful color $g # 95 some with all-silk garter hems. Tailored Blouses in radium j ,
wigwam, aSS T. In blfcck, cordovan. Cl flfl S ' ,k and crepc de 88 45
L . . " ay y and 9 ra >’ $59 75 J*wHrjr—street Floor gray and russet. Pair chine..
« essential Ot chic IS embodied in ~v. . Y. ... , —" 70 pairs of $3.00 Full-fashioned to $13.50 Costume Blouses. M
« $65 to $79.50 Kashmir, Twill and t 7C . # c/) XT. xx e•«. cl i 1 ,n satins, crepes and printed r 4
L-* these coats! For the stvles are those Jeweltone Coats, in amber, ' - Cln nurDl’e 0 a'old St o 0 r C chid 9S nude er and silks, trimmed with lace, col
, , . r t - ~ bambino, tan, gray and chili; NeffllfireeS. SIO.OO purple, gold, orchid, nude and or<jd _ and beadin ’ ;
selected by the most fashionable women—the are plain and fur C/q 7C « 11 ,’ W caramel. Exceptional values if bright shades. Red, henna.
... , , , , , . 7,I*J -Negligees that will make your you can use these Cl OQ . „ “ " ' ” c "z,'
! J I materials are the most popular of tllC season bordered leisurehoursdoublyenjoyable.be- colors. Pair green, tan. navy and • :
—the cut and finish arc perfect, since they Women’s Sports and exqutsrte* models*in o cJep« f de ch!” ~oslerv Sliop—Street Floor 85—52?95 Dimity and Voile Blouses,
are made by the best manufacturers in the Top Coats ‘"<i i r °iVi‘i o‘S!i 0 ‘S!iS :n ll!fh°™eh r qil jcl p.lil! SimT ,
country! ' *« Imported Or., pi,.d Too. J Silk and Fabric P.n .nd Tu.rto c.11.n., 95
- coats, with notched CIQ 7C K —,. Also some frill models. .
3 velvet collars * NEGLIGEES of satin, panne viIOVCS 30—516.50 to $18.50 Tunics of
• . . $55 Motor Coats, of imported ve lvet. georgette and crepe de charming printed silks. Long H
The Modes: ' The Materials: Craigleigh cloth. Full swagger chine that regularly sold from —take drastic reductions in order to or short sleeves. Just one and
backs. In blue jay, rust, acorn. $16.50 to S2O. Some trimmed with clear our stocks of all odd sizes and two of a kind. In sizes CJQ QC
Flare fronts Satin, Faille aray and natural 5522 75 wide fringe- ,n gray- colors. 34. 36 and 38 0n1y...
Side tie Flat Crepe $49*50 Kashmir Sport Coats, in piarh powder blue ' $14.85 300 pairs Fabric and Silk Gloves. Bh h >,v ~ : Sl " '", ,„ l l, '" t L
Strarghtlme Ottoman S.lk $ 24 .75 l m,riyv-ar ami ~yjz AM The Season’s Most
! All-around Flaro. Ch.rmeon, Lorcheno «r- ••••. —Popular Sweaters
W wfgwlm and gray’ $38.75 Special! In GirdleS Soade Gloves, some slightly im- Cured .. low for stock clearing L
1 The Trimmings- , , , %./. 1 r> • perfect but all defects that you will find it possible to buy ,*1
Womens bilk Coats and Brassieres have been repaired. To- 95c several for all your Summer sports.
Fur Collars Embroidery B 'sTde ''e-JO °4c ’ 5 0 ° 5' ,bb ,' r s R ' liuci l n , 3 Br.ssieecs, TlotT slioo—sireel floor ja 7 cket 95 sw T eatlrs° w» Tu«l ■
, L Fur Borders Ribbon, .tldY- bo-de", $33.75 KfVw, a.rSS % SIToJ: ’*
In •‘Zt.tifc.'S lil,”“* 36 "d 38 $2.95 few wool'Tuxe’do models 95
j Many of these coats are taken directly and fur $39.75 $ 4 -°oJ 4 : inch Gotham Girdtes., made Umbrellas! m 4s—ss a AND a s7.'so' SLip *o N
from our higher-grade stock and reduced! $89.50 r and $95 ' Black Satin and with P "two br pai h 4 —all new and lovely styles greatly SWEATERS, in plain and fancy
d Others xvere made for US by manufacturers ® ra y Faille Silk hose supporters * underprii ’ 7trfpes S around" tlie^neck, 0 sTeeves Lj
who wished to clear away their spring stock! 1 de’eiT. ““i °... W 4.75 Spe p c ,' n a i e,ts of ca^ed S and' hands', with heather 5 m 53.45
All are unexcelled at this low price! S"ln .f. 11-50 b C2a“ A ? RJJS? pVSSSSuSS^VSi
Misses’ Coat Shon—Third Floor black cocoa and blonde. $ 5 . 00 Corsettes. medium length black, purp'e and garnet V • regularly sell for $37 50 $39 50 and
u -Misses uoat Ihird Floor Straightlme and flare models. with side fastening. C*J As) $7.95 SILK UMBRELLAS, with $42 50 fnpla ina ndfaneyweav.. U
f ' • W,th fit X u a K d J 5115 ' $89.75 Boned back and front carved and composition handles | n slip-on Tnd coat style s y Slightly
—————— sian fitch borders Corsette Dept.—Third Floor i nd . , t,p , s - ard fe ?! ru^ ' es L mussed from I_l_]r P-,V„
Little Women s Coats Finished Fr *"ch handling Hair thrice
FT • nM • f nv T* * r e , , loops or leather straps *lO ALL-WOOL SWEATERS »
The Misses Shop Features ~ CMI to fit women of less than Clearing Out $5.50 AND $5 SILK UMBREL- half PRICE, including a few !
bd average height. LAS, in all the wanted colors. A imported Scotch Plaid and Plain bn
... « • Topcoats, in suede and « anrj \VoiTlor| % ai " 9 ?, asso r* me ' lt attractive • Sweaters, in golf coat styles, that r*
f ’ campus cloth. .Gypsy, chili, * tt wmvii handles, with tips and ferrules reqularly sell at $22 50 and $25.
ror Uraduation und bam $22.75 Handkerchiefs 10 loop , 0r For Quarterly Half Price
y # $49.50 and $55 Straightline and —that have become slightly mussed Umbrella Shop—Street Floor New Sports Shop—Street Floor
fZ. aAM/raffa nnn ■ vane Ha I riirta Flare Coa ts, braided and from handling or where the initialed irt
oeorgeixe anu ue Uiune tucked. In chili, wigwam, assortment is not complete. ■“
a tiger-eye and $34.75 25c and 35c Women's white -
Embroidered and Trimmed $65. to V $79.50 'Kashmir, Je’w.t- I SfiLniJSS. 12Jc A Biff Croup of Women’s
With Chantilly Lace T S J "IWSrSHii-KSS. JSSiS: OATTAOTQ L
„ 5%jrr..r.l $49.75 p r esc AUkUa rit r
$25 to $49-50 ; Handkerchief Shop-Street Floor JIW
Shop L ls r Abo N Off™rlllg The Downstairs PumnS Rlir] OxfoTfls U
GRADUATION Day Extra Size Apparel Inexpensive Dress Shop 1 Ulll|id O.IIU UAIUIUO
like the wedding day— , Rc j? u f cd n f or , Imported Beaded Step Down to a Lower Price!
is a definite turning point name ia e isposa Dinner Dresses
hi a girls life—and need- Winnie Winkle Jumper Regularly $1 C. 50 i
r/M. lira less to add, should be SKIRTS $35 to $55 IVJ* TriHFnl V—--
f’fi'ln graced by a frock that will r^ lIV 1J / / Red uce{i t 0
« pl 'lq /vA live as long in her memory sports or business—to clear in two French blue, cherry red, orchid, wJr
te(j 111 Lrm as the dav itself groups. pe v ch Mi 3 F°!i n ', *u 4 Price That Is Clearing Them Quickly
! -jarJt-iL Jx <ls lllc ua . v (n JC You II find at this amazing price, , _ , . *
Beautiful Georgette and Flat Crepe These are shoes of the well Regularly $7.50 to $12.50
Cy-vft choor nr o i . Dresses, in slim straightline mod- : known Sorosis quality—shoes of Pair
m OU ’ sneer ? r Regularly $3.50 to $7.50 e , s or with narrow hip ties sug- distinction-but because they com- j ' !
SS£5 e,XC|Uisite crepe de chine in Scotch and shepherd plaids pre- gesting a waistline. Shoulder cap pris e broken or discontinued lines . ! 193
X.L fewK! , 1 . - »ent a generous choice of color- sleeves, round and V neck lines. vm, ran hnv them tomorrow at this A A lit
a* charming chemise, basque ing. Others in navy and black These frocks are exquisitely % a rtlfn J nrirr' ton,orro at th,s (1 C
fSM, a , , serge. Also a few flannels in beaded in fine crystal and silver startling price. W ■
I | OT tiare models, some em- white or pongee color. beads in all-over designs. Patent Calf Wr 9
I U LA broidered or trimmed with , t „ 9S s '“’ 161 ° 40 “b" £ d nv „ ; iU
& Chant illy laces —while oth- „ , t Women’s and Misses’ Colors—Black, tan, white, brown,
A „ A ~^Regularly $lO to $13.50 j-.. 1 r\ huff, sand, blonde, red, blue, green.
I Sketched: white ers depend upon-ruffles and Flannels, twins and serges of Flannel Dresses Not all sizes in every style—but j
| Georgette frock trim- qhirrilJJT for their novel es- excellent qualities; smart side Regularly $10.95 to CC all sizes in the lot. j
I. niecl Hfitb tucks and * ' pleats, front kick pleats and $19.50 9? • Also—Sorosis Pumps and Oxfords for misses and i 2 Pairs L
n i r t CV /l°/rfn S A? VC Zi- ~p f CGts - button fronts give a good choice Simple, Straightline Frocks in children. Sizes 8«/ jto 2. Patent leather, calf and CC PA
| j crepe dc chine. . in this group of Suspender Skirts. many of the most favored i.:a a rnlnrs ( ud,DU
J White satin sash. S2J. Misses Dress Shop—^Third Floor Rose, rust, oak, tan, red, navy styles, cleverly trimmed. ’ co,ors - N< „. os i s shoes—Street Floor
and black. Green, brown, beige, cherry red,
j j Sports Shop—First Floor rose, maize, tangerine. 14 to 42.
I a
al—z::az-—m m ; * "~m * * M % w~ r m a", ~:m —~*—^r'

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