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Designed by Dr. Thornton for
Gen. Washington—Long
Home of Nellie Custis.
T he purchase of one of the original
■eorge \\ ashington estutes known as
''oodlawn, by Senator Oscar \V.
' nderwood of Alabama, revives stories
Qf its ownership, which are told by
”*•'*”<>nuins «nd Virginians as
a substantial contribution to the his
„ .....cations witnin sight of the
-roperty is located on the Camp
Humphreys road, 16 miles south of
Washington, in Virginia, some three
miles west of Mount Vernon. At its
highest point is the two-story brick
house erected under the personal su
pervision of George Washington, and
affording a tine view of the Potomac
and the surrounding country
The late President Woodrow Wil
son made several attempts to buy the
estate from the owner. Miss E. M.
Sharpe, but she steadfastly refused to
sell. Miss Sharpe was the last occu
pant of the place, and died about a
year ago. Paul Kester of Wirtland,
is orma Post Office, Va., the well-known
playwright and author, recently fur
nished to H. W. Hillearv, who negotia
ted the sale, the following descriptive
account of the property.
Designed By Dr. Thornton.
W oodlawn is built upon a part of
'en. Washington's Mount Vernon
estate. He purchased the tract as a
budding site from one of the Posey
family, and the old Posey well is in
tn cellar under the big dining room. I
found it when we were working on the
place. It has been all covered over.
-It is a fine deep well, much older than
ii e l* outside the house, and is
lined with wedge-shaped bricks.
"Gen. Washington left 2,000 acres
to his nephew, Lawrence Lewis (his
sister Betty's son), who married Mrs.
Washington's granddaughter. Nellie
Custis. This 2,000 acres included the
vv oodlawn tract.
The house as it is now was begun
In 1803, after Mrs. Washington’s
death, and is from plans drawn by
I>r. William Thornton, the architect
of the Capitol at Washington. These
plans are supposed to have been gone
over by Gen. Washington and then
perfected by Thornton.
"It is my opinion that the wing
Known as ‘Maj. Lewis's wing'<—or
office was built in Gen. Washington's
lifetime, for he speaks of stopping
there to see his nephew, and the
building was quite different from any
part of the main house, as 1 first knew
it. It was older, a part of a plan, or
rebuilt to conform to Thornton's p'an,
but bricks and timber were diffei it.
In the rebuilding which Miss Sharpe
did this difference may have disap
Home of Nellie Custis.
"Nellie Custis and Lawrence Lewis
lived for many years at the mansion.
Lafayette was entertained there, and
many famous people. Then they
went up to Clarke County and built
Audley, and Woodlawn was left to
the care of slaves and an overseer.
About 1850 their son, Lorenzo Lewis,
sold W oodlawn to a community of
Quakers from Pennsylvania. I believe
they bought the entire 2,000 acres. In
any event they bought the mansion
and most of the land. I knew many
of them, all nice people. They divided
the land among them. Woodlawn was
school and home and center for the
colony until they established their
separate homes on their farms.
"Finally in the division of the land
Woodlawn and 65 acres came to Capt.
John Mason (not of Virginia family,
but of a Quaker family). His heirs
finally disposed of the mansion and
65 acres to the principal owners of
the Mount Vernon Electric Railway
Co., Park Agnew, M. B. Marlowe, and
others of Alexandria. Their ‘purpose
was to make a resort of the place, and
extend the electric line to it. This
idea was never carried out, and in
1901, as I remember, I bought Wood
lawn and the 65 acre* from them. The
house was in a terribly dilapidated
condition at that time. I later bought
an additional 65 acres from Mr. Eben
Mason, a son of Capt. Mason, who had
owned the mansion.
"I spent about SIO,OOO on the place
in restoring the building and then
sold it to Miss Sharpe in the Spring
of 1905. I think I have the years
"Miss Sharpe held the property
until her death, and was constantly
spending money upon it. And every
thing she did was sound and ju
dicious. so that Woodlawn is stronger
and finer today than when it was
first put up.
"That is the history of the owner
ship of the property, and is sub
stantially correct.
Once Glebe I^and.
"I believe I have heard that at
one time the site where the mansion
now stands was a part of the glebe
lands, set aside for the support of
the church. If so, that must have been
before the time of the Posey owner
ship, for I am sure It was from the
Posey family that Gen. Washington
Over East—
E. Capitol and Bth Sts.
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Woodlawn. once the home of Nellie Custis I>ewis, adopted granddaughter
of George Washington, which has been purchased by Senator Oscar Under
wood of Alabama.
bought the .site where the mansion
"In old times the place was spoken
of as ‘The Lawn.’ I once had old
letters in which it was so spoken of.
I gave them to Miss Sharpe.
“The two fine marble mantelpieces
were gifts, as I believe, of Miss Sharpe
Learned, from the Vaughan-Merrick
family of Philadelphia. The big
mantelpiece in the banquet room at
Mount Vernon was a gift to Washing
ton of a Vaughan, an Englishman,
who admired him. It is an odd thing
that these same Vaughans were great
friends of my mother's, and that my
brother was named for them. It is
odd that we got the mantelpieces out
of Park Agnew’s farm at Mount
Zephyr and brought them back and
set them up at Woodlawn ourselves.”
Gov. Ritchie Among Notables at
Dance in Connection With
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. May 16.—Former resi
dents of the Southland, living in New
Y'ork and vicinity tonight danced and
made merry with visiting Southerners
attending the Southern Exposition.
The Southern States ball, a bril
liant social function, was held at the
Hotel Biltmore, under the auspices of
the Southern Women's Educational
Gov. Ritchie. Maryland, and Gov.
and Mrs. Fields. Kentucky, were of
ficial representatives of the South.
Among the patrons and patronesses
were Col. and Mrs. E. M. House, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson. Mr.
and Mrs. Bernard M. Baruch. Bain
bridge Colby and H. M. Grubbs, com
mander of the Sons of Confederate
The sponsors were Mrs. Robert
Stewart Crocker. Mrs. Jerome W.
Potter, Mrs. Brevoort B. Barry. Ray
ford W. Alley and Donald Farns
Supper was served at midnight.
One of the features was the dancing
of Misses Alice and Ann Cochran,
formerly of Kentucky, who are now
connected with the Metropolitan
Opera Co.
Police School to Open Soon.
NEW YORK. May 16 HP).—Repre
sentatives of police departments all
over the country will be permitted in
a few months to enroll in the New
Y'ork school of finger-printing and
criminal . identification, it was an
nounced today. Training in the tech
nicalities of finger-printing and lec
tures by Capt. John A. Golden, chief
of the Bureau of Criminal Identifica
tion, will comprise the courses.
The number of Methodists in the
United States is reported as 4.711,994.
f - \<b
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Situation Believed Greatly Im
proved With Only 11 Patients
Now at Hospital.
After a lull of several days, the
health department yesterday reported
two new cases of smallpox. Even
with these cases, there are only 11
patients at the Smallpox Hospital.
The new patients were recorded as
Mrs. Amanda Burch, 66 years, of 645
Fifth street northeast, and Naoma
Mathews, colored. 6 years old, of 1244
Second street southwest.
Health Officer Fowler said that,
while he expects to find a new case
from time to time, he believes the
situation is greatly improved.
Testimony in Case Against Day
ton Airplane Co. Ends.
CINCINNATI. May 16 l(/P)>.—Testi
mony was concluded today in the suit
of the United States Government
against the Dayton Airplane Company
i to recover $2,408,267, alleged to have
been paid on illegal charges for air
planes during the World War.
Federal Judge Smith Hickenlooper
gave counsel 30 days in which to file
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