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Hope to Trace Relationship
of Rock Strata of Two
An attempt to improve knowledge
of the geologic relations of Kurope
>o North America will he made this
Summer by Dr. E. o. Ulrich and Dr.
C. E. Rosser of the Smithsonian in
stitution and Prof. R. M. Field on an
extensive exploration tour in Kurope.
The three scientists will study the
rock strata by applying principles of
stratigraphy evolved mainly by Dr.
Ulrich. They will cover nearly all
of western Europe by auto, paying
particular attention to outcroppings
of ancient rocks in central England,
northern Scotland, Wales, Scandinavia
and Bohemia.
It was said at the Museum yester
day that newer methods of reading
the language of time recorded in the
rocks now is in order, which, when
more extensively applied, may reveal
much regarding the geography of the
days of ancient life.
New Theory Broader.
The old .methods were an out
growth of the first geologic concep
tions that the 'different strata of the
earth were laid on like the layers of
an onion by the continental surfaces
sinking, evenly below sea level. The
newer principles arc based on the
conception that the continents do not
rise and sink evenly, but that the
motion is differential, allowing tlie
ocean to spread over the land in
the form of bays, first from one
side and then from the other, lienee
Jhe enibayments formed by the sink
Ing of any portion of a continent will
naturally contain the same animals
ns the parent ocean and the rocks laid
in the seas will entomb the animals
living there.
Since it did not happen, so far as
is now known, that enibayments from
the same ocean covered at the same
time parts of what are now North
.America and Europe, there are no
exactly simultaneous records. The
task becomes one of discovering sucli
a possible occurrence, or finding from
other data than identical fossils just
how the strata on the two sides of tlie
ocean match.
The Washington scientists will seek
out the older rocks which come to the
surface at various places in the
United States and which crop out in
Europe mainly in the centers to be
Animal life, which was all marine
at the time these rocks were laid
down, was fairly abundant and well
developed when the first evidences of
it were laid in the rocks, Dr. Resser
said. The first living creatures prob
ably were so soft and poorly develop
ed that they decayed too quickly
after death to be buried in the mud
which later formed the rocks, so that
they left no impress.
The expedition will be under the
joint auspices of the Smithsonian In
stitution and Princeton University.
The party will leave here early next
—— •
Socialists to Finance Paper to Be
Started Soon.
CHICAGO, May IS OP).—Eugene V.
Debs, veteran chieftain of the Social
ist party, will edit a new weekly pub
lication to be known as “The Ameri
can Appeal,’’ which will be financed
by what is called a “revolving fund."
Socialists were asked in circulars from
party headquarters to invest from SI
to SIOO in subscription cards, then sell
the cards, reinvest the proceeds in
more subscription cards and continue
to sell and buy.
Increased factoiy output -
makes possible
can make
on square-tube beds will astonish you
Call on your furniture merchant. Ask to see his
finest Simmons squarc-tube beds. Pick the one you
like best without giving a thought to price. Then
ask what it costs. The figure he names will be so
low you will wonder how such value is possible.
But the value is there. Speeding up production in
the world’s largest bedding factories has made
radical savings on the best square-tube beds built.
Even Simmons’ masterpieces—the beds you have
seen advertised in full colors in the magazines—
are now brought within easy reach. Their new
prices are actually below pre-war price
on all
square tube BEDS
Steamer Saves Men Marooned on
Top of Craft That Is Wrecked
by Piling.
By tin- Associated Press.
I.EWES. Del.. May 18. —Five Phila
delphians, rescued by the tank steamer
Courier after clinging for hours to
the top of the launch Peggy, which
struck a floating piling in Delaware
Bay Saturday night and partially
sank, were landed at yester
day. A sixth member of the Peggy’s
party. Joseph Robinson, also of Phila
delphia, is still missing.
The rescued men are Harry Titter
mary, Thomas Brock. Patrick H. Bul
ger. John McKenna and Joseph Oleyn.
Robinson, it is said, after donning
a cork jacket when the Peggy began
to fill, failed to reach the top of the
cabin and is believed to have been
carried away by the swift current.
The others were sighted by pilot of
the Courier, outbound from Philadel
phia, who sent a small boat to bring
them to safety.
President Will Be Guest of Men
Covering White House.
President Coolidge will be the guest
of honor at the annual dinner of the
White House News Photographers'
Association to be held tonight at the
Mayflower. Among the other guests
will be a number of men prominent
in ortieia! life as well as the newspaper
correspondents who are assigned to
the White House.
This annual frolic of the cameramen
is to have nearly a dozen vaudeville
acts to contribute their entertainment
during the evening.
Kemper Cowing, head of the news
department of Harris-Ewing, will
handle the gavel, in the role of toast
master. He will lie assisted in intro
ducing the stunts by Kirk Miller.
Ten thousand women in Great Bri
tain worked in pitheads of the coal
mines during the latter part of the
Aspiri n
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Headache Neuralgia Colds Lumbago
Pain Toothache Neuritis Rheumatism
t Acc ept only *‘Baver” package
r J which contains proven directions.
y M Handy “Bayer” boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin !s the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of SaltcyUcaeU
Problems of Co-Operative Associa
tions to Be Taken Up at Institute.
Credit problems of co-operative
associations, both from the view
point of the borrower and the leader,
will be considered at the Summer ses
sion of the American Institute of Co
operation at the University of Penn
sylvania July 20 to August 15. Na
tionally known authorities on co-op
erative business will address the con
Reviewing the rapid rise of co-op
erative associations in the United
States, the institute in u statement
issued here last night said that on
the basis of a preliminary report be
ing compiled by the Department of
Agriculture the amount of business
done by such associations in 1924
will reach $2,500,000,000, an increase
of approximately $300,000,000 over
1921. The associations now number
more than 12,000. with a membership
of about 2,500,000.
" - —— >
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