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National Cathedral Associa
tion Members Amazed at
Beauty of Work.
Members of the National Cathedral
Association who attended the annual
meeting 6f the association at the Ca
thedral yesterday afternoon were the
tirst visitors to be taken on a complete
tour of the chapels now being con
structed in the crypt under the choir
and south transept. Bishop Freeman.
Dean Bratenahl, the architect and
members of the cathedra! staff were
stationed at points of vantage to help
the members of the association and
their gue.sts over the difficult places
and to explain the wonders of the
Norman architecture of the Chapel of
the Ressurection and the mortuary
and antechapels.
The visitors were amazed at the
beauty of the construction of these
chapels, which are all under the main
floor- level of the cathedral, and con
gratulated the bishop and dean on the
progress made during the year. They
agreed that it should be possible to
complete the structure in five years j
if fynds are forthcoming.
’'.- Committees Make Reports.
Prior to the tour of the construction
the 490 members of the association,
who attended the meeting assembled
in Whitbv Hail to hear the reports
of the officers and chairmen of the
committees. Bishop Freeman pre
sided, and said in his address that
while great progress in building the
cathedral fabric had been made dur
ing the past year, even more had been
accomplished in impressing the Amer
ican people with the cathedral ideal.
“Americans everywhere throughout
our country and abroad see the neces
sity of erecting in this
house of prtfyer for all people," the
bishop said. "They 1 are coming more
and more to reallbze that this symbol
of our Nation's faith must be com
pleted without delay. It is the King s
business and requires haste. I have
an abiding faith that it will go ahead
without interruption until the last
stone has been laid in place."
Henry White, member of the Cathe
dral Chapter, reported for the New
York committee, and said, in addition,
that the campaign in New York for
St. John the Devine had aroused great
Interest throughout the- Vnited States
in cathedrals, and that this would all
react to the benefit of the Washington
Cathedral. He said that the Washing
ton Cathedral had many friends in
New York, from whom generous offer
ings could be expected In due time.
New Members Sought.
Edwin N. Lewis, executive secre
tary of the National Cathedral Asso
ciation, reported that the membership
of the association totaled nearly 5.000 ,
and that the income during the pant
year was $28,197.03. He explained
that plans were being made to in
crease the membership by several
thousand during the coming year. He
said that of the million dollars pledged
aiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ l, iiiiiiiiiiiiii'il
H —.Temperature May 15 — S|
FOur Home Office has
Just wired us of an
c» Increased number of
j days in this tour
L °H bx
Instead of 13 a - vs “ IPh .
you will have the
benefit of a wonderful—
-16-Day Water
And Land Tour
Love Wash- j
ins-ton by bus to Kflfinfl
Baltimore — mak- IIUUUU
in c connections
with Merchants •T' •
and Miners I Fill
Steamship to * *
Jacksonville. Fla.
This water trip ... _
includes the All Expenses
25fid. 23rd 24th . . , .
and 25th of May. Included
At Jacksonville. ... „ ~
; the tour eontin- ’ irst l our
uel along the w„„ 99
east coast of May
Florida, affording 7*
ins Peet io n of Second I our
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Main 347
to the cathedral during the Washing
ton drive in December. 1923, nearly
SBOO,OOO had lieen paid in.
Ralph Nicholson, a memlter of the
cathedral staff, who has accompanied
Bishop Freeman on his travels to
many cities in the interest of the
cathedrul during the year, reported
that committees of the association
had been reorganized in Philadelphia
and Rhode Island and elsewhere.
He urged every member to carry
one of the cathedral booklets at all
times, in order to be able to answer
questions concerning the cathedral.
One of the most Interesting parts
of the meeting was ,the showing for
the first time of the two-reel motion
picture of the cathedral, which has been
prepared under the direction of Oliver
Hoyeni. Mr. Hoyem also reported on
the progress of the Masonic committee
of which he is the secretary.
The members of the association at
tended service in the Bethlehem
Chape! and were served tea in St.
Alban’s Guild HAH.
“Flashes of Action,” a four-reel mo
tion picture of the World War, will be
shown as a feature of a community
entertainment tonighf at the Eastern
High School Community Center. The
pictures were filmed- by the Signal
Corps, and depict trite movements of
the A. E. F. from the moment of its
departure for France.
The Thomson Community Center
will give the third of its series of
visual instruction programs this eve
ning at 7,30 o'clock, 'under the direc
tion of Mrs. Edith H. Hunter. Mrs.
j Laura J. Bogue will talk on "India," I
ihe lecture being illustrated by scenic
moving pictures. A musical program
characteristic of India will lie given
by Harry Angelico, baritone; Miss Ber
nice Randall,, pianist, and Miss Mar
garet Reed, contralto. Miss Alice
Louise Hunter will appear in two
interpretative dances.
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T?Y7T?xrfxrrt WASTTTNOTON tv C. WEDNESDAY. MAY 20. 1925.
Detectives Say Merchant
Who Disappeared in 1920
Has Been Fpund.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
RICHMOND, Va.‘, May 20.—Detec
tives are returning from Florida today
with a man identified as Frank L.
Bli'dlong, 58 years old, a merchant and
former revenue commissioner of Wav
eriy. Ya., who disappeared December
13, 1920, and was believed to have
committed suicide.
Insurance companies resisting the
payment of policies on Birdlong's life,
instituted the search, after $3,000 in
surance had been paid. The missing
man owed $20,000 and had $7,000 as
sets, according to the police. At the
time of his disappearance his hat was
found on the hank of a river, with a
note hinting that the body would lie
found in the water. His wife and five
children mourned the merchant as
dead. Mrs. Rirdlong si now an invalid
li\ing at Petersburg. Va., and the
children ore with her, according to
! word received here from Waverly,
where the family had been held in
high esteem.
Jesse F. West, jr., son of the judge
of the Court of Appeals, took up the
investigation in behalf of one of the
insurance companies, and in company
with two other men, went to Flordia
several days ago.
Federation Session at Frederick,
Md., Discusses Question of
Printer’s Ousting.
FREDERICK, Md.. May 20.—Action
on a resolution calling for the ousting
of George H. Carter, public printer at
Washington, was delayed by the Mary
land and District of Columbia Federa
tion of Labor meeting here today,
when the resolution was referred back
to the executive council after discus
sion. It probably will be acted upon
Public development of power proj
ects is proposed under a resolution
discussed yesterday by Carl D. Thomp
son. Chicago, secretary of the Public
Ownership League, and 1.. M. Cos
grove, New- York, representing the
labor education board.
Power development, said Mr. Thomp
son, “has revolutionized labor inter
ests, and the development of electric
energy is still in its infancy.” He de
clared that private development of
power projects “has always worked to
the disadvantage of the working man,
and I hope this federation will name
committees to work in conjunction
wdth other national unions along this
“In Colorado,” he said, “the river
has been developed to generate elec.-
tricitv at one-half of 1 per cent per
kilowatt to consumers, placing the
commodity within reach of all.”
Mr. Cosgrove spoke along the line of
education of workers, which he said
was very important. Others speaking
were Charles W. Cullen, general agent,
and organizer of the United Hatters
of North America. New York; Clinton
S. Golden, Brookwood iAibor College,
Katona, N. Y.
Vast Arctic Area Seen Re
flected in Sky Repeatedly,
Declares Explorer.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, May 20.—Donald B.
MacMillan, noted explorer, in town to
day for the christening of the Peary,
one of the two ships equipped with
three airplanes which will leave for
the North, June 17, under his com
mand, toid of the mirage of an un
known continent which is luring him
to the Arctic again.
“We believe that there is vast, un
explored continent possibly 1,000,000
miles In area to the west of northern
Greenland." he said.
“Admiral Peary named it Crocker
Land, but we have only indirect evi
dence of its existence. Both Admiral
Peary and myself have seen the mi
rage, or reflection, of it in the sky
repeatedly, and the action of the tides
and the condition of the ice surround
j n g the area, are additional scientific
indications of its existence."
Impassable to Ships.
Comdr. MacMillan said the area was
impassable to ships and dog teams,
and for that reason three naval planes
were being taken. The Peary and the
Bowdoin. which lias been on Arctic
expeditions before, will establish a
base at Etah. the farthest northern
point inhabited. The planes will be
taken to Cape Thomas Hubbard, where
daily flights will be made this Sum
mer to seek the land.
The I’eary will leave for Boston to
night. and. with the Bowdoin, now ,
there, will be made ready for the trip.
On the return of the expedition
Corndr. MacMillan will explore Labra
dor. in an effort to find Norse ruins ,
which have been reported there by ,
The United States Navy is sending
eight men on the trip and the National
Geographic Society five scientists.
Wife of Lima Embassy Attache Is
Malaria Victim.
DENVER, Colo., May 20 UP). —Mrs.
Paul Mayo, wife of a member of the
American embassy at Lima, Peru, died
here yesterday. She was a daughter
of Mrs. Verner Z. Reed of Denver.
She returned here a week ago from
Lima, suffering from pernicious mala
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Frederick Vass, colored, convicted
of assault with a dangerous weapon
in connection with the shooting ci
Robert L. Jackson, also colored. De
cember 31, in a quarrel, was today
sentenced to serve two years in the
penitentiary by Chiqf Justice McCoy,
in Criminal Court No. 1.
George Janies, colored, will spend
one year in jail for joyriding, and
Terrill D. Raillie, convicted of house
breaking and larceny, received a six
month Jail sentence. Enoch Martin,
convicted of assault with a dangerous
weapon, was also sentenced to six
months in jail.
The following were each sentenced
to serve one year at Occoquan an 1
were placed on probation: Richard J.
Flood, violation of postal laws; George
Clokey, housebreaking; Harry P.
Smith, colored, joyriding: George
Prender, non-support; George D.
O'Shields, larceny after trust, and
Robert E. Sutherlin, embezzlement.
fiT'->r»r— - """""
Animal Cage

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