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And Here on These Two Pages are the Outstanding Savings—All of Which are Made Especially for This Occasion and for One Day Only! Page Two
~ —~ Over 1,000 Books ~T~ "T“ . 300 Women’s Rayon
Costume Slips at GflfipS ,/
J- |\| birthday books in white and gold bindings and 1924 $1.69 Ea. I
L ' (V 1,4 nr IF/ |7 • v n —Excellent Quality Costume Slips, made in the
V™ J ( -r sl4. rr OVCTt Ml lOST IXUgS d&r All C „ J popular bodice-top style with 9-inch pleated
©, \ J 0111 l 311(1 flounce. They are in pretty colored, two-tone ef
tt i , no . Speeud, $8.95 Rain Umbre n aß $ 4 - 98 Hand-Cut Glass
and two-tone colorings. Plain and .medallion cen- >k Ito shop early ploor I Water Sets, Special 111 I
ly Y 11 ters. Seamless and reversible rugs. *9 111/
Handbags at Only $1.95 and $2.95 (Seconds) ... w f '•>*O 18-Piece White Dinnerware 6100
1)1.95 Inlaid Linoleum, 98c Sq. Yd. j^ fa J£^i"r'l*™ f\r ■ -v«r »«*«» q.»
■ • holts 110 remnants of \ atiH R Inlaid • « • . . . 1 l<tin VV hite
—New. Up-to-date Handbags, bought Linoleum in Parquetry designs. & ’ s< ? nie w,t 1 contrastmg borders. A Second quality, but with slight imperfections. Sets , ae *- e . ts c insisting ot one jug or
from a manufacturer who was willing _ - ls nice assortment of different styled cons.st of s.x each, teacups, tea saucers and break- pitcher, six tumblers and six ice tea
to co-operate with us for this one day $12.95 45-Lb. Mattresses handles from which to choose. The fast plates. sippers. The design is a very pretty
.ale. Included are leather bags in c 1 *7 CO silk has a wide sat.n band that is most K,„„ s-Th.rd Floor. floral effect that i, most effective. '
under-the-afm, strap-top, strap-back, SpeClttl, $7.51) attractive. #
key lock and pouch styles, in black —A Well made 45-pound Mattress with rolled edges Kami s — Street Floor. C lOttipldlß JllTllOT JT lOOV Kann’s — Third Floor,
and colors ; and silk bags in black and and covered with splendid art ticking. All sizes. A mmm .__T C * I on nn
some colors, mostly in pouch style. splendid opportunity to save on a good mattress. UttmpS, oDCClttl, $0.09
A truly remarkable assortment. /Til m <£o 111 l A flit otis* —Attractive Lamps, with polychrome finished or
Kann’s — Street Floor. j” lO /UflieitL hand-striped weighted bases, in assorted patterns 41 i
__ -- | 17*,;™ £ *.* QQ,. and styles. The shades are of georgette, in attrac- 06C tO SI.Z6 HatlStC
H i ■ ' ii . . LJTIIOJI suits fit OOC tive shapes and paneled effects. Silk fringe and
_. n _ j _ _ xwt jh-* 1 I ok ' , /*>. — Women's Beautiful. Sheer Batiste and Voile la ~ , _ . Embroidery, 29c Yard
$22.50 Lloyd Loom Woven -gsa Athletic u lion Suits, in plain and checked effects. I Kann s Third Floor. I J
* - Mesh and white only in bodice style, buttonless Natural Colored Batiste Embroidery, some with
TinJtxs Ceirrin trem 7 1 - and closed fronts. Sizes .16 to 44. colored edges. Edges are 4'A to 6 inches wide:
MJUUy riugtr&j •pi 4 • t ±t/ Kann’s—Street Floor. insertion to match the plain natural color is V/i
lust 50 of these Famous Carriages to sell Eton- , wide.
on'.y Day at the low price of $17.45. Large and $1.49 Hnnd^LmbrOldered $4.75 fO $5.45 “Conti- Kann’s-Lace Dept.-Street Floor.
roomy, with tubular steel pushers, polished wood UIUI
Apron Frocks, $1.19 nental” Screen Doors at
Caramel, gray and ivory. F-acli carriage with —Apron F'rocks. of checked ginghams and plain
brnkf colored cotton suiting. Straightline models, hand A /yTH -C I IrPCCAC
Kann s Fourth Moor. embroidered in pretty floral designs. UJ* /jk ■■■ ■ # %3fJ\J mJM. A/A
n 1 nt\ 47 . • o*ll Special Loic Prices On Kanns—Second Floor. fU/Vf JLiCt* * TVI -■
Reg. SI.OO Satin Ribbons _ Silk Flannel Ftr»
o *ii i\ r i Alex Smith s Seamless $3.7d Linen Table Napkins * —These Famous Doors are made of II I
special, Aam ■ ___ Ito * po T\ varnished hardwood and filled with
-6-inch Satin Ribbon, in black and pretty colors— ▼▼ 00l AllgS at •pZ.OO LMOZen fi ne galvanized wire cloth. They • A A ”1
light and dark— suitable for sashes and trimming —Pure Linen, 19-inch Table Napkins of good have heavy panel base at bottom and |
liats - For Economy Day! [ weight silver bleached damask and a splendid wear- I I frame 4 inches wide bv 1 1 /% inches I I 1
Kami s—Street Moor. J J : no . n „ a litv i a u • _ ’ .....
IQ 1 4VQ ,p; . jy •ui k ~ —High-grade, Seamless Wool Rugs. Kann’s—Street Floor. 1C . . siz s. c 0 ection ot
19c and 29c PlCOt Ribbon everv one perfect and new, fresh rr\ T * T? T 1 about 3aO dresses.
Knwinl 11s* Xnrt l stoc * ls > ou are not readv for the 0(/C Linen * ace 1 OlVeiS sq Window Shades at made of such mate S
Special, 16c lard rugs at present, a deposit will reserve Kru>rinl Fnrli WfC W lIICIOW ol HCieS rjals as pr i ntet i
—An FA cel lent Assortment of Picot Ribbons, in your selection for later delivery. Our O [JlZlsllil, Oyt, lsllL.ll crepes, fine aualitv 7V.
black, plain and combination colors. Very dainty Club plan is at vour disposal durinef —Pure Linen Huck Face Towels, size 17x32. Very /M B-4 , , T ‘
ior trimming . uinmcr trocks this sale if vou care to make use of it. closely woven with blue or yellow borders anil F JJCIt annel, Laurette, MMMy
Nairn > .Ntre.t rioor. \s the nuantitv nf thwniirs ie lim- monogram space. Hemstitched ends. Silk lace, canton .gigsf I
Sample Rom tiers and i,cd - we advise earlv shopping Tues- Kann s Street Moor. —Perfect Quality Smith Opaque \\ in- crepe, satin, crepe i
Sample nompers ana . <la> .. • $1.35 Heavy Table Padding |A
’ —9xl2-ft. Seamless Xnrd necessary fixtures. Size 3 ft. wide crepes, also many r'.'yfpE \
Children's Dresses. Creepers and Romper Play Wool Velvet Rugs. (&f)l PA 1 111 11 bv 5 ft. 9 inches long. White, ecru, novelty combina- A
’qeCi -md’klvT-'iv7l ha Cf S i- C,l Vi l . hra >7n h^ 1a532.45 grade. At 3c“ -54-inch Table Felt. Good heavy weight with a light, olive, medium and dark green. tions. Trimmed wtih 6,(
' 1 an K k l. v , c ',° l-U “ 10 0 short nap and an excellent wearing qualitv. a , . f* :r i
Ka« n Second F loor. —9xl2-ft. Seamless Kann's-Street Floor. ‘ Kann’s—Third Floor, flares, god et s and BPIFW
$3.50 All-Wool Dress $29.95 89c San-LSal Reducing Salts —1 i|
„ Seanoess 35 C Pkg.; 3 for 95c 6 Bars of Ivory Soap for 21c '
, , , .H.onmem oi .ah wool uress riannu . m Wool \ elvet RUg s. (&1 1 J? —By special arrangement with the manufacturer J l J J
,>.ai.k, tan. wneat. butternut, brown, firestone, cop- $lB 00 "Tade At we will be able to offer this excellent toilet article p t s, r T v orv Soao one of the purest worth several times
per. spruce, flemish blue, monterey, gray, rose, etc. ai.... 'tr v .. . ac,„ ; c-t —Proctor & Lrambie ivorj soap, one oi me purest, /
Kami’s—Street Floor , r , , I "f.S 7 C ' , ment . ontd above. San-i-Sal is lightest soaps on the market. Excellent for toilet the sale price. /
66C to 66c Lining Fabrics Rugs—s6oM Grade At now used. No mail or phone orders. No deliveries. - , £&
& 1 17 C • I Kann's—Third Floor. cn s sizes.
Special 45c Yard —9xl2-ft. Seamless, fringed Vel- Uttier LCOnOmy Specials Kann's—Second Floor.
F 9 vet Rugs.qn beautiful orien- \C? .* T
—Desirable Linings, including regular 55c to 65c tn l rlosions Efl A Olid /MrilCteS
imported sat incite and buty chyne, m hlack, white ” jr»rA-
Colors! Kann s— Third Floor. Perfume. Regularly $1.1). Rc tT . S 3 tllld S 5 200 Framed Pictures
SI 75 Ostrich Trimmin or $44.95 Se„n,le„ Vehe, Rug,, Special ■ Sauzt : Par ' ! ’ Fra ""' Spedal ' 65 C Imported JeWelrV “
* ' , Conner —lmported Mouson Lotion, in a fancy hot- fA A f * —.Vn attractive assortment of Pictures, such as
Sunrinl Ynrrl tie. Regularly $1.50. Economy day ; The Lone \\olf, Mother, “Age ot Innocence.
special, *1.6/ lard -Gillette Safety Razors, in Bronie package. Con- 1 Af| Miss Simplicity and Flower Girl, all framed in
-Fluffy Ostrich Trimming for chiffon dresses. -9x12-ft. Seamless Fringed Wilton Velvet tains razor and 3 blades. Originally SI.OO. OP„ Jh ■ .lilj 9x12 frames, tinted to harmonize with the picture.
White, pink, turquoise, peach, rose, canarv, coral. ,H 8 ' S ; ,r > . attractive: taupe grounds with Special, each , vr Kann's—Street Floor.
henna, orchid, fuchsia and black. ' - slight variations of blue and rose colorings
? - Strc ® t - I ’ loor - —6x9-ft. sizes, regularly $25.00; GIP Ctn PalmollVC SfXip —A Very Lovely Assortment of Im- So// Fi/Ziiny Vnuntnin Puns
$1.79 Piece Longcloth Tuesday, special at slo.t>U Dozen ported Jewelry, consisting of neck- Selt-t llling t OUntOUl PdlS
c • f o rk Kann's—Third Floor. t laces, chokers, vanities, RDi* Veil'll
SneCiaL $ 1.69 —9 ne dozen to a customer—no mail or phone shoe buckles, hat ornar OVC LiHtfl
1 ' orders—none delivered. . _ .
—lO-vard Piece of \V r hite Long Cloth, 36-inches Kann’s —Street Floor. , ments ana many oiner —Fountain Pens for women, men and children, in
wide with nice chamois finish for lingerie purposes. 7 9C« 1 • ?L'pieces too numer- eluding the popular red pens in all sizes, also
Kami’s Street Floor MOC C777C7 &6C A jin€7l M\.erCMeTS men tjon CT mottled or with single or double gold bands. Also
o • i i n i „ii / ?\ unbreakable small pens, in various colors complete
20c White Pajama Check Special , Each pieces ribbon, ah fu» y guaranteed.
l As* Ynrrl —Perfect Quality, Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, in that will Kann s street Floor.
pLfLUII, JAf L. M Ura pretty solid colors, with embroidered corners. wg, addmuch jSfe
-36-inch White Pajama Check, very closely woven Also t plain w^ itc with one-inch hems. This is a at t rac- W# \\ \l^.
and a nice weight for lingerie. mos t ! unusual value {or handkerchiefs of this f t i veness W tVSO*? _ _
Kann's Street Floor. *-**;_ 5“ (I %2 StHttMl SfltPPll I
Plain Voile and Cotton - „.L j I I c ? stu T Si
’ Kerchiefs, 4c Each - EsKiJhJ rcet CiOStIIHIC Slips at
—Lovely Handkerchief, of plain voile and cotton _ ___
TAAWv at a very low price. The cottons are white with 1 f n nf" AA»j. | * _ I f 1 OSPa
colored stripes and the voiles are in solid light JL/OHICSUC ' ■ Z* ■ v
Reg. $1.50 Long Silk Gloves Science6f»6kers at, Chantilly Demi-Flouncings I
M.B.> Stopstitch Full- Special, 85c Pair - QG Special, 89c Yard MM
Fashioned -ilk Hose %?£»sss!?£ ' **.os RM.m su„ M
Atl 71 A TA make. They fit perfectly, have double finger tips ; Slight Seconds ochre and sheepskin, and js especially adapted tor $3.45 Wl/M l
I 8 ancl arc in wh' tc > heige. mastic, mode and French the B odette Hare - —Costume Slips o< radium [ijwiy
N-K -A- • K. y JL JL • gray. Sizes 5J4 to a,!„ Kann's—Street Floor. silk trimmed with hem- ’! rI.V * a
—- , - - —Only 50 of these Excellent Lookers, stitched designs and three- !j:Mi-I
—Perfect Oualitv Full-fashioned Silk Kann s street Floor. so we advise early shopping. They . r ' .. e ; 11 n Whlte ' flesh ' ■ '
Hose, with Silk feet; mercerized tops. ————— are termed seconds, because of slight Inf ants* Dresses and peach and tan. mmmmmmem
with the stopstitch feature which FCONOMY DAY SPECIAI S scratches. Double well size, fully 9 CT 4 4 r> r Kann'a—second Floor.
!?e ARE FOR ONE DAY ONLY! Someth leg“'rapTon“s, e cook Childrens Slips, 44c Each l_
~,,, nietat pelican, lariat ocre ne'che ' ' -■' - 'roastltoiE 'sS' =====
and Cihoulette. Sizes BJ4 to 10. As .. Da^ e . s ' V,T, ’ broidcrcd yokes, or round yokes with lace inser
thcre are only 900 pairs and $1.19 is a J» s~s and is one of the greatest labor sa\ ers t j on an( | ] ace c dge. Plain hem in skirt. Just 300 . t
verv low price, early shopping is ad- 9 jt on the market. P * n "’
K;„n -str.t H 0„, j [ jXfUUVdL I I ~ Ka„„ .-Sroo, ,„„r. i\(UUF<A
-- .. .. —*Sun ■ ■ i _**—.A. ■' mi ■>. * ■ mi ■ .I'l m'".iSSHSL JKSU4 i

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