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WCAP Program Includes
Talk by J. C. Proctor on Bat*
L tie of Civil War Days.
Another dinner dance concert by
the Arlington Beach Park Dance Or
chestra and a play-by-play account
of the Washington-White Sox game
at Oomlskey Park, Chicago, are the
chief attractions on the program this
a-fternoon of station WRC. The Ar
linglon Beach Orchestra, conducted
by Billy Marsden, will play from 5:30
to 6:?5 o'clock, while the broadcast of
the ball game is scheduled to begin
a i 2:55 o'clock. Through a special ar
rangement with the American So
ciety of Composers. Authors and Pub
lishers. all the latest and popular
dance hits in the organization's rep
ertoire will be played by ihe Arling
ton Beach Park Orchestra.
Recital by Toro I sky.
WCAP has hilled a diversified pro
gram for tonight, featuring an or
gan recital by Adolf Torovsky and a
speech by John Clagett Proctor,
president of the Society of Natives
and vice president of the Association
of Oldest Inhabitants of the Dis
trict, on "The Battle of Fort Stevens
that Occurred July 11 and 12, 1864.”
>ir. Torovsky ie organist at the
Church of the Epiphany, and will
give his radio recital on the church
organ, while Mr. Proctors talk will
come direct from the station's
studio in the Homer Building.
The Robinson Quartet, instru
mental. will open WCAP's program
*! 1:39 o'clock. Denman Thompson,
sports editor of The Star will follow
at S o'clock with a resume of the
major league base ball results.
The organ recital of Mr. Torovsky
and Mr. Proctor's address will lead
up to the closing attraction, a concert
h\ the Wardman Park Trio under the
direction of Moe Baer, which is sched
uled to begin at 9:15 o'clock.
Local Radio Entertainment
Friday, July 10, 1925.
>AA—Naval Radio Station, Radio, Va.
.",;45 p.nt. Weather Bureau reports.
10:05 p.m. Weather Bureau reports.
WRC—Radio Corporation of America
<488.5 Meters!.
2:55 p.m.—Play-by-play account of
the Washington-Chlcago base ball
ga me,
5:15 p.m. —Book Reviews by Nina
Reed: "Swallowing the Anchor.” by
William McKee, and "Love,” by Eliza
beth. author of "The German GArdeh.”
5:30 p.m.—Dinner dance program by
the Arlington Beach Park Orchestra.
fi:2s p.m.—Base ball scores.
WCAP—Chesapeake and Potomac
Telephone Co. (468.5 Meters). - I
7:80 to X p.m.—Selections by the
Robinson Quartet. Sol Minster, violin j
Ist; Dorothy Minster, second vioHnlat:
Louis Manoly. cellist, and J. Edgar
Robinson, pianist.
S to 8:05 p.m.— Base Ball Results
of the Day.” by Denman Thompson,
sports editor of The Star.
8:05 to 8:55 p.m.—Organ recital by
Adolf Torovsky. organist of the Church
•f the Epiphany, on the church organ.
8:65 to 9:l6—“The Battle of Fort
81 evens. That Occurred on July 11 and*
12. 1864.” a historical talk on the Na-,
tlonal fa pita I by John Clagett Proctor. <
president of the Society of Natives and j
vice president 'of the Association of!
Oldest Inhabitants of the District of
9:15 to 10:15 p.m.—Concert by ths j
Wa rdma n Park Trio, Moe Baer oon- j
Early Program Saturday.
S:4S to 7:46 a.m.—"Tower Health'
Exercises.” by the Metropolitan Life
Insurance Co., direct from Metropoli- j
tan Tower. Madison avenue, New Tork j
Two Already on Market Work on
Light Current—Others Ex- j
pected Soon.
New types of vacuum tubes, de- !
signed to operate on the ordinary
house electric current, thereby ellmi- \
ns ting the bulky "A” battery, appear
to be the only outstanding Summer
contributions from the inventor to
radio. Whether the new. rubes will
do what is claimed for them by their
manufacturers, of course, remains to
be seen. |
In the pas! few weeks two of the
new types of tubes have received con- j
siderable attention from the radio*
fans who prefer to build their own I
sets and to work out their own meth
ods in design. And from patent at
torneys it Is learned that several
other forms of these “A” - battery
eliminating tubes can be expected by
Up to the present there have, been
no indications from the radio set
manufacturers that the Fall models
will be designed to operate with any
of the new forms of tubes. For this 1
reason the market for- the new models!
has been limited almost entirely to j
Elimination of batteries, both the!
"A" and ”B” types, in radio receivers
has been one of the most troublesome *
problems of the set builder since the i
beginning of the present era of radio j
broadcasring. Although many "B”
battery eliminators have been de
signed. the tube that actually will !
cut out the 60-cycle hum of the al- i
ternating current mains remains to
be acclaimed.
Louisiana had the biggest percent
age of increase in registration last
year, 30.3 per cent.
Organ recital by Adolf
Torov«kv. from Church of the
Epiphany. 8:05 to 8:55 o'clock.
Concert from l.ewisobn Sta
dium. WJZ. New York.. and
WGY. Schenectady. 7:15 to
9 :.T0 o’rlock.
Max Jacobs' Symphony. Or
chestra. from the mail. Central
Park. WNYC. New York. 7:15
to 9:15 o'clock.
Hardman Hour of Music,
WMCA, New York, 8 to 9
Meeting of the Morning
Glory Club. WLIT, Philadel
phia, 9 o'clock.
Concert by the Wardman
Park Trio. WCAP. Washing
ton. 9:15 to 10:15 o'clock.
FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1925
Program* nt Distant (nation* fichrriii ted for Kantrrn Standard Tima
IS TO 4 P.M. Stations. Meter*. Mile*
8:00 New Vork Vocal and inetrumental solos: skelrhe* WEAF 481.5 *204
Detroit: New* Orchestra market*: weather: eeore* WWJ .153 7 .TAT
New York: Score* muaic market*, new* talk WJZ 464.3 204
New Tork: Pianiet; Hock and Jerome singers: talk ... WHN 301.2 204
Boston: MrPeake* Shore Garden Bevel WNAC 280.3 380
Chicago Varied program: humor: entertainment WGN 370.3 694
3:3o—Philadelphia: Dance program WLIT 394.5 133
Mooaebeart. 11l : Music: talk: assembly: band WJJD 302.8 024
3:4o—Philadelphia Police reports: organ: trumpet* WOO 508.2 133
4 TO 5 P.M.
* 00— Philadelphia Dance muaic: score*. sport* WLIT 394.5 123
New- York: Dance orchestra WHN 301 2 204
New York: lesson* in French WNYC 520 204
5 TO 6 P.M.
6:oo—New York Juvenile program, market high spot* WNYC 626 204
New York: Base ball score* WJZ 454 3 204
New York: Hotel Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra WEAK 401 6 204
Philadelphia: Weather: Benjamin Franklin Hotel Concert
Orchestra; market reports WIP 608,2 123
Chicago: Base ball scores . WMAQ 44U5 684
Schenectady: New* bulletins; base ball scores Sunday school
lessons * WGY 379.5 313
New Vork. Uncle Geebde: Win Unger and his Serenade™ WGBS 315.6 204
<hiFa*o: Organ; lullaby tim*; farm program : rlasairal mu
aic program: Comhuskera' Orchestra Wl.s f Sfl4
$ —Newark: Sport talk . tori Urn e atone* WOR 405.2 105
—"ew York: Ernie Golden a Hotel McAlpin Orrheatra WMCA :141 204
Boston: Dinner dance music WNAC *JBO A 3PO
. ( |-' ?kee*ix time for children alone* WGN .T 3 0.2 5P4
6 40—Philadelphia Score*: BeJlevue-Strirt ford Hotel program WFI .*ll*4 5 123
Atlantic City; Score*; orran recital WPG 2 * 14*’
«TO 1 P.M.
600 Atlantic City: Hotel Morton Trio WPG 2PO 8 142
Chicago Slock market quotations: market repot ta din
net; concert by Drake Knaemble and Black stonw Quintet WGN *170.2 504
Newark: South* and Tobin, vaudeville team WOR 405.2 105
New York: Radio talk: Lyn brook Serenade! a WGB« 316 5 204
Chicago Organ Family Altar Learue: Jack Chapmans
Orchestra WMAQ
Schenectady: Albany Strand Theater Orchestra scores health
comedy. *'Ancestors. ' b,v WGY Player*. WJY . WGV 570 5 31.3
Philadelphia Uncle Wip» bedtime atone*, roll call and
birthday list ... WIP 508 2 123
New York Vocal and instrumental solos *tories WEAK 401.6 204
New York Hotel Lafayette Dinner Orchestra WJZ 464 3 204
New York. Merrill Hughes* Collegiate Ramblers: base ball
results: police alarms; news or the day WNYC 6°6 204
New York: Harry Richman and his entertainers Alja
TT e an V WHN Orchestra WHN 301.2 204
Detroit: Dinner concert WWJ 36° 7 397
Chicago News, financial and final market report* Dunns
and Brad*treet> review: base bail score* KYW 635.4 694
Cleveland Golden Pheasant Orchestra WTAM 389 4 303
Sprinrfteld: Hotel Kimball Trio: base ball scores WBZ 333.3 '321
New Tork: Vocal and instrumental solos, house of health
. _ Metropolitan Instrumental Trio WGCP °52 204
—Richmond Hill. N. Y.: Sport talk: songs WAHO 316 0 204
Atlantic City: Fashion review: news WHAR 275 142
Philadelphia Police .reports Hotel Adetphis Orchestra WOO 608.2 123
Philadelphia Dream Daddy, with boys and girls . WLIT 394 5 12,1
Boston: "Road Conditions' WNAC ‘’80.3 .390
„.. York Vocal and instrumental program »oloa WMCA 341 204
" 40 —Mooseheart. III.: Hotel Belmont Trio WJJD 302.8 694
7 TO 8 P.M.
7:oo—Atlantic City Score*: Penna R R. Minstrels WPG 299 8 142
New York: local and instrumental program *olo* WMCA 341 ”04
Boston: Musical program . , WN4C ”80 .3 .390
Philadelphia: Welch* Minstrel* Charlie Fry* Orchestra . WLIT .394 5 1”3
Atlantic City Seaside Hotel Trio WHAR 276 142
Richmond Hill. N. Y.: Vocal and instrumental solos WAHG 315 6 ”04
New York vocal and instrumental pro gram solos WGCP ”5” ”04
Chicago Dinner concert from Congree* Hotel KYW 5.36 4 584
Chicago Juvenile period; police bulletins WBCN 266 594
New York: Vocal and instrumental solo* WHN .361 2 ”04
New York Happiness Candy Boy* trio WEAF 4916 ”04
Chicago . Dinner concert by Ralph William* and his Rainbo
Gardens Orchestra: vocal and instrumental solo* . . WQJ 447 5 594
Chicago: Vocal and instrumental solos: organ WHT 400 594
Hartford. Conn.: Talk: studio program soloa WTIC .34 8 6 30]
Cleveland: Children'* hour: 6tories; music . .. WEAR 389 4 30.3
Kansas City: Musical program. stories: talk WDAF 365 - 6 942
Minneapo'is-St Paul: Scores: news: Osborn, Orchestra. . WCCO 416 4 9.37
New York: Radio News Orchestra: talk WRNY 258 5 ”04
Pittsburgh: Base ball score* KDKA .309.1 188
< Jo—Mooseheari: Music: talk. "Child Care' WJJD .302 8 624
- em ' Z°' k Max Jacobs' Symphony Orchestra WNYC 626 ”04
• :Jo New York Concert from Lewisohn Stadium WGY WJZ 454,3 ”04
Philadelphia: vocal and instrumental program WOO 608 ” T”3
Springfield- Poultry talk WBZ 3333 3”1
Dalis*: C-Sharp Six Syncopators WFAA 475 9 1 18.3
8 TO 8 P.M.
B:oo—Springfield Vocal and instrumental program: Bovle* F.n
lertainere ..* WBZ 33.3.3 321
Philadelphia: WOO Orchestra vocal solo* WOO 508 2 1”3
New York: New* Orchestra: talk* WRNY ”58!s ”04
Chicago: Moments: music: Kaiser* Orchestra WHT ”38 594
New York- Goldman Band concert: solo* WEAF 4915 ”04
New York: Vocal and instrumental solo* WHN 3612 ”04
Chicago: Special program from studio KYW 535 4 594
New York: Feature program WGCP 262 ”04
New York: Vocal and instrumental program solos WAHG .315 6 ”04
. New York: Hardman hour of music WMCA 341 ”04
Atlantic City: Traymore Hotel Dance Orchestra WPG 299 8 14”
Detroit: News Orchestra WWJ .352 7 .397
Chicago Jack Chapman's Orchestra: vocal solos WMAQ 447 5 594
St. Louis: Hotel Statler Concert Orchestra KSD 645 1 710
Denver: Markets: scores hook talk KOA .322 4 1 488
Cleveland: Ed Day and hi* Bedford Glen* Orchestra WEAR .389 4 .30.3
8 IS—New York ' United State* Arm/ Night" program WJY 406 2 ”04
Schenectady Philharmonic Orchestra WGY .379 6 31.3
8 25—Pittsburgh: Market*. Plectrum Quartet KDKA .309 1 188
8 30—Des Moines Vocal and instrumental solo* La Rohem# Trie WHO 628 896
Louisville: Concert program: news: score* WHAS .399 8 471
Chicago: Vocal and instrumental program WGN 370 2 694
8 46—Philadelphia. ArHst recital from studio WT.TT .394 5 j 23
• TO 10 P.M
8 00—Philadelphia Meeting of the Morning Glory Club; Arcadia
Dance Orchestra: Rufu* and Raslus WIJT 394 5 1”,3
Jefferson City: Musical program Lion* Club WOS 440 9 8?3
Chicago: Christian Endeavor topics. Chapman * Orchestra WMAQ 447 6 594
Detroit: Orange Blossoms' Orchestra . WWJ .35” 7 .19-
Atlantic City: Hotel Traymore Dance Orchestra WPG ”99 8 14c
New York: Vocal program: solos WMCA 341 204
Richmond Hill. N. Y.: Radio ouestion box dance orchestra WAHG .316 6 ”04
New York: Harmonica selections: song* solos: Clover Gar
dens Dance Orchestra WGCP ”5” ”04
New York: Billy Butlers Orchestra: Rnseland Orchestra. WHN .361 2 ”04
New York: Concert: K. of C. Glee Club: David Berend. ban
joist, with 20 others WEAF 491 5 ”04
Philadelphia: Organ recital: Hotel Adelphia Orchestra WOO 608'2 12.3
Springfield: Vocal solos: markets scores: weather report
on missing persons WBZ 3.33.3 .321
New Tork: Orchestra: songs: police and weather reports WNYC 526 204
Hartford Conn : Hotel Bond Orchestra WTIC 348 6 301
Minneapoiis-St. Paul: Gordon Cooke Ensemble WCCO 4164 9.37
Ransaa City: Musical program WDAF 366 6 94” i
Chicago- WBCN Hobby Club meeting. WBCN 266 594
Davenport- Musical program violinist: reader WOC 48.3 6 8.38
9:3o—Memphis: Britling's Novelty Orchestra WTMC 499 7 76.3]
New York Beaux Arts Orohestra WJZ 454 ,3 ”04 '
Schenectady WGY Orchestra talks solos WGY 379 6 .313 I
Dallas: .Musical program WFAA 4758 1183
1® TO II P.M
10:00 —Davennort: Weather forecasts for lowa and Illinois WOC 483 6 737 !
New York: Dance program WEAF 491.5 204
New York Vocal solos: dance orchestra WMCA .341 ”04
Atlantic City: California Nighthawk* WPG ”99 8 14”]
Philadelphia. Charlie Fry and his dance orchestra WI.IT .394 5 1”,3
Denver: Address minstrel show by KOA Plavers KOA 322 4 1 489
Chicago Midnight revue: organlogue KYW 5.36 4 '594 1
fTitrago Vocal and instrumental program Loftis program • WHT 490 594
Atlantic City Strand Theater organ recital WHAR ”76 14" 1
Chicago Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Gadens Skylarks:
vocal and instrumental artists WQJ 447 6 694
1016—-Hot Springs: Scores: sports: concert hv the Meter Davi*
Instrumental Quartet KTHS 374.8 905 '
10 SO—Mooseheart. DL: Concert: Straight a Orchestra organ recital WJJD 302 8 624
Chicago: Drake Hotel Orchestra: songs WGN .370.” 594
11:00 Chicago: Vocal and instrumental program Hammond Male
Quartet; orchestra: selos wprs ”66 394
Chicago: Syncopation review WHT 400 594
12:00—Chicago Musical program organ WHT 400 594
De® Moinea: Dance program WHO 526 896 i
Memphis: Midnight frolic WMC 409 7 76.3
12:46—Kansas City: Nighthawk frolic: Plantation Players WDAF .365 6 94"'
1 TO 2 A.M.
I:oo—Chicago: The Ginger hour, with Ralph Williams and the
Little Skylarks WQJ 447.5 594
• i
Noted Authority on Radio
All Bight* Re,»ry*<i. lepreduetio. Prohibited.
How to Btconif a Radio Writer.
Tart 111.
A good talk or article must have a
subject. You must have a definite
subject in mind before you begin 'writ
ing. After you have decided on the
subject you must choose the facts
about that subject which you want to
emphasize and bring out. Then you
must develop ideas and sidelights
whioh will bring out the ideas or
points you want to get across, and.
finally, you fnust use simple and eas
ily understood language to drive each
angle of the subject home.
Radio as a whole has an innumer
able number of subjects that can be
developed into ideas for stories and
articles. There are circuits: there are
subjects of electrical theory, there are
constructional hints and ideas: there
are general interest items which have
to do with the broadcast programs,
and there are thousands of other
minor subjects which come tip and
have a hearing on many of the larger
New Ideas Small.
The number of really “new" things
in radio or any other art are com
paratively small. You may just as
well start out with the idea that
"there is nothing new under the sun.”
Your own treatment of a subject,
whereby you use your own method of
explaining a subject, is the only
originality possible in the treatment
of practically any subject. This being
the case, the only thing left of you is
to get all the facts in the case, see
what others have said and written on
•a given subject, and then use those
facts in your own way to explain any
difficulties that might arise in the
mind of your reader or listener.
Now. remember that you who are
not experts are in the best position to
know these points which are likely to
give the most trouble. The expert
has to put himself in the reader's
place to get the reader's viewpoint
and this 1s really the most difficult
part of the writer’s task. You who
are not experts do not have this trou
ble. You yourselves are the readers
and novices and you do not have to
climb over the fence. You are where
you should be to get the best view of
this, picture.
Read All Literature for Farts.
All you need are facts and a little
experience In Expressing yourself.
The facts are available all around you.
All you have to do is consult the
standard hooks on the subject. The
magazine articles will furnish you
with many facts, and the newspaper
columns are'alive with just such facts
as von will need to bring out your
points. Facts may he used in two
ways. They may he used to lend
weight to a statement you have made
or are about to make, and thev may
be used as subjects which need ex
• You can find subjects and ideas by
running through the books, magazines
and newspaper articles. Once you
have decided on a subject you can
find more information Qn such sub
jects by consulting the book and
magazine indexes. If you plan to go
In for writing on a large scale, keep
an index of articles on various sub
jects which you feel you might use at
a later time and a clipping file of
clippings on those subjects.
In parting let me warn you that
practically all articles in books, maga
zines and newspapers are. protected by
copyright and any copying of an arti
cle may mean prosecution. There Is
nothing, however, to prevent von from
reading through any article and then
presenting a given subject in vour
own words, using your own idea to
make the subject clear.
Dr. Jenkins Says Radio Device Will
Not Be Ready for Four Months.
Instead of giving his “radio-vision”
instrument its first long-distance
try-out between Washington and
Boston, as he had originally planned.
Dr. C. Francis Jenkins may choose
Philadelphia as the city of reception.
It was learned today. Friends of the
Washington Inventor living in Phila
delphia have offered full co-opera
Dr. Jenkins said today, however,
that in all probability he will need
three, or perhaps four months more
time before he will be willing to sub
ject the apparatus now being built
to such a test.

Armistice Day Exchange Planned.
An Armistice day exchange of
radio programs between Europe and
the United States on November 11
may be arranged for listeners-in if
proposed plans of the Radio Corpora
tion can be carried out by that time.
Experiments, by means of which it
is hoped that British programs can
be rebroadcast in this country in a
more satisfactory manner than those
of the Spring, are. being conducted
at the Radio Corporation's labora
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demand the \ L } s r.sc «c Sure to Take Home a Trent”
CARTER’S LITTLE UVFR°PIU.S Rnhv FnnA « ’ !!lite! 4#c and 'it
The- ri*e prompt relief—with pi*,, 'A * sr\r\ Odor Sweet 25c fV y^,
anrl * fter l effect,. Th *-^ l e*e,r the heart Hush •’Sc CV I V>V
Small Pill Small Pose Small Price n ..... . '.' Depilatories t. ' wfr
Uryco Milk (fz.2.y size) ' tv A y >c\! j jC / fXrf Trr>>^
******* tse »• rtMr.tMagMUkftish.tM' K'TKi,.:::::::::::::::::::::®; I lillliimw x, V ,
. Borden's Malted Milk ($1 Size). 75c Xeet x ........45c ‘'
f7sc Siiey 40c Rubberized
m Imperial Granum..2sc, 65c and 97c Get a One-Pound Box of
Nestle 9 $ Food ...,32c and 64c /| l* _
Johnson s Barley 23c and 39c U/ If VS f] C FrllTtl Tfm Fi W
9r. Squibb's Sugar of Milk WflUei 1C 5 IjUttl UIUUS
ooc ralmolive (lh . SiM) 59c Speciof, 29c „ , ~ /n . ,
oi . /i onrf n one-pound box of Douglass
Shaving Cream wh „. 0 , „
Miscellaneous working around the house. Full \fllt 11/ /lf/)P f gl-f-f'Xr
'« * /
Special, 4VC Baby freed* waterproof
r, ii n c in Many attractive designs from _
Palmolive Shaving Cream pro. Rubber Bath Sponges ]Or which to select. O
utw fh r t ich f. non-drying Si/fr Sponges Jsc tmrf 25r Both for _J _ M
lather that makes shaving a real h.lc no *»,,«»« /sr, mM »a w.
pleasure. Buy a tube as you g„ Bath Spray . 9«c =—===
home tonight. Tou’ll liks it. Fever Thermometer 67c y j.
Rubber Crib Sheeting. . .$1.19 tpleoU LfldieS 0,.. .. . _ . . ,
. . « .. ... , S . _ Old-fashioned Gum Drops—fresh, tempting and whole-
Anti-Colic Nipples. .OC and 7c Q c some. Assorted, true fruit flavors.
B T Ingrams Nipples, ODrflV OVTITI^CS
Ivory 10c; 3 for 25c. ” Douglass' Sal Water Taffy—a variety of flavors in each II
F DavoTs Transparent d~k Cl boX ’ such as utrawberry, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, etc. Pure
Soap Nipples ..A..Sc; 6 for 25c Special , ?/OC and delicious.
o U i bf> D B *!? y PantS fn r These Splendid Quality Syringes Remember—Tuo pounds of fresh, pure randies for
Ut Baby Pacifier, 10c are scientifically made. Aneces- only 53c.
~l Infants Rectal Syringes. sity to mjladj . s personal dainti .
■ ■ ==3—gsgggqgßgi «- I ■ ———-THI 39c 9 69c Qesii

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