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Radio Message States Prog
ress Along Labrador Coast
More lee than has before bppn known
slong the Labrador roast has laid
handicaps that make the task of the
MacMillan Arctic expedition more dit
hcult than had been expected, accord
ing: to a radio message front thp expe
dition to the National Geographic So
cietv today, announcing the movement
of the expedition in its push north
ward. The message was picked up hv
■station 2DS. Jesse W Holland, of -S7<*
Ninth street, Brooklyn, X. V.. and is
• s follows:
"Mr are read' to leave the Mora
vian Mission station, al Hopedale. on
•he labrador coast, for the North.
Every man on botli the Peary and the
Bnwdoin is fitted out with good Kski
tno sealskin boois. with additional
*kins for clothing should there be a
necessity for an emergence retreat
southward over the ice of Melville Bav
this Kail.
Field lee Unusually Plentiful.
"The amount of field ice on the Lab
rador coast is almost unprecedented.
0 !d fishermen declare that it is the
worst season they have ever experi
enced The coast is packed practically
from Hamilton Ir.let northward as far
as we can see.
"W’e shall leave here at ’ o'clock
tomorrow (Friday) morning, threading
our way down through the rocks to
•'ape Harrigin, If we are able to get
around this cape in good time we shall
proceed northward through the ice to
•'ape Mugford and take our departure
from that point for Sukkertoppen.
Greenland, a distance about (500 miles.
"I have the best body of men I
have ever had on any of my trips
The Navy personnel could not be he
tei You may expect to hear good
ttdin.es from them.
"My scientists and photographers
ate on tlteir jobs every minute. A
good cook makes a happy family. M'e
ha ve two of the best. My engineer.
John Jaynes, and mate, Ralph Robin
son. veterans of Arctic work, are as
faithful and loyal as ever.
Lauds Work of Missionaries.
Rev. Mr. Perritt, wife and family
wore our guests at dinner today on
hoard the Peary. Too much cannot
be said in praise, of these faithful
Moravians, whose representatives have
been on the coast for 150 years. They
certainly deserve the appreciation of
the American people for their noble
"Th° Bowdoin's radio operator com
munica'cd with Cornwall. England, to
dav. a distance of 2.400 miles.
•■ape Harrigan. near Hopedale. is on
♦he Labrador coast, about 400 miles
north of Newfoundland. Cape Mug
ford is 200 miles farther north at the
sSrh parallel of latitude. Point Suk
kertoppen is about 100 miles north of
Godthaah, Greenland, near the n&th
(Continued from First Page I
races, the bulk of the crowd is ex
pected to travel by train. In anticipa
tion of this the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad has announced a special
schedule of six trains each from Balti
more and Washington direct to ihe
track. The schedule for the tVashins
ton trains follows:
Lv Wabh Ar. speed wav.
Tra’P No. 7S . . 10:30 a m. 10:53a.m.
Tram No. 32 12:30 p.m l 04 p.m.
f irst special . ... 12:45 n.m. 1:10 p.m.
Second special 1:15 p.m 1:37 ».m.
Third special ... 1 :30 p.m. 1 52 o.ni.
Train No. 152 . . 2:00 p.m 2:20 pm.
bv. Speedway. Ar. Wash.
First special . . 5:30 p.m. 5:55 p.m.
Second special 5.50 p.m. 8:10 p.m.
Third special .. 8:00 pm. 8:25p.m.
Tra'n No. 150 8:05 p.m. 8:47 p.m.
Train No. 183 . . 8:27 p.m. 8.50 p.m.
•Train No. 185 7.14 p.m 7:55 p.m.
’Stops for delayed passenger*.
Police Watch Boulevard.
Police detailed io guard the Balti
more boulevard, the only route to the
speedway from either Washington or
Baltimore, are on edge in anticipa
tion of unprecedented traffic there,
however. It is predicted that, no
previous event, not even the Shrine
convention two years ago or the an
nual Autumn running races at Laurel
ever attracted so much traffic to the
boulevard at one time as the auto
mobile races will draw' tomorrow.
The races will start at 2:30 o'clock,
but motorists are warned to make an
early start if possible, as the journey
to the track will he very slow. Not
so much difficulty is expected getting
the motorists over the Baltimore
boulevard as in jamming them down
the comparatively narrow road from
the main highway to the track proper
Tn view of these conditions motorists
should allow themselves unusual lee
way as to running time.
Although the Baltimore boulevard
1s the only road to the track from
M'ashingtoo. motorists can assist con
siderably by dividing their attention
among th" three routes to that high
way The. roost popular route, of
course, will be out Maryland avenue
to Fifteenth street, where the boule
vard begins. Next will be the route
out Rhode Island avenue, through
Mount Rainier and Cottage City to
the boulevard.
Thh'd Route Shnrler.
There is still a third route, how
ev ci, just as short and just as well
paved, which brings motorists ottt
well beyond the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad crossing in Hyattsviile. To
take that, route drive io Michigan
a venue, running along the south edge
The box !
i> blue BESjji
Opal iar *“ Mti
' nS ' de
Be sure to get
real Resinol
If you want to get rid of eczema,
pimples, or other distressing skin
eruption, you will accept no ’’sub
stitute’’jfor Resinol. Prepa-ations
similar in name or appearance are
not “just the same as Resinol.’’
Although a fsw unscrupulous deal
ers mav offer them as or for Res
thev a-e often end-!v made,
of little healing power, and some
max evert be dangerous to use.
Buv in the original blue package.
, »
Resinol is never sold m Hulk
\ /thfc-yr 4
\ V. ./ .M
Fror « Aa.UvtdVflr
/ -<s^ y -
if jfr
# M£f
£ N. .F.
f . ... l ...
Sipnal Flap System
H ill Direct Racers
On Track at Laurel
When the cars actually get
tinder way at Laurel in the race
tomorrow the drivers will be
regulated in their terrifying
journey by a system of flags.
This is what each signal will
Red—Course is dear.
Yellow—\ccident on the track.
Green—Driver entering his
last lap.
White—Stop at pit for consul
Black wilh white center —An-
other car trying to pass.
Black and white checkered—
Race for that particular driver
of Soldiers' Home grounds. Continue ;
straight out past the* Catholic Uni-j
versify. Upon reaching the new gym- j
nasium building of the university the j
road will fork. Take the left-hand I
fork, thus leaving the car tracks. |
From then on it is a case of follow
ing the sign posts to Hyattsviile over 1
a perfect road.
Those who wish to view the races
from their own cars may drive inside
of the egg-shaped bowl and park their i
cars within the arena. There is room I
there for an almost unlimited number j
of cars. hut. because of the slowness j
that is hound to occur in getting them ;
in. the need for early arrivals is again ;
stressed by those in charge. Uni- i
formed guards of the Automobile Club ;
of Maryland, the Maryland State po- j
li*-e and detachments of the District i
National Guard will watch automo
biles parked outside -of the Speedway j
There will he plenty to interest
early arrivals, almost from 7 o'clock
in the morning until the time the race, [
starts. Cars will begin taking the .
track early in the morning, tuning up.
checking on machinery, testing out I
curves and what not. A prize of $25,-
BOil is at stake—s9,ooo to the winner |
and $5,500 and $3,000 to second and j
third, respectively. To complete the
250 miles each car must circle th“
track 223 times.

_ . j
Forty-Five Participate in R-»lay •
Contest at Akron, Ohio.
AKRON. Ohio. July 10 At 7:52 ;
o'clock M'ednesdav night Rev. W. M. j
Xaumann, pastor of Madison Avenue j
Evangelical Church, read aloud the!
final verse in the Book of Revelations, j
and Akron's first public relay reading)
of the Bible was at an end, 71 hours j
27 minutes, after it started.
Forty-five readers participated in the
contest. They divided their time into
170 periods averaging 24 minutes each.
K-# ..!>■ ■ .
IB wwr r*
II c are open tomorrow, Satnr
day, for six busy hours X A ,M. to I
2 P.M. our Saturday store hours 2- * :
JBbBHb for Ju/v and August. Plenty of
SHH time to buy quality merchandise at
“vacation” sales prices. jjjpf \ -
ißHpjpi ’’Vacation Sales
300 Pairs Hr
Cfgtp- to $lO
9BH Tropical Worsted
Mohair Trousers
Moneys Worth or Money Back
1005 Pa. Ave. 1724 Pa. Ave.
(Continued from First Page.)
sill added that the Imminent danger
of attack from the ('hinese quarters
had developed within the last few
Military activity still continues.
Hundreds of striking •'’hinese are re
turning to Hongkong, while others
who wish to return are being prevent
ed by the authorities. Ships plying
between Canton and Hongkong will
cease running tomorrow when ("hi
crews strike.
The situation here today is describ
ed as critical.
Settlement Protested.
The situation so far as the foreign
settlement of Shameen is concerned
is unchanged. The evacuation of ail
non-combatants lias been effected. The
foreign concession is protected with
barbed wire and sufficient forces have
been landed from the foreign warships
to withstand an attack front the
Reports from the Chinese city in
dicated severe fighting is in progress
in the outskirts between factions
under the leadership of opposing mem
bers of the new government, which
has split in the question of the divi
sion of posts.
Yang Hsi min. who r-ommanded the
“A Summer Colony Under Club Control ”
,- n nc« T SHERWOOD
otr -I’d of large property * Pearetul cool night s . Rest
-0 nip peri pt*>r for deep osier ;_n
and diving For .he Ire* *e, for happy tired little folk
per,meed * fine, sandy gradu a ' elove of a healthv day S
fttirttc h#*?ich from anki« play. A sjnetuiry tor the
whw little ono9 play m th* tired. \o disHirbances
•and nut tn nv*r yonr eUpfh conntenanred after hrd-
EitegMiard durmi hath«nc hn«r«. time.
Furnished Bungalows — Season—s3oo Up
Proportionate Rates Shorter Periods
For further Particulars Apply 503 14th Street N.W.
Telephone Main 7523
Beautiful drive byway of Marlboro. Road in excellent condition.
Dissolution of Grain Marketing
Company Will Help. Co-Opera
tive’s Farm Council Says.
j Dissolution of the $26,000,000 Grain
Marketing Corporation was he'd to be
beneficial to the co-operative market
ing movement in a statement lodav
by the National Council of Farmers’
Co-operative Marketing Associations.
Former Gov. Frank O. Lowden of
Illinois and Robert W. Bingham of
| Louisville are officers of the National
t ’otincil.
Walton Peteet. secretary of the cottn
i HI, declared the wav now would he
cleared for a "big forward movement
in true co-operative grain marketing
which will involve the strengthening
of the present commodity wheal pools
in unorganized States and the ulti
mate federation of these by zones and
otherwise into a national co-operative
sales agency big enough and strong
! enough to dpal with Ihe large proh
lenis involved in marketing the Na
tion’s wheat crop."
He said lie opposed ihe forwalion of
I the Grain Marketing Corporation on
; the ground that it was a merger of
grain-carrying firms rather than a
j co-operative marketing body.
Yunnanese forces recently defeated
by the Cantonese, is soliciting funds
i in Shanghai with a view to renewing
his fight for possession of Canton.
British and Japanese residents are
i protecting shipments of silk for
• foreign markets.
Great quantities of food is arriving
for the strikers.
Retire* from Delegation Named to
Settle Strike.
REKING. July 10
Martel. French Slinister to China, has
i withdrawn from the delegation ten
tativelv appointed by the foreign dip
lomatio corps at Peking to negotiate
a settlement of the strike and subse
quent troubles at Shanghai. Count de
Martel explained his action by saying
the Peking diplomatic corps and the
j Shanghai municipal council differ re
i garding jurisdiction and power of the
I council. Negotiations will be useless
) until this question is -settled, he main-
| tained.
The legations at Peking consider the
Shanghai municipal council purely an
administrative body. Count Martel ex
-1 plained. The legations think the coun
cil has no power to represent the for
eign governments in a Shanghai set
jf lenten!. The council, however, be
| lieves its powers are broader than the
’ ' legations concefie.
If a man speaks and arts a® his
\ conscience dictates, often h“ is called
1 a crank.
The Baltimore - Wa.shington
Speedway is midway between
Baltimore and Washington,
about 2 miles south of Laurel
•and a half mile southeast of the
Baltimore Washington boule
Race will start at 2:30 p.m.
Saturday. Gates open at K
a.ni. Cars will be on the track
all morning.
This race is sanctioned by
the A. A. A. and will be held
under the supervision of the
contest board of the American
Automobile Association.
Prize money totaling $25,000
has been set aside by the
Speedway company, the winner
to receive $9,000; second place,
$5,500: third place. $3,000. etc.
The contestants include Peter
de Paolo. Tommy Milton. Ralph
de Palma. Earl Cooper, Bennie
Hill, Harry Hartz. Jerry Won
derlich, Frank Elliott. Fred
Comer. Leon Duray, Bob Me-
Donogh. Reginald Johnson.
Dr. William Shattuc. W r ade
Morton. Ralph Hepburn. Peter
Kriess. Eari Devore and Phil
The track is a mile and one
eighth around, banked at an
angle of 48 degrees on the
turns. Cars must circle the
oval 223 times to complete the
250-mile run.
Grandstand will seat approxi
mately 30,000. Within the howl
10,000 cars may be parked,
from w-hich their occupants may
view the race. Unlimited free
parking outside the track on
Speedway property for holders
of grandstand seats.
Cars narked outside of the
arena will be protected by the
uniformed guards of the Auto
mobile Club of Maryland, the
Maryland Btate police and a
detachment of the District of
Columbia National Guard.
Official starter, Fred J. Wag
ner: referee, Robert B. Gable.
Special B. A- O. trains will
run to and front the Speedway,
at 10:35 a.m. Satur
Noted Archeologist Dead.
ROME. July 10 , A > ). — Prof. Giacomo
Boni. eminent archeologist and dt
rector of the excavations at the
Forum, died today. He suffered an
apoplectic stroke early this week.
Opening of the New and
Mrxiem Filling Station of
4515 Conduit Road
With Mfrj 5 gallon* of Rotor Oas or Columbia
t fiaeofine bought here on
Wo give FREE 1 qts. of Rotorlene Oil
Vacation Time
Jewelry Time
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Brick Structure in Good Condition
Is Unearthed About 700 Miles !
From Luxor.
By th* Associated Pppm.
NKW YORK. July 10.—The palace ‘
in which King Tut-ankh-Amen. Egyp- !
tian monarch who lived 3.500 years j
ago, spent 20 years of his life, re- |
I cent.lv was unearthed in middle Egypt i
by the Egyptian Exploration Society. |
Thomas Whitemore, American repre
sentative said today upon his ar- j
rival on the steamship Mauretania, j
The palace was in an unusual state !
of preservation and will add much to j
| the knowledge of the king whose j
j tomb was excavated at Luxor, he ;
j said. The palace is a.r Akhataton. !
j about 700 miles from Luxor and is j
j built of sun-baked brick, which had
been preserved by shifting sand. The
name of King Tut appears many
I times on iis walls.
• -
More than one sixth of ail the
persons employed in industrial pur
suit.s in Oklahoma are engaged in the
j oil refining industry. |
Emerson Jr. j
with switch
a 9-inch $ll.OO fan
of real quality
♦cith the
5-Year Guarantee
The Emerson Electric Mfg. Co.
St. Lotus, Mo.
Doubleday-Hill Electric Co.
715 12th St. N.W.
Liwri Fete to Be fjiyen. With Fea
ture Dancing.
The Kevin Barry Council of ihe
\ineriean Association for tiie Kw nsni
lion of the Irish Republic will give
i lawn party tomorrow nigh' at the
home of Annas Collins. !T«>l T street.
44 444-4 ♦4444 4 ♦ 444 444444 4-« 4 # 4 4 ♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦««♦ 4 4 4 4444-4
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f *
4 4
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♦ 4
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4 4
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i Saturday Only j
4 4 '-*l4
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leh ■■■■■ ;im
Irish and American dancing will be a
feature of the party.
The council has elected Charles F,d
ward Russell. John V. Fit erty and
Mrs Mary F. Balhaus as delegates to
the association's convention In New
York City, July is and 19.
Many a man who has thoucht him
self wise has been declared otherwise
by a Jury.

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