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Model Commercial Pact Be
comes Operative—Rati
fication Slow.
By the Associated Press.
Temporary arrangements under
which American commercial relations
With Germany have been conducted
since the war were supplanted yester
day by the new treaty of friendship
and amity with Germany, ratifications
of which were exchanged by Secre
tary Kellogg and Baron von Maltzan,
the German Ambassador.
The treaty la regarded at the State
Department as the model for commer
cial treaties now being negotiated with
other governments. Including Hun
gary and Bpain. These have been
made necessary by changed conditions
due to the war.
The treaty with Germany was signed
December 8,1923, by Secretary Hughes
and Ambassador Wiedfeldt, then Ger
man diplomatic representative in
"Washington, but was not ratified by
the Senate until February 10. this
year, nor In Germany until August 20.
The delay in Germany was due to
debate over a resolution Included in
the Senate ratification reserving the
right to Congress to declare tariff
rates preferential to American ship
ping at any time after the elapse of
one year from the effective date of
the treaty. A further stipulation
made by tiie Senate reserved the right
to control Immigration.
The treaty runs for ten years before
It is open to denunciation by cither
party on one year's notice. It is lmsed
on unconditional most favored nation
treatment and included specific pro
visions that extend to the nationals
of each country within the Jurisdiction
of the other full rights and protection
in commercial or other matters.
Francis P, Gibson, Grand Secretary,
Society for Deaf, Urges All
to “Keep on Smiling.’’
Francis P. Gibson of Evanston. Ill
grand secretary of the National Fra
ternal Society for the Deaf, and his
wife were guests of honor at a ban
quet given by the Washington chap
ter of the society at the Continental
Hotel last night. Mr. Gibsoff is on an
inspection tour of the different chap
ters of the organization.
Using the sign language. Mr. Gib
son gave a brief talk on "Keep Smil
ing" and Dr. Perclval Hall, president
of Gallaudet College, spoke on “Means
of Promoting the Welfare of the Or
ganization." Edwin E. Macskoske,
chairman, and E. E. Bernstorff and
Louis Lovett comprised the commit
tee in charge of the banquet.
C. C. Quinley, president of the local
chapter, presided.
The National Fraternal Society of
Deaf Is an insurance organization,
with offices in Chicago. The society
was organized when it was found that
insurance companies asked higher
rates of deaf people, claiming they
were bad risks. The records of the
society show, It is claimed, that the
deaf are as good risks as anybody.
The organization was formed by deaf
people, and all the national officers
are deaf.
J. N. Ball Weds English Girl on
South Sea Isle.
GINNEJLL, lowa, October 15 (*>).—
James Norman Hall, author, and Miss
Sarah Winchester, an English girl,
were married September 15 last at
Tahiti, one of the South Sea Islands
of the French Society group, accord
ing to word received yesterday by his
mother, Mrs. Arthur W. Hall of Col
fax. lowa.
Mr. Hall is author of "Kitchener’s
Bob" and other books.
Fish in Sahara Desert.
Live fish and shellfish, similar to
those inhabiting the lakes of Pales
tine, have been found by artesian well
borers at depths of 200 feet and 300
feet beneath the burning sands of
the Sahara Desert.
Two girls are serving in the crew
of the American ship Monterey. They
are the daughters of the vessel's skip
per. The elder girl has been at sea
nearly 10 years. Clad in blue dunga
rees, they share all the duties of the
crew. They have lessons in naviga
tlon and take spells at the wheel when
the weather is fine.
m J Millinery Importer*
b™ «»F Streets kr
Exceptional Offering
In '
95 Hats
86 Hats Srt“ s6jo
92 Hats W» *9=
All $ 22~ to $ 35 Hats
s ll= and s ls
NOTE.—At the above prices are All Velvets, Velvets and
satin Combinations, also Felts trimmed with velvet. All have
been reduced from our awn stock. I
~ Chivalrous Cop
- Apologizes for
m m Being Hit by Car
Washington’s most chivalrous
traffic policeman is Traffic Officer
George H. Russell, who waves his
- arms at Connecticut avenue and
M street of afternoons.
He was directing traffic there
yesterday afternoon when Mrs.
R. L. Neuhauser of 1847 Kalorama
road came along in her automo
bile and knocked him from his
post, bruising his leg and upset
ting. for the moment, his dignity.
r Policeman Russell did not
a launch into a tirade of righteous
wrath and haul the fair driver to
traffic court amid a barrage of fe
g marks about woman drivers. In
s stead, he smiled as though apolo
glzing for bumping her car with
, his person, tipped his hat, and
gallantly motioned Mrs. Neu
p hauser to pr >ceed, stating:
“ 'Hall right, ma’am, the rain
-, did it. You weren't to blame.”
Births Reported. I
The following births have been reported
j to the Health Department in the last 24
hou rs:
3 Garlin S. and Clara W. Paxson, girl.
Clarence A. and Helen H. McFarland, girl.
, Harry D. and Josephine A. Wood. girl.
Karl W. and Mary E. MeGruder. boy.
' and Grace Prentice, rtrl.
3 Lari W. and Ethel V. Paype.boy.
Giovanni B. and Roaa M. Arduim. boy.
William C. and Leila C. Hall. xirl.
) Owen H. and Nan Morns, hoy.
1 M - an<l Anna M. teller*, airl.
‘ John D. and Athena D. Naeoa. g-iiT.
Paul M. and Anna M. Taylor, boy.
r James H. and Lois J. Wasenen. cirl.
Peter and Lrna D-mas. boy.
r JJelt in D. and Emma L. Hildreth, rtrl.
f Russell E. and Rn„> K. Rollers, rlrl.
f 'Valter L. and Manraret Bowie, fioy.
Ltieio and Ella Gome/., boy.
■ Edward C. and Sadie Davi*. boy.
L Janies F. and Elizabeth Colbert, boy.
Herbert \ and j,ewU. boy.
William and Arnetta P. Morpan, sirl.
Arthur and Eva M. Davis, boy.
Jesse and Estelle Mills, boy.
. C harles W. and I-ena G. Manly, bov.
M an, t Dxell Griffin, irirl.
i Wesley and Annie Johnson, rirl.
Georire and Mazora Gray, boy.
i w/Ju **■ and Rarheal Long-, boy.
William and Mattie Freeman, boy.
1 Liston and Mamie C. Newkirk, boy.
, James W. and Evelyn, boy.
Deaths Reported.
John Nick. 59. Providence Hospital.
Harriett E Henry. 90. 2233 18th it.
Grover C. Evans. 32. Walter Reed Hospital
n!ta? nS ° n Dl Webb - 46 - Walter Reed Hot
llJSf** J - Weihle. 38. Walter Reed Hospital.
DiUl n J- ° rolh - 43 - Walter Reed Hoa
’ wi r iM h J- McCauley. 57. 7 Adame st.
J, 1 i2 r n & r er -. 6 - Walter Reed Hospital.
tushL R Ai I ' Pml> F 7 i; th “ Mayflower Hotel.
Uidversify ° 3 ’ < '° or,re Wa " hintton
Atla Miller. 52. Galliiirer Hospital.
w-mi’- P^7. a U e - 7U. Freednien » Hospital.
MUliam tullev. 44. Garfield Hospital.
Ditaf Robertson, lb. Tuberculosis Hos
pi Bertha D. Henry. 20. St. Elizabeth'e Hoe-
Garrie V. Clay. 35. 1422 P st
Florence Boyd. 48. Gallinxer hospital.
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hers of the two families followed the
ceremony at the home of the bride’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Edmond
Stringer. Mr. and Mrs. Handy left
for a wedding trip after the break-
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Clark, the great ex- 1
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speed your journey.
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The National
Mr. Foster's Shop
14th St. at Pa. Ave.
Also 1229 Pa. Ave.
fast. They will be at home after No
vember 1 at Northbrook Courts.
Mr. William Phelps Eno has return
en and opened his home on N street
, for the Winter.
Mrs. Herbert Shipman has gone to
New York from Newport and is with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edson
Bradley, at the Hotel Plaza.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley entertained a
small company Informally for Mrs.
Shipman last evening In the Terraced
Mine. Paternotre of France, who Is
visiting her brother and sister-tn-law,
Mr. and Mrs. James Elverson, Jr., in
Philadelphia, was Joined there yester
day by her daughter, Countess Boni
de Castellano. The Countess lived
here as a little girl when her father,
the late M. Jules Paternotre, was Min
ister of France. Mme. Paternotre’s
wedding to the French Minister took
place In Washington, where her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Elverson
of Philadelphia, lived at Clifton, Just
south of the Naval Observatory.
Mrs. Coupal, wife of the physician
to the President, entertained a few
guests at luncheon yesterday at the
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lee of Canton,
Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haas
of Detroit, who have been spending
the Summer in Atlantic City, are in
Washington for a few days, and have
taken suites at the Lee House. They
wIU return by motor to Detroit.
Gov. Nellie Ross of Wyoming will
arrive In Washington Saturday, and
will be at the Willard, where she will
spend several days.
The marriage of Miss Lida Brown
Kelly, daughter of Capt. and Mrs.
Austin W. Kelly, to Mr. William A.
Brooks will take place tomorrow after
noon. at 5 o’clock, in the Fifth Bap
tist Church parsonage. Mr. Brooks
and his bride will make their home
at 465 H street southwest.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bliss and fam
ily have returned to Washington, and
will be In their apartment at the Lee
House for the WTnter. They returned
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to Washington yesterday after being
away for the Bummer.
Rummage Sale for Men’s
Service Club Calls Society.
Mrs. Theodore Douglas Robinson,
wife of the Assistant Secretary of
the Navy, was a patroness for the
rummage sale being held for the
Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ club
house, at 1015 L street, which open
ed yesterday at 1224 F street and
will continue today and tomorrow
from 9to 4:30 o’clock Other patron
esses include Mrs. Dennis E. Nolan,
Mrs. Malin Craig, Mrs. Hugh A.
Drum, Mrs. Conrad Babcock, Mrs.
John Joyes, Mrs. Frederick Kellond,
Mrs. Frank Francis, Mrs. Cortland
Nixon, Mrs. Prescott S. Tucker, Mrs.
Francis Hopkins, Miss Reaume, Mrs.
Robert Danford. Mrs. Emery Adams,
Mrs. E. S Du Bois, Mrs. William H.
Carter, Mrs. Willard A. Holbrook
Mrs. Mary Duncan Albee, Miss Block
Mrs. Howard Clark, Mrs. Kennet
Mrs. F. o. Johnson, Mrs. D. W
Harmon, Miss McKlbbln, Mrs. Archi
Miller, Mrs. W. V. Morris, Mrs. Dan
lei Van Voorhis, Mrs. 11. C. Morrh
Mrs. John B. Bennett, Mrs. Charle
K. Mallony, Mrs. Robert Sears. Mrs
William E. Persons, Mrs. Eugene S
Hartnett, Mrs. Joseph E. Bastion
Mrs. Herbert J. Wild, Mrs. Rober
Fleming. Mrs. T. Hardy Todd and
Mrs. Phillip Mallony.
Miss Thresa Eawrenee of Herndon.
Va_, entertained at dinner Monda>
evening in honor of Miss Thelma
Leone Thompson, whose marriage to
Dr. Daniel Landis Detwller, also of
Herndon, will be an Important social
event of the coming week, the wed
ding being solemnized In St. Timothy’s
Episcopal Church Wednesday evening,
October 21. Miss Thompson is a grad
uate of the Woman's College. Lvnch-
—of tb« »»y, but v.lira it conn** to
(rood mork and low price, wo are the
flr«t one In the rank.
Remodeling Our Specialty
WAT 17 furrier
burg, and will be attended by several
classmates of that college. Mrs. An
nie Robey-Walker will play the wed
ding music, and Miss Elizabeth Ellis
of Washlngton-Herndon will slug.
The Rev. Alexander Galt, rector of
St. Timothy's Church, will perform
the ceremony.
Mrs. Albert M. Tennis and sister,
Mrs. V. L. Daougherty, of Hampton,
Va., are the guesta of the former’s
daughters, Mrs. George T. Wood and
Miss Mary Frances Tennis, of 1773
Lanier place.
Mrs. J. M, Schneider left Washing
ton on Sunday for Wilmington, Del.,
where she will take part in the many
social affairs being given in honor
of the marriage of her son, Mr. Julius
M. Schneider, Jr., and Miss Frances
Sellers of Wilmington. Cards have
been received In Washington for the
Never Sold in Bulk
Our Name on
the Double-Wrapped
and Sealed Package
Is Your Protection
wedding, which will take place Sat
urday, October 24, at 7 o’clock, In the
Church of the New Jerusalem, in that
Mrs. E. J. Brennan will be hostess
at the Sunday tea at the Women’s
City Club. She will be assisted by
Mrs. McPherson Crichton, and Mrs.
Joshua Evans, Jr., will pour. The
guest of honor will be Dr. Gertrude
Brigham, who has Just returned from
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