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Wage Cut DeclaseH Unac
ceptable—Children Fed in
Strike Area.
By flip \- n.-cited Pre«s.
TiONItON. May 7<l. The national
i'inference of miners’ delegates today
’•elected i!ii’ t:< v'rnmenr Y proposals
for settlement of the miners' strike.
The delegates adopted a resolution
saying "We are unable to rerom
mend that the mine workers aeoept
Premier Baldwin's proposals for re
iluetton of wages whieh do not at pres
ent provide for a decent standard of
The resolution adopted hy the dele
gates sail that Tin* conference was
largely in agreement with, the legis
lative and administrative proposals set
iorth in the premier's plan hut that
the conference cor' ! • no reason
why these measures almnM first he
reviewed by a coal ndvl-ory commit
tee. The resolution .-ail that the
miners were prepared to render every
assistance possible to secure the suc
cess of the measures.
"We further object to the proposal
fora board with an independent chair
man empowered to abolish the nn-
Monal minimum wage and to enforce
various minimum wages hy districts,”
•he resolution said. "Wo consider that
in making this proposal the premier is
not honoring the pledge he gave to
dm country in his message broadcast
on May S, which read: ‘I wish to
make It as clear as I can, that the
government is not fighting for a lower
standard of living of the miners or
any other sections of workers.’"
The resolution was adopted after A.
.1. Cook, secretary of the Miners' Fed
eration gave a complete report Vin the
government’s proposals supplemented
by full details of Tuesday's conference
between the mining officials and Pre
mier Baldwin.
Towns Establish Soup Kitchens for
Relief of Strike Victims.
By the Associated Press.
CARDIFF, Wales. May 20.—While
negotiations are going forward in
1 (owning street. I.ondon. fur a settle
ment of the lock nt and strike in th*>
coal mines, thousands of children of
miners are lieing fed in soup kitchens
in the little towns dotting the grim
valleys of the South Wales coal fields
The number of kitchens are lieing
Increased daily, as the prolonged
struggle between the miners and mine
owners necessitates town after town
being added to the number where a
urge proportion of the youngsters re
eive daily meals at children’s messes.
Schoolhouses and chapels serve one or
-wo meals daily under the supervision
of the education committee. The conn
■ \ councils pay the hills under the
: oees.sltous school children act.
Dental 'Seniors Being’ Given New
Examinations—Hope Felt for
Amicable Solution.
With classes being held as usual.
Rev. W. G. Summers, S. J., acting
d< iti and regent of the Georgetown
Medical School, today stated there
was no change in the situation
brought about Monday by the “walk
out" of 27 Instructors in the school.
Members of tlie senior class are
bring given new examinations and
have adjusted themselves to the sit
uation. Father Summers declares.
The sudden departure of the members
■ f the denial faculty caused particular
• l.aos Iti The enior ranks because
i hey had given certain operative ex
aminations which necessitated their
continued presence.
There was hint today that an ami
• aide solution might be found for the
episode. Those in the ranks of the
termer faculty members, however, re
vised to make statements.
Curling Irons
95c up
Hair Dryers
Both notable for efficiency
Sfe HotvjZ&fecfitic.Sfvop
JOM I’II 1». ( \ dl i.CJ.I.
'.17 Kith st. Mail fir. 19
Eagle Pharmacy
14th and W Sts. N.W.
Is a Star Branch
The idea of these
Branch Offices is to fa
cilitate placing of Classi
fied ac r s in The Star—
by saving you a trip
You will get the same
efficient service—as at
the Main office— and
without fees of any
kind. Only regular
rates are charged.
The Star prints
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every day than all the
other papers here
combined. You'll get
results from Star
classified ads.
“Around the Corner’ is
a Star Branch Office
St. Columba's Young People Will
j Give Fund to Church Buildings.
"I.ove a lit Carte,” a new three-act
I comedy, is to be given hy the Voting
| Peoples’ Club or St. «'olumba's Epis
copal Church tonight and tomorrow
night in the parish hall at Murdock
Mill road and Albemarle street. The
play v ill he preceded hy a tme-net cur
tain raiser, "Yon Know, 1 Know.
Shake.” The proceeds from the enter
tainment will he applied toward the
new church buildings now being
erected and toward which the young
people of the parish have pledged
$1.00(1. The cast of the throe-act. play
will include the following: William
Kirby, Mart Melton Shearer. John
Becker. Alice Belt. Mrs. Agnes Smith,
1 Hilda Beethani. Louis l’erna, Hilda
Phillips. Louis Wolf.
The cast of the opening skit in
cludes; St.eitcer Fitzgera'd. Helen
Roesoh, Frances Frost and Alfred
American Property Damaged in :
Anti-Christian Attack. Con
sul Declares.
By the Associated Press.
An anti-Christian mob has looted
the American Presbyterian mission at
Kachek. China.
Consul General Douglas Jenkins,
at Canton, informed the State De
partment today that considerable
damage was done to the mission's
property. The attack occurred on
May 13.
Previous reports to the department
said Americans in the mission had
left because of the unfriendly atti- i
tude of Chinese in that vicinity.
1.100 Radio Relay League Members |
Answer Reserve Letters.
Eleven hundred of the l.tiOO mem
hers of the American Radio Relay j
League have applied for enrollment |
in the Naval Reserve in response to j
a letter sent out hy the Navy Depart !
ment. The departmental statement
said 200 replies were received the da> ,
after the Invitations were mailed.
They will he given opportunities for
service at sea wherever possible as . j
part of their training, in addition to !
regular drills in exchanging message
with other reserve radio operators.
... •
According to the view of some ;
drivers, the red light at the busy cor
ner means to stop, if everybody else -
“Thanks ~^p
Certainly, she had a wonderful time! For w asn't his ear so spick and span
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washed and polished —hut more than that —it had those sporty Fandango seat
covers, and big Delion Balloons —the kind that take the tire out of tires.
Fandango Auto Seat Covers r~yy W<
Kept Her Frock Fresh
Seat covers made of durable washable fabric and - cT‘" l ("" l <
trimmed in colored Spanish leatherette. Cover and k \ \l'lfflmWw
protect seats, back, side panels, doors. No measure- \\y \ .N-BcyA \ \
ments needed. Put on in a jiffy!
Fandango Covers for 1924, 1925, 192 b Modlcs of the following cars — \ C^\V\\\Y\®W
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your car is equipped with Delion Cord tires. Then
there's always that added satisfaction with Delion
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The HEatr Go.~F Street
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Reaction in New York Credit
ed to Government Move
to Stop Decline.
By tin* Associated Press.
PARIS. Mav 2o.—The government !
announced through Finance Minister j
Pen t at the conclusion of a cabinet !
council this morning that it had do j
t ided to use every resource to support ;
the franc, which has been steadily :
The cabinet examined till aspects j
of she exchange situation i• i the two
hours and a half of its sitting, M. !
Peret said. The necessity for act
| ing firmly and energetically was recog- j
| nized. and it was unanimously decided j
| that there should he no hesitation in :
employing all the resources of the j
public credit to defend the franc. j
The cabinet agreed that the pres |
ent decline of the franc was not j
justified hy tlm internal sit Hatton. It !
was necessary, above ail, to tal-.c
technical measures, among which M
Peret mentioned the creation of a j
clearing house for exchange trans- j
actions, to co-operate with the brokers. |
Aggressive Fight Planned.
In other words, France has decided 1
to take the offensive as the most of !
feet ive defense against further col
lapse of the franc.
It is asserted in tellable financial
i centers, though not officially corrobo
| rated, that the ministers tills morning
I discussed the advisability of throwing
the remaining SM>.OOO.OOO of the Mor
| gau loan of March, 1924. into the
: breach.
It is also reliuidy reported that they
• talked of using France's formidable
jgold reserve, if it became necessary.
It is pointed out that France has, with
1 'he exception of the United States.
ihf largest gold reserve in the world,
i The suggestion 'hat it he used to hold
V Springs Water
Phone or Write for Literature
American Waters Corporation
Woodward liidj*., Washington
Phone Main 2244
up the franc, however, is meeting
with opposition from the regents of
the Bank of France.
First Blow in New York.
The Urst blow in the counter
offensive to restore the franc has
already been struck in New Volk,
the mves papers say. The rapid reac
tion of the franc there, they de
clare, lias been due to purchases of
francs hy American hanks acting
presumably under instructions from
I ’arks.
' ■ ■ ■
Tan Snake Calfskin
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Noticeably distinctive is its narrow close-fitting heel.
Beautiful Silk Hosiery , $1.95 and $1.45
i ' RICH'S
Proper roof wear
PStreet at Tenth
I ' =; i
ROME, May 20 OP). —The Republican ;
deputy, Giovanni Conti was caned j
hy If. men in a printing shop in Rome
yesterday, according to La Voce Re- ;
He was treated at the San Giacomo!
Hospital for a cut over the left eye. j
hut was able to return to his home. !
Two Days More I
—then THE END! 1
Friday and Saturday Finish This
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our recent F St. Fire
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