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Second of "Eveready Hour”
Series to Be Another At
traction Tonight.
A new radio feature will be offered
the listeners of WRC tonight in the
presentation for the first time of
the Champion Sparkers. The Spark
ers. who have been added to the list
of attractions booked by station W.V/.
will offer an ‘hour of light entertain
ment beginning at S o'clock*.
The second of the Winter series |
of the Eveready Hours will be an j
other outstanding attraction on
WRCs program. The entertainment
is based upon the recent book of Edrm
Berber. “The Showboat.’’ In the
absence of Wilfred fJlenn. l«iss soloist
of the group, Frank Uroxton will be
ndded to the entertainers tonight. Mr.
• ilenn left recently for Europe, where
he is appearing, together with sev
eral other prominent radio entertain
ers. m special programs in England.
WR< "s program will bo opened by
Mrs. .Villa Reed, who will give her
weekly discussion. 'Thinks Talked
About." beginning at ii:4s o'clock Din
ner music will be played from 7 to k
hv the Raleigh Hotel Orchestra, under j
the direction of Inirwatd Howersox.l
Dance music will be played by the
Re Paradis Rand and will bp fol
lowed by a half-hour entertainment
by the Record Roys.
.R Reo Kolb, chairman of the com
mittee appointed by the District Com
missioners to aTrange the program
for the observance of Fire Prevention
week, will explain the significance of
the vve>k in a speech to be broadcast
tonight bv station WMAR. Several
other talks are scheduled, iti addition
to a diversified musical program,
which includes selections by the Ork
ney Springs Orchestra. Harvey.T. j
Townsend, tenor, and a recital by
Jack New ion. pianist.
John ciagett Proctor, historian of
the Society of Natives, will speak on
“Washington Here and There." and j
Miss Blanche Corwin of the Vnivei j
site of Maryland will talk on “A Day j
Mitli the Home Demonstration I
Local Radio Entertainment
Tuesday. October 5, 1926
X.lA —Naval Radio Station, Radio,!
Va. i II! 1.5 Meiers).
2:4.i pm Weather Bureau reports.}
t> 17 p in. Agricultural market re-i
ports. {
9:77 pm. Time signals.
I'M*.", p.m. W eather Bureau re-j
WMAl.—Washington Radio Forum:
(293.9 Meters).
7 to 7 1.7 p.m.-"A Day With the I
Home Demonstration Agent,” by!
Miss Blanche Corwin.
7:17 to K 17 p in.- -Slipper dance pro- j
gram by Orkney Springs Orchestra. <
x: I 7 to 8:37 p.m.—"Washington.!
Here and There,” by John Ciagett }
Proctor, historian of tilt* Society of)
Natives, District of Columbia, apropos
of District day at the Sesquieenten j
nial celebration.
x37to !• p in. Ilarvev T Townsend, j
tenor, accompanied by Carl S. Mil !
lard. *
9 to 9:30 p.m. -Phil Hayden and j
“Res " Colvin in popular repertoire. !
930t0 9 4" p.m. "Fire Prevention."
by .1. Reo Kolb, chairman of commit- :
tee for Fin* prevention week.
94" to lo p.m.— Jack Newlon. popu
lar pianist.
WKC —Radio Corporation of America
(4H8.5 Meters).
2:17 p.m. Play-by-play description:
of the third game of the world series. ]
broadcast from Sportsmen's Park, St. !
Rouis, with WKAF.
it 47 p.m "Things Talked About." |
b> Mrs. Nina Reed
7 p.m. Raleigh Hotel orchestra,
x p.m. The Champion Sparkers"}
from W.IZ.
:< pm. Kveready liour from WKAF.
10 p.m. Cook's Southern lb-mi-!
sphere cruise from W.IZ.
50:30 to 11 30 p.m.- Re Paradis]
11:30 to 12 p.m. Record Bovs. 1
Early Program Tomorrow.
647 to 7:47 am. Tower health ever- j
11:37 a.m. Arlington time signals.
12 (noon) —Poultry flashes from the !
Department of Agriculture.
12:10 p.m.--Organ recital.
1 p.m.—Hotel Washington Orehes I
Health Officer Asks Preventive
Steps in Falls Church.
Spe-Hal Do-pat h to The star
FARRS CHURCH. Va.. October 5. I
Because of the prevalence of typhoid
fever in the colored section, an appeal |
was made to the public yesterday by j
Dr. W. P. Caton county health officer
to submit hs> generally as possible to i
the use of serum to prevent a further ]
spread of the disease.
Six or eight cases have been re ;
ported mostly among children.
- - •
60.000 Miles of Service Include j
15.000 Miles of Bus Lines.
CLEVELAND. October 3 (A*). —A
*UTvev of electric railway controlled
properties in the United States shows
60,000 miles of service, including more
than 15.000 miles of bus lines, said a
report to the American Electric Rail
road Association, made today by Ru
ciua S. Storrs. managing director.
Three hundred and thirty-four elec
trio companies are now operating
6.393 busses, the report declared. This j
is an increase from 73 busses five j
years ago.
The average fare throughout the
country was shown by the report to
be 7.7 cents per passenger, com
pared with 6 7 cents on January R
$15,000 Church Being Built by
United Brethren Congregation.
fpe'-ia! Dispatch to The Star
MARTINSBURG. W. Va.. October
5. The corner stone for a new 515.00a j
brick church for the Pikeside United j
Brethren congregation, at Pikeside. ,
was laid Sunday. ;
The address was delivered by Rev .
J H. Brunk. superintendent of Vir
ginia Conference. United Brethren
—-e •
Tn order to protect herself from the
dust and sun the fashionable woman
motorist in FVance has taken to at
taching a strip of black silk to the
bottom of her goggles in the manner
Programs of Distant Stations Scheduled for Eastern Standard Time
I TO 5 P.M. Stations. Meters. Miles.
4:oo—Neu York Charles Robinson, baritone: John Duffey. 4 pj 5 204
Women's league ‘ •„ . • ' ,3i,' wvf V 341 204
1 New York Roy songs: Boh Schafer, talk \'vHN' .'161.2 204
New York: News, snorts results: leiew s O-cnestra . wW I 352.7 307
Detroit News: markets: weather: musical program \v NA (' 430.1 390
Boston- Metropolitan Theater program tvno 508.2 123
4 40—Philadelphia: Police reports: organ: trumpets
r> TO « P.M. ~ „ 04
5 00—New- York News sports Murray and Hess. »on»s w«BM •»•*«'* 594
« - hi<-a(ro: Vocal and instrumental artists wet O 416 4 937
Minneapolis: Readers' *'luh • «-iv 464.3 204
o 32—New York !Sto>-k market reports: news bulletins
« TO 7 P.M.
it WRRM ,)|I4
H:oo—ilii**aro Soloist*' string s.vmphonft; snort lalK wv ki' 390
1 Host on The Smilera: Shepard Colonial OnheMra \vrx 397
Detroit Jpan Goirikette'tt EtnsembiP • . . •**• *
New York: Vails String Ensemble: Tommy Christianson* , ”04
Orchestra Vvwj 352.7 397
lietroit. Dinner concert '\veae 491 5 204
New York Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra fire-prevention talk W KAI
- Children's hour: t«ase ball results . .. . . ■■ ■ • *-
Si henei-tady: Stock reports: news: "en E.vck tioie ... ;{7n r, 313
Orchestra 535 4 594
i hieago News liuilctins market reports ;
Springfield: News- organ recital: Andrews and his Brnadwav ...... . o-->i
Troubadours - •
i N*-w York: t m-le Oeeiiee. Joe Paris the Melodv Man 315,6 204
Philadelphia Weather: B injamin Franklin Orchestra: market 508 •’ 1"3
reports .iVa 044 ,f jpi
Chi,-ago Organ concert sport talk ' ' 'ivia? ' 33
Baltimore: Sandman Circle- W BAH Orchestra ” B7i.ii 0,37
Minneapolis: Reading: children's program: markets JL’ ~f t.
Haitford. Conn 1 tinner cotKert: news soloists. ''ll '*■ •
Cleveland: St.ite Theater vaudeville and music w I A.N •*"> * '
6 15- Pittsburgh. Pinner eon-e-t ‘}*!H
Chicago: Topsy turvy time "wA» liix'-' 105
Newark: Snort talk Hotel Rretton Hall Wuartel AYOR 9*»- •
6 25—New York : Piano selections Italian lessons WN '( ”-y
6:3o—New York Freshman entertainment '.{Ur;
6 15—Phila-ielphia Hotel 4de|phia Paine Orchestra "R y*{s'J
Davenport: Sport news: chime* eoneert win * " '
7 TO 8 P.M.
7 0(1 New York Iceland Paiu-e Orchestra Oakland s Chateau . .'VHN 301.2 204
New York: Italian lesson-: polne reports: S. S. Bear. ...
Mountain Orchestra WNM o-«
PinsbuVeh Scores: Stockman farmer reports: timersity f ,ro^j )K v , j
New-arts'' Hotel ' BrVttoii" Hail String Quartet Premier n
Or. hestr* wmVo 447 5 51*4
Chicago Organ re.-ital: orchestra ~.2*.'.} -isn'i -tn-t
Cleveland: Re-ital hour WuVi lIV ! Tt
Baltimore WRAP Orchestra: organ redial ' “ ;
Hartford. Conn.: Trinity College isiurse '7l*
Chicago: Supperhell program: music; markets; ta1k...... wn*' v/i-; y”o
Philadelphia: Roll call: birthday list "II * 1
New York Joe Paris. The Melody Man score-: new *■
Arrowhead bin Concert Ondiestra WOBs .slob
Springfield Market reports: Hotel Westminster Orchestra;
instrumental trio kit,
Chicago Bedtime story. Congress Hotel Orchestra. . . ■»>»• 0..0 t o» 1
si henei-tady: Ten Eyck Orchestra: address; Ottie Aettru. .... .
pianist . . .»(ji 39 0 ..t.»
New York: James Phillips, basso: French lecture. 1-rank . „
Farrell * Orchestra ?,?! 'S 3.1 '
New York: Musical program: talks . WM< A 34 1 . »
Boston: "What's Going on Tliis Week "; fare of the Hair : , , ...
piano solos 'V N \* top 1 '
New York: Pog talk by -Frank Pole. Hotel Commodore onl
Orchestra "J/- bvt.3 204
New York: Sport talk: weather. songs radio talk. . _ _
Orlando's Roosevelt Orchestra . . -■ ■ . WRNA •>.,> - •*
Chicajpo: Stock quotations: Fern Scull, pianist: Pun-li and ....
Judy. Drake Ensemble- Blackstonc string Quintet. "GN
Kansas City: Markets; story, address: Rileys OrchestraPAl •»*>*> '» -
Atlantic City: News: scores organ r»cital: magazine re-
tiew: Hotel Morton Orchestra .")*-• -99, *’.-
T -*U—Pallas: Hawaiian musical program ••• "'FA A 4 . o.H IJB- ‘
St Hoiiis: Organ recital KMOX '-B**'- *J * *
Philadelphia: Snellenbutv Iti-lrumenlal Trio . ■ WCA- 2 1 < 0
Philadelphia: Hotel Ritz.-Carlton Orchestra VVOO
Atlantic City: lecture period WHAR 275 142
7 :45—Cincinnati: Markets: weather: scores WH'V 122 3 40.3
8 TO 9 P.M.
B:oo—Cincinnati - American Composer": piano memories WI.W 422.3 403
Atlantic City: Seaside Hold Trio WHAR 275 142
n . Louis: Sehoolhousn program KMOX 280 2 710
Pciladelphia: Total and instrumental artists . AVCAC 277.6 123
\t.anti- City- Fashion talk Chelsea ami Shelburne Concert
Orchestras WPG 29!*. S 14*.’
Pallas Book review . WFAA 475.9 1,183
New, York: Orlando's Orchestra: Josephine Dote, soprano
Edison hour: Hebrew program WRXY 37.5 204
New York I ham pi on hour. WRC. WGY and WJZ 454 3 204
Boston: Musical program. Hotel Kenmore Ensemble WNA* 130 1 .390
New York California Ramblers: others "'MCA 34! 204
New York: The Vikings. WF.KI WFI WC.4K WWJ. WGR
t "'TAM. W S AI. "JAR. WTAG. Wpc WCCO. WCSH'and
; KSD from WEAK 491.5 204
I'hi- ago: Family hour . . KYW 535 4 5114
i Springfield: Arthur Hagan, baritone and instrumental trio.
soloists WBZ 333.1 32 i
Philadelphia. Dramatic review. Chris Graham tenor; Flora
Ripka. pianist: WGBS program WIP 508.2 123
Chicago: Rae and Hec, harmony team: others . WHS* 344 6 594
I Baltimore WBAH Staff .-omert vocal and instrumental.. WBAI, 240 33
Newark: “Musical Scholarship : organ recital IVOR 4)15.2 195
Pittsburgh Song concert: gems of American literature. KPKA . 309.1 188
i New York: Bear Mountain Orchestra; Plastic Surgery”
pianist: Samuel Kissell, violinist WNYC 526 204
Chicago: Song recital WKBH 370 594
Chicago: Drake Concert Ensemble and Bla- kstone String
Quintet: "The Million Sing": songs WI.IB 302.8 594
i New fork: TYeaeureland Ensemble: Quality Boys WIIN 361.2 204
8 In—New York: "Tile Queens' Messenger": "The Two Guitars,"
1 s uit 1 and ..... WGBS 315.6 204
—Hos Angeles: Musical program KFI 467 2.300
Sail Francisco Childrens hour: stories: music KP*l 478 3 2 442
Pc- Moines: Fourteenth Cavalry Band WHO 626 895
rurt. Worth: Hawaiian Trio WBAP 475 9 1 211
! u .. Louisville: Zoeller’s Melodists: tuanis! talk WHAS 399.8 471
8 4., New_ York Jollv Buckeye Bakers. WKEf. WTAG. WTI.
" I AM. ""J. WSAI, KSli ami WCCO from . . . WEAK 491 5 "01
< iminiiati Chimes concert . .WSAI 325!* 4**3
* 9 TO 10 P.M.
9 00—New York Kveready hour. WEEI. WFI WCAF WGR
-z, " T n?'' WSAI and WRC from WEAF 491.5 204
/ - lo, i. 11l M<*Eiroy Saxophone mixed quartet
voral tno Miloi-ts . .. . WCB1) R44.R «V7
Portland: Dinner ismcerl KGW 491.5 2 357
Memphis Health talk ilolc! liayoso Orchestra W’MC 499 7 '’7(l3
*>an Francisco: Stciries. news: Hinds Orchestra KPO 428 3 2 44°
■ A »F*tles : ..Talks, .-on.-ert . . . KKI 497 «j)00
New York: Ihe Two Guitars Irving Argay. concert
violinist. YVIP and WGBS 315.6 204
New York: Auto talk la>ew- s I neater Orchestra H'HN .361 •’ -’O4
i New York l mvers.ty Quartet: Samuel Kisscß, violinist
\ocal and piano recital WNY'C .V’6 "04
Pittsburgh: Light opera hour KDK4 :tii*i 1 iig
Newark: Helen Wagner, soprano, Littic Symphony Oniiestra
*ui<i HiJoistj* won •' 1 d"-
Baltimorfv WBAL En-nuble WBAL ii;’ * }\}i
Philadelphia "GBB program; vocal and instrumental re
cital WIP .508 i-'.-i
1 * * hieago: Congress Hotel program . KYYV 535 4 594
springtield Y oral soloists. Copely I»laga Orchestra WBZ 333 I it-M
Boston: ( on.-ert urogram Vi'XAC. 430 1 -ifto
New York Radio Shack Orchestra ' WMC Y 341 "04
Nev. York: Pennsyhaiiia hour. WRC. WGY and W,|>, 454.-5 .> o i
-N*‘ v - ) ors • Hebrew program : soloists: Tuxedo Musical ' lub WRNY 375 -^O4
I luladelpl.ia: Vocal program Prof. Doolittle, humor .. WCAT -’77 H f"3
> t. Houis: Orchestra: soloists KYIOX "So " -7n
Cincinnati: Burnt Ccrkcrs \vj\v i-,-' -7 iA2
Atlantic City Chnlfoutc-Haddon Hall Trio WPG "90s it"
Hartford, i mu; Travelers' Ensemble WTI* 476 ms
• hieago Orchestra program: lecture: Marie Ludwig, harpist WMAQ 147 5 50 1
■ « hi.-ago Melody hour: Cook Sisters, harmony girls: string
symphonet: Harvey s and Cope's Orchestra.- VY'BBM 2"6 501
New tork : Charles Ragii- i. pianist: Pauline Engles
contralto: Frederick Reinhart .s-llisi: Premier Male
Quartet yc, \r. . 00 ~
9 30—Dallas: Pierce program WFAA 475 9 1 183
Txis Angeles Children's hour ..K H J 4(15" "31)0
D< s Moines: Stewart Watson, baritone: Kathryn Torev
pianist : WHO 526 895
10 TO 11 P.M.
110 00 —New Y'ork_ Premier Male Quartet: organ recital Wt.WI, 288 3 "04
i MiK-aeD Talk; muHtai proirrain ... WM AO 44-x lod
Harifoni, Wea-thpr WTI(' 4 / *‘V» ' q'oi
rhi.-agd Moinenirt from Hisrolcfto. fir.*,! and Vrcond' aots; '
a.J . , tl,r inusioal program WGN nfM
. \Mantio ( lty Studio orojrran) WPG
Onoinnati: Fomin a On hestra wr.w 400 0 inf*
‘ OUt Worlds and Now KMOX *»so'•* -i n
Phi.adrlphia. John Ambrogn. tenor; Kil!.v and 'his* * ”
orrhfstra . . ... .... WCAU «no
New York: Musical Club radio talk: Columbati EnsemWe.' WRNY 375 "04
New- York- Cooks Southern Hemisphere Cruise; George
Olsens Orchestra .. . WI7 4-4 -t -im
New York: Strauss Screnaders other- WYitA 34 > -iel
st Duns: Musical program: health talii I?N\ 337
Boston: (rescent Gardens Orchestra WNAC 430 1 aon
Spi-niffield Weather: missing person report- ... WBZ 333 13" V
t 10-ago Classical concert . . kvw aosi ggi
Philadelphia: Artist recital: Benjamin Franklin' Darn* ° 3 ®' 4 nM
Orchestra WIP sne o 100
Newark; Orchestra. Adelaide French and Grace Hopper' in ” "*
duets. Crystal Palace Orchestra YVOR 40Y " m:
New York Piano recital reading; police and weather ' 0
reports . . WVVG om
chicMo: Soloists: string symphonet; YVBBM Staff ."WBBM «26 snl
Hnl Springs Mever Davie Orchestra KTTP* 374 8 on*
Davenport: Paarman Tno weather WOr assn
Detroit: Red Apple Club vcA- t,2 S
• hieago; Theater program news WEBH 3-o'’ iff)
Y nrk Trini-e Piotti. entertainer: soloists Strand ” ‘ * >l ’
Orchestra WHN ««, « .
T.os Angeles Howard - «erenaiiers Jc-'i
New York Tracy and Dougherty, harmony singers Arrow'-
liea/i Inn Dance Orchestra .. wors
j Minneapolis. Garrott's Soldiers \vt*Co isi o2t
-an Fraildaco: Setter s Orchestra . ' KPO '1 o
New York 'tninreasnm- „f the Orient' Rolfe « Orchestra - 44.
19 -36 Ho- Angeles Dog talk '' tm „ ”^4
Fort Worth Excel Ensemble WR\p 4*59 7"??
]1 i 110 Isis Angeles New- ouartet; soloists Kill iny o ~n n
sail F ran.4e.-o Pryors Orchestra SBZ .52 T, S'^ss
Portland Educattonal program: book talk k' ; \V in Vs
New York: Strand Orchestra Tile Playground VVHN 36 • **'Bsi
Minneapolis Weather: markets: talk vvccci IVn i
Tgis Angeles: Artist recital quartet: soloists . . H Vr 215' 4 ..
Chicago Copes and Harvey's Orchestra, soloists WBBM "06 " -04
Hot Springs, Meyer Dans Dance Onhestra . ... KTHx 3*4 s 555
Cincinnati: Organ rental yvkSi- Voo 3 55°
Chicago: Claeeieal concert: Congress Carnival KY”iv lift 15^
T.os Angeles: Feature program 55J2- 4 „ f*94
New York Emie Golden's Orchestra . .. wvet *55?
8t le'Uis: Soloists: orchestra: dance urogram KMOV -on « -*V?
Chn-ago "Sam N Henry": "The Mus*> Rox" ■ the Bible ° ' SO * * lO
Cleveland: Wvlie's Orchestra WT*M '.!2« « 5 n +
ll:3tv—New York Vincent Ix>pez and his orchestra VVfVf am- 55'. !
Pituburrh: Corif'ert from Grand Thf>atr*r ' k*ns a 7,8; - 4 ?
10 u I'i MHIMOHT TO I AAI. KDKA W' l «
1. 00—t mcinnati: Al Kirm-hner. pianist: songs: dan-e program gym-
Hos Angeles Musical program program . W KRt 422.3 403
Chicago Songs, orean recital: Meekers Orece-ira ' ivii'o '55.'. 2.300
New York: Hotel McAloin Entertainers Mr «*' J'J:!' 1 • ?•< 594
Minneapolis Dance program . ... ' ivV-.-A ‘- 04
Hos Angeles Vocal and instrumental artist-' 416.fi 987
San Fran-is.'o: KPO Trio soloists 46, 2.300
j Chicago Edgewater Orchestra: songs Cook Sisters' ' WKB i -,i5 ” 2-4J2
• hn-eg,, soloists Cone» and Harvey's Orchestra n'uitii '.HS 604
De* Moines: Dance program oesira WBBM ""u 594
Dallas Baker Hotel Orchestra 6-6 895
Memphis- Frolic '”.'4 j.a.o !,t«:t
12 45—Kansas City: Night-hawk froli Plantation P'laverV others YVD4I- nil? \
ITO •» A.M. ’ 0 '" 4 “
1 DO —leas Angeles Radio Club: blues singer
sail Fran, isisi Palai-e Hotel Ort'hestra 2,300
Chicago Coon-Sanders' Op-best ra ... 128.3 2.442
T.os Angeles: Musics! program . 552 ® 694
Portland: Multnomah Hotel Orchestra piano‘solos kgvv 2m'- it 252
la’s Angeles: Orchestra program K t >'" 491.5 2.357
■ hHJ 4 06.2 2.300
SerYrice Honor Go«s to Pennsylra
nia-Ohio Electric Co.
CLEVELAND, Octoi»er 5 <*>).—'The
i Pensylvania-Ohlo Electric Co.* today
• wn* awarded the Charles A. C«iffin i
j award a.s the local transportation or- !
j xanixation. which in 1926 had done I
most for the industry.
The award, consisting of a gold
medal for the company and SI,OOO in j
cash for the employes’ benefit fund, j
is each year contributed by the Oen
eral Electric Co and i 6 awarded by
the American Electric Railway Asso
elation The winning! company oper
ales a citv and intercity service ifi
Unthinkable That Papers Would
Headline "Short Skirts."
CHICAGO. October 5 (A*). —For a
newspaper to headline on the front
j page "something about short skirts
j for women” would lie unthinkable in
! India, says K. S. Shelvankar. 21-vear
} old journalist from Madras, who will
i study at the University of Wisconsin,
i YVhen 19 years old he was editor of
the Young Theosophist (Adyar. Mad
“The graver press of India, which
stresses the guidance of public opinion
concerning serious affairs of state,
Three Stations “Attempt to
Crowd In” on Wave Bands
Already Overcrowded.
After a month of comparative quiet
in the ranks of the New Y’ork broad
casters the Manhattan stations found
themselves today confronted by three
newcomers attempting to crowd into
the already overcrowded wave bands.
The three New Y'ork stations which
were awarded licenses are YY'.JUU,
owned by Uda Benjamin Ross;
W'KBQ, the Starlight Amusement
Park. inc.. and U TRC. the Twentieth
Assembly District Regular Republi
can Club. Inc.
The wave lengths chosen by the i
newcomers were: WJUG. 516.9 me- ,
ters: W'KBQ. 255 meters, and AYTKC. |
239.9 meters.
Fourth Station Licensed.
"A fourth station licensed vlhy the
Department of Commerce wasV'BRL. ,
at Tilton, N. H.. which chose 363 j
meters, a potential source of inter- j
ference with station WIIN, Xew York, ■
and the two Kansas City stations, j
WDAK and Willi
Interference also mat be expected*
to result from the operation of W .11 <•.
which has adopted the wave length on
which W JR-WCX. at Detroit, has j
transmitted its programs for some
time. Although no announcement *'>i ■
the power to be used at the three J
new New York stations was an- !
pounced, it is understood that in all
three cases it will be of moderate ;
For the first time in more than a.
month the department was not re* I
quired to announce any cases of wave
jumping, although some Hi •>>' 12
stations are reported altering their
equipment so as to broadcast on
channels more favorable to them.
Station WMAL, formerly a 50-,
watter operating in Washington, at
tae botto ii of the wave bands, lias
tuned its transmitters to 299. s meters
and boosted its power.
•- •
Parole Is Favored.
LEAVENWORTH. Kans.. October
her 5 —K. C. Pandolfo, former]
head of the Fan Motor Company, St. j
Cloud. Minn, was recommended for a
parole at a recent meeting of Federal
Prison Parole Board, it was learned
yesterday, lie was serving a 10-year
sentence for using the mails to de
at 9 P. M.
(Eastern Standard TimeT
“Show Boat”
A DRAMATIZED book-review
of Mis Kdna Ferbcr’s II
latest novel with some
thing of the romantic atmos
phere of life among the
troupes of actors Yvho 4 trav
eled up and down the Mis
sissippi back in the late
Eighties—days of colorful
P adventure. Musical accom
paniment by the orchestra
and artists of the Kveready
The principal part will
he taken hy
Lionel Atwill
t Broadcast hy
National Carbon Co., Inc.
wear N«w TmV G»AI Ctnrinnui
WMR rr«?Kfe«rt StTA* £ 1 * T *'.* nd
WTA« W.,r«l.r
WFI Ptilliißltihla WOC i Mtanatml'i
WAR Bnß.lo WCCO jpt’pJT
WCAK ritUriirih KRD St Until
WRC W*»hlnri«i
They last twice as long
Thousands of folks are no\? buying their first radio
set. The vast majority of the new receivers have
five, six and even more tubes. Every one of these
radio receivers should he equipped with Eveready
Heavy-Duty Batteries because these big “B" bat
teries last twice as long, under the same conditions,
as the Light-Duty’ “B” batteries. Smaller batteries,
however, are often sold with a set ?- original equip
ment, in order to keep your initial investment as loyv
as possible. This is a mistake.
As a matter of dollars and cents savfed, it is bat
tery economy to buy either Eveready 45-volt “B”
Battery No. 770 or the even ionger-Tived Eveready
Layerbilt No. 486. These big, husky “B” batteries
are more economical because they las*, twice as long,
and cost only one-third more.
Manufactured and guaranteed by v
New York San Francisco
Radio Batteries
-they last longer
Tuesday night means Eveready Hour—9 P M., Eastern Standard Time,
through the WEAF network stations:
WTa»-.Vew Y§fk mcM-Bufalo wcN-CAiVegn
+jam-Pro* idenc* mcAi-Pittsburth v,ac-DtvfHport
wtxi-Bastom wtAl-Cmcinnati I Umneapotit
WTAG~H’#rrertrr wta u-Clndtnd wcro \St Paul.
wn-FMedtlpkia wwj -Detroit xut-St.Louit f
Dance program by George
Bruce and his orchestra.
\YMAL. 7:15 to X: 15 o'clock.
“The Sparkers," WRC and
WJZ. l\to 9 o'clock.
Play. "The Queen's Messen
ger." WGBS and WIP, 8:15 to
8 :.55 o’clock.
Ever ea d v hour. W KC.
WEAK and other stations, 9
to 10 o'clock.
Fantasia, "Old Worlds and
New." K MON. 11 to 12 o’clock.
The Record Boys, WRC,
11 :.50 to 12 gj’clocM.
| Animal Shelter League Thought
Oakland Zoo Inhabitant Missed
Arctic Blasts.
p H.v ihf AsfO.i-luted Press,
j OAKLAND. Calif.. October 7.
! Wonder what a polar bear thinks
I about Vhen he becomes listless in a
j public zoo?
t The Animal Shelter League and
‘ other civic organizations thought
Wrungel, polar bear in the Oakland
Municipal Zoo. was longing for a
j take of ice and Arctic blasts when
| fie .seemed to be drooping. The park
i directors authorized a comn iltee of
live veterinarians to investigate.
They went over him from tlie tip
! of his nose to the pads on his* hind
i feet, took Ids temperature, tested his
I blood pressure and listened to 1 1 is
lungs. It was decided that the 1,800-
pound bruin was not sick or mistreat
ed, but just treated too well. Ho ap
peared to have a touch of eczema, and
ids daily chunks of beefsteak were or
dered discontinued and a diet of
bread, milk and vegetables substituted.
Maybe you're
still looking
for the
speaker ... If
you really
want to FIND
it... hear
<^jkt c /^ew
Try it on your radio tonight
with your dealer's compliments
Three models ... The
De Luxe (illustrated) $25
The Standard, $16.50
The Tabouret, $4O
.Made by
New York City
i wmmmmmmmmmmmmmtm ■
In Less Than Year Becomes Center .
of Improvements for ‘Pub
lic Comfort.
By tiie Associated Press.
VIENNA. October s.—Within less j
than a year Vienna has become one j
of the model cities of Europe. The j
Socialist-Democratic municipal gov- J
ernnient has erected 30.000 modern j
apartments for workers, a series of .
great public bathhouses, hospitals, j
children’s homes, nurseries, schools, j
playgrounds, gymnasiums, municipal (
lodging houses, trade schools, libra- I
ries. dental olinies and social centers. '
More than 250 miles of streets and i
highways have been paved.
The whole city ha-s been electrified, i
the underground railway rebuilt, om j
nlhus and new trolley lines estah !
fished, and a great electric'povver sta }
tinn installed.
Prompt ami Hrliuhlr kN '
Hfcets Repaired. Aerials Creeled.
Batteries and Tubes Installed.
lilt) G St. Main 2067
R. Mcßeynolds and Son
Sales and Service
1421-27 L St. N.W.
Main 7228
Branch Salesroom:
14th and t'ark Hoad
Columbia 2619
“150 Years of Satisfaction.”
t=--- r ' '■
The Telephone Directory
will soon go to Press!
tAll orders involving changes in, or
additions to, listingsand advertising,
should be given to us at once, so that
they may be included in this issue.
Business Office , 725 12th St. N.W.
Telephone, Main 12000
; j A clear mind is conditioned on regular clearance of the body.
Delay in the elimination of residual waste burdens the
system with poisons which the blood-stream absorbs
and carries to the various organs of the body.
A half glass of water sparkling with a dash of Eno and
taken in the morning will exercise a good influence for
the removal of toxic wastes from the system. And by
so doing ENO helps to brighten the skin, the eyes and ■
the outlook. Eno contains nothing uncertain nor dras-
I tic > and no uga .
Eno, the JVorld-famed Effervescent Salt,
is obtainable from all druggists at
#1.25 and 75c a botde
Prepared only by
J. C. ENO, Ltd., London, England
Sales Agents:
Harold F. Ritchie sc Co., Inc. * *
171 Madison Avenue, New York
Toronto Sydney IVelhngton
, 1 N Qfr , II
bfftTrvescbnt salt mmt
{ Everywhere—Tonight
J/ Hear the Jolly Buckeye Bakers broadcast their
/ program tonight at 8:45 o’clock Eastern Standard
Time (7:45 Central Standard Time).
Through the following -tation*: WKAF—New York
—WTAG—Worcester WTAM—Cleveland
WFl—Philadelphia WWJ —Detroit
X WRC—Washington KSD—St. Louis
WSAl—Cincinnati WCCO—Minneapolis
WGHB—Clearwater, Fla.
(Sarrowflm PropiiM Tondap P.M. laittra Htwdrd Tttw'

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