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(Continued from I2ighteenth I’age.l
maker danced a pet. In another set
were Miss Winifred West. Mr. Harold
O, Smith, Miss Helene Heilman, Mr.
Eustice Towson. Miss Lydia Archbold,
Eieut. Francis Graling, Capt. Hubert
B&vfitte anti Mitts Maud Mason. An
other included Miss Sally Hews Phil
lips Miss Har.Vet Huntress. Miss
Mablo Con-lino Mead. Miss Katherine
Amorv, Lieut. Thomas White, Mr.
Robert Henderson. Jr.: Mr. Forbes
Amory and Mr. Ward Monroe French
Costumes of Elegance.
Airs. Henry F. Dimock, honorary
chairman of the board, received the
guests, wearing a gown of heavy ivory
silk brocaded in dainty circles of for
get-me-nots, the silk failing over a
petticoat of lat e in narrow ruffles, and
a. deep bertha of rare old lace failing
in a cascade down eacli side of the
front. She wore turquoise and dia
niond collar and bodice ornaments and
pendant earrings. Mrs. Dimock was
assisted by Ales. Swanson, wife of Sen
ator Claude A. Swanson; Mrs. Robert
Lansing aad Aline. Ekengren. Airs.
Swanson was in a modern gown of
gold brocaded metal cloth, with which
she carried a gold-color ostrich leather
fan and wore a corsage bouquet of
violets and roses. Mrs. Lansing was
in emerald green velvet, gracefully
draped alter the more modern modes,
and carried a feather tan of the same
shade. Aline. Ekengren was in pale
green satin, fashioned like those of
Colonial days and trimmed with lace,
and her hair was powdered and ar
ranged high on her head.
Aiiss Natalie Hammond, apearing as !
“'tiie Little Corporal.” received the !
most attention in her uniform of white
doeskin, tall stock and lace frill fall
ing over the coat. The costume was
complete in every detail, from the fa
miliar “tri-corn” on her head to the
sword at her hip, the gauntlet-like
white gloves and tali black patent
leather boots. Nor was the costume
all. for Miss Hammond portrayed the
character to the letter, never relaxing
into her own personality, but main
taining the familiar poses of the
“Little Corporal." While the “Little
Corporal” held court in the east end
of the ballroom, Mine. Frieda Hempel,
dressed as Jenny Lind, was having a
veritable reception in the west end.
Mrs. James Carroll Frazer wore a
colonial costume of deep purple velvet
and rare old lace, a powdered wig with
an unusual headdress, a miniature of
the Santa Maria, the vessel her an
cestors came to America in.
Miss Allison Roebling attended the
party with her iianee. the second sec
retary, Baron Joseph van der Elst,
and she wore a Puritan costume
made of soft gray silk and a cap and
tischu of sheer organdy. Another un
usual costume was worn by Miss Mar
garet Alann of Chicago, who is the
house guest of Miss Alice Cutts—a
dress uniform of an officer in Den.
Washington’s staff. Alnte. Prochnik.
wife of the Minister of Austria, was
lovely in a dainty costume with a
hoop skirt, which belonged to her
great-great-grandmother, Nancy Pres
Mrs. Geneva S. Dunham, who wore
one of the most perfect period gowns
of the evening, made by Calot of
peach-bloom taffeta, with a real hoop
skirt and rare lace flounces, wore an
ancient necklace of pink tourmaline
and carried a colonial fan. She en
tertained Mrs. C. C. Calhoun, former
Gov. and Mrs. Alorrow of Kentucky,
Aiiss Anne Townsend Parker of New
York, Mr. Henry M. Ward, Maj. Gen.
George O. Squier and Capt. Tatridge.
Airs. Calhoun wore a gown of tur
quoise blue velvet with crinolins over
a petticoat of rose point and applique,
her mother’s wadding gown, and over
it was a robe of thin blue malanson
embroidered in silver marguerites.
Airs. Calhoun represented Sarah Anne
.Lowe, wife of William Lowe of the
Revolutionary’ Army, through whose
line she entered the D. A. R. Miss
Townsend represented Anne Town
send, an ancestress of Delaware.
A hot supper was served in the
dining room across the corridor, the
quests being seated at small tables.
The boxes were filled with many
distinguished guests, representative of
official, diplomatic and smart residen
tial circles.
Box Parties of Interest.
The Secretary of Agriculture and
Mrs. William M. Jardine sat in the
box of honor with the Ambassador of
Spain and Senora de Padilla, Mr.
Justice James C. Alcßeynolds, the
solicitor general and Mrs. William De
Witt Mitchell and Gen. and Mrs.
Henry’ T. Allen.
The Secretary of Labor and Mrs.
James J. Davis were guests of Mrs.
Henry’ F. Dlmock, whose other guests
included Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury’ and Airs. Charles S. Dewey
end Mrs. Frederick S. Coolidge. Mrs.
Dimock also entertained a company
of young people in compliment to
Alias Suzette Dewey’, who was chair
man of the young ladies’ committee.
The Minister of Uruguay and Mine.
Varela were guests in the box of
Judge and Mrs. Samuel Jordan Gra
ham. Other guests of Judge and Mrs.
Graham were Senator and Mrs. Law
rence D. Tyson and the Assistant
Answering *
a Query
COMEONE asks us if the
finest and more exclu
sit e of our Midwinter \\ '
Fashions in Coats are \\\
available at % off. \l\
(\UR answer is as you pP'|
would like it to be:
/The Offer of h I,,cl,istve of ALL
/ /J AND
*4 oft also on all Evening and Dinner Gowns—
Dance Frocks—Afternoon, Street and Sports Dresses
and “Hrle-Maid” Frocks.
"feminine cAppartl of individuality
Secretary of State and Mrs. J. But
ler Wright.
The Minister of Switzerland and
Mme. Peter were guehts of Air. and
Airs. Harry Norinent, who also had
with them in their box the Minister
of Austria and Aline. Prochnik, the
Minister of Czechoslovakia, Dr. Fler
linger; Mrs. George Mesta, Mr. Her
bert Hengstler and Mr. and Mrs. Ches
ter A. Snow.
The Alinister of Rumania. Air.
George Cretziano was among the
guests in the box of Atr. and Mrs.
Valter R. Tuekerman and Alme.
Ekengren. Others in the company
were of Greece and Mme
Simopoulos, Mme. lleilmann, Air. and
Mrs. Walter Austin, Mr. Harris
Rrown, Mrs. Lindsey’ Russell. Mr
Wirt Howe and Air. Henry Martin
Mrs. Stnlddy, wife of the Minister
of the Irish Free stale, and Aiiss
Stnlddy were guests of Mr. and Mrs
Copley Amory in their Kix, others
in their company were the counselor
of the Persian Legation and Mme.
Noury, and Airs. James Parmelee.
Airs. W. Harrv Rrown entertained
at dinner preceding the ball, having as
guests Mr. and Mrs. Laurence V.
Renet of Paris, Senator David 1.
Walsh, Airs. James Carroll Frazier,
Airs. John Allan Dougherty, Capt.
Riddle, and Mr. William J. R. Macau
lay of the Irish Free State- Legation.
Airs. Brown and her guests wore
colodial costumes.
Mi's. Stephen R. Elkins had in her
box Gen. and Airs. George Faber
Downey, Miss Julia Thompson, Mrs.
Davis Percy, and Airs. John P. Jones,
house guest of Mrs. Elkins.
Mrs. James R. Mann was hostess
at dinner before the ball, her guests
being Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Oros
| venrr. Air. and Mrs. Ira E. Bennett,
j and Mrs. Jacob Leander laiose of
| Kansas City'. Mrs. Mann, who wore
an original Colonial gown, took her
guests later to her box.
Air. and Mrs. A. Geary’ Johnson had
in their box Miss Alaud McNamara,
Miss Fannie Dial, Aiiss Elizabeth Van
Dyke Jobe, Air. Edward Farrar, Mr.
John Gatley', Air. Paul Lutes and Dr.
Frank Steele
Airs. Frederick Dent Grant did not
attend the ball last evening owing to
family mourning. Her box was occu
pied by her daughter, Princess Canta
cuzene, who had with her Air. and
Mrs. Charles Warren, Mrs. Henry’ C.
Corbin, the Misses Patten and Gen.
and Airs. R. C. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woodhull
had in their box Mrs. Woodhull’s
mother. Mrs. Willett; Mrs. AlcCagg,
Mrs. Newlands Johnston, Aiiss Mar
garet Fraser. Admiral Staunton, Col.
Cosby, Oomdr. Jewell and Mr. Arthur
Pickering. Mrs. Woodhull represent
ed her ancestor. Mi’s. Marinus Wil
lett, whose husband was a colonel in
the Army and very close friend of
Gen. Washington, and the hero of
Fort Stan wit.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hays Hammond
were hosts to Miss Jane Tucker, Alias
Helen Carusi, Miss Alargaret Zolnay,
Miss Sallie Hews Phillips, Miss Eliza
beth Ives. Miss Margaret Mann of
Chicago, Miss Natalie Hammond, Mr.
Valter H. Rufenacht, Mr. Jan Sta
iinski, Mr. Diamentopoulos._ Air. Jar
vis Barlow. Mr. James Kerr, Mr.
Chester Lockwood, Air. Anthony’
Wayne Cook, jr.: Mr. Manning Stead
and Baron Lennart Rappe.
The Colonial Dames’ boxes were
occupied by Representative and Mrs.
Percy E. Quinn, Dr. and Mrs. Gilmer
Brenizer, Miss Laura R. Dorsey, Mr.
tnd Mrs. Thomas Al. Henry, Mrs. Rich-
Tonight, 8 P.M.
PS TO $95 JIG 7S
AT *5 TO sls
$35 TO $95
WERE' $?5 TO $235
OPEN 8 A. M.
ard H. llili, Mis Henry Lvnn, Mr*
James Dudley .Morgan, Col. and Mt»
I W. A. McCain, Mi and Mis Arndt 11
l McCarthy, Mi and Mrs .1.1 Mi Mu
I lion, Mi, and Mih t H Noiliirop.
Comdr and Mm H H Ml nail, Alt
“ and Mrs, Thomas lei 10, Mm Fyeraid
Todd, Mr and Mrs \tigu*Hn (’odd
Dr and Mrs George I nib \ unglutu
Miss Jesslm Randoltdi Niolth Aiiss
Sophie Casio. Mis Hhkiit Mm
j Howard 1 Hodgkins, Mra tunica G
' i Penn. Capt. and Mm \\ \ llob. it
Miss llazzaid. Mi and Mm. ' It
Shands and Mi and Mm Dm sei Mm
Mrs lb-nil Flti-li slid Mm loaepli
Washington occupied a hoy loavihei
and had as their guests Cupi and Alia
Rowan Mrs Lawienm Ib ap Mi and
Mrs Edward \ llartiinan Mias MCn
both Kemp and Mi G v Waaliingion
of New York sou .a Mm Washington
Alt and Mis Choi tea -inail ild.u
entertained at dsnnei bei'mo the hull
and had as theti guests Aim Campbell
Forrest ol Mi W Ulan 1 mb . wood Hi
Edward F Morse and Mi George
Mrs Edward c Walkei waslmaleaM
to Gen. and Mrs \intro Ihewstei and
Miss Fanny Lay
Mm Delos A Id.steel I and hoi sis
ter, Mm. Ch.trle* G Matthew s, ot« M
pled a ta*\ and had an the-li gneels
Col. and Mrs kAislocicU \\ Coleman.
Mm. David I>u I lone Galllacd, Mi and
Mrs. Henry Parsons Erwin, Mr and
Mrs. David St Pierre (billiard and Mr
FNmi Coming. Mrs lUodgott up
ixvtred as her nnceotor, Marv Hurl,
who lived in Conmvtirui during the
Colonial days, Mrs. Matthews was
drowsed as her ancestor. Surah Holmes
of Georgia, and danced the minuet In
th<* group with Mr. Powell of Mary
land. Mr. and Mrs. T. Situs Leo. Col.
McOUlum and Mrs. Henry.
Mrs. Francois Berger Moran wits
hostess in her )h>\ to the PrinoeHS
Stephanie Polgorouhy, sister-in law’ of
the late Czar of Russia., who is visit
ing her; Admiral and Mix Edward
Hale Campbell, Admiral Fixxlerick
Bassett, Mr. and Mrs. William Igilnl
Dunlop, jr.; Mrs. Arthur McArthur,
Mrs. Lillian) Branch of Richmond and
Mrs. Malcolm McOonihe and Mr.
Moran McConilie. daughter and grand
son of tlie hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bell en
tertained at dinner before the ball, and
their guests, who went with them to
their box later, included Gen. and
Mrs. George Barnett, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Howland Chase, Mrs. Good 100
Faulkner, Mr. Umstead and Mr. Hugh
Mrs. Charles Boughton Wood’s box
was occupied by’ her niece. Miss Alice
Eno of New York, who is her house
f" Edmonston & Co., Inc.
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J Shoes That Teach the Child’s >
J Foot to Grow Right <
> jUVXV We Provide AND FIT <
Anatomically correct
S footwear from the first
\ \*\* ’ll step, and when Correc- £
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I some complaint we have
> '‘ " I
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612 13th Street -I
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From High VXI ▼ By Expert
Prices Milliners
614 12th ST. N.W.
Between F and G Streets N.W.
January Clearance Sale
$5.95 to $7.50 Trimmed nn
Satin and Silk Hats fc|- —
110 Smart Hats—for miss or matron, in black and all
popular colors. In extra large, medium and d*o AA
small head sizes
$7.50 to SIO.OO Velour <jj*j jq
Tailored Hats £■==
77 Hata—ln all the season’s best styles and d*o
| colors, in large and small head sizes
$3.00 to $4.00 Silk Bags and
Leather Pocketbooks. $ 1 .00
Friday only 1 =
Balance of the Holiday Stocks Greatly Reduced
50c to SI.OO Boxes of Stationery OQ
Friday Clearance Sale Oj/C
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The balance of our Popular-priced Stock ..... JL
L____CREERON, 614 12th g ‘ J
Mis, Mlokof* ITn.lkett had with her
us box gtiesia Mrs. Anson Stakes. Ad
miral William litdyard Rogers, Mr.
John II Htumi and Mr. than ComJti.
tit lon a at Hie hall were Mr, and Mrs.
David Meiula l ea, appearing as the
foi met «! rtUreirtnm Mai Richard Kid
del Meade, aide de ail Pip of Oetl.
it a aliine lun and Mm Meade; Mr. and
Alia Howard H Gann. Gen and Mrs.
hdin \ Ie it one Mrs Gibson Fnhne
eiia ft Mm Hire Pike Harney, Mrs.
\\ dll.tin pt.iib.it Mttitie and her grand
dung lit n M lea Nanlln Yules Miles;
Ml a Ih.anna F Walsh. Col. William
I llitll.'lt lei 1 itlly 1 e| ill li’f-tl here
mi ei>l Hap Aim Vbior Kanffmann.
Mm William At * alder, t otnmisslon
1 anti Atm llt del Irk Irving Cox,
Aim Haiti h |iallhl l el l y, Mr and
Aim II M Kaiiitmaun, Mis. William
llandlimi llavlv, Alts Richard ("'
I lean Aim W illiam II Woodward
Mm Randolph Keith lm rest. Mrs
t'lamia o 1 iHit-udeii Calhoun, Mrs.
11 nlet It li It Martin, Mr and Mrs
t 1 neat g Walker, Ali and Mrs. Wil
lan W Dublin id, Ml. and Mrs George
Aba Ila Alum lee. Miss Hofddn Casey,
M laa leanlea Randolph Mmlth, Miss
I llll.m Nash, Allan Mary Hell, Mr. and
Alia Hi non! G Walker, Mis Clyde M
Kelly, Min Hhell Goode, Mrs. Alfred
T hroesean, piesldeitl general of the
D A It ; Aim William L. Marshall
Mi John WaHim llolmmbe, Miss Mar
Ratal Zutility, Mi Charles Thiirtell,
Hr and Mm. MaePheison Crichton.
Mm Alvin T lleil, Mias Fannie Dial
mid Alai Gen. and Mrs. George Par
liet I
Offices for
Good Light
24-hour Hotel
Burlington Hotel
Main 8980
Scott Stilson, Manager.
.Miss Barbara Hight licads
Doha in Ital Boheme Stunt.
Miss Barbara Hight is chairman of
the “debutante stunt” which is to be
• one of the most, delightful and enter
taining features of the Bal Boheme
of the Arts Club Monday night, Jan
uary’ 17. at the Willard,
I Miss Hight has assembled a group
, of popular debutantes of the season
for the presentation of this alluring
■'divertissement” to lie perpetrated
during the early hours of the carnival
. ball. Those who will participate in
1 Hie "parade” are Miss Katherine I
> Amory, Miss Helen Clifford, Miss I
, Fannie Dial, Miss Adelaide Douglass,
Miss Louise Fitzhugh, Miss Helen
, Gatley, Miss Frances Gore, Miss!
I Nancy Hamilton, Miss Frances Hop- j
1 kins, Miss Harriet Huntress, Miss |
Georgianna Joyes, Miss Mary Page j
Jullien, Miss Florence Marlatt, Miss j
Hally Hews Phillips, Miss Betty Rids- |
dale, Miss Olive Sherely, Miss Eleanor j
Bryan Smith and Miss Harriet Whit- !
Mrs. Herfc has issued cards for an j
J afternoon reception to meet the worn- 1
1 Toiletry Specials ffsassss=iij i. 11 111 —7 _ -
r.«r loann Tooth I’aKte, 34c. §4 AI f I QTV>C
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ft Cotr'n Talcum, «!»<•.
'ii I.'Oriifan , Paris an<l Ohypre. InUlTOllln
JW* Williams’ Shaving (ream. C-• f -• t!• itif-ry oln 0 « 0 c -, , ~ clearance ffß|2|^S|4&Zal
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)) ounce. * e S uwi W._Ei I ,J
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Iji pretty styles, O X 9 P
1)1 one as u J I
1 i ci • I i* c « 1 1 » trated, in vari- A vl
f A Special tor Saturday Only! «us coto and )j
Boys’ Four-Piece Suits
Formerly $10.95, $12.75 and $14.75 1 4 S ||| I
_ _ For Coots and Frocks
$0.95 Ct 89c
i [ T i Formerly sold for $1.25 and it
just recei\od within flic last two |
9l |g P r 'i dIT, ,v * jjjjllPti weeks, but all arc very smart. /j
- (|i
\ - ''vt gandy, chiffon, silk and velvet. j|
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Boys’ $3.98 Lumberjacks mum
All wool, in large plaids. Convertible-collar model with QO fQ (2 %()
two pockets. Open cuff and tight waistband. Sizes 8 W• xO
j to 16 - , p Z*4 Silk Scarfs
|| Street Floor—King s Palace jj,
j Girls’ $1 and $1.50 Wash Dresses „!?*.*_ 1
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Bordered and all-over printed pat- T
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Ji Sizes 7to 14 years. * • ' January Clearance
I , —— *1.98 and $2.95
J Qirls Ra,ncoats Children’s Coats Handbaes I
j) o|i —all those formerly selling for ss.9tt
I to $19.75 reduced SI.OO
iW Simply deduct J 4 from tlic marked *
Green and blue coats, with ami" taiSft f / /~VJ»J* a .„r „„u ct ,.
'V corduroy collar and strap. lovely colors. Tailored and fur-trim- Vs ■ ■Tt stjlc bags, of genuine leather, in
t o rrre mtrli nnrAets med styles, all beautifully lined and A VIII plain colors and combina-
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( 6to 20. 7.8, 9 and 10. / swinging pockets and mirror
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Street Moor
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The all important silhouette with
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i Children’s | Sport Hose, 35c '
* 3 Prs. for $1 j J :|
Perfect and irregular qualities that usually sell for 59c. Good j
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Street Floor—King’s Palace J^_,^&ecoiuijiooiN-Klng^>a^^
an members of the Bepubllean na
tional committee Friday, January 14,
from 4 to 7 o'clock at 1785 Massachu
setts avenue.
Miss Natalie Hammond entertained
a party of six at the Club Chanterler
last night.
Mrs. Alfred F. Benziger of 940 Park
avenue. New York City, has arrived
in Washington, for a month's visit at
the homo of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. George E. Hamilton.
j Miss Susette Dewey was hostess to ,
I a company of 16 at the Club Chan |
j feeler last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dodge and j
I worn THE
“ Everybody’s Doing It”
Mr. and Mm. O. J. Mackey of New j
York are at the Carleton Hotel for
the week end, having come to Wash
ington to attend the dinner given by
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L>. McKenney i
this evening. Also at the «'ar|on j
(Continued on Page Twenty-on#.) j
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