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Fortune Teller and Husband
Are Arrested After Tortur
ing Woman in Dark Room.
By the Associated Press.
« DORTMUND, Westphalia, January
29.—Belief in witches is by no means
extinct among some of the supersti
tious peasant folk of Westphalia. The
torturing to death of a newly married
woman to drive out a “witch” obses
sing her is reported from Haltern.
Three weeks after her marriage, a
Frau Martha Lande, was taken to the
Haltern Hospital with her body cov
ered with wounds from which she ulti
mately died.
In her ante mortem statement the
woman described how shortly after
tier marriage a fortune teller of Gel
senkirchen told her husband and his
relatives that she was responsible for
disease among their cattle. As a reme
dy. the fortune teller prescribed con
finement of the young wife in a dark
room, where the witch could be driven
out of her body by starvation and
After the husband ar.d his relatives
had tortpred their victim in this man
ner for over a fortnight, a neighbor
reported the matter to the police, who
arrested the peasants as well as the,
fortune teller.
Army. Navy and Marine Officers
to Be Among Guests Wed
nesday Night.
Plans for the annual dinner of the
Military Order of the Carabao have
been completed. The dinner will be
held at the New Willard Wednesday.
Many prominent officers of the Army,
Navy and Marine Corps, as well as
officials of the Government, will at
Maj. Gen. George F. Elliott, retired,
former commandant of the Marine
Corps, and one of the oldest living
members of the .Carabao; Senator
Harrison, Representative Dong worth,
Brig. Gen. Frank T. Hines of the Vet
erans’ Bureau, Assistant Secretary of
War MacNider, Senator Pittman, As
sistant Secretary of the Navy Robin
son, Senator Reed, Assistant Secretary
of Navy Warner, Representative
Wain wright, Assistant Secretary of
War Davison, Representative Roy G.
Fitzgerald and Representative Galli
van are included in the list of guests.
Chief Justice Taft is the only hon
'Orary member of the order. He was
so honored for his connections in the
•Philippines as governor general.
Prisoner Confesses Activities of
Midwest Ring—Was to Get
SI,OOO, He Says.
By the Associated Press.
ST. LOUIS, November 29.—A negro
printer, confessed member of a coun
terfeit ring, received only $325 for
printing $290,000 in bogus S2O bills, it
was learned here yesterday.
Five other alleged members of the
ring are under arrest here as the re
sult of activity of secret service agents
iri attempting to stop the flow of
bogus currency into Middle Western
Louis Pascow, local restaurant pro
prietor, also charged with being a
member, burned 850,000 of the notes
after reading of the arrest of another
member. Walter F. Blocker, the ne
gro, was to receive SI,OOO for his serv
ices, but was paid only $325, which,
however, was in real currency.
I Seth Thomas Clock I
I "* Candlesticks I
: j |
I I |jgj The famous Seth Tlftmas make. Handsome |
|i W mahogany- finished 17-in. base. Height 9V2 H p
= fIK inches —6-inch silver dial with special concave jH !|1
A crystal; 8-day; hour and one-half hour strike on !||
|||| special cathedral gong, and a beautiful pair of j|jj
§ IPI candlesticks to match. HM ||
jP|iAW(£ j
| NM |
“Co-Ed” With Unloaded Pis
; tol Holding Up Bank Pre
sents Crime Marvel.
| Charge of Arson Will Be Pre
! ferred Against Demure Maid
of Slight Build.
By Consolidated Pits.*.
AUSTIN, Tex., January 29.—New
that the Norris case is all thrashed
out. so far as this section of Texas
is concerned, public interest centers
once more in the co-ed bandit —a tiny
hit of fimininity weighing less than 90
pounds—who put two big bold Texas
he-men in the safe and walked out of
the Bank of Buda with $2,000 in per
fectly good currency.
For sheer naivete, this flapper
bandit, who has never used rouge
or lipstick, has also never known an
equal. When asked why she con
fessed to the robbery, her deep brown
eyes tui ned with the surprised look
of a child.
"But I didn’t confess,” she pouted
"I didn't tell any one but Sheriff
Allen. I waited until all the others
had left the room.”
According to the State authorities,
the bank at the little town of Buda,
lying between here and San Antonio,
was second choice with the demure
bandit. They say she first visited the
hank at Roundrook. where 10 Baylor
University basket hall players were
killed at a grade crossing a few days
Marvel to Criminology.
With the astonishing frankness and
directness which has made her a
marvel to students of modern crim
inologv, she is said to have walked
into the bank at Roundrock and asked
if all the people in the town "turned
out” when there was a fire. . She was
assured they did.
Shortly thereafter the village fire
bells rang and Rescue Hose No. 2, or
Vigilance No. 1, went clanging to the
scene of the conflagration. The
"bandit” is said to have been at the
bank during the height of the excite
ment, but disappointing to relate, the
bank officers and clerks did not aban
don their posts to go to the fire,
though undoubtedly the urge was
great. «
A few days before the Bank of Buda
was rifled of so much of its spot cash
the co-ed bandit is said to have issued
a number of very lively “rubber”
checks. Where she owed $l5O she
sent a check for $250, saying the ex
cess was for “good measure.” The
recipients of the checks felt a wonder
ful elation over the generosity of their
girl debtor until the checks bounced
When asked why she didn’t wait
until after she had robbed the bank
before writing the checks against the
Being limtied in office space, owing to our growing
rental department, which is managed by Mr. LYMAN
DRISSEL, we have moved to larger quarters at
1309 H St. N.W.
Where we will be pleased to welcome our friends and clients.
1100 Eye St. N.W. ' M. 1363
“booty,” the tiny bit of a bandit
naively explained that she just knew
she would have the money in a little
And so on Monday next, at the county
seat of Georgetown, Rebecca Bradley
Rogers, the University of Texas co
ed, leader of her classes in eight diffi
cult. subjects, secretly married and
suddenly turned bank robber, is to be
called for trial on the charge of arson.
There was no suspicion of her connec
tion with the fire at Roundrock until
a lew days later, when the Bank of
Buda was robbed. Then the author-
Hovses For Sale a«<3 Rent
J. Leo Kolb
MAIN 5027
023 New York At. 1237 Wisc’n. Aw
You nerd our inHtant dnplicntin* service
Duplicate Key, 25c
Bring your locks to the shop.
New Location
1221V2 New York Ave.
ities began to put two and two to
gether and declare that an entirely
logical four emerged from the equa
tion. The State claims the girl bought
oil and matches at Roundrock, and
that the empty oil can was seen later
in her somewhat dilapidated flivver
A big fight is to be made to save
“Becky” from the penitentiary. She
is known to every one in Austin and
to most of the law'makers in the Lone
Star State. While pursuing her stud
ies she has served in the Legislature
as an assistant journal clerk and has
been stenographer in a number of the
State offices, most recently in the of*
flee of the former attorney general,
Dan Moody, who now is Governor.
Flames Across Sky.
So little, so modest, so demure, so
pale in these days of scarlet cheeks,
that no one dare utter even a “tiny
cuss word” in her presence. “Becky”
suddenly flamed across the 'Texas sky
with a cometlike burst of outlawry
which has the crime experts complete
ly puzzled and not a little alarmed.
The simplicity of the girl’s soul is
shown by her bandit methods. When
she walked into the Bank of Buda she
Furniture Sale!
An Opportunity to buy QUALITY
❖ Regular $35 Value-—4 B-inch
* i ding, liatnond S 0 .95 tZllLTul s\f P* ♦ *
tufting, now r quard of newest color qpmbina- v I §-* $27.50 Windsor Type
A A tions. Reversible spring cush- 9V V v
V "" '' 4 * 4 lows — a value extraordinary, .1. T|rv|i V |n\7 RpH
* $1350 Value—99 Coil CRJUUIV DCU
Bed Spriiigjs^
———* sl95 —4-Pc. Bedroom Suite Regular $13.75 Value—Rt-in.
Regular SMS Value .A $1 -J Q. 50 ' Davenport Table
1 able forobe, bow bed and van - I Mah Og - - •
m —rynrn fry, in walnut with dainty ft ft J r • / iT~" ■ ■ ■ i ~"~i
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< • structi on and now jj | \
* $1.98 Unfinished DROP-LEAF
Breakfast Room 4A „. TEA CART
iftk • * $195—10 Piece ICjIX WVJ * I
Ului Chairs Dining Room Suite . J,"Z a wfl. §===i3§|
|\ In antique walnut-finish, 54- <lj <ft| ft ft*"V « M s, retnov- \ MF
II Mj\ 11 || Panel back, inch buffet, oblong extension V I /■ a ble serving
—-X shaped seat, now, table, semi-enclosed china and I tray, now 4IT jH.
cupboard server—chairs in gen- ft ft e ___ H. _u
nine leather upholstery, now 17
$39 Kitchen Colonial Poster" Bed
■*» ,*»««■ *«*f «C C = Plli.p ' ish, single or . ,
$70.75 In walnut-finish, color striping, $ I |
Jm J < panel back chairs, now JU\3 JL X
I 905 I the WRIGHT Co. |“Sar
7th St. N.W. V V a * I Weekly or Monthly I
told the people there she was a re
porter and wanted to learn something
about the community. She asked
about the crops and lots of other
things and eventually wanted to know
the assets and deposits of the bank
itself. The bank folks were filled
with pride and hospitality. The town
was going to get a "write-up” and,
by golly, the gal was pretty, too.
Lunch time came and one by one the.
clerks and officials departed until tw-o
employes were left and the girl was
busy with her notes. Suddenly came
the command, “Stick ’em up.”
Becky had seen that caption in the
movies. The two clerks turned and
to their amazement found themselves
looking down the muzzle of an auto
matic held by the wisp of a girl. It
was surprise, rather than fright, that
bewildered them, they say. but be
that as it may, they got a big bundle
of currency for the little flapper with
the big gun, put it on the counter for
hew, and then quietly retired to the
insiele Os the safe, closed the door
after them and let the bad bandit
walk calmly out.
Telltale Tag.
The trusty but dilapidated flivver
coupe waiting outside. Its tell
tale license tag was flapping boldly
In the breeze for every one to read
and remember.
Becky motored out of town, took a
$lO bill from the nig roll, put the re
maining $1,999 in an < fficial envelope
taken from the capital’s stationery
office, tossed the revolver in the pack
age also and then returned casually
to the bank, mailed the money and
pistol to herself in care of the attor
ney general's office, Austin.
Becky, as a bandit, was ever simple
and direct. {Strange as it may seem,
she was quickly detected. Confronted
with the evidence, she did not “con
fess." She just told the sheriff confi
And, most thrilling thing of all. her
pistol wasn't loaded.
Three Get Divorces. t
Final decrees for absolute divorce
have been granted to Mrs. Barbara A.
Litchfield from Bernard S. Litchfield,
to Mrs. Lucille Marks from Sam
Markp and to Randall P. Holden
i from Frankie Holden.
Annual Meeting of Membership to
Be Held Tonight—Other
Activities Planned.
The .Jewish Community Center,
which will celebrate its first
anniversary February I', 'will hold
the annual meeting of its membership
tonight at 8 o'clock at the center.
Activities of the past year will be
reviewed and the program for this
year outlined. A new slate of officers
and board of trustees will be elected.
Harry King:, the incumbent presi
dent. probably will be re-elected.
Following the business session there
will be a meeting of the National .Jew
ish Forum, devoted to discussion of
current Social and political problems.
Sidney L.. Nyburg, author of "The
| Chosen I’eopie." “The Conquest’’ anT»
jother works dealing with .Jewish life.®
] will be the principal speaker. Open
: discussion will follow. The public F
! invited to attend.
Activities at the center this week
[include a meeting of the round table
j Tuesday evening, a V. M. H. A. and
IY. \V. H. A. card party Wed need..
| evening and a public concert by the
i National String Quartet next Sunday
! evening. The concert is the fourth in
ja series of five Sunday evening re
j citals given this Winter. They are
[open to the public.
•* The members of the choral society,
i under limp, Zalipski, are rehearsing
| for a Russian opera to h, given early V
jin March. The Children's Theater * t
j will shortly present a two-act play, ,
The forum series, which already has
| brought to Washington such rta
i tionallv known speakers as RabW
j Jonah B. Wise and Sophie Irene l.ueb
next month will present Max 1».
| Steuer, noted New York criminal
| lawyer. . ,
| The regular Saturday night dance
jof the center was held last nigh? ~
'Members of the Junior Hadassafr
• acted as hostesses. **'

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