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Indestructible Pearl Ropes : /. M~ z' Q F ij 29x4:40 Balloon Tires
i * - kann r i «
proved by one of these lovely indestructible /-vl v i\u\/rim ril u)) C B MBm C~ W dOi HWF —These splendid balloon cord tires are made
pearl ropes or lariats. The beads are beau- G|v \ V.v (ifti : M V— /JVj for lighter cars and are guaranted for 12
tifully matched and have a lovely luster. A y\ \ J O'* \ months on a 10,000-mile basis. $3 Down.
most remarkable value. V \ ■■ 1 Convenient Terms.
Kami’s—Street Floor. « J Kann’s—Third Floor. -
These New Things For Fall Invite You Down Tomorrow!
“Miss Junior” Fall Frocks Gage Bros. Tailored Felts
Go Smartly to School Have Caught the Charm of Fall
ia Th ‘ Ss md ’ISX)0 eS! ®
••V; I PB MIJSSj —Pouch, Back-strap and Under-the-arm Bags, of antelope Jp^
and suede, in mocha and black. Every bag conspicuous for Fifteen VjjNk (wk In Black
[ TT\i \ \\ the high quality of its workmanship and its fittings. To say Netc Styles o||j7 0j) and Colors
11 \ 1\ \ \ \j . nothing of the modest prices. Three of the styles are pictured
\ \ ;j \ l\ 1 \ M above. Let us show you the others. li
U \ 1 Kann’s—Street Floor. —There is something about these new Gage Models which sets them
® Itefeh. yBKf) apart —a new dash, unusual becomingness —that smart women will
® H V| "IV T TV appreciate. Small, close-fitting hats, with narrow brims or brimless;
!; IHTA7 I IV*£kCO ■ Aof O velvet inserts, felt cut outs and appliques; ribbon bows and bands;
dj* G* QQ fife ~| /A Ilv TT ±/I CSS large head sizes. Black and the smart Fall colors.
® _l_ Vs Kann’s —Second Floor.
What a little price to —Velveteen Frocks are —The more dressy styles HoVC Front Ond ________________________
pay lor dresses so .. smar f models at this at this price, in satin Side FlfirPH fit
tSSh4. m CUc“one <> Md j combined wi t h : Seisin DoZCIIS of Smartly TaUored FdtS
kX. STSk ii crepe and com- i| »f\U f*| I -Large and small head sizes are here for your chocs- d-| OQ
hand-embroidery an d ~ f*. , ° ornamented with tucks. *U / mg. Black and colors, of course, with trimmings of 1• OO
smocking with self belts, ons * Metal buttons tiers, pleats pipings and ribbon bows and bands. All nicely lined,
new collars and long make an attractive finish embroidery. MKBBrf
sleeves. as we n as new buckles. —Although the flare has a prominent place Kann s Second Floor.
—The color* are nevy, “" AB she,f he , "* w F ®!‘ co, “ in this season’s coat styles, the straightline WSLUkJKftJV
red, green, tan and Can* -—ln new brown*, greens, ors, including Canton . . ,
ton blue. ;: red. and navy. ;; blue , golden brown, etc. ,S also ve, T P°P ular > and the S reat variet y
_. „„ .. .... we are showing at this price will meet the
—Sizes 13,14, IS. —l3, 14 and IS sizes. —l4, 15 and 17 sizes. ( , . T1 HBfJ&Is
fancy of almost any woman. The new ;
Kann *~ Second Floor. materials include lustrosa, modena, and
An Introductory Sale of the The Furs Th e 11 ,
•f Opossuia.wolf, Sandur, azurea, navy, \ 1 / w *'
.— __ ___ —— —___ _ »kunk, caracul and new tan, moscova, volga \1 I
New BLENDED Perfumes! H)
'CIVItfk The Lami Pari. Vogue! New Merry Maids Have Wiiming Ways ,
m Jfj —Only recently originated in Paris, The “Clara Bow” Hat Is A Dozen J? Sizes I
ain»h jfo this vo^ue of blending the most fa- - # _ Styles ®O«Vr Vs 3toß
' mous perfumes now comes to Wash- trlfb I ntpfit TOf* I vll^ltt
T t,_ u.„ j • zl* IVI VF J.J. J.O —One of the best things about the Fall season is the smart new “Merry Maid Shoes” it
mgt ° n - . blCnder US . 111 thlS nCW brings out, and this Fall can be particularly proud of the result! Patents, satins and
mmii n« process gives the odors triple Strength, “■ y OO y\. tans are ready in all their newness and variety, and the three models sketched above
te and you may choose from the follow- Ucl ||U -are typical examples. Next time you need smart shoes think of “Merry Maids.”
ru,ea . J J tTU Ta! Better still, come in tomorrow and try on these new Fall models,
ing combinations: tt
Kann’s—Fourth Ploor.
\ —Just the thing for school, chic,
feSfcl f ’4— JS'lsO l -*-' “Blue Heron” Chiffon Silk Hose
BottleS qpX#V/Vr * 3 - 00 Bottles f $5.00 V bears the Clara Bow label. The
| 1 J| Blend# of 'WOc hat made famous by Clara Bow and
— Houbirmnt'# Quelqu.# Fl.ur# & Coty’. Pari. || iSllSj Blend.^Blender* 1 " V \\!l\ hires, hcolors, 'bluTrcd? green and They Are T Q Exclusively
—Caron’# Narciss* Noir A Blendaco Blender —Chanel’* No. 55 & Blendsco Blender ta " Guaranteed JL • Vs JL JLo At KaOll^
! —Corday’s Toujour Moi A Blendaco Blender —ChnneF# No. 5 & D’Orsay’# Chevalier Tvirsv Hi/k/t/i l lit/koc/kc QO »,
—Guerlain’* Mitsouko & Coty’s Chypre ( [ ”^* U quemin , of*' # * ,rn4r *”** oty * ,e *^ ac * vtITJ-S i▼▼ p u U 30-inch Full-fashioned Hose of silk chiflfon with the tops and soles interlined with
—-GuerlainVL’Heore Blan 4c Coty’# L’Origan | —Caron’* Nuit do Noel Sc Houbigant’s Ideal > —Pleated skirt models—some of wool crepella with plaid blouses, lisle and in twenty-eight of the most fashionable colors, including gun metal, ecstasy,
I Kalin’s— Street Floor - —Ybry’* Femme do Pari* & Blendaco Blender others with plain silk skirts and striped blouses. Sizes 10 to 14 years. shadow, cruiser, French nude, sandust, muscade, grain and beige, also black and white.
Kami’s Second Floor. # Kann’s—Street Floor.
j Vestees, Special, SI.OO 1# t? 1 ll Miss 7to 14 Gets
—Dainty vestees of lace and of batiste, with cuffs to 4V (Wi L(
match, and various style necklines. $1.50 to $2.50 Mg 11 P
Silk Flowers, $1.69 and Afternoon Dresses New Fall Coats for |
/Mm ‘PM ' of Silk Velvet and MetaUic Combinations 461 9 Q?
COl ° ringS ' , llUm Add Their Grace and Beauty to
Square Shoulder Scarfs, $2.95 \ \ fflnl l s e Large Collection Here at
Soft, lustrous fiber scarfs, with plaid or plain cen- Iw/ u . . —A pleasant surprise is in store for
ters, and wide borders of a contrasting color. \ W/ “■ jf Mr , . , A ■. .. 4HSk
Kann’s-Street Floo? \^l® t ff lStw I A LI 1 her ’ to °’ when she sees attraC ‘ fW
nfflulfrWww U I m ■ ■ ■ tive the new coat is. She may jy
* IVT Tk !• nit If* uMjh MW-P I Vrf I* \ / choose from suede fabrics, chin-
New Radium »hps nmSUii . IS Mm.
As J favorites, also georgette dresses combined with transparent vel- a „dc U ff S “medwith u,cl-s an.l Jfß\
JTVL en^~r¥r vet. and many new modelslof satin and crepe-back satin. At self stitching and lined good qual- i£f JBM Bk
s P orts Presses made of Fnska cloth, and it serv i cca bl e linings yv^
—Flesh, white and tan slips of good quality radium. A \ \\ \ Rodier crepes. New one and two piece models, with attrac- ' 8 * Krjm l j
Made with hip hems. And of tan, black and gray /l \ \ I tive drapes, and circular skirts, new sleeves, and new necklines. Tjffnl u
a a „d lU d«k cIT™ r rayon m 8 / \\ \ ■ ' Other Coats for Girls f #H4 |
-Found.,ion Slips' of s hi m - -Slip, of “Deri,oie” Radium, //] \\ The color, are Malaga, Pine Needle, Wert /l\ \ '
mering “Siquax Radiant” Siquax Satin and crepe de A A\ )\\ \ Point Blue, Navy, and Black 0,1 fIW lO I \\
Tn white* I flesh tan h s3so chine-some with hip hems, M II M * Misses 9 and Women's Sizes JJ \\
in black, navy and tan with others ruffles. Street and gP )ff ‘ XT-««’c —Size* 7to 14, In attractive models of /
built-up shoul- AC evening colors. AC J\ann S oecona rioor. desirable materials. /
ders. Each so*7o Choice MJT’.y*/ .
Kann’s—Second Floor. - ' ■■■ K.nnN-Second Floor.
I ‘ ' ‘ • . . ... :t ;

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