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Justice of Peace System Un
der Fire in Referen
dum Campaign.
Special Dispatch to The Star
CINCINNATI, October 31. Those
• ifetv-first advocates who worn lh.it I
•‘booze and gasoline won't mix" have j
overlooked . the potentialities of Ohio
polities. Liquor and automohiie fuel j
have produced a strange blend ini
the Buckeye State, where oddities of
politics have been the rule, rattier j
than the exception, for many years.
It all came about through the ref
erendum *>n the Marshall bill, which
Ohio voters "ill ratify or defeat No
vein her S. And today there is no
issue m any pari of the state that I
eclipses in interest this measure, i
which its opponents term "an effort !
of the Legislature to overrule the 1
Supreme Court of the Coiled States."
fh° bill, the only issue on the
ticket that voters discuss, resulted
from the decision of, Chief Justice
Taft that "it is unconstitutional foi
any man to be tried by a court that
has a pecuniary interest in the out
come of the case." The issue arose
from the arrest of Fid ward Tumey of
North College Hill, near Cincinnati,
on a charge of possessing liquor.
The effect of the Taft decision was I
to knock out the hundreds of dry law
and speed trap courts presided over'
by justices of the ooae- and village
mayors. Under Ohio laws magistrates •
vs both classes have jurisdiction
throughout their counti s, hence
pround each city of importance there I
sprang up "kangaroo" courts, into j
which urban residents were tak-m by
rural constables. No juries were per
mitted. and th<* only .'oters who had
a chance to "get even" wit It th’justic e j ,
or mayo, were those in his village or i
So far the liquor phase predomi- j
nated. but the Ohio Automobile Asso- j
ciation entered the case with the gaso- 1
line angle as soon as the Legislature j
'fussed a bill drafted by the AtUi-Sa- j
l*>«n League and sponsored by Senator j
L. T. Marshall of Xenia. This meas- j
tire provides that justices and mayors |
may collect up to $250 a month from
the fines collected from prisoners con
victed in their courts. This, of course. 1
preserved the salient feature of the j
law knocked out by Chief Justice j
Taft's decision—the provision that the j
dry court would profit to the extent j
of $2-vt a month—by finding the pris- \
oners guilty.
The organized motorists, carefully I
s adding the wet-nnd-dry side of the
argument. entered the campaign
against ilm Marshall bill to prevent >
revival of the justiee-of-the-peaee sys- j
Attorney General Edward C. Turner,
who is leading the tight against rati- j
liration of the bill, has challenged the
drvs to present one able lawyer who
will defend the measure and deny that
it fosters "partiality, perjury and
plunder." In Piquta. a debate before
the Ministerial Association was con
ducted behind closed doors. Although
tlm participants were the Anti-Saloon
League's chief attorney and a promin
ent State Senator, nobody has been
found who will tell what was said. In j
Cincinnati an even more striking "de- j
bate took place—the Methodist Mini- 1
sters' Association heard one side and |
then refused to let the opponent of
the Marshall bill talk.
A third peculiarity of the situation
is that Gov. A. '. Donahey, after |
writing what read like a scathing j
veto message, allowed the bill to be
come a law without signing it. The j
governor’s friends, however, explain i
this-by saying that Donahey wished
to let the voters pass on the measure.
tConrrurht. ltrfT.l
Superintendent and Aides Discuss
Appropriations With
Budget Officials.
Ur. Frank V. Ballou, superintend
ent cf schools, and his assistants, are
meeting in closed session today with |
officials of the Bureau of the Budget j
in the Treasury Department, discuss
ing appropriations for the conduct of
the public sehooi system.
Today's session is continued from I
yesterday's similar conference, and the
school officials in attendance with Dr. i
Ballou include Stephen K. Kramer, t
assistant in charge of high schools;
Robert L. Hayeoek, assistant in charge j
of elementary schools of divisions 1 ft: |
Maj. R. O. Wilrnarth, assistant super- j
intendent in charge of business af
fairs, and G. C. Wilkinson, first as- j
distant superintendent in charge of
schools of divisions 10-33.
—■ ■ •
Princess to Be Christened.
BRUSSELS. October 31 OP). —The j
20-da.y-old daughter of Crown Prince '
Leopold of Belgium and Princess !
Astrid will be christened Josephine ■
November 10. The little princess' god- |
father will be Prince Charles of Bel- j
gium and the grand duchess of Lux
•mburg will act as godmother.
( Final Price Slashing §
I To Speed Out All |
1 Used Automobiles j
’ll Xever before have you had a
. H chance to buy good used cars for isl
such little prices as we re now
quoting. N
fj'lhink of getting - a recondi- j
;=5 tinned standard car for— H
I As Little as *25 Down |
—with Monthly Payments ar- ||
ranged to suit! Your choice of ||
Studebakers, Jiuicks. Washes, =5
Cadillacs. ( hryslers, Hudsons,
Dodges, I'ords and other popu- ||j
‘•Certified Cars” Are Backed by Stude- II
baker Nationally Advertised Pledge!
■|| Joseph Mcßeynolds I
pi Cor. 14th & R Sts. N.W.—Phone Potomac 1631 H
||| White Front Lot, 1706 14th N.W. H
Shoe Minus Fool
Enough to Down
Worker in Fracas
There was no foot in a shoe used
ns a weapon last night in an at
tack upon Jerry Carson Funk, 28
years old. (ITU Fourth street north
east. at First and ! streets north
erst, but force enough was tt •-• >d
in the attack to scar h*s head and
break the little finger of his right
ha ivl.
Funk mid police fc» was on his
way t<i work at Union Station
when he met two colotcd m n and
a colored woman. lie was at
tacked by the latter without any
| provacation, he stated. Mis woitnds
. were dressed at Union Station.
Civil Wpv Confederates Planning
Memorial in Park Near Manassas, ;
Va.—Program Is Outlined.
Virginia's most beautiful and Inter
esting park within 25 miles from
Washington by the Lee Highway,
with the finest battlefield museum in
the world, is the aim of the Manassas
Battlefield Confederate Park Organ
ization its president. Mai. K W T».
Ewing. Washington attorney, an
noun ed today, following the annual
board meeting Friday. A Confederate
field day. followed by a chantauqua
of three to ton days in American his
tot'v, will he hold, he said beginning
July 21 each year, the anniversary of
the first battle of Manassas.
Landscaping and monumental work
will be under tbe advisory supervision
of the Fine Arts Commission. Maj.
Ewing declared, in pointing out that
Hie museum will Vie operated on the
llenrv Hill of the park. State ram
missions are at work arranging for
making the battlefields of Manassas
or Bull Run a real national asset, he
continued, adding (hat the park lands,
comprising 125 acres, are practically
paid for. Monuments and markets
are now under way, he said, and the
outlook is bright.
60 Listed Dead in British Gale.
LONDON. October 31 (A 3 ).—The
death list in the great gale which
has swept over British Isles since
Friday today stood at more than 60-
Most of the deaths were due to the
destruction of fishing craft along the
west roast of Ireland, where 40 per
sons were reported to have perished.
r Graduate Eye* Examined
McCormick Medical ' .
College Gla»*e* Htcd
Eyesight Specialist
Phone Main Til
4 Oft-110 Mcl.nchlcn Rids.
UMli and G St*. N.W.
rjf* Site
f Collier ,Jnn 1 f
i * MC - ' 1
S Until 7:30
Broiled m !
Tenderloin / I
Steak Dinner B j
& Have you made reservation for ij
it your luncheon parly!
TtmnniiiiiiumiitsiiiniiimiHiiiimitiir i
Columbia Road «/ St. !
i [COLUM 61 A 504-11 fll
11, ..llllliniillilllllilililllllHUllllllilillMiiy
Two New Groups
of Homes
Fifth & Kennedy Sts.
Concord Aye. at Third St.
The Best Home Values
Being Offered
Sample Houses
513 Kennedy Street
5513 3rd Street
On 14th St. Car Line
Inspection Invited
Open Until 9 P.M.
Floyd E. Davis Company
*33 nth Street N.W.
, Main 352-333
Frank P. Coleman Arrested on t
Marie Adkins' Complaint.
An acquaintanceship of several
vears between Miss Marie Adkins,
j Lurny, Vn. and Frank P. Coleman.:
I Overcoat Week
The Parker-Bridget Annual Style Event —A Showing of
All the Approved Overcoat Mtxlels for Winter , 1927-28
An international style event in the Nationally Known Store—a Parker-Bridget
annual feature which enables men to v iew , in a single showing, all the new, approved
overcoats for the season just opening. Here are overcoats from abroad and at home,
in foreign and domestic fabrics, in European and our own Metropolitan styles. “In a
single showing,” we said; yet it takes 19 of our show windows to present them—
and their contents are but a suggestion of the interesting display of overcoats inside this
spacious store. We invite every man to see this complete and unique exhibit; to come
in and tty - on the coat which meets his prefer Mies.
Chesterfield Mountain Rock
Overcoats Fleeces
’ F r".; atin ,incd * and ° xf T d 0r Wu These overcoats, of British' fabrics t*
Cambridge grey. Statable for almost lored in America, carry a two-year guaran.
any occasion. s3.v to S6O. ***' Gre y*' oxfords and blues -
Young Man’s Model Hickey-Freeman
A single-breasted, 4-button coat, with / A ir^ m i \ ' Pnofc
plain or patch pockets, large lapel and deep / j \/%f lr \
collar. $35 to SSO. N. Jr \ \ The famous imported Glen Spray fabric,
J / A. I NEgj / tailored in the new model town coat. Set-in
. n - ( f t TJT V \ sleeves, patch pockets, plaid back. SIOO.
Double-Breasted |f' 1 o % L \
Model jt \ Boucle Overcoats
Another young man’s model; double \H T. ft .. V 7 In blue and grey; full satin lined or witN
breasted, silk trimmed. In blue and gray, - V U j plaid back. S6O and $75.
Patrick Overcoats jjf ® Burberry Overcoats
Styled and tailored by Patrick; single JJ n Finest of imported English overcoats, in
and double breasted models; blues, gravs, \ the new models sponsored by London design
browns. plaids and plain colors. $35, S4O , |.. ers ’ SBS, SIOO, sllO, $125, $137.50.
and $45. 1
„ , ~ IjL Chauffeurs’Overcoats
Carrs XXX Meltons L 2 W ' n . ~, ~~t D .
/it // I J Oxford cloth, dog lined, with Persian
The distinctive dress coat, full silk lined, Il / j/ X■ f‘ - lamb collar. $125.
in black, blues and browns. S9O. \\/ff 1 I \ Other chauffeurs’overcoats, SSO.
! 1 ’ r
Overcoats L !■ “Prep” Coats
’35 to ‘137 H H 1 >35 to ’45
Here \ou ha\e the complete price Overcoats designed expressly for
range, including all models, all fabrics, WSW school men, with the ease and swag- i
patterns and shades authorized by ger, the comfort and “wearability” , ‘
fashion arbiters this season. that youth demands.
t 1 . : .
Boys’ Overcoats and Mackinaws
Fancy Tweeds—for younger boys, in grays, Chinchilla Coats—for juveniles, in blues, Box-back Coats double-breasted, in new
browns and blues. Sizes 3to 10 years. $lO to grays, tans and French blues. Sizes 3 to 10 plaid effects and plain shades; 12 to 18 years, $25.
$22.M). years $16.75.
John Shannon—English coats with raglan or Patrick Mackinaws—for school and all occa- Short Leather Coats—flannel or sheep lined;
set-in sleeves; single-breasted; sizes 12 to 18 sions. Sizes 6to 10 years, $18; 12 to 18 years, warm and durable. Sizes 10 to 18 years, sl2,
years. $27.50 to $35. S2O. " " S2O and $25.
u w WV/VI ,v tnywr* w v, w vwv>wwv/v/wvSu w www ww
141 years >ld. former resident nf
Atlanta, <?a., recently terminated, and
yesterday Coleman was arrested on a
of violation <>f the Mann aet
jlarie’s eomtdalnt. Detective J. O,
t otl'ns arrested Coleman. Miss Adkins
allcjes thet Coleman hrounht her here
from Liiray.
Coleman waived a preliminary hear
i ins today in P dire Court and was
; held for the action of the grand jury,
under $2,000 bond.
The swiftest tidal current in the
world is that between the islands of j
I lira and Srarha, off the Scottish j
roast. According to official charts, }
the speed of the current here is nearly |
' 1 miles an hour.
William P. Eieste Treated for
Wounds in Both Knees
William P. Dieste. 31 years old. !
suffering from bullet wounds in Imth
knees, was treated at Waiter Reed !
Hospital last night. IXeste, residing !
at 602 Somerset place, was visiting |
at the home of Mrs. Patricia Byrne,
522 Somerset place, when he shot, j
Both the wounded man and Mrs. j
Byrne declared the shooting resulted j
i from an accident, the latter holding I
the weapon when it was discharged.
Onr many friend* may Im* Interested
to know that we are mlill serving
tlioae wonderful dinner*.
4 to » P.M. Dally. R Tr ept Sunday
17*7 Pa ,\ye
Rittincrr .1 Tenner

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