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(left) $.15 00 Larger women's Satin $25 75. (Left) $59 50 Women's georgette headed frork. $59 (Left) $55.00 Mi*ie*' black satin frock. $25.75. C/' ff * $*9.00 Junior'* angora and *Vk. s2s. 00.
■&?g|| (Bight) $69.50 Larger women '.s georgette. $59 50. (Right) $55.00 Women s two-piece satin frock.s2s.7s. (Bight) $59.50 Misses georgetted velvet frock. $50.50. (Right) $19.50 Junior's flat crepe. $15.00.
Women’s Dresses
j Six Different Dress Shops—ln All More Than Two Thousand Dresses—Satins, Velvets, Crepes, Cloths— A
§| with emphasis on style—with a price range to meet every wish of our patrons—with dresses for both daytime and evening occasions—and with plenty A
f v; , M ■'■■■;. ij of transparent velvet dresses at $35 upward to meet every demand—in Misses’ transparent velvets even at $23.75. Thus the Appreciation events are J
j H ♦ f announced and there is only this to add—the Jelleff dress shops are preparing to out*do themselves on this occasion!
—...--- - i Women’s $35 to $39.50 Frocks —An Appreciation group that features the stunning I Misses’ $39.50 $4950 Frocks Styles from sports to evening—materials from the A
new velvet combinations—which means crepe roma and canton crepe with ingenious velvet ap- lovely light-weight woolens to filmy chiffons—even sheer velvet dresses, and Jewel-tinted geor
nlioues velvet codets velvet tiers in stunnine tailored lines for afternoon wear—the new brown gettes in this assortment. Plenty of stunning satins, tailored canton crepes, metal cloths, and the <
pliques, \enet gmiets, \ei%et tieis in stunning lauorea lines ior arternoon wea. me new » u majority of these frocks are one-of-a-kind models—not “sale” dresses, but dresses actually made to '
and moonlight blue velvet afternoon frocks with charming touches of metal embroidery brown sell at $39.50 and $49.50. Heal lace edgings, all-around pleated skirts, generous drapes,
velvet, with metal cloth bodies—the very important and new black satin frocks in a bewitching as- metal and velvet combinations, stunning rhinestone studding and a choice of black,
sortment, and exquisite beaded georgette evening gowns in lovely soft shades so m moonlight blue, buddha, in addition to orchid, maize, green and coral tints in the Jp J Vj.
very smart this sen son—ibis pink, white, nile green, peach bloom, amethyst and the 0,50 e\ening frocks. S i
r\ i * i ii a* • nr i • . j i . . . > inevitable black—An outstanding group of Appreciation values —your choice at Jm J
Only at Jelleffs in Jf ashington and always at one price! ... , _ , . , , w *
1 u • • Misses $45.00 to $59.50 Dresses —Afternoon and evening frocks—from many high*
1 CCla 1 CarlS fiats Women S st 3 to rOCKS —From many sources—and embracing frocks of man> class makers—and including many new dresses contributed by Madelon especially for this occasion i
Cinld Strine Silk * different tvnes for afternoon, dinner and dance wear—is this glorious assortment of women's and which are extra Madelon values. You’ve been hearing about the smart n.ew “Sunday Night”
.. . . y; , s . . It' c .nt no.,riv n n» hnnrtroH hoiiiiifiil fiwki far in advance frocks—you'll find them in this group—some in real transparent velvet, some in taffeta and ombre a
Marie Earle Beautv Preparations gowns. Math lon manutacturers alone ha%e: sent ny < . moire, some in metal and velvet combinations. For afternoon wear, there are lovely light-colored
... e -j . i ... r n rr’- * . ,i • of usual Madelon values —with their good wishes for our Appreciation event. Transparent xenet georgettes. For dance wear, there are fascinating tulle and taffeta period frocks with real laces,
JMamnacturers with woria-wiae reputations select jelien Sto (listrinute xnur outstanding feature of the mode —is here in cleverly draped models —chiffons and georgettes, elab- rhinestone clusters, cleverly stitched velvet trims, one-sided berthas (very new) and elaborate use s
products in the National Capital. 0.-atelv embroidered and. beaded are here—satin and lace, flat crepe, dance frocks of georgette and of fine pleatings. For tailored wear there Is an unusually distinctive group of canton crepes—fea*
’ , . . . . .. . . , . turing adorable holeros with snug-fitting hip-lines—two-piece models with front fullness and one- i
rhinestones, metal laces, georgette and velvet combinations ail are included to make this group of piece styles with interesting neck-lines. Steel blue Is Important In this group—and CO
% dresses one of the most attractive we have ever offered. Colors for afternoon are __ __ there are also spruce green, new tan, buddha, navy, coral, nile and white, in addi- $ A VJiOU Jk
7 I IPACCPC slate blue, chestnut, wine, black and navy—Evening shades are petal pink, tur- tlon to a wonderful selection in black, at \J y
-J JL V- Csl^W*'quois, flame, love bird (green), black and rose—Sizes are 36 to 42. S
tparlment has had special attention, for we wish to show our , ff _ n , „ . . nna „ rilwtinn nr finer- Misses’ $59.50 and $65.00 Dresses —a new Appreciation price because misses have
mart Style selected models even though the prices are low. Womens $d9.150 r* rocks or a omoon, in ' * * been asking for better frocks in this event. Hence, this interesting group of afternoon and evening
7 ' type dresses —contributed to our Appreciation by makers of very exclusive women s frocks who frocks in the wanted materials—transparent velvet, satin, metal cloth, light and dark shades in
Tlininr Misses’ $29 to $35 Frocks For the classroom, for the afternoon party— introduce in this Appreciation group stunning new style features that have not yet been shown. georgettes, crepe Elizabeth and taffeta. Whether you prefer the one-piece or two-piece frock, you’ll 4
«•» «—«Tll you woTLs Tran.parent ve.ve, r„,oK,-, hot hav. a pond,ant for *„■ .onea a,,,> Jcwo, e^aUo„-o l ,iiro n ve,. .
wardrobe from this group. Canton crepe tailored dresses with adorable new collar and cuff efftc.s— vet frocks are draped fascinatingly—glittering beaded and embroidered chiffons sleewes. jabots and pleatings and Louiseboulanger’s clever use of lace. And many «. A CA *
metallic georgette in softly vmthful effects—georgettes formal and semi-ioimai—tanetaano cmr- -sumptuous filigree black and lace—gold lace and metal cloth for evening wear—and >/■ of the evening dresses feature stunning new deep V decolletage in back and are VJ.OU .
s">S*°° or M.C uc. r„,■— 4V one-of-a-kind styles think of ..... „ 4
flesh color, for Appreciation, Jml Jcllrff’s —If omen s Frock Shop—Second iloor Jelleffs —Misses l rock Shot 1 llnra l loor A
-Third Floor ———— ——————— j
Women’s and Misses’ Inexpensive Frocks ossg (L& i
Two specialized shops specializing in (rocks ol good lines, dependable malerials, sniart fashions and low cost. For the Appreciation Event we have secured the uHfVL J
most remarkable values of the season—even greater, in fact, than the comparative prices quoted herewith. \|J YV\\ IfSUsL-—X J
* SIQ 50 to $?9 50 Women’s Dresses New dresses with new style features that I Misses’ $19.50 to $29.50 Dresses —Here you will find sports, afternoon and formal I I 4
vvonieilh wrc.» - - • , , beautiful heavv party frocks in this wide range of smart fabrics—wool crepe, jerseys, georgettes, chiffons, velve
take in everj* important line and detail—in a wide choice of desirable mate rials beautiful hea y fl » t cr(ipf . s Vou l) ti , lf] r | eve r new two-piece models with all-around pleated skirts—satins A
•atins, satins combined with fine velvets—exceptional quality flat crepe—georgettes with velvet jn one .„i ece mf! dels that are lx>tli tailored and more elaborate—georgette with velvet trimmings in T*
trimmings beautiful wool georgettes and wool crepes—and the style range extends from simple charmingly different bolero types—and there are the best-looking three-piece frocks. You’ll he -jgsaqv
tailored -port, yffect, to .tunning draped afternoon frorks r-produclne the best imports. Look for J Cw • J
the new chemisier two piece frock, the new wrap-around coat frocks—the new Jabot the most fascinating new autumn coiors— raspberry rod. tawny brick, balsam green, I %.UU gyrr N. \ Jk \
frock—the new all-around pleated skirts —the new tan shades—black, green, canton $1 C ,00 bluette, orchid, beige and black. * A
blue, navy and brown, at this Appreciation price. 1 MlSSes’ $29.50 to $39.50 DrCSSCS— Think or being able to select smart frocks of \ 4^,
k nv-w, , ernoon frocks in new light shades, stunning afternoon and formal frocks actually of transparent \ A
Womens $29.,*>0 to $39.50 —street, afternoon and evening dresses—Appreciation sav- velvet, of smart new metal cloths—dance frocks of tulle, and chiffon—tailored frqgks of canton ■ llnPwA V A
Jngs of $5.75 to $15.73 on dresses that could not b» smarter even if they were considerably higher crepe and satins—sportsy frocks of light-weight tweeds, novelty woolens and wool jerseys, some $1 1 \ \
priced. There i« a choice of lustrous satins, canton crepe, velvet trimmed georgettes and ombre with full-length velveteen coats —too many different frocks to go into detail about—-too many ** M I 2
(advance styles) for davtime wear. For evening wear there is a fascinating clioice of smart trends to enumerate —we can only touch briefly on the beautifully handled drapes, the traS
beaded and rhinestone studded <*liiffon« and georgettes—white and the pastel shades— nr hand made lace trimmings, the exquisite pins, the ingenious seaming* and pleatings. nc
and the wonderfully smart n<* vv pamel satins in stunning draped frocks—Sizes There’s a steel blue, ruby red. autumn leaf, spruce green, buddha, Amen- »p Jr ’
• | 1 . /-V TT 1 r TA • I “ IN APPRECIATION” 4
ing Mats —(Jne-Malt r rice! „ — ~ <
~,-ac.ically nnlinthcl d,oirt._ 1/D * f I S ' CCk SiUi " S Smart hatter '* P l^'1 tiffins' SOTOSIS V OOtWCtIT
Hats of every smart style of JL llC© • Soleil velours Gorgeous brocades and other high-grade manufacturers— 1
the season—all at exactly / £ Debonair felts Rich metal cloths 30 distinctive styles—l,ooo pairs—smartest
~rai* c d vdvc,s *«""*'*vdo«r S s7*so 1
15.00 Hats 7.50 25.00 Hats 12.50 o/ 17 WM regularly $lO to $12.50, your choice at / .
i 16.50 I lats 8.25 27.50 I fats 13*75 And you may choose your Calf, hid, patent leather, velvet, suede and simulated reptiles.
18.50 Mats 9.25 35.00 Hats 17.50 color from L✓~|4“'V \ s\ The new strap effects, the new buckled pumps, the clever new ties
bese famous ah.- s part \te l the storv. hut there are other names that you .-111-I*s V I .1 . *„,a inn. Xnc <1
„ , 1 . - I’lack (hundreds ot black hats)— .. . / clcvertwo-tonecllects—
ill recofin/e a- leader* in nnlimerv wit h man v styles to choose trom in e.icn # $1 \ Znf, fv / T) , . ~ c . ~ T r n n A
-■ ,i ..,,,1 , . lints frnrn • New 1 an —hranciscan LJrown —San- 1 » / Black Gold Stroller lan Golden Brown
,t: 'Are-liigh Amec ‘ Hlossom Real dor—Napoleon Blue—Navy Blue, U [’■ iV I Beige Silver Andora (Brown) Whippet Brown * 2
1, Blue Bird ''m r.-mdie (lidding Hyland Baton Blue, Imperial Blue —\ olga j\\\]u . \ Spike, Spanish. Cuban, military and low block heels!
d ap|>e f -nne Maurice Hayman Green Almond Green Scarlet— "\U y Sizes 2'/\ to 9—AAA to C.
Amm, Borto Red —Zinc Grev —Wing Grey— These arc the leading footwear styles of the season —and the assort
(iold—Silver—also shinning two-tone ments offer a range for choosing that would he hard to excel even at A
B'V I (V&W&fiL. ond three-tone 'combinations! , PzffiSjfitl ' the regular prices as quoted. At $7.50 per pair they offer opportuni
-1 v|k ties for saving that are most remarkable for this time of the year.
h, 4- ~ f Hats with smart feather brushes M ikggg 150/ DiSCOUIIt $5 tO $7.50 4
T\ / 'n or [ V— *7 gorgeous embroideries -so many fjrft On Boudoir and House Imported Cut Steel 4
4 J HfZXn 1 / smart styles that you will scarcely l g. Slippers attd RhilteStOlie 4
£~\ s~J / \ ! '** \ iX Sizes to lit every head — and all lot ’ J V. Buy ahead tor Chrl»tma»—notice how com- o» a *7C A
I 1(1 L s \ K ' ILll \| I X. ~ . •*',*.* t,IC 41,„ 1 7 plete the lines which Include stunning novel- »p pa i r> V
' . \ |f Appreciation •at just onc-lltllt t lie ties In addition to the popular everett’s, mules *
f QOtr ill A\ . \ and operas with a wide choice of colors and Nearly 50 styles to choose from all s*un «
ts ) * A J|’ I i regular price. \ linings—with or without heels. Sizes are 3 • ning and so very smart this season for evenine j
to 8. Regular prices $1.45 to $7 50—less 15% and afternoon slippers—you’ll want (hem foi
i —51.23 to $6.38 pair. yourself and for gifts. Make a note, $3.75 p H i r
•* ■ l xlni I f.",, ol ••Anpredation” News in addition to our double spread will be found on the 16th page of today's Star—Why not turn there now 1

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