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Power Boosts, Applications
Rejected, Hearings Held
in Record of Week.
The first week after Ita reorganiza
tion with a new member and a new
secretary was a busy one for the Fed
eral Radio Commission. It ordered
several changes In conformity with
its policy of favoring higher powers
for leading stations, rendered three de
cisions in cases previously heard and
conducted hearings on three more ap
plications for changed conditions of
There were two power boosts, one
for IVOR, Newark, N. J., and the
other for WABC, New York. Station
WOR, using its new transmitter out
side the city limits, was authorized to
increase from 2,000 to 3,500 watts on
710 kilocycle (422.3 meters), on which
WOS, Jefferson City, Mo., and KPO,
San Francisco, are the only other sta
tions now operating. Station WABC
was granted a daytime increase from
2.500 to 6,000 watts on 920 kilocycle
(325.9 meters), but retains 2,500 watts
r or night broadcasting. Its only pos
sible sources of interference on the
same channel are WAPI, Auburn,
Ala., and KOA, Denver, both too far
away to cause much difficulty.
Three Applications Rejected.
The commission acted adversely on
the three applications previously
heard. It denied WOKO, Peekskill,
N. Y., authority to shift from 1,390
kilocycles (215.7 meters) to 1,150 kilo
cycles (260.7 meters) and to increase
its power from 250 to 500 watts. It
denied the Latter-Day Saints’ station
at Independence, Mo., KLDS, an in
crease in power from 1,500 to 5,000
watts on 1,110 kilocycles (270.1 meters).
It also refused to shift WJBL, De
catur, 111., from 1.410 kilocycles (212.6
meters) to 1,050 kilocycles (285.5
meters) and to heighten its power
from 250 to 1,500 watts.
Two of the six hearings scheduled
for the* week collapsed when appli
cants failed to present proper evi
dence. One was on the effort of
KSCJ, Sioux City, to obtain the fre
quency of 1,170 kilocycles (256.3 meters)
used by KTNT, Muscatine, lowa.
The other was the request of WDGY,
Minneapolis, for a shift to 1,050 kilo
cycles (285.5 meters). Both cases were
dismissed. The hearing for WSAZ,
Huntington, W. Va., for power in
crease was canceled.
Case Under Advisement.
The commission took under advise
ment the case of WSBT, South Bend,
Ind., seeking to be shifted from 1,260
kilocycles (238.8 meters) to 570 kilo
cycles (526 meters), and supported at
Its hearings by Senators and Congress
men from Indiana; WTAL, Toledo,
asking an increase in power from 100
to 1,000 watts on 1,070 kilocycles (280.2
meters), and KFVE, St. Louis. Mo.,
seeking full time on 1,250 kilocycles
(234.2 meters).
The outstanding radio event tonight
will be the first of the series of
“Family Parties” sponsored by the
General Motors Co., which will bring
before the microphone a large group
of entertainers, including a number of
stars of the legitimate stage.
The program will be of one hour’s
duration and features such famous
stars as William Collier, William Col
lier, jr., and Nora Bayes, and instru
mental groups directed by Nathaniel
Shilkret, Patrick Conway and Joe
Green. It will be divided into three
groups, the first of which will be pro
vided by a 42-piece symphony orches
tra under the direction of Shilkret.
The second part will be a revue with
William Collier as the master of cere
monies. A concert by the Goldman
Band, with Patrick. Conway a9 the
guest conductor, will be the conclud
ing part.
The revue will introduce, aside from
Nora Bayes ant} the Collier duo, a
marimba combination directed by Joe
Green, “The Three Cheers,’’ Jessica
Ifcagonette, lyric soprano, and Lewis
James, tenor. Three songs never be
fore sung in public, written expressly
for this radio program by Norma
Gregg, will be sung. The songs are
“Naughty Baby,” “Moon and June
and You” and “You.”
The A & P Gypsies and the weekly
program by “Roxy’s Gang” are among
WRC’s other principal musical attrac
tions. The Gypsies have dedicated
their program to the State of Texas,
while “Roxy” has planned to feature
Harry Breuer, the drummer of the
Roxy Theater in New York.
Santa Claus will make his first ap
pearance of the season before WRC’s
microphone at 6:30 o’clock. Arrange
ments have been made to have him
give several radio talks each week
until Christmas.
A variety of musical attractions are
featured tonight by WMAL. These
include a concert by the Silver String
Revelers, dance music by the Chateau-
Thierry Ramblers, and a recital by
Mrs. Leo T. Tooiey, mezzo-soprano.
Louis Rothschild, director of Wash
ington’s Better Business Bureau, will
speak at 8:20 o’clock on “Protecting
the Public.’’ This will be the first of
a series of radio talks by Mr. Roth
schild on the subject.
Radio reception conditions were ex
cellent over the week end for long
range dialing activities. Stations in
all directions responded with tremen
dous volume and clarity and there
seemed to be no limit to the range of
reception within the United States.
Signals from the West Coast were
just as responsive as those from other
Carnegie Organization to Promote
International Good Will Meet
in St. Louis.
By the Aesor-lated Press.
NEW YORK, November 7. The
World Alliance for International
Friendship, an organization founded
by the late Andrew Carnegie, will hold
its twelfth annual meeting and good
will congress in St. Louis on Novem
ber 9, 10 and 11, it was announced
here. The theme of this year’s
conference will be “Must We Have
War,” said Rev. Dr. William P. Mer
rill of New York, president of the al
Among the speakers of the three
day meeting will he Newton D. Baker,
former Secretary of War; Henry
Rickliam Steed, editoi of the London
Review of Reviews; Manley C. Hud
son, Bemis professor of international
Jaw at Harvard; Maj. Gen. Henry T.
Allen, retired Army officer; Raymond
Robins, vice chairman of the Ameri
can committee for outlawry of war;
Dr. Joseph Wilson Cochran, pastor of
the American Church in Paris, and
Rev. Arthur Pringle, minister of the
Purley Congregational Church in Lon
O’Neil Parole Approved.
The parole of Daniel A. O’Neil, who
was sentenced to two years in Leaven
worth Penitentiary in connection with
the Jack Daniel liquor conspiracy
case, has been approved by Attorney
General Sargent, lie was convicted
at Indianapolis.
As a result of legal measures re
cently taken at Sierra Leone, In West
Africa, all slaves} withiq the sUt«
Programs nf Distant Stations Scheduled for Eastern Standard Time
4 TO 8 P.M. Stations Meter* Mile*.
4:oo—fioston: Shepard Colonial Orchestra; entertainer* WNAC 401.3 300
Baltimore: Studio Salon Orchestra WBAL 2Ns.fi 33
New York: Proposed amendments ..WKNY 309.1 204
Chicago- Government Club meeting; Field’s Orchestra "GN 305.9 61*4
New Y'ork: Service program WMCA 370.2 2**4
New York: Vocal soloists: impersonations "XU 11 218.3 204
New York: Cooking lesson: Manhattan Trio -WJZ 454.2 204
Minneapolis: Market reports -WCCU 410.4 037
Chicago: String trio: pianists litfbS ?l!!i
Detroit: Weather forecast ..WVVJ 352.7 39<
Chicago: Pianist: talk: Hernandez Brothers. . ''MAO -447.5 694
New York: Sarabanrie Trio: vocal soloist; lecture " LAF 491.6 204
Davenport: ‘'Home Management”: talks WOC 374.8 787
Detroit: News, weather and market reports ■ JR 440 0 39/
Pittsburgh: Markets and weather reports KI'KA 316.0 JBN
4:4o—Philadelphia: Police report*: organ and trumpets "OO 608.2 123
8 TO 0 r.M.
s:oo—New York: Bob Fallon's Orchestra 401.5 204
Mooseheart, 1)1.: Children’s program •''•<JD 3t»5.6 §24
Chicago: Y. C. A. program- musical calendar "MAQ 44..5 69 4
Detroit: Dance orchestra: market reports. W"J 352.« 31*7
New York: Manhattan Trio: market reports w ."4-'4.2 204
New York: Dc.turc: Ardmore Kiddie Revue 218.3
Chicago: Readings: Mandol Brothers’ Orchestra .''ON 3*5.9 504
Boston: Theater hour: Jeffries Melody Boys WNAC 401.3 390
Pittsburgh: Markets and weather reports . ~4W)hA 315.5 188
s:4s—Detroit. “Skeez.x Time” and birthday party ..'JR 440.9 3.7
Minneapolis: Readers Club •••••• 410.4 I*3/
6 TO 7 P.M.
0.00 —Detroit: Children’s program: birthday party: financial talk;
chimes- Goldkette’s Ensemble: lord and G1enn...... ."JR 440.9 397
Minneapolis: Readers’ Club; childrens program: markets
Pittsburgh Studio Symphony Orchestra J.,,
Chicago• Organ recital by Ambrose I.a*sen \vwr ‘tv’? 397
Detroit: Dinner concert: Statler Or.-hes.tia • '"VJ JJ-.7 3. .
Chicago: Topsy tuny time program •• • \'MAQ 7,47.5 594
Chicago: Aichanee Children's Club; songs- ftortes. LBH 3d0.0 004
New York: 'Valdorl-Astona Orchestra. "ELI. "RU WCAE WKAp 4(U 5 204
Newark: - Theater review: - McAlpin’ConwrV^hestra.'.'.WMCA BtoiS 204
Baltimore: Sandman Circle: Studio Concert Orchestra "»AL -H.vo . 3
New York: Pianist; markets: soloist: German lessons 5 1
New York: Bedtime stories: cellist: Loveliness . ...... ."ÜBS 348.0 *O4
nc%vs rcv .°!V.: .wgy 3795 313
Philadelphia: Weather:" "orchestra" market reports wnWM “30 0 194
Asbury Park. N. J.: Stein bach s hour oT music "D"M *•{•> 0 1.4
Cleveland: Dance orchestra " M 333 1 '/..'i
Springfield: La Francis' Legionnaires: news Hashes WBZ 333.1 3-1
6:ls—Newark- Old King (’ole; children's program \vrmE ’gg”
6:2s—Hartford. Conn.: News bulletins: Bond Trio ".,™ r i!. 1 /
6:3o—Philadelphia: Adelphia Whispering Orchestra j-'V, I JVJ-,' J ,:7
o:4s—Richmond. Va.: News- piano lesson... W wn£ 3-5'A I'i-i
Atlantic City: Organ recital: news: flashes -"/ ! r./.-- 1
Mooseheart. 111.: Childrens program. >yjD
Davenport: Chimes concert; sport bulletins vvuc 3/4.8 7«7
7 TO 8 r.M.
7 00—Atlantic City: Morton concert: talk Vi-tHr? 32?? 1 , 4 ,?
Richmond, Va : Bedouins’ Orchestra . ..... ... .. •-. • . A 7
Mooseheart. 111.: Palmer House and Victorian Orchestra WJJD 305.6 b 4
Philadelphia: Adelphia Orchestra: "Ask Me Another . "I-1 41-3
Hartford, Conn.: Children's program: Mother Goose. " rlt, 470.0 301
Newark: Commodore Ensemble: current events WOR 4.3 19. j
Springfield: Health hints: Statler Orchestra -"BZ ;• • A
Cleveland: Light opera program ."lAM 3.*9.8 303
Asbury Park, N. J.: Beauty talk: Carteret Trio WDVVM 239.9 191
* Philadelphia: Roll call and birthday list ."TP 6083 123
Scheneotady: Van Curler Orcliestiia: “footnotes \\i*Y titlf.b did
New York: German lessons; police reports; Air College pro
gram: talks WNAC 635.4 204
New York: Golden’s MoAlnin Orchestra: ‘‘lnvestments”. .VVMCA 3T0.2 204
Baltimore: Studio Concert Orchestra \VBAI*
Chicago: Organ recital: Chapman’s Orchestra WMAU 44 < .5 5.*4
New York: l*iani?t: debate: violin and piano recital.... .WE AF 401.5 204
Detroit: News; musical program: pianist ...WVVJ 352.7 oU7
Chicago: Stock reports: Punch and Judy: Drake Ensemble «^
an 1 Blackstone String Quintet 305.9 604
Pittsburgh- Coneert program KI>KA. dlo.o
Ohieago: Bedtime story: weaUuu*; Kentucky Serenaders.. .KYW 620 604
New York: Klein’s Serenaders VVJZ 454.2
Boston: Reisman’s Brunswick Orchestra; pianist; taIk...WNAC 401.3 300
Detroit: Dinireman Minstrels V\JR 440.0 30<
Staten Island. N. Y.: Studio Orchestra; soloist; taIk...WBBR 250.3 IHS
New York: Park Central Ensemble VVPCH 300.1 204
Miami Beach, Fla.: Fleetwood Concert Orchestra VYMBF 354.4 028
Kansas City: Markets: weather and road reports: address: _ „
President Ensemble WDAF 370,2 042
Cincinnati: Theater announcements: Miller’s Orchestra ~ . WIAV 428.3 403
Chicago: String trio; Wadsworth's Dance Orchestra VVBBM 389.4 6J*4
7:ls—Nashville. Tenn.: Announcements: bedtime story ....WSM 340.9 600
7:30 —Buffalo, N. Y.: spiritual meeting*: travel talk WKBW 217.3 201
New York: Boy Scout program: Beaux Arts Orchestra ...WABC 325.0 204
Philadelphia: Red Cross Roll Call: Studio Trio WOO 608.2 123
Minneapolis: Eongr’s Orchestra: violonist W’CCO 41(3.4 93<
New York: “Roxy” and his ”Gan*r.” VV’RC. WBZ. WBZA,
'VBT. WTMJ and WJZ 454.2 204
7:4s—Atlantic City: Lecture period WHAR 272.0 142
8 TO 9 P.M.
B:oo—Atlantic City: Seaside Concert Trio WHAR 272.6 142
New York: Beaux Arts Orchestra: "Modern Art” WABC 325.9 204
Minneapolis: Long's Orchestra: violinist: University of _
Minnesota program WCCO 416.4 1)37
Philadelphia: Studio Trio: address: organ recital WOO 508.2 123
Buffalo. N. Y.: Travel talk; song recital ....WKBW 217.3 291
Miami Beach, Fla.: News and police bulletins 'VMBF 384.4 928
Cincinnati: Home Fires program: K. I. O. Orchestra. .. .WLW 428.3 403
New York: Vocal and piano recital: dramatic readings. .W’PCH 30!*.1 2**4
Staten Island. N. Y.: Studio Orchestra; health talk ..."'BBR 256.3 185
Boston: Armistice day program from Staff Artists..... .WNAC 401.3 390
Detroit: Musical program 352,7 397
Hartford. Conn: New Departure Band WTIO 475.9 301
Richmond. Va.: Singers Club "'R\ A -1 94
Davenport: Organ recital "OC 3/4.8 78/
New York: Interview with Alfred Kreymborg; Air Frolics, ....
WLIT and WSAI. from WEAF 491.5 204
New York: Christian Science lecture .....WMCA 3/0.3 ~<>4
New Y'ork: Air College program: - The Italian Lakes”.... .WNYC 535.4 204
Asbury Park: N. J.: Hymn sing: stories: soloist WDWM ~39 9 194
Newark: Current news; Kruger's Lieders "OR
B:3o—New York: A. & P. Gypsies. WRC. WEEI. WTIC. WJAR,
WDAF. WTMJ and WEA* 1 401.5 204
9 TO 10 P.M.
9:oo—Springfield: Shriners’ Band: soloists .....WBZ 333.1 321
Newark: The Captivators Orchestra WOR 422.3 195
Asbury Park, N. J.: Sea Girt Orchestra WDWM ~39.9 194
New York: Vocal soloist; Gov. Smith’s night WN'G 53.->.4 204
New York: Lecture: radio rally: Jewish musical program. . "’MCA 3/0.2 i. 04
Baltimore: Vocal and instrumental recital W’BAL ~85.j> 33
Memphis. Tenn.: Farm talk: Canova concert "MC
Richmond. Va.: Melody Boys: organ recital .WRVA 254.1 94
Boston: Program same as WOR .....WNAC
New York: Fletcher’s Orchestra
Cincinnati: K. I. O. Minstrels: trio program WLW 438.3 403
Philadelphia: Organ recital; Penn Male Quartet WOO 508.2 123
Nasnville. Tenn.: Andrew Jackson Orchestra .WSM 340.9 560
PittsburgK: Green’s Novelty Sextet KDKA 316.6 188
New York: Novelty Orchestra: soloist; KDKA. WHAM and "JZ 4n4.2 ~ 4
New York: Rehwarz Home takers WABC 325.9 204
Detroit: McKinney's Cotton Picker. 440.9 397
Atlantic City: Soloist.: guitarists -WPG 272.6 143
New York: Capitol Artist program WCGTJ 218.3 204
Hot Springs: Orchestra program: soloist ............... .KTHS 384.4 90t>
9:30 New York: General Motors Family Party, WRC, WEEI,
and WSMB, from WEAF 491.5 204
10 TO 11 P.M.
10:00—Atlantic City: Health talk: Melody Pals: .ololsts: Casino ...
Dance Orchestra -WPG 272 6 342
New York: Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra: weather report... .WABC ~'*4
Detroit: Ford and Glenn: Goldkette’s Breeze Blowers "JR 440.9 397
Hot Springs: Dornberger's Orchestra KTHS 384.4 9 5
New York: Breyer Social hour ....-WJZ 454.3 *,04
Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Male Quartet ... -"OC §08.2 123
Cincinnati: Weather: Ray Miller’s Orchestra -WLW
New York: Civoru Artists: Sammy Fain and Artie Dunn...WPGH 'j99-l 204
Boston: Columbia chain program. WOR and WNAC 461.3 390
Richmond. Va.: Organ recital: the Melody Boys WRVA 204.1 94
Baltimore: Studio Dance Orchestra Si;?
New York: Jewish musical program:, political talk WMCA 3/0.3 304
New York: Deauville Ladies’ Trio: “Facts Abcut Our Gov
emment”: police and weather reports
Asbury Park. N. J.: Patterson’s Orchestra WDWM 239.9 194
Springfield: News flashes: “Real Estate Law”: Andrews’
Troubadour® .WBZ 300. l
Miami Beach. Fla.: Fleetwood Dance Orchestra .WMBF 384.4 928
10:30—New York: Moon Magic. WCAE. WWJ. WSAI and WHO
from WEAF 491.5 204
Kansas City: Concert Orchestra WDAF 370.2 942
Cleveland: Dance orchestra WTAM ;|99.8 303
Davenport: Voss Vagabonds: -weather report 3/4.8 /87
Minneapolis: Vodvil program W ..*F.9 416.4 93/
Hartford. Conn.: Musical program: news; weather report..WTlC 470.9 301
Nashville. Tenn.: Frolic program WSM 340.9 665
11:00—New York: Lopex’ Orchestra. WTIC. WSAI and WHO from WEAF 491.5 204
Cleveland: Dance orchestra; “Memory’s Garden” WTAM 39)*.8 303
Asbury Park. N. J.: Studio program WDWM 239.9 194
Newark: News- weather; Pepper Pot Orchestra "OR 423.3 190
Springfield: Andrews’ Troubadours: weather and missing
persons reports WBZ 333.1 321
New York: Chinaland Orchestra: Swanee Orchestra WMCA 320. ‘2 204
Richmond. Va.. Dance orchestra WR'A 204. l 9t
Boston: Gallagher’s Orchestra ....WNAC 401.3 390
New York: Soloists: Night Club program WPCH 309.1 204
Cincinnati: Studio program WL'V 428.3 403
New York: A1 Friedman's Orchestra WJZ 454.2 204
Detroit: “Along Tin Pan Alley”: Good Will Trio .WJR 440.9 397
New York: Strickland's Mayflower Orchestra ....WABC 32a.9 204
Atlantic City: Casino and Br-rgere Orchestras WPG 27*.6 142
Los Angeles: Opera “Ernani,” KPO and oriSll 2,300
L/OS Angeles: Musical program KNX 336.9 *..300
12:00—l/os Angeles: Enid Newton, concert pianist KFI 408.5 2 300
San Francisco: Soap program - KPO 428.3 2,442
New York: Salon Royal Orchestra "PGH 309.1 *-04
12:45—Kansas City: Nighthawk frolic; orchestra program ....."DAF i*L
1 TO 2 A.M.
1:00—T/Oi Angeles: Burtnett’s Danes Orchestra 5
San Francisco: Staff artists KPO 4«? 2,443
Dos Angeles: Studio Serenaders; blues singer R*' 4«8.o ~.30U
2 TO 3 A.M.
2:00—I/OS Angsles: Ambassador Dance Orchestra KNK 330.9 2.300
By the Assoeiatcd Press.
AKTRAK, Alaska, November 7.
Goodnews Bay, south of the Kua
kokwim River in Western Alaska, at
tracted the attention of Alaska miners
with the news that Gaston Sinclair, a
prospector, was reported to be mining
about S2OO worth of platinum daily
from that region.
I iii
■""CTUn, cc {
On Sale ¥% EOP LE S ■(tmn of Rrttm, R»ti, I |
at All 1 DRUG STORES i i arm* °n7 > «ltln Irritation. ( I
Last Spring prospectors came from
the Goodnews section greatly excited
over platinum they had found there.
They brought back samples of the
All during the Summer prospectors
have been quietly finding their way
to the area in search of wealth. Lack
ing the spectacular features which
marked the gold rush of ’49, the prog
ress to the Goodnews section has nev
ertheless been steady. Great findings
are said to have been rewarding the
Unknown Warrior’s Tomb Opened
» for Remembrances Left by
Sorrowing Pilgrims. *
• By the Associated Press.
\ LONDON. November 7.—The weekly
dispatch reveals that “secretly and
i with fitting reverence’’ the Unknown
Warrior's Tomb, in Westminster
’ Abbey, has been opened and many
! souvenirs of remembrance, which
were deposited on the grave by sor
i rowing parents, widows, sweethearts
t and others, have been placed inside
; the tomb. These souvenirs included
i valuable trinkets, gold and silver
! medals and crucifixes; they were laid
, on the tomb as tributes to those whose
f fate has never been known.
They have been under the care of
the Dean's Verger, but the problem
of their final disposition arose and it
was decided to inter them with the
Accordingly, some stones at the
[ left-hand side of the tomb were re
moved and the tributes placed with
in. Since then, tributes are again
accumulating, and it is expected that
at some future date a similar proced
ure will be adopted.
Unknown Soldier Award An
nouncement to Be Exhibited.
King George’s cable message to
President Harding announcing the
award of the Victoria cross to the Un
known Soldier of the United States is
to be placed in the historical museum
of the Arlington National Cemetery.
Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassa
dor. recently wrote to the Secretary
of War offering that message to the
Arlington Museum and Secretary
Dwight F. Davis has just notified the
Ambassador that it will be accepted
“with great pleasure and will be given
the same relative position as has been
bestowed on r ,yal decrees of other
countries.” A fitting case Is being pre
pared to receive and preserve the his
toric document.
Local Radio Entertainment
Monday, November 7, 1927
NAA—Washington Navy Yard (434.5
3:45 p.m.—Weather Bureau reports.
9:55 p.m.—-Arlington time signals.
10:05 p.m.—Weather Bureau reports.
WMAL —Washington Radio Fornm
(241.8 Meters).
7:45 p.m.—News flashes.
8 p.m.—Silver String Revelers.
8:20 p.m.—“Protecting the Public,"
by Louis Rothschild, director of the
Better Business Bureau.
8:30 p.m.—Chateau Thierry Ram
9 p m.—Program of ths spoken
word, by Caleb O’Connor.
9:20 p.m.—Mrs. Leo T. Tooley,
mezzo-soprano; Emlli® Mann, accom
9:40 p.m.—Stanley William Bell, in
popular songs; Kinney Baxter, pianist.
10 p.m.—Late news bulletins.
WRC—Radio Corporation of America
(468.5 Meters).
4 p.m.—Sarabande Trio.
4:30 p.m.—Manhattan Trio.
5:30 p.m.—Hofbrau Orchestra.
6 p.m.—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra.
6:30 p.m.—Santa Claus’ journey
from the North Pole.
6:45 p.m.—George F. Ross, pianist.
7 p.m.—Mayflower Orchestra.
7:30 p.m.—“Roxy” and his “Gang.”
8 30 p.m.—Musical program by ths
A. & P. Gypsies.
9:30 p.m.—General Motors Family
10:30 p.m.—Weather reports.
10:30 p.m.—Swanee Syncopators.
Early Program Tomorrow.
6:45 a.m.—Tower health exercises.
8 a.m.—The Roaring Lyons.
8:15 a.m.—Cheerio.
11:55 a.m.—Arlington time signals.
12 noon—Farm flashes.
12:10 p.m.—Organ recital by Otto
1 to 2 p.m.—Mayflower Orchestra.
Persistent coughs and colds lead
to serious trouble. You can stop
them now with Creomulslon, an
emulsified creosote that is pleasant
to take. Creomulslon is a new
medical discovery with two-fold
action; It soothes and heals the In
flamed membranes and inhibits
germ growth.
Os all known drugs, creosote 1s
recognized by high medical author
ities as one of the greatest healing
agencies for persistent coughs and
colds and other forms of throat
troubles. Creomulslon contains. In
addition to creosote, other healing
elements which soothe and heal
the infected membranes and stop
the irritation and inflammation*
while the creosote goes on to the
stomach, Is absorbed Into the blood,
attacks the seat of the trouble and
checks the growth of the germs.
Creomulslon Is guaranteed satis
factory In the treatment of persist
ent coughs and colds, bronchial
asthma, bronchitis and other forms
of respiratory diseases, and Is ex
cellent for building up the system
after colds or flu. Money refunded
If any cough or cold is not relieved
j after taking according to dlrec
tions. Ask your druggist.—Adver
| tisement.
Tune in
at 930
Eastern Standard Teat
(8.30 Central Standard Tina)
Family Party
and 35 other atatlona
In the General Motors family mm
Otmalit * Pontiac • OUmwbfle
Oakland -Buick-LaSalle-Cadillac
Fisher Bod if# * General Motors
Trades-Yellow Cabs and Coaches
frigMoin FTrrfrtr
“Roxy” and his “Gang,”
WRC, WJZ and affiliated sta
tions, 7:30 to 8:30 o’clock.
Chauteau Thierry Ramblers,
WMAL, 8:30 to 9 o’clock.
Armistice day program,
WNAC, 8 to 9 o’clock.
General Motors Family Party,
WRC, WEAF and associated
stations, 9:30 to 10:30 o’clock.
Pennsylvania Male Quartet,
WOO, 9:30 to 10:30 o’clock.
Voss Vagabonds, WOC, 10:30
to 11:30 o’clock.
Joins With Husband in Bace for
Town Offices.
Correspondence of the A.eociatcd Pre.s.
YORK, Pa. —A wife unexpectedly
joined her husband in the political
arena hero when electors chose Mrs.
Julia Fickes as Democratic candidate
for the office of alderman. Her hus
band, \V. Walter Fickes, seeks re
election as constable.
Mrs. Fickes’ entry into the politi
cal struggle was unexpected because
she was not a candidate for office, hut
was chosen by voters who wrote her
name on their ballots.
She and her husband have carried
on a “teamwork” campaign, as she
calls it, their slogan being “efficiency,
honesty and justice to all offenders
hailed before the courts.”
Constable Fickes for the past two
years has been chief enforcement of
ficer for District Attorney A. W.
\ Yftl.l? RADIO k
Sal* Where Batter j
Carroll Electric Co., Inc.
714 12th St. N.W. Main 7320
Carbon KNOCKS are a men- I.
ace to motor efficiency ...no motor
will negotiate heavy grades with a \//\ / / / /'l // /
retarded spark—Carbon Knocks f v/w f*w "t/^
result from high compression occa- / / 1 § ,
sioned by reducing the size of the ..•#/ iia A.
combustion chamber with layers of tVIJJf' liv'lNwA //f
carbon deposits. ,jf - 4
Gulf No-Nox Motor Fuel . J fiw
/ORANGEV // ! Our Guarantee I
f \ Q \ / Iysf I > Gulf No-No* Motor Fuel is Non-Polsonous'lf
/ VXTIIO r / /// /jLy ' and no more harmful to man or motor than I ,
I #,/ • /•*/ 1 * mw ordinary gasoline —that it contains no coal II j
I filtfap, ivm Ot thp I F‘snr « tar products or dope of any kind—that the L
I WWC-JWUW WIG I FVf fwx*. f color Is for Identification only—that it pp«l- M
\ /"\T> A / A&/ JftfSr tirely will not heat the motor, winter 1 or I
\ ORANGE / * wv I j
V DISC X """ Jlgaeoline—and is worth it. ; ■
U. 3. Calls 0« Beflooding of West
ern Waterfowl Lake.
Abandonment of the project of re
flooding Lower Klamath Lake, in
southern Oregon and northern Cali
fornia, as a waterfowl breeding
ground was announced Saturday by
the Biological Survey, which said a
survey showed the project Impracti
It was said efforts of sportsmen
now would be concentrated on Bear
River marshes at the northern end of
Great Salt Lake, Utah.
Richest in ~ a
Here itu! The favorite I
of those who love a milder, I
mellower flavor in milk I
chocolate. And just for one I
simple reason. Nestle’s is I
richest in cream of all! K
5c & 10c—plain and almond I
You don’t have to
cultivate a taste for I
“Split-top” Loaf
We made it as we thought would
strike your fancy—and Washing
ton has accepted it as the preferred
Dorsch’s is the standby—the
day-in and day-out good Bread—
that retains its freshness longer, and
toasts better. Most economical—
because there is no waste.
The Split-top makes it most con
venient to serve.
Its popularity is all due to its
quality—the way it is made, and the
ingredients of which it is made.
You should see the critical care—
the rigidly prescribed formula that
. is strictly followed —and you would
understand why it is always the
the same delicious Bread—baked to
a turn.
There’s more than science be
hind it there’s practical ex
Os Course , DorscKs Bread
is different
—and the difference is what you like about it .
• Twice each day grocers and delicatessens
are supplied fresh from the ovens.

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