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Conducted for The Star
English Tudor Sun Porch.
Our most popular type of house is
still that of the. Colonial or early Fed
eral (1780-1840). We see that style,
whether of frame, stucco, stone or
brick, more often in our city streets
or countryside than any other.
But we find also houses of irregular
design, with peaked roofs, half timber
ing and casement windows every
where. These we call “early English”
houses, by which we mean reproduc
tions in general effect of the houses
built in England from 1500 to 1700.
These houses are marked on the out
side by their irregular shape, half tim
bering and small-paned easement win
dows. On the inside these houses are
customarily finished in rough plaster
and wood paneling.
Tin walls of a sun poreh in such a
bouse should be finished in rough
plaster, the color being a light tone of
tan, yellow or gray.
- Medallions in Windows.
The windows are casements, with
either diamond or square panes, no
pane being over R inches. Ts one
wishes to give the true Elizabethan
effect an occasional pane nr glass may
he treated with a medallion. These
are usually crests, coats of arms or
sometimes small figures of different
colored glass set in lead. The medal
I!JSJSISISM2fSIcU3®[email protected] r 2ID3ic!®[email protected]!Jci^
The Combining of the Offices of |
Formerly Located at j|
1703 Connecticut Avenue Northwest 1
With I
J. €. Bouglasfsi Co. j
CII >HE specialized Chevy Chase real estate hrokeraije business ij
I heretofore conducted by C. Bushman Smith is now being
conducted under his personal supervision through the office ra
of J. E. Douglass Co. in their own building. 1621 K St. N.W. The s
former personnel of C. Bushman Smith, Inc., now associated with j|
J. E. Douglass Co., is as follows: g
G. Bushman Smith 1
J. Aubrey Powell J. Arthur Barker f
George A. Smoot e
Mr. Smith invites his friends and clients to call upon him in his g
new business location, where the larger facilities will enable him to E
five a greater degree and wider range of service. -I
J. €. Bouglass Co. 1
Successors to Douglass & Phillips, Inc. b
1621 K St. N.W. Frank. 5678 |
m y BBKI mB; ' .
1509 Irving Street N.E. I
Modern Bungalow
Located in a Fully Developed Square, Just Two Blocks
North of Rhode Island Avenue.
It is in perfect condition, bavin? been newly papered and
painted throughout. You will find on the first floor a large living
room, dining room, complete kitchen, built-in refrigerator, two big
bedrooms, tile hath and screened sleeping porch. The second floor
is completely finished with three large, heated rooms.
Situated on a lot 50x135, with beautiful lawns, shrubbery and
tile garage.
i To inspect, drive nut Rhode Island
Avenue to lfrth Street, then turn
north two squares to Irving Street.
Priced Surprisingly Low
for Immediate Sale
Open Sunday Until 6 P.M .
Hedges & Middleton, inc.
1412 Eye Street Franklin 9503
lion may be actual stained glass or tt
may be painted on the inside of the
pane. This latter method is suggest
ed because in this way a very quaint
effect may be had for a small sum.
The windows are not very long and
are set in so that the silts are about
3 feet and R inches above the floors.
A series of these casements stretch
across the outside walls of the room.
The windows in this style of room are
set deep in the walls, so that, the sill
presents a broad shelf on which plants
may be placed in Winter to give a
more cheerful effect.
The ceiling may he beamed or of
rough piaster and the floor dark in
finish, while all woodwork should be
also stained dark and waxed. For
furniture here one should use the
heavier, cruder English pieces, rather
than the all-prevailing wicker sets.
Room Furnishings.
In the sketch shown above a long
Jacobean stool has been placed under
the windows. The seat is covered
with a cushion of bright red linen,
which echoes the red In the printed
linen of Jacobean design hanging at
the casement—eastern birds perched
among the flowers and leaves of a
tree which curves gracefully over the
whole ground. No net curtains are
used here, as the sunlight is needed in
all its strength to make the room
In one corner is a small gate-legged
table, and close to It a comfortable
wing chair, the principal anachronism
of the room, as the wing chair came
in a decade or so later than the time
in which this tvne of window and fur
niture were used. Comfortable chairs
as we know them were not in exist
ence in Tudor England. The seats of
their chairs were of plain wood and
they padded them witn Heavy cush
ions in order to soften them. But as
time went on and furniture was
evolved along lines or beauty and
comfort the upholstered chairs came
into being. We first find them in
England in the reign of Charles 11.
His early life in France had given him
a taste for luxury which was not com
mon in England. This type of chair
Is called Carolean or Stuart, and has
a frame which is heavily carved. In
the, William and Mary period the up
holstered chair improves, so that by
Queen Anne's reign we have the wing
chair (ns shown in the sketch), a very
Home Buyers Enjoy Cafritz Savings
Values That Only Volume Can Make
Big 6-Room Homes —Built-in Garage \X/ ERE il not for the vaßt
n<y d..:u j y VV resources, enormous
jV .yggj ßuilt 3 Large Bedrooms 11
A A I V nll Built-in Brick Garage pUrCflftSlllg pOWCF cHICI VOl*
48 Alread y Sold “"SjjjSgg*' ume construction of the
Cafritz Organization such
tJjPJ Lhj P * ved All<!y values would not be possi
j|W JMBKT MfKwftMflihfQW only E le. economies result
-iiPPIr ? * HI ™IPilWp nen mg from tEe lar & e scale °*
1 f&L • * jgi wy f,yjU operations of Cafritz Life
. -’llisiit'— NOTHING LIKE THEM J._ I.L. _ 1 •_ .
“ sth and Delafield Sts. N.W. " IW»- £*••**"u *
On the Highest Point in Petworth f S&VTOgS 111 DettCF h01H68«
38 Built-All Sold But 3 25 Built-All Sold But 3
Home, of Quaint Design f Big 4-BedrOOHl Homes
jOn the Crest of Petworth!
Parkwood St. N.W., West of 14th l I
Convenient to the Shopping Facilitie. o, Park Rood * m h ° meS U ” —* I ™ and UCCatUF htS. N.W.
1 j .1.. 6 Large Rooms 5 ln tbe ** eart of Petworth, Near Sherman Circle
UnlV 6 7 l ° r g* r <>oms t VyiHy . „ | TT7 :
s.j 1 ~ 3 Big Covered Porches f 7 large rooms—3 big covered porches
1 and 2 tiled baths with * <h/Y I■! A Built-in Tub and Shnwer S Tiled bath with built-in tub and shower
m* rX hu ' lt -' n tub anJ * how * r | All A Lil ! Tub and Shower | Bright kUchen she[ved pflnfry refr : jerctor
J ■ 1 ■1 9 flu Large porches N /I I Artistic Decoration Hardwood Boors and artistic decoration
111 t| | 1 and 2 car built-in | t/oM %J\J Hardwood Floors g |_ Peep lot with garage
+ garages 7 Ample Closet Space | '
/ Exquisite decoration « Attractive Terms Paved Street and Alley f (£ |/|
* ndup Xtlly equipped-7a?g* >MtwtWitw | Only II I MS| | ** V
Convenient Terms ' 1 ' 1 VjJt/U Terms
Best Buy in New Semi-Detached Homes Detached Colonial and English
f' V 15 Minutes From the Heart of the City
lliliisl •HpL
KiKiK* fiw Dig Garage Living Room 16x24 ft. Quaint Open Fireplace AfiftQ
Paved Alley Ample Wardrobe Closets Artistic Decoration
f Tiled Bath, Built-in Tub, Large Covered Porch s rs. •
■FfT Shower and Fixtures Separate Garage LsOTWOOd L/VIVC
1 It**- x- - • Tiled Guest Lavatory Large Lot, 50x132 ft.
EXHIBIT HOME WBi Bright Kitchen, Pantry Landscaped Grounds HOW TO GET THERE
4408 Chesapeake St. N.W. $8 QSO sl9 CAA . 3AS2 :K
I Dr! ° U F Tro H in Avenue to Chesapeake Street I U)l/t/V I 1 !|| II I Terms "T Torlod
west 1° Exh.b.t H°me; or our repre.ental.ve wtH / JLI/lt/l/U Drive, about IS minute, from '
I gladly call for you and show you these homes. I Terms 7 th * Aearf of the city.
Open, Heated and Lighted Until 9 P.M.
CAFRITZ LIFETIME homes 14th &K M MM Mmm MM M M M. 9080 QUR exceptional values
Owners’and Builders of Communities
A ' j- r -■ 4 ■ >' ,v * ’• *‘ ;
~ ' " 1— 111 '
1/ !'
com fort a hi# and fine looking piece of
As this type of poreh is usually
quite small, there is no room for much
furniture. Just a few chairs, seat and
a table or two. Lamps in here should
have plain or painted parchment
shades. If painted ones are chosen,
•those of a crude design with bright
figures should be used.
A gav-colored Turkish rug with lots
of red or a plain one of a bright hue
which harmonizes with tlie hangings
may be used on the floor. •
Wife Wins Maintenance.
Mrs. Julia A. Chapman. 17 D street
southeast, has boon awarded a decree ]
by Justice Mitz in Equity Court for
the maintenance of her two children.
Her husband, Edgar S. Chapman, is
required to pay $472 arrears in alimony
and to pay $8 a week .regularly for
the children. Attorney Jean M. Board
man appeared for Mrs. Chapman.
Cogswell Urges Legal Advice in
Devising Estates, at Round
Table Luncheon.
The importance of persons making
out wills and, if possible, to secure
legal advice in doing so, was stressed
by Theodore Cogswell, District regis
ter of wills, in an address at a
luncheon of the Washington Round
Table in the University Club yester
| day. The speaker described manv of
the “pitfalls” encountered through
wills not being made out properly.
Further tentative plans for the
international convention of the
Knights of the Round Table in this
city the latter part of September or
early part of October, 1328, were dis
cussed *t the luncheon. John J.
Tigert, United States commissioner of
education, was elected a member of
the Washington Round Table. Dr. E.
M. Ellison, president, presided.
■ - - ■ »- ————
Asks $25,000 Damages.
Suit to recover $25,000 damages was
filed yesterday in the District Supreme
Court by Robert F. Walker. 2535 Thir
teenth street, against Zarin & Korman
and Nicholas Mazznnotte, contractors
for alleged personal injuries. Walker
was employed April 23, 102 R. at prem
ises 2R17-Genrgia avenue, when a part
of a brick wall fell upon him. He is
represented by Attorney Thomas M.
- . .
Such a Ridiculous Notion.
From ilia no-to'n Hcral<t
But who supposes that navy yards
are maintained merely for the Navy?
New Jersey Man Held After SIOO,-
000 Cargo Reaches Norfolk.
MOUNT HOLLY. N. J., November
12 (4*). —Accused of owning a SIOO,OOO
cargo of liquor smuggled into Nor
folk, Va., Harry Henderson, Camden,
N. J., was held hero yesterday in $lO,-
000 bail fer a further hearing, No
vember 23, before a Federal commis
sioner. At that time the question of
his removal to Virginia to face the
charge will he argued.
Henderson was arrested at his home
in Camden by detectives on a Federal
warrant, charging him with conspir
ing with "Fred Knight, and others,”
in a smuggling scheme. lie denied he
was the owner of the liquor boat,
which was seized hy Federal agents
when it docked. He admitted having
purchased the boat from the Govern
ment. but raid he had sold it a month
ago to a man named Peter White of
Commission Also Brings Pictures of
Lord Mayor’s Farads.
SOUTHAMPTON,’ England, Novem
her 12 iA*). —ln addition to a mass of
data relating to London’s under
ground railway system which will he
shown Mayor Thompson of Chicago,
the Chicago commission, headed by
Michael Fahertv. which sailed on the
Rerengaria today, has a complete
Photographic record of the London
Lord Mayor’s procession Wednesday.
The film was snapped hy Roger
Fnherty and other members of the
commission • as the parade passed
along the Strand with the Lord
Mayor’s great coach bringing up the
ren r.

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