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We're Moving Our Furniture J I I ® / hL— • Other Page for
Department—See Other Page ® I ® Important Sale of
j for Details ' 1877—Our Golden Jubilee Year—l 927 n*u, Siiks-Second Floor - I
G Street at Eleventh—Washington, D. C.
I livery one Is (jetting %eady for the Holidays—i May We Help? I
New Modes in t 1 A Colorful Grou P ° f New 1
>. Footwear iheThonhcnivirtf)Jvost SMOCKS $ I
For all occasions I ** JLJllM'lWm\o^ i/V vs I Economically Priced |J
I fragile china, crystal goblets and gleaming silverware. Linens that *jt I Pt‘ 1 gul
Since smart footwear is as essential to “chic” as the I go as far to make a dinner successful as the toothsome turkey, and I ficTT/home^ve^tUse
feminine’s gown—particular stress has been laid on I a |] (),,( - oes w jth it. Choice and beautiful linens! Wr4 I a„„ ’ _ . ' 4iSi
the selection of “stylish" models. Included are new I \ J I <Jr«»»-I*ngth garments. Fash
suedes, new brown-tone kids, alligator calf, patent I I toned of broadcloth, linene, sa- , ||
and black satin, with lovely silver kid slippers for eve- I . T) _ J * / 9/ , 1/ il teen cretonne. Shown in
A ning wear. For dress oc- /it Reductions ot 73 to 72 rose, copen, green, tan, peach
JP C /l°," S ~^o!,Zw a hh I J I and orchid-«he cretonne, in a
one strap or buckle. I DOllblG DSUlflSk 1 111611 I '!' ri .' ty ?! r.o\or<u\ patterns.
There are neat tailored || Tjjrj i-/V/UUIC L/alllddlV IvlllCii I Plain tailored or brightened
ties, one or two strap I viUnir * . rr\ It 1 t CP f’VW* I wi,h t,4n< * embroidery. They j / /
if models and pumps for I tgJMI J \£,- 1 O hlPPlot M<S .n “V V.l I tub, fit and wear well, and best / /
y 55 || ||j|[ £ 1 dUIGLHJUIN, I of all, the price i. most attrac- II
KOTAL—DuHgu e»e 1 JBfe Hemstitched. Reversible I ""****-*—-*— m*or II
fj Ki| l^./iswfeaJ- jw*’ ™lustrous double damask of excellent quality. An attractive I———————— SI
p if 1 array of patterns. A limited number of these cloths. Sue 54x54. I 1 ||
Sport Togs for the Young Miss I TK§ It STf* Kill fflluls Derry vale Satin Damask I ljt^Tirsj F ™‘* ew |
A Girls’All-Wool Pf«l| &3 Tablecloths and Napkins French Kid Gloves
/PS! I Tablecloths, $3 to $9 | J|L I
JmSA Coat or Slip-on Models' made of I ’ ■mA* « • -VT | • NapkUlß, s4*so tO $1 Q. 67 dOZ. i wJSS VenTh'“taS
I (Regularly $2.98) J fflM_ L
styl ”Girls* aii.wooi I Slx for s l’ 79 Madeira Linen I h 7 . c . L
Sport Skirts I, Beautifully hand embroidered. Os fine, snow white I—l lif I ItHpOFtCd SIICCiC F^bflC
itiflr Very Speci(U QC i linen. Various patterns (in a gift box). 1 3-UlCClOtilS I GIOVCS, $L 50 tO SL9S
jpiijir ot tyD.yD I I Fine, suede-like materials that are double woven. I-
M / All.wool Seotchplsifwith W’ predomi. | Whltd* T itlPfl Hamafit 1 L r%rtn£* I A variety of styles. New cuff notes. Tailored one- 11 l
1/ rMLyfiL'trtSt.TLS • I I /l P I *„<! slip-on styles. Triple or saddle sewn and
I i Tablecloths si « o?
—J/ . Smart Beret Tams I (Hemstitched, ti at • 5 f *22 Jftf.l 'tV ®, ML | Fabric Gloves at $1 pair
'km ■ t tp9r *~ $1.59 I* (Regularly $2.98) 4fc44 $4.95 J a full supply of double woven suede fabric
h wkn •»««. | White, luttrou, .atin damask. Silv.r bleach. IfIaIKSQS I hST" Th * color ,nd the
I Cloths in diversified and lovely patterns. They sdxsd ifp I palais ROYAie—Giovcs—Main Floor ll'
* * or I are hemstitched. Good close weave and popular Elaborately hand embroidered on heavy, snow-white linen in j |
(jrirls Jersey Bloomers I weight material. Size 54x54. various attractive patterns. Round. . |pi l B l *"B^ggg M *^ MIM ft
I * PALAIS ROY A tv— Linens—Second Floor j| •* r t a ■«•
Very Special 59C l! 1 Velveteen and Jersey
In buff, copen, flesh, white, brown and navy. Double ” I 77! Blouses m m
Thanksgiving Sale of Housefumishmgs $5.95
Saving to Make You Thankful for This Sale! || F or sport*. For other dress
j I occasion*. Blouses of all
Make Your Beauty Shop Appointment! I tff I fronts and some with crepe de lc
Any Style Hair Cut I wf t ' c * l p=3 • I
I ill t ItWM yT X^—| with contrasting colors. In |g|
Including Shingle S(lp I HBHajC MBHk ZM I black, navy, tan-in fact all the
%./Uv I IBHHHk ■SjSBSSLs. ■IHHHHBH ijBHHH I Sizes 34 to 42.
For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only! I ie.*»-s*-pc. cott««. set cjoid-Eneni»ted stem- “Wpar.Fver” ***• (a , n, 2 te , r u 8 w-pe. a*i ■»»«uis- I palais KoirAL-Biousei—nurd Floor
J, J* I* tutttjuuKvytu.i. ■ —lmpt’d blue willow. In- w »re—Clear ou.litv on. V> ear-llVer Japanned finish; colors, American porcelain ||
Haircutting is done by men barbers who cut hair to | eludin# six large plates. ti _ Aluminum stencilled in $f ivory body. Gold-band :|HmmßeemmeaMßMeHßmmHmmmaammi |
suit the individual A shrm where vnu «,ill have I six small plates, six tea- tlc crjstal. Gold dec- AlUmmUm whit decoration. Six teacups, | -■ I
suit tne inaiviauai. a snop wnere you will have I cups nix Mucerli oration. Goblets, sher- 9 * ,ar if« 11
the advantage of expert (licensed) operators in I fruits, one meat bets. Cocktails, wines, tpectauy rncea. universal Un. «1/; QC *‘3 I Collegiates Again Revive the Scarf!
.very branch Os beauty culture. | K"T 54.98 • SSc $3.95 gJSrtT.JI “ $3.95 I Decorative and Swagger
PALAIS ROYAL—Beauty Parlor—Balcony I cup urn. with sugar, ds " I # _
24-pc. Waffle Set—Col- S#.©o--14-lb. $4.95 creamer and tray. S Stainless Steel Knives. I (VT £±\JLT ' I VlGflOrlfi Vflff
I ored imported porcelain 23-pc. Hand-painted Ten B ** e R«a*tcr— Thermax Electric Goods ® stalnlesa steel I 1I v W JL liulltelv kyvul-X
sets. Including six cups Sets lmpt’d .g la 2e d f5,50~18-lb. CC QC made by the makers of forks with black ru£ I
and saucers, six plates, porcelain, floral pat- Universal electric annii. her handle; C,l Ov I *l|,-
covered batter jug and terns. Six plates, six Roaster- ances heaiy nickeb set I He.vy quality silk in bright <1 ffQ
plate and cov- cups and saucers, tea- sl.2s—Tube Cl A() plated ware. ... mm . I or *uM««d designs J *
ered ayrup and 7ST pot, sugar and <TC Cake Pans— •Ps-»W Nesce Oil Neater, black I
ART NEEDLEWORK and CHRISTMAS I ■>“« * ) * /a "'“ m " V> ’ W SmfnVfqa I hand-faintud triangle scarf.
GIVING ARF SYNONYMOUS* I . ~ v . , complete with s| # 2s ‘ bp * c,a, ••• tank <>0.70 I hand painted on silk in dh | QQ 7A
Utyuyir/UlDdliyi/IVIMIJUa. . I, Irapt d Decanted Novel- 42-pc. Dinner Seta— cover— * Thermax “PIId - _ ._ A T . 4 I lovely color* *pl*VO VAw
ms I * *** Japanese glazed American scml-porcelain 5-ot Tea OC Finn'* Toaster <PA no -*pe. Carving Set. Inrut. I r fc __^-A i /k,
.May we suggest I pottery. Attractive Ivory body, with attrac- Kettle— , T outv ’ $4.98 stag handle; steel 7Q C I
* S I "hapes. Colorful ,le- tlV e conven- Kettle— Special blade 1 I SQUARE SCARF, hand painted or block fe^rV2#i
Stamped Boudoir Pillows V. 98 SUS- »■* BSEUiCWS **SJB_<« s SIT “”-“*2.98 MH
i n 4 A I Trays. Candle- fi-cup Perco- Special ***7o steel blades; each. 3yC I
/VP J\r A Ur* I sticks. Each... %J7 '“ 5-pc. Bowl Bets-Domes- ,ator “* «... , I NEW WOOL SCARF, im-
Am VV “7V/ I tic earthenware bowl Wooden-handle QQp. Thermax Blx-cup Perco- *•« ™«tnc ■ ported from Austria Check*, I
Lovely on J $2.50
e°°en, orclfid "and" tango! I covered C °]u!r' on/I‘ x ?S!JSTrSw 7?*"*“ SmSatwf 1 'tSToanteMi I rALAis ROYAV-Xeckttxcr-Mai. rtoor
j ui j- I tumbler*. Bev- QC_ . rounn r toor l atori pane , ffD Dt iron, steelband M4O I
They are round, oblong, dia- I eral colors "Sc Blue Enameled Sieel - style Special.. top and bottom. $2*49
mond and heart shaped. | liSter > 61b - 79c | __s—| |
. I ' G Thermax Waffle Iron, ■ _ __ ___ # |
M, bs-««« A 1 B&BA »-«- Sale! 600 Pairs 1
design., stamped on Cream Belgian Lin«n. Thirty- I Mayonnaise Ir,m 91.10 .. Roll Tray IVfon’c COPC C
six-inch cloth with six napkins. I Dish ■HHHBI T n* pJd*
Stamped Bedspreads, $1.65 to $3.95 I (Regularly $5.95) Cast Iron Sklliet.. Clal A* Q Priced For This Sale
Bedspreads in many designs, including baskets, ■' QQ B pc. Wine Set. Cl OC fWnVmSL
wreaths, Colonial Dames. Stamped on unbl*ach«d I Jd.Vo 4- B al. Garbage Pail of S’K? 1 d.*;Y«V-T Ji-. JiJ jHHH
muslin or Crinkle Crepe. Applique Patch or Sten- I wilh It> „ ... Sff'ST Junior Hovr SrS..sutlS« of dSn* S.lver ,let.d Afip Pr, U
ciled Patch styles also | ; With Sterling ladle. • >le. lock JyQ Complete with shade. ter, six-footed wines and pisresd edge and fin- Em
Thi* set i* of sterling J a c ’ over Unique sold-plated brass glass tray. i t h»d with nn sttrac-
Knittino- Vcirn I ,i !? r ’ finish, Window Refrigerator of Nappy Set OC * lv * ha ■ ,,, •• Thi * Th «7 won’t last long at M
IVlllLllllg I 0.111 I with etched edge. A galvanize?slid* «1 QC live colors and JJJB 85c piece it gusrtntesd for th j g !ow pr j ce . Novelty JBBHB
Pm p |t , I prscticel size. la a lng-door style. designs Decorated earthenware ten year*. Aa eppre- . ... . . .
Jsc Hank I lift *><>*' nndge Lamps and Mt ’ MBted ,n " lx ««W« d is » ! SOcks Wlth StnpeS
Silverware IH-Qt. Pudding f/J c Shades - Antique brass *' ' Silverware WOV*n designs. Rein-
Suitable for sweaters, sport vests, scarfs, socks, etc. I Matn Floor guaranteed oven New^retTy° 2C China Section Main moor I forced heel and toe. Sizes JWEPP^^
In all staple colors. The leather mixtures are 85c I glassware. shade <>o*£o Fourth Floor 9to 11^.
a hank. A PALAIS ROYAL—Housewares and China-Fourth Floor PALAIS ROYAL .Yen’s
PALAIS ROYAL —Art Needlework—Second Floor —Main Floor
■ *■ s *« B

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