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$125,860 IN LOANS 1
Witnesses Tell of Realty
Deals in New York
Sewer Inquiry.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. October 10.—Testimony
that Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Connolly
had spent or loaned $125,860 during
1926 when Connolly's salary of pres
ident of Queens Borough was $15,000
was introduced yesterday at the trial
of Connolly and Frederick Sefly on
charges of conspiracy to defraud the
city through sewer contracts.
With the aid of several witnesses,
Emory R. Buckner, special prosecutor,
brought out that Connolly had loaned
considerable sums out of his pocket
and that the defendant had been seen
with rolls of thousand-dollar bills. Some
of the expenditures, testimony said, were
for leal estate, part of which was •
bought by Mrs. Connolly and some ;
loans to friends for real estate deals. ;
Tiie property purchases totaled S9O,- j
Evidence was introduced to show’ that
Connolly in 1926 had deposited $21,000
in a New York bank and that he had
checked out SIB,OOO. all in small
Buckner offered to offer Connolly's
1926 income tax return in evidence,
but the objection of Max Steuer. defense
counsel, was sustained by Supreme
Court Justice Tompkins.
P. Frank Ryan and Daniel Shea,
real estate men. testified that Con
nolly had loaned them $15,000 and $19,-
000 for real estate. Max Zalicas testi
fied that Connolly had bought lots
worth $24,500 in Corona from the fam
ily of his former chauffeur.
Max' Ceasar, another witness, said
Connolly bought property worth $6,500
in a deal in which a dummy purchaser
was used.
“Don’t put in my name, Caesar said
Connolly told him. “They may think
I'm going to build a subway station
and raise the price."
Shea asserted that the money the
former borough president had loaned
him was never repaid, while another
witness, Alderman Jeremiah O'Leary,
testified that once Connolly handed
him an advance of $2,000, half of which
he returned.
Work to Begin at Once on Site of
First Flight at Kitty Hawk.
WASHINGTON. N. C., October 10
OP).—Representative Lindsay C. War
ren, chairman of the national advisory
council of Kill Devil Hill Memorial Asso
ciation, organized to memorialize the
first flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright
at Kitty Hawk, was informed yester
day by the national advisory commit
tee for aeronautics that the National
Aeronautical Association had decided to
erect a commemorative marker where
the flight was first made.
Work will comence at once so that
the marker may be unveiled on De
cember 17, the twenty-fifth anniversary
of the flight.

Entries were booked from practically
all parts of the world for the Intema
tionl Avition Exhibition in Berlin this
Fall. 1
__ i
Dedicated to Clara Bow,
Starring in “Wings”
/ Wi>/i /icek ire P™^ Low heels in >w |
hr oven suede , I I black suede ,
W<w* hl 'ie a•# \ # frroture swede, pref
swede. eret leather.
"H a ti^r.
'sure la Hy high w'ith smart^it^aSmW
>’ ' ~ th & K 3212 11th
i Judge Orders Sanity Test for Youth
Accused of Speeding in “Collegiate” Car|
By the Associated Press.
DETROIT, October 10.—Records!
: Court Judge W. McKay Skillman has
asked a sanity commission report on
the prevalent fad among “flaming
youths” of decorating second-hand
flivvers with gaudy paint and signs of
doubtful sentiment.
The action followed arraignment yes
terday of Joseph Wisemont. 19, charged
Three Accused in Cut-Rate Bond
Deal Acquitted—Broker Still
( to Be Tried.
By the Associated Press.
PITTSBURGH. Pa., October 10.—A
verdict of not guilty of embezzlement
was returned here yesterday in the case
of three former officers of the closed
Brotherhood Savings & Trust Co., who
! were tried in connection with the cut-
I rate Liberty bond deal of 1926, In which
Charles E. Knapp disappeared with the
j $320,000. of which $102,500.75 belonged
to the bank. The defendants, Roland
A. McCrady. president of the bank;
William J. Kelly, vice president, and J.
L. Nelson, treasurer, were ordered to
pay the rosts of the trial.
in charging the jury visiting Judge J.
Frank Graff said that if the jury’ found
“these officers did this in good faith,
JUll if 9
dSTjP** N-. : * .
Lift Right Off!
Hard corns, soft corns, corns bc
rween the toes and callouses lift right
off! You'll laugh—it is so easy and
doesn’t hurt a bit!
Just drop “Freezone" on any ten
der. touchy corn. Instantly it stops
aching; then shortly you just lift
that pld bothersome corn right off
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charm, every time. Seems Jju®
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zone” costs only a few
cents at any drug
store. Try it!
with speeding in a car described by the
i arresting officer as “collegiate.”
Judge Skillman asked the driver what
prompted such decorating. Wisemont
after hesitating, said he guessed it was
“just to be crazy’.”
"In that case,” the judge said, “we
will determine just what variety of
insanity it is. I refer you to a sanity
commission which will report one week
from today.”
though with poor judgment, you must
acquit them."
McCrady had testified that he en
tered into a pool to buy the bonds be
cause his bank was in difficulties. He
assumed full responsibility for the deal.
Knapp was released frem prison sev
eral weeks ago after serving a sentence
for his part in the deal. Frank T. Red
man, alleged broker In the bond deal,
is yet to be tried on a charge of larceny.
-) • ■•••-fr**-'- • •.- ;Vi« i;
j| * ~" * Ij"
and comfort were built,
into this exquisite expression
x of the shoe making art- ’ ||||
||| A /In* ra tent leather?black suede and ft ||.ft
brown kidskin, w uh Calcutta lizard to
j aa.i'l'uw.i | jtaw-.v-nmj 9
j:. 1 * J 1
jj I Koricry I
I oiv*j principal^
.FOOT citi csF
Four Women Among Ten Who
View Buildings From Ford
Washington's school officials viewed
. the District public, school system at a
glance yesterday when they made an
aerial jaunt in a giant trl-motored Ford
all-metal cabin monoplane.
The 10 officials, Including four women
showed no outward signs of nervousness
as they clambored into the comfortable
cabin or when the big ship thundered
down the Hoover Flying Field and
lifted into the air. By the time the
plane reached its maximum altitude of
the flight—2,soo feet—the school officers
and board members were so much at
home that they began moving about in
the cabin to get better views of the
school buildings they could recognize
below. Among the structures which re
ceived most notice was the new
McKinley High School at Second and
T streets northeast, and the Central
High School at Eleventh and Clifton
Those In the party included Stephen
E. Kramer, first assistant superin
tendent; Robert L. Haycock, assistant
superintendent; Mrs. Phillip S. Smith,
Mrs. William G. McNeill, Mrs. Henry
Gratton Doyle. Henry Gilligan and Rev.
F. I. A. Bennett, members of the Board
of Education; Miss Rose L. Hardy, as
sistant superintendent: Miss Sybil
Baker, director o< the Community Cen
ter Department; Harry O. Hlne, secre
tary of the Board of Education, and
Harry English, chief examiner. Al
though expected to fly with others, Isaac
Gans. board member, faUed to put In his
appearance at the field. Dr. Frank W.
Ballou, superintendent, refused the in
vitation because of the imminence of a
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I tomato catsup and one part I
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Members of Amsterdam Diamond Exchange
Q&.ofCafin o7nc.
Thirty-six Years at
935 F Street
President Treasurer
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Direct Elevator the Men's Clothing Degt., Second
cold, while Dr. Charles F. Carusl,
president of the board, was out of the
The plane left the field at 2:12 o’clock
and made their initial touch at the end
of the flight at 2:22 o’clock. Ray Loomis
was pilot of the machine.
■ ■■■—-
GALVESTON. Tex., Oct. 10 (A*).—A
practice parachute jump ended fatally
Next “Pool” car to Florida about
October 12, and to California late
' October. Reduced rates with greater
security for household goods and
1140 15th St. Packers and shippers
by freight, express, “Pool” cars, motor
vans and "lift” vans (abroad).
yesterday when Private Joe W. Tram
mel. 23, Jasper, Tex., of the third at
tack group here, fell into the Gulf of
Mexico west of Port Crockett and was
drowned. His body was recovered.
Trammel, a mechanic, went up with
Lieut. Ivan M. Palmer for the jump. At
about 2,000 feet he left the plane, ap
parently misjudging his distance and
dropping into the Golf about 100 yards
off shore.
;» *
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