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President and Mrs. Coolidge Dining
Tonight With Postmaster General
and Mrs. Harry New.
THE President and Mrs. Coolidge
small company at dinner this
are the guests in whose honor
the Postmaster General and Mrs.
* Harry S. New will entertain a
evening in their charming suburban
home, Hemlock Hedge, in Edgemoor,
Md. Covers will be laid for 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Gates of Day
ton. Ohio, are house guests of the
Postmaster General and Mrs. New.
Senor and Senora de Padilla
Guests of Senator and Mrs. Keyes.
The Ambassador of Spain and
Senora de Padilla will be the honor
guests at dinner this evening of Senator
> and Mrs. Henry Wilder Keyes.
* The Ambassador of France and Mme.
Claudel will have in their box at the
International Assembly ball this eve
; ning at the Willard Hotel members of
the embassy staff and a few young
The Ambassador of Chile and Senora
de Davila have gone to New York and
will remain at the Ritz-Carton until
Fridav. The Ambassador and Senora
de Davila spent ’yesterday in Phila
The Ambassador of Germany and
Frau von Prittwitz und Gaffon will be
the guests in whose honor Representa
tive and Mrs. Sol Bloom will entertain
. at dinner this evening.
Mrs. Taft, wife of the Chief Justice,
was hostess to a company of 18 at
luncheon yesterday.
Senora de Alfaro, wife of the Minis
ter of Panama, will be the guest of
honor at lunrheon Monday, January 21,
of Mrs. Peter A. Drury, who will enter
tain in her home, on Rhode Island
The Minister of Hungary and
Countess Szechenyi will entertain at
dinner Wednesday evening, January 23.
Senator and Mrs. Charles L. McNary
recalled their invitations for dinner
this evening in honor of the Secretary
of Agriculture and Mrs. Jardine. be
cause of the death of Senator McNary's
mother, Mrs. Joseph Bruce Morton.
Representative and Mrs. Hamilton
Fish, jr„ of New' York entertained at
_ dinner last evening in the palm court
s os the Mayflower, in compliment to
Baron and Baroness de Villiers du Ter
rage of France, who are passing a few
davs in Washington. In the company
i were the Ambassador of Spain and
' Mme. de Padilla, the Secretary of Labor
and Mrs. James J. Davis, the Minister
of Sweden and Mme. Bostrom. Senator
and Mrs. George H. Moses. Senator and
Mrs. Jesse Metcalf. Senator Arthur
Capper, Representative and Mrs. John
Q. Tilson, Representative and Mrs. S.
Wallace Dempsey. Representative A.
Piatt Andrew’, Mrs. Alvin Hert. the
counselor of the French embassy. Count
de Sartiges: the Assistant Secertarv of
War, Col. Charles B. Robbins: Mr. Eu
gene Meyer, Mr. Bascom Slemp, Mr.
and Mrs. George Marye. Dr. and Mrs.
Stanley M. Rinehart, Mr. and Mrs.
Breckenridge Long. Mr. and Mrs. At
water Kent, Mrs. Charles de Rham, jr.;
Mrs. George Mesta, Miss Jessie Thomp
i eon and Miss Fish.
Representative John Q. Tilson was
- joined last evening in his apartment in
' the Mayflower by Mrs. Tilson. who will
remain through this session of the Con
Mrs. E. R. Ackerman, wife of Rep
resentative Ackerman, entertained a few
? friends at luncheon yesterday at the
Wardman Park Hotel.
Mrs. Jorge E. Boyd, w’ife of the coun- J
- selor of the Bolivian legation, who j
makes her home at the Wardman Park '
Hotel, will entertain Thursday at a
KT a ' ' 1
• . • ! .*£B3 , v 1 , ,r"
mj *• \■'/‘*J3 "-> kJ’ % ,*■ ,v„a ••"' "‘V ;^! -' 3" •••";;'
jlpF .
% ||K|l
x 4||§fefeJ^fc
x Man
gr Palms and I
■VV ■ Nothing romantic about February... mem w|
HHy ■ clear through. •:- Red nose, cold hands,-wet
Vl k|H feet. ..a bite in the wind and a threat in
&HV the thaw... flu! -:• Can’t run away from
W IHo that menace no matter how far south you
* i mKB g 0... but you can sail away! ... Why not
1 book on the " France ” for
Mediterranean and Morocco
on Feb. 7tli or Mar. 14th?
Clean salt air, getting warmer by the min*
ute as she drives for Las Palinas ... glorious
sunshine at Casablanca, Gibraltar, Tunis l2|s*?jßP,
...then up to Palermo, Naples and Monaco ¥*¥
Ht with the whole Riviera tanning by day and
dancing at night. -:- On to Marseilles and
f SwPR Roman France, with second calls at Naples,
jStWmiSi Algiers and Gibraltar . . . stay over any-
AraSil where you like ... most clastic schedule
ever planned or return byway of Paris
on "lie de France” or“ Paris” any time you
. choose.-:-Expensive?... Not necessarily.
Fares begin at $550 round trip or $275 one- Hpßfr
" a y to any port*
BVpR lk Information from any authorized French L ine Agent . Khbßl.'
% or unte direct to 19 State Street, Kew York City Bfjaj.
luncheon in honor of Mme. Medina,
wife of the Minister of Bolivia. There
will be 24 guests.
Mrs. James S. Parker, wife of Repre
sentative Parker of New’ York, will re
ceive this afternobn from 4:30 to 6:30
o’clock, in her home, 2100 Sixteenth
street. Assisting Mrs. Parker at the
tea table will be Mrs. S. Wallace
Dempsey. Mrs. Bertrand H. Snell and
the wives of other New’ York Repre
sentatives; also Mrs. Harlan Fiske
Stone. Mrs. Charles P. Summerall. Mrs.
Henry Wilder Keyes. Mrs. Edward E.
Gann and Mrs. James R. Mann. This
Is the only time Mrs. Parker will be at
home this season.
Representative and Mrs. Joe Crail of
California, who spent the week end in
New York, returned to their apartment
at the Mayflower yesterday.
Mrs. Everett Sanders, wife of the
Secretary to the President, will be at
home on Wednesday, January 30, from
4 to 7 o’clock at the Mayflower.
Mrs. Edward Everett Gann will be
the guest of honor at luncheon Sat
urday of Mrs. James L. Karrick, who
will entertain in the Chinese room of
the Mayflower.
The third secretary of the British
embassy and Mrs. Henry L. d’A. Hop
kinson will entertain a company of 10
at dinner this evening in the Anchor
age, where they have an apartment.
Mrs. Dimock to Head Line
At Opening of Assembly Tonight.
In the receiving lihe at the opening
of the International Assembly ball this
evening at 10 o’clock at the Willard
Hotel will be Mrs. Henry F. Dimock,
chairman ot the permanent organiza
tion of the assembly known as the
Board of Governors: Mrs. Charles J.
Bell and Mrs. McCormick Goodhart,
both of whom are members of the board.
An unusually large number of diplo
mats with their families and in some
cases accompanied by members of their
embassy of legation staffs will attend
this function, the social brilliance of
which is .unequaled here Occupying
boxes with their guests will be the
British Ambassador and Lady Isabella
Howard, the Ambassador of Japan and
Mme. Debuchi, the Ambassador of Cuba
and Senora de Ferrara, the Ambassador
ot Belgium and Her Highness Prin
cess Aioert de Ligne, the Minister of
Sweden and Mme. Bostrom, and mem
bers of the Spanish embassy, while
many others from the diplomatic corps
will be scattered among tne various im
portant box parties of the evening,
Mrs. Herbert O. Williams, wife of
Brig. Gen Williams, was the ranking
guest at the luncheon given today by
Mrs. E. T. Durgin, wife of Maj. Durgin,
at the Wardman Park Hotel. Other
guests were Mrs. Stanley D. Embick,
wife of Col. Embick, Mrs. Gordon Dun
thorne and her mother, Mrs. Mary C.
Allen, Mrs. Frank H. Roberts, wife of
Comdr. Roberts, Mrs. Robert Laughlin,
wife of Lieut. Laughlin and Miss Ma
della Keenan.
Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Aristides Moreno
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Margaret Victoria, to Mr.
William Pearsall Cochran, jr„ son of
Mr. and Mrs. William Pearsall Coch
ran of Philadelphia. The wedding will
take place in the near future.
The commandant of the navy yard
and Mrs. Arthur Lee Willard will be
hosts at dinner this evening.
Mrs. Jacob Leander Loose will have
guests with her at dinner this evening
in the presidential dining room of the
Mr. and Mrs. c. -.vie Chipman will
entertain a dinner company at their
home on Nineteenth street tonight.
R3&V - w
Wife of Col. Johnson, Ordnance Division, U. S. A., who wrote the scenarioi
for the “Carnival in Cairo.” with which the Bal Boheme of the Washington
Arts Club will be opened in the ballroom of the Willard the night of January 28.
—Harris & Ewing Photo.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anthony Wad
den have as their guest at the Burling
ton Miss Mary Wadden of Madison,
S. Dak., who is in Washington to at
tend the conference on the cause and
cure of w r ar.
Mrs. John G. Wallace will entertain at
tea Thursday afternoon for Miss Wad
den and Saturday she w’ill be the guest
of honor at luncheon of Mrs. Lotta
Moran. Other events are being arrang
ed for her.
Mrs. Frank Henry will be at home
tomorrow’ afternoon from 4 to 6 o’clock
and w’ill have assisting her Mrs. Maurice
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H. Thatcher. Mrs. Alfred E. Fowler.
Miss Alida Henriques and Miss Mona
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Summerlin
j entertained a small company at the
I supper dance at the Club Chantecler
j last night.
Mrs. Charles Evans Hughes of New
York has joined her husband at the
Mayflower for a short visit.
Col. and Mrs. Henry M. Morrow leave
today for New York, and will sail Sat
urday on the Virginia for California.
They will return to Washington about
April 1.
Dr. Fenton Bradford will entertain at
dinner .this evening in his apartment, in
the La Salle, m honor of the Minister
of Egypt and Mme. Sarny.
Mrs. Charles \T’wheeler will be at
home tomorrow afternoon, and will re
ceive the following Wednesdays through
the season.
Mrs. de Peyster of New York
Here for Assembly Ball.
Mrs. Frederic A. de Peyster of New
York City is making a short visit in
Washington and is a guest at the May
Intensive preparations are now’ going
forward at the Arts Club of Washington
for the sixth annual Bal Boheme, which
now rivals the famous Beaux Arts ball
of New York in its wealth of gorgeou,s
color and carnival pageantry. The Bal
Boheme will take place at the Willard
on the evening of Monday, Jan
uary 28. beginning at 10 o'clock, when
the popular floor committee, led by Mr.
Roy L. Neuhauser, w’ill make its dra
matic entrance.
This year the floor committee, clad
in scarlet and white, the uniform of
the foot soldiers of Egypt, will include
in its distinguished ranks Dr. Gilbert
Grosvenor, Mr. Asa E. Phillips, Mr.
Claude W. Dewart, Col. F. S. Foltz. Dr.
George H. Girty, Mr. John W. Hol
combe, Mr. Dore Walton, Mr. Warren N.
Akers, Mr. Harold Allen, Mr. Will I.
Denting, Mr. E. H. Etz, and Dr. Paul
Bartseh. In all there will be more than
36 members of this season's “army," as
the floor committee has come to be
called, w’ith their “official” music, al
ways the well know’n “March of the
Wooden Soldiers.”
The four distinguished judges of cos
tumes at the Bal Boheme, Mr. and Mrs.
Duncan Phillips of this city and Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Peixotto of New York
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women two of the Caliph's favorite
wives. All four artists are now having
their costumes designed and executed
in New York City, where Mr. Peixotto
is also serving as chairman of costumes
for the Beaux Arts ball.
Mrs. Fulton Lewis is daily adding to
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mittee and other leading players in
the opening scene. Many of the cos
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