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TOTAL $209,215
Largest Item Is Three-Story
Addition to Top of Apart
ment House.
(Continued From Thirteenth Page.)
M -ireet (lots 800 and 801, square 1206);
to fast $20,000.
ffnevy Chase Baptist Church, owner;
George E. Ferris, designer and builder;
to erect one 1-story frame Sunday
school. Belt road and Western avenue
(lots 54 to 56, square 1746); to cost
Richard F. Philpitt, owner, designer
and builder; to erect one 1-story frame
and stucco dwelling. 2804 Myrtle ave
nue northeast (lot 806. square 4317); to
cost $5,000.
Edmonds Contracting Co., owner: to
erect railroad siding coal dump. 2433
Evarts street northeast (lots 17, 18 and
19. square 4284); to cost $3,000.
Keith Merrill, owner; to erect con
crete retaining wall, 2533 Belmont street
(lots 7. 16. 6, 805, 17. 18. 19 and 20,
square 2501); to cost $3,000.
Repairs to Be Made.
Washington Sanitary Improvement
Co., owner; to make repairs to porches,
200 to 230 Bates street and 201 to 231
P street (lots 132 to 147, 111 to 119 and
148 to 150. square 552); to cost $1,044.
Washington Sanitary Improvement
Co., owner; to repair porches. 15 to 77
and 44 to 76 Bates street (lots 195 to
207, 253 to 256. 134 to 140, 237 to 244,
245. 811 to 818 and 258 to 265), square
615); to cost $1,436.
Charles Wittmann. owner; A. E. Har
gell. designer and builder; to inclose
porch, 1923 Thirty-seventh street (lot
357, square 1296); to cost S4OO.
Dennis Foley, owner, designer and
builder: to repair barn. 1255 Anacostia
road southeast (parcel 211-9, square
5507); to cost SSOO.
Mrs. Borne, owner; Bahen & Wright,
builders; to make repairs. 1304 G street
(lot 824. square 253): to cost SSOO.
Jesse R. Sherwood, owner and build
er; George N. Bell, designer; to erect
marquise. 104-08 Rhode Island avenue
(lot 810. square 3109); to cost SSOO.
Dubant & Smith, owners; E. R.
Pitcher, builder: to make repairs, 510 I
street (lot 40. square 485); to cost SSOO.
Estate of Julia H. Shehan, owner: B.
O. Grant, builder; to erect one 1-story
addition for kitchen. 810 M street (lot
820. square 401); to cost $375.
Andrew Frankgonlz. owner and build
er; to erect addition. 61 V street (lot 75,
square 3118); to cost SBOO.
Martin L. Palmer, owner and builder;
to erect one frame private garage, 2817
Myrtle avenue northeast (lot 38. square
4319); to cost S3OO.
W. C. & A. N. Miller, owners and
builders: to construct a built-in garage, i
2917 Glover driveway (lot 63, square j
1620); to cost S3OO.
L. Perry West, owner and designer;
George J. & William Hughes, builders:
to make repairs. 217 Twelfth street
southwest (lot 57, souare 296); to cost
John M. King, owner and builder: J.
A. Melby. architect: to make repairs.
1004 Eleventh street (lot. 29, square
316); to cost S7BO.
C. H. Small, owner and builder: to j
erect two stucco private garages, 4204
and 4206 Thirty-eighth street dots 32
and 33, square 1831); to cost SSOO.
Mrs. Natalie S. B. Yates, ow'ner; to
You Can Buy One of These Homes for
the Rent You Are Now Paying
813 . Kentucky Ave. S.E.
(Just North of 17th and Pa. Ave. S.E.)
6 Rooms and fciath
Hot-water Heat « Electric Lights
30-ft. Front Parking Large Porches
Paved Alley in Rear
Open Daily and Sunday Until 9 P.M.
H.R.Howenstein <5-
Stone Residence
Overlooking Rack Creek Park
4 THOROI CHLY fascinating home, worthy ■ 1629
of Its charming ruilic selling. I nique in '
deign and interior arrangement, constructed f flfl RIIPCII
of stone reinforced by hollow tile to give its o. jar ny
beauty an enduring charm. Planned to pleare 'l* lx •rV «
the most critical and providing the environ- Owner will con•
meat and facilities for the proper entertain- :ider trading for
meat of guests. It is the supreme,combination | Investment Prop
of all that is fine in a real home of distinctive erty or SmalLr
individuality. q Home.
Open Today and Sunday
Drive nut Sixteenth Street to I an Huren
and go one-half block west to home
5. C. Houglass Co.
Exclusive Agents
1621 K St. N.W. Metropolitan 5678
New Garden Catalogues Form Invaluable
Aid to Those Who Like to Dig in the Dirt
The garden lover is always entranced
by the coming of the new year's gar
den catalogue. Whether he possesses
a garden or not, the book always fasci
nates: but if there be the smallest bit
of ground available for cultivation, then
such a list becomes invaluable.
More big fine catalogues are coming
out every season, yet few, if any, sur
pass some that were issued many years
ago. In fact, I have one bearing the
date of 1912 that I have never seen
equaled, and always keep close at hand
for reference as to the finest trees and
shrubs. Many of its rare treasures are
not to be found in other lists, and yet
should be familiar to every gardener.
As in the case of cotoneasters, of
which I speak often, only the best nur
series catalogue them, for they are still
new to the general public. Yet some
specimens should be in every garden,
and I would recommend an evergreen
on account of its beauty in Winter.
Nursery catalogues prove invaluable in
acquainting us with the best varieties
of old favorites, as w'ell as the most re
cently tested and approved introduc
tions from all parts of the world.
Moreover, the very finest are pro
fusely illustrated, so that the buyer
can get a good idea of the general ap
pearance of a new specimen, and be
guided as to its adaptability to a par
ticular spot on the home grounds.
Illustrated tree catalogues are inter
esting. as well as highly educative, for
surprisingly few people know as much
as they would like to about choice trees.
In many localities only a few native
trees have been cultivated, when rare
varieties from remote parts of the world
under the same climatic conditions
would thrive beautifully.
build shelter room on roof of studio,
2448 Massachusetts avenue (lots 1 and
2, square 2500): to cost SSOO.
Lewis Carrado, owner; Charles C.
Kennon, builder; to make repairs, 1331
Connecticut avenue (lot 41, square 137);
to cost S3OO.
Waggaman & Brawner, owners and
builders; to make alterations. 2312
Rhode Island avenue northeast (lots
15 and 16, square 4248); to cost S4OO.
This Is the Home You'll
Wish to Own
1700 B St. N.E.
(Open to 9 PM.)
Seven large, bright rooms,
nicely arranged and attractively
deco rated. Substantially con
structed of the best materials.
Every modern feature for your
comfort and convenience.
There is a garage.
The neighborhood is con
venient and restricted.
Southern exposure, overlook
ing Eastern High School.
Prices Low and Very
Easy Terms
Robert W. Savage
717 Union Trust Bldg.
Main 6799
From 17th and Eart Capitol
Drive North to B
Hardy herbaceous plants usually are
catalogued by themselves and often are
indexed by name, both botanical and
common, with the needed situation, in
sun, shade or partial shade: color, ap
proximate height and season of bloom.
Such a book is invaluable as it enables
the amateur to plan for color schemes,
as well as succession of blooms, from
early Spring to late Fall.
Indeed, such a catalogue just at hand
has one page devoted to “Plants for
Special Purposes’’ and includes “Plants
for Cut Flowers," “Ground Covering
Plants for Shady Positions,” “Ground
Covering Plants for Sunny Positions,”
“Plants for Drv, Sandy Soils,” “Plants
for Moist Grounds.” “Fragrant Plants.”
“Plants for Bees” and “Grasses for
The same book also includes “Ever
greens for Rock Gardens,” “Annuals for
Bedding Plants" and “Herbs and Roots,”
which many of us would be glad to
tuck into a corner of the garden, such
as chives, horseradish, hyssop, lavender,
marjoram, mint, rhubarb, rue, rose
mary, sage, tansy, tarragon and thyme.
These all carry thoughts of old gardens
and are well worth cultivation for old
memories, as well as actual practical
present, use, and nowadays give a gar
den a mark of distinction.
The list of woodland plants, in an
other section, is equally interesting and
valuable, as many people have a small
spot where little has been found that
will grow', that would perfectly accom
modate these treasures from the woods.
The usual seed catalogue lists annuals,
biennials and perennials, and thus ac
quaints new gardeners with the differ
ent kinds, and also gives the informa
tion enabling the novice to build a new
garden so as to provide plenty of
flowers the first season, while waiting
for the slower growing aristocrats to
reach maturity.

Sengenydd Colliery, near Caerphilly,
Wales, in which 439 men were killed in
an explosion in 1913, has just been
closed down.
“North Cleveland Park”
24 y 2 feet wide at the RIGHT POINT
The additional four feet in width—l added to this house, gives you rooms of excep
tional size. This house, at is price, with a one-ear hriek garage, is, according to
experts in the Real Estate Business, the greatest buy offered to the public in recent
Exhibit house, 4212 37th St. N.W.
Open, heated and lighted until 9 P.M.
To inspect drive out Connecticut Ave. to Van Nets St., west to 37th
St., or out Wisconsin Ave. to I an Ness St., east to 37th St. N.W.
National 9530 925 15th St. N.W r . National 9«j30
Reflecting the true meaning of the I
Sample Home word home!
5925 4th 1
° pcn ll is casv enough to get a home that will
Until 8 P.M. -
meet your every need —if you are m ci position
to pay a large price! But—it is very seldom
$8,950 that you may buy a home with these many con
veniences, including garage, and in a home
oivning community in zvhich you will enjoy liv
ing—at $8,950.
THAT is what we offer —and on terms that
make possible advantages which you may have
thought were out of your reach.
1004 Vermont Ave.
Past President of Local
Board Named to Represent
City at Birmingham.
W. C. Miller, past president of the
Washington Real Estate Board, has
been elected national delegate for
Washington and w'ill represent the local
board at the Birmingham meeting of
the National Association of Real Estate
Boards, which opens January 21. At
the annual Winter meetings member
boards are allowed a national delegate
a*e and Garage j
? Te ’Throughou* I
w X!r in ‘ eir " I'
| Built-in Showert It
< Paved Streets JV
( And Alleys I
0 I
thainivn I
mmrwm\ mis y ■ h
2SE Standard of Comp.\ri.»n W.
authorized to cast the allotted votes for
his entire board, whereas at the annual
Summer conventions delegate repre
sentation is based on numerical
Birmingham realtors have endeavored
to secure the Midwinter meeting of
their national organization for several
years, but w r ere not successful until this
year. It was recalled that 'at all of the
Summer conventions held in the East
or Midwest during recent years a large
delegation from Birmingham was al
ways on hand to boost their city.
Having succeeded in securing the
meeting this year elaborate plans have
been made for the entertainment and
comfort of visiting realtors during the
week. All arrangements for the con
vention meeting are handled by the
convention secretary of the national or
ganization and all matters pertaining
to hospitality features are handled by
the local realtors.
In addition to Mr. Miller, local real
tors leaving Sunday for the convention
are B. F. Saul, Frank Bell, Percy H.
Russell and John A. Petty, executive
secretary of the Washington board.
Comdr. McKee Tells of Tests Being
Made to Permit
Methods of safeguarding the lives of
men in disabled submarines, which are
being developed in actual tests aboard
the submarine S-4. which previously
had sunk with the loss of all members
of its crew, were outlined by Cmdr. A.
I. McKee. U. S. N„ in an address at the
Free Parking Space in Rear
1727 K St. N.W.
A few suites of very desirable,
bright rooms in this detached build
ing. Elevator and janitor service.
Suitable fo.r lawyers, brokers, organi
zations, 4c. Moderate rentals.
Also First Floor 1719 K St. N.W.
One room 20x45 ft. Another room
20x22 ft. and 2 small rooms. Can
rent as one or two units.
1727 K St. N.W. Met. 3011
Arltsttc 3601 Van Ness Street
»Just two squares west of Connecticut Avenue Jt I
at the corner of Reno Road % *
North Cleveland Park j
■ ; The Old World charm of an English home is here translated into
American terms of modern convenience and spacious comfort. A plan that
is the realization of efforts combining a center hall arrangement to Eng
* lish architecture so that every inch of its cubic feet of contents is advan
tageously used in its layout of seven main rooms, two tiled baths and
first floor lavatory.
.4 few outstanding features —
Stone Areolae? Hose, bright attic
Artistic bay windows Electric refrigerator
| Three porches Enameled kitchen walls '
Variegated slate roof Ample closet space
Cooper dashing, gutters Two-car built-in garage
and downspouts Hardwood floors thruout
Oil-tex finished walls Choice electrical fixtures
Offered at a f>rice
well wi th m reach of many and not a “chosen ’ few
Open All Day Sunday
j Schwab, Valk & Canby
Exclusive Agents
1704 Connecticut Avenue Potomac 830
pgMgq IN F beautiful new individ- inspection of the exhibit home include I2k
MLfSSgI ual type detached brick colonial brick fireplace and mantel in |S^
HR Fwgnj homes situated on 150-ft. living room, Kelvinator, copper screens I
KSB lots at high elevation in and metal weatherstrip, brass hard- |3k
the heart of Cleveland ware, Sanitas walls in pantry and [| §
Park proper . . . homes of unusual kitchen, automatic storage water heat
distinction, in an unsurpassed resi- er, plastered basement, slate roof. Lot || jg?
dential environment. HYou are offered over 150 ft. deep, with terraced yard, ;|3f
a choice of three different floor plans. beautiful shrubbery, trees, and brick IS#
each including eight rooms, two baths, garage on paved alley. flThe reason- Igjb
first floor lavatory and attic with fin- ' able price and terms will quickly con- I Sat
. ished maid's room. vince you that we are offering a value |
features that you will note in your that you C3nnot afford to overlook. IgK
| I
1 I
M 1418 Eye St. N.W. OWNERS—BUILDERS National 5904
luncheon meeting of the Washington
Society of the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology at the University Club
Comdr. McKee explained the various
locking devices which are being tried
out on the test submersible as a means
of permitting trapped men to escape
4 T3fK 33 Feet Wide
5 lOUf * Fronting Two Streets 5
R, I. AVE, Center-Hall Planned |
tvt ts/ 16 Rooms, 3 Baths |
• 2 Lavatories
An Excellent H 3 bedrooms)
and Pr/ce Reduced to
{ Boarding House $22,750.00
IL. T. Gravatte I
927 15th St. N.W. REALTOR Main 753 \
Evening Phone Georgia Jt
into the sea and the system of buoys
and life lines which submarine survivors
would use to reach the surface after
their below-sea release.
A. E. Hansen, president of the so
ciety. an organization of Massachusetts
Institute of Technology Alumni, pre
sided over the luncheon.

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