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Home-Owning and Building Section for Washington and Suburbs
Construction in Progress on Forty-Fourth
Street —Demonstration Scheduled
to Start June 2.
One of nine Interesting English group
houses, each of which will be somewhat,
different in outline and treatment from
the adjoining dwellings, though all will
be of harmonious architectural design,
will be the third of the series of 1929
Star model homes now in progress of
construction in pra part ion for their
subsequent demonstration during the
Spring and early Summer.
This model home will be erected by
Waverly Taylor. Inc., on the east side
of Forty-fourth street, just. south of Q
street, in Foxall. opposite Foxhall Vil
lage. It will be the fourth house from
the north end of the group, numbered
1573 Forty-fourth street, and will be
completed and opened for a month of j
exhibition under the auspices of The
Star about June 2. Arrangements for
this and others of the series of model j
homes were made by the Operative j
Builders' Association and are supervised
by The Star model homes committee.
Features of Development.
Features of the development will be
the balance of the composition of the |
mass—pleasing broken roof lines and ;
the harmonious blending of the struc- j
tural materials and colors used.
The model home will be built on the
historic tract which was known as
Spring Hill Farm, originally owned by
Henrv Foxall, one-time close friend of
Presidents and owner of the famous
cannon factory once located on the
property, where guns used in the War
of 1812 were produced. As designed by j
Waverly Taylor the model home will be .
something of a "double-front" house in
that special attention will be given to j
the attractiveness of t.h erear elevations. .
which overlook the valley recently pur- |
chased by the Government and which j
Is to be developed into Foundry Branch
Park, which will connect with the j
Glover-Archbold Parkway and the ex- j
tension of Potomac Park.
A paved street. Park lane, will be ]
constructed to the rear of the houses j
instead of an alley, and the garages will
he set, under two-story porches which
will be screened, the lower deck or first
floor level of which will be constructed
as a living porch, connected with the
living room and providing an elevated
outlook upon the wooded Foundry;
Branch Valley. j
Tvpical English brick will be used in
full range of colors and including some
clinker brick for contrast. They will
be laid in English garden bond, con
sisting of alternating courses of stretch
ers and headers, laid with close joint.
At the eaves and over certain arches
stone of harmonious colors will be
worked in with the brick to provide con
trast in colors. The model home will
have a gabled facade.
The roof, important in this design,
will be covered with a variegated green
and purple slate of random widths,
thicknesses and lengths, laid in such,
a wav as to be in character with the
rugged feeling of the group. Half
timber work, beams, porch posts and
other treatment used on the fronts will
be either of oak or cypress, added to
simulate the heavy hand-hewn struc
tural timbers characteristic of this type i
of construction and design. They will!
be stained a weathered gray-brown to ;
maintain their character. A refined ;
creosote oil will be used for this pur
pose and to safeguard the wood against
rot and deterioration. Cream-colored
cement stucco will be used between
timber work in various places, lending
added contrast. Shutters of a soft i
green shade also will add contrast.
Covered Front Porch.
Each house will have a covered front
porch. Distinctive flower pot brackets
will be placed on the sills of some sec
ond-story windows. Terra cotta chimney i
pots of variegated heights and colors i
will add English touches to the brick
and stone chimneys. The lawn will ,
be planted with evergreens and flower- j
ing shrubs. A low retaining wall w’ill j
mark the front of the lawns. The en- I
trance hall will have a floor of varie
gated red clay tiles. To the right will'
The Triangle of Increasing Values
—between Massachusetts and Connecticut Avenues and
Woodley Road. Over 250 homes built and under construc
tion. Actual improvements and home values exceed
$10,500,000. Wooded villa sites, lots, central and side hall
homes, with lots from 75 to 300 feet front.
Call for Literature and List of Over 300 Purchasers
Middaugh & Shannon, Inc.
1435 K St. N.W. Main 8685
. -P',-P"-P; P; l —P' P' -P" P’-'.-P P Pi P' .Pi:.Pii.P"..PiiP''&rP'iir'-kirPi-'
z. *■
4 ® Bedrooms, 3 Baths 4
4 W:' \ lOpen Fireplace Frigidnire *
c Additional Plate-Glass y
5 Lavatories Windows £•'
* lx* r X Nokol Oil Cl » n e y
4 *** ' 1 Burner Sl.te Roof f
4 Vl - 1 rh '"" Oak Floors Fireproof *
A NEW HOME Throughout Garage *
4420 Que St. PRICES RANGE ’
<N»rtbw*«t) $10,500 and Upward y
| P*s ;
4 *"*l \J R.a.onublf T.rmi (f.
4 Creator. *n«l nereloprrk
of Poxhall Villas* ID* * y
| !f
--prut iv«*t r>« Qvr St. to Wisconsin Ats.. Sorth One Squnre to
4 Resertotr Roerf. JTfif to Vitleee. Make Lett-hand Turn at tith St. y
be an ample coat closet, with a small
window. Then, passing through an
arched opening, one will enter the liv
ing room and will be immediately im
pressed by the way in which the house,
although of modest size and compact,
i "opens up,” giving a feeling of com
i fort.
A brick fireplace having a raised
I hearth and framed with a specially rie
: signed mantel, will lend interest to the
living room. This room will be 19 feet
I 3 inches by 13 feet.
.The dining room will have double
glass casement doors leading to a
screened living porch. The porch will
extend only two-thirds of the width of
the house, permitting direct sunlight to
enter the kitchen and the second-floor
! bedroom.
Kitchen Arrangements.
The kitchen will have inlaid tile
linoleum cemented over felt to the floor,
while the walls and eeilings will have a
snecial tvoe cloth covering. A one
piece enameled iron sink, with double
! drain boards, will extend across one
end of the kitchen, over the center of
j w hich will be a large, double steel case
ment window extending from the sink
I to the ceiling. On either side of this
window will be china cabinets, while
under the drain boards will be built-in
cupboards, one of which, with the out
side ventilation, will be a vegetable
cold storage cupboard.
A gas range, porcelain-top table and
mechanical refrigerator, with another
j china cabinet built over it, will be in
| stalled. There will be a large built-in
| kitchen closet for the storage.
Going down the steps from the kitch
! en one will find a light and airy eellar,
! with poured concrete foundation walls,
: cement floor and steel-beam floor sup
ports. A built-in garage extends a bit
in the cellar from under the living
porch. A servant s toilet, laundry trays,
modern boiler and hot-water storage
heater, ash receiver foi the open fire
-1 place and coal bin. complete the cellar
equipment. A door, also controlled by
an electric lock and switch in the kitch
en. will open out on the rear garden on
the same level with the cellar floor.
Master Bedroom.
Passing up the main stairway to ihe
second-floor hall, one will enter the
master bedroom across the front with
three large windows, two cedar-lined
closets containing an abundance of
shelves, shoe rack and a full-length mir
ror door. Two bedrooms will extend
across the rear, each having cedar-lined
closets and glass casement doors leading
to the • screened sleeping porch* The
smaller room will have a window open
ing directly to the outside.
The bathroom will have a whjfp and
buff tile floor of wicker weave pattern,
with square white glazed tiles on the
side walls, with a narrow buff border
at the top. There will be a built-in all
; enamel tub. with a shower over it and a
full-length curtain. The pedestal lav
atory will be of vitreous china and the
water closet will be of the salient and
most improved modern type. In addi
tion to a medicine cabinet, there will
I be a towel closet and a solid linen ham
per built, in. A large skylight will give
; light and ventilation.
A stairway will lead to a finished
third floor, with seven windows, divided
into two rooms and a lavatory room.
The roof will be lined with insulation.
The house will be completely screened.
! All outside doors will be metal weather
stripped. and baseboard electrical con
nections will be in abundance.
Realty License Law Passed.
The proposed real estate license law
:in Arkansas, which last week was
passed by the State Senate, has now
been passed by the House of Represent
atives of the Arkansas Legislature
‘ and awaits only the governor’s signa-
I ture to make it final. If Gov. Parnell
1 signs the bill Arkansas will become the
| twenty-third State to have enacted a
real eslate license law.
First Floor and Basement at 1333
to Be Occupied Six Years by Rex
ford's. Inc., of Philadelphia.
Another business organization, new
to Washington, will make its appear
ance here shortly at a downtown loca
tion. through arrangements just con
Rexforri’s. Inc.. Philadelphia jewelry
concern, has leased first, floor and base
ment space at 1333 F street for a term
of six years and will occupy the space
about April 1. at completion of altera
tions, it is reported by the chain-store
leasing department of Weaver Bros.
The total leasing consideration was said
to be close to SIOO,OOO.
The property was subleased by H. W.
Roundtree Trunk & Bag Co. through
negotiations handled by the offices of
Weaver Bros, and Theodore M. Judd.
The property is 20 by 113 feet.
Weaver Bros, today also reported the
leasing of a four-story and basement
building at 1722-24 Pennsylvania ave
nue for George and Emily Demonet to
Elias Tragas, yvho plans to open a
cafeteria there about April 1. The
lease was for five years for a consid
eration reported to be about $20,000,
with an option for an additional five
year lease.
Tax Amendment Passed.
A constitutional amendment which
provides for the classification of prop
erty for taxation and the taxation of
so-called "intangibles" has passed both
the House and the Senate of the North
Carolina Legislature.
❖ *
t j
I “The PROOF of the Pudding ” |
The real test of the worth and value of any proposition is
V* the experience of purchasers and users. “What do they think Y
Y of if?” should be the question of every prospective purchaser. $
Y This letter from the officers of the corporation of occupant* X
Y owners of .3020 Tilden Street, one of the group of
Y buildings constituting Tilden Gardens, the new- \ t
est co-operative apartment home de- \ barren Co-operative !
A velopment of M. and R. B. \ t^tpd Since 192 3 our or .
Warren, speaks for \ ganization has built and sold js*
❖ itself: \ a total of 18 Co-operative
i \ Apartment Buildings, eon- ♦
Y \ sisting of 37 3 homes, V
Y \ .n \ housing some 1,500 peo
«£♦ \ .^o^° s ° C \ pie, representing sound
4 % \ \ values of more than A
£ \ vet** 3 ** <k ’ \ $4,000,000—a1l 100% eo-
X \ \ operatively owned. X
Y \ \ Each of these huild- *
1 \ ings has continued in *♦*
\ successful operation,
\ ft s *. \ proving the sound- «£♦
♦♦♦ I \ ness of the plan. In «,♦*
JL 1 ®’ .. „t \ our office are many ♦
: \ «*»-*** \ letters, (open for Y
Y \ Getf I®®* 1 ®®* t of‘ s0 ’ ‘ , r y s.<& t ' a * r! \ vour inspection! V
❖ 1 tw-** \ similar to that ❖
1 .w to •’ c?r sttVv *•* \ shown at the
♦♦♦ 1 ®^ orW ?r^ 4 * ° \ left, fr o m
♦♦♦ \ v ® if ° \ othrrs of ° ,,r <♦
!♦ \ \ owncr? ' f
❖ \ x * y ' p * x * \ Y
❖ 1 pr • ror to \
❖ '4 »** ~r ..ii*'* - .. !<.. »*"*■ \ ❖
jY \ 0,r * v 4,r ° tt \ ♦
♦♦♦ 1 we ■ /id \ Y
T % t.rr woW ‘ (jujjfa* \ t
' \ ♦♦♦
j Y “Whether \ J*
! <♦ or i ❖
❖ Whether 1 V™ now to visit f
' oil Buy, $» Tilden Gardens while every
♦ You Pay m sfy/e, size, and arrangement of apartment £
j for the M home is available for inspector You will be pleasantly {
%♦ Home You ak surprised at the many advantages and satisfying economies.
♦J 4 Occupy.” Bft ♦♦♦
♦♦♦ ... ♦%
♦ Distinctive Development of M. and R. B. Warren ?
t • i
Y Connecticut Avenue at Tilden Street—— An interesting booklet explaining Co- Y
Y J UBt south of the Bureau of Standards—- operative Apartment Home Ownership ♦
X Phone Cleveland 6084. will be mailed on request. j
❖ ♦
Ittietting J£kf.
V wrm auirsiT aounw imtidw
jlv^yi! Porch J; |i Pocch
13 ' 7 ||i j | lO’-OV i3'-7*
| l ’bto Room j .1
K-ITCMtfI- | f j 1 U'-O’ e ° OM
TV* f3’-8\ T'-iimc. 2oocr 1 I j io'-6"xn’-0*
j •; H'-G" *l3 -8* JlbUplb
~. .—| ‘i ■■ ■——J if
jiaiu: -asßu
1 i=s
L ivimo Room gp 0
Dtp Room
wm !3'-0' *'!<}’-3’ ■■
■p * I6‘-1( ** j
ii|pj |
Architect’s rendition of nine English houses and floor plans of one selected
as a model home, being erected on Forty-fourth street in Foxall by Waverly
Taylor. Inc. It will he opened for demonstration under auspices of The Star
about June 2. The model home is the fourth from the left end of the group.
Furnace Vacuum Cleaning Service,
at Cost.. Is Inaugurated
A new service at cost for householders
‘ of Washington was inaugurated a few
. days ago by the coal division of the
Merchants and Manufacturers' Associa
| tion through the establishment of a
' furnace vacuum cleaning service,
i The system is designed to cut lass of
heat from household heating plants re-
I suiting from the accumulation of soot
and dust, scientific studies of which
have shown greatly reduced efficiency of
coal furnaces.
Vacuum cleaning equipment and a
truck are provided by the coal division,
and an expert is employed to remove
I these soot accumulations in furnaces at
| cost to householders. -About seven calls
I a day are being received by Edward D.
i Shaw, secretary of the association. Jo
-1 seph Murphy is head of the service de
; partment of the organization. *
| Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE, March 16— Members
of the real estate board committee on
zoning advocate the substitution of 10-
foot side-yard provisions for semi-de
: tached houses, instead of the con-
I tinuance of the present 15-foot provi
Thev sav the 15-foot provision would
end the building of semi-detached
! houses.
Zoning Commission Seeks Public Version
of Granting Stores and Shops
Residential Privileges.
Does Washington want drug and
cigar stands, cases, pressing and tailor i
shops located in its apartment houses? i
Or should apartment houses be re
stricted merely to residential use, with
out such concessions as are allowed in
commercial zone areas or in hotels.
If stores are permitted in apartments
in residential zones, should they be re
quired to have a certain percentage of
space devoted to transients, in keeping
with their semi-hotel purposes?
Would concessions allowd in apart
ments result in abuses to residential
These questions will be debated be
fore the Zoning Commission at 10 a m.
March 27 at the District Building, when
the commission will consider a proposed
amendment to the zoning code affect
ing apartment classifications. Decision
on the matter was held over from the
last zoning hearing.
Maj. Donald A. Davison, Assistant
Engineer Commissioner, having charge !
of zoning work, regards the matter of
high importance to Washington, due .to
tne increasing number of apartments ;
here and the tendency of owners to
apply for “apartment-hotel” classifica
tion, which permits some concessions
of hotel facility nature, barred from
Without voicing public opinions re
garding the above questions. Maj. Davi
son points to the importance of the
question, and suggests serious consid
eration of the matter prior to the forth
coming public hearing.
Following is a discussion bv Mai.
Davison of the entire subject, on which
he seeks public expression, holding that
1315 Iris St.
A GOOD investment, with constantly increasing values, due tn
the rapid development of high-class detached homes in this
picturesque restricted location. We offer you an opportunity to
benefit from the judicious purchase of land and quality materials
in quantity lots, plus the enviable reputation which a Breuninger
built home enjoys.
Our exhibit home contains 8 pleasant rooms, 2 large
colored tile baths and garage with the latest in modem home
appliances. Its location, on a highly elevated, terraced, SO-ft.
lot, southern exposure, makes this house one of the most at
tractive in this exclusive section.
Over 90 Homes
\°n» T st " turn lt,t ° f Sold in Shepherd Park
jCiQtforeuningerir Sons
211 Investment Rid#. Realtors Main 6140
Builders of the “ OriginaF' Breuninger Homes
r 'i
Residence of Early American Style
Masonry of
Arch-. Glenn & Bedford Brown Btdr., Prinirle A Arnold
Straub Cinder Units
This adaptable masonry material has distinct construe*
tion advantages for all types of buildings of any architec
tural style.
Permanence, fire resistance and dryness arc inherent
characteristics of STRAUB Block Masonry.
Washington Concrete
Products Corp.
S. Washington, Va. Main 8528
f m " ■
i the answer to the question seems to be
1 a matter of personal preference:
“It has become an established fact
; that a modern hotel should include
within its doors certain commercial en
| terprises for the convenience of and
service to its clientele. So apparent Is
this that it became necessary about two
years ago to grant to hotels erected in
a residential zone rertain commercial
concessions which would permit them
to compete with a hotel erected in a
first commercial zone, where commer
cial enterprises were authorized. This
concession to hotels in a residential dis
trict took the form of a resolution on
' the part of the Zoning Commission,
adopted in July. 1927, and which read
as follows:
“'The commission holds that vses
which d’stinctly pertain to or are
appropriate adjuncts to hotel uses,
such as the following: Drug stand,
including soda fountain, perfumery,
etc.: barber shop, beauty parlor,
pressing or tailoring establishment,
cigar or newsstand, souvenir stand
or restaurant, may be allowed by oc
cupancy permit in hotels in the resi
dential disrtict, provided the en
trance is entirely inside of the hotel
and no sign or display is visible from
the outside of the building, and the
commission further holds that those
uses which do not distinctly pertain
to or are not appropriate adjuncts to
hotel uses will be denied in hotels in
the residential zone.’
•Having in mind the advantages
which accrue to a hotel as a result of
‘he above concessions, many apartment
’"use owners applied for and obtained
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