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White House Lays Rumor
That Labor Secretary Is to
Quit Post Soon.
Reports that James J. Davis is shortly
to retire as Secretary of Labor to enter
the primary campaign for governor of
Pennsylvania and that Edward Filene
of Boston, wealthy merchant and
philanthropist, is slated to succeed him
were denied at the White House today.
President Hoover was represented as
having a from Secretary Davis
to remain in the cabinet until next
March. This was obtained at the time
President Hoover was making up his
cabinet last Winter and the Labor head
was invited to retain the post he had
filled under Harding and Coolidge.
Filene Supported Smith.
As for Mr. Filene being appointed to
succeed Secretary Davis, the White
House said with much emphasis that
President Hoover had never considered 1
the Boston man. and the inference was 1
strongly given that there is not the
slightest chance of such an offer being
made, as Mr. Filene is an active Demo- ;
crat and aided Gov. Smith in the last
presidential campaign.
In denying Secretary Davis’ rumored
resignation, the White House wanted it.
understood that the denial was not in
tended to cover any political aspirations
Mr. Davis may have. It was pointed out
however, that Mr. Davis has nine j
months more to serve in the cabinet, ac- j
cording to President Hoover's interpre- !
tation of the preinaugural understand- j
Davis Believed After Post.
Regardless of the White House denial
of reports that Secretary Davis is to
leave the cabinet before his year with
Mr. Hoover is out, it seems to be fairly
well established in political circles in
Washington that Mr. Davis has very
strong political ambitions and that he
is looking to Pennsylvania, the State of
his adoption, for a realization of his
hopes. It is reported that he is con
sidering the possibilities offered by the
gubernatorial race next year. In the
event he should definitely enter the race, I
it would not be necessary for him to '
leave the cabinet before his year with \
President Hoover is out. He could man- ■
age his affairs while retaining his labor j
post and next Spring could lay down the j
latter burdens and enter the fight with- j
out any hindrances.
Friends Would Not Be Surprised.
Friends of Mr. Davis said today they j
Would not be surprised to see him be- j
come an open candidate for Governor 1
of Pennsylvania very shortly. Some of j
his friends are of the opinion that
if he is not successful in his guberna
torial ambitions he might cast his
hat in the ring in the next senatorial
The White House was at a loss today
In denying reports that Mr. Filene was
being considered for the Labor post in
the cabinet to offer any explanation
as to the origin of the story.
The President still is receiving sug
gestions for the Federal Farm Board
created by the farm relief bill, which is
having such a stormy voyage in Con
gress, but which the President expects
to receive shortly in a form he will
accept. He is understood to now have
for consideration the names of more
than 150 persons from all sections of
the country to consider when the time
comes to select the nine members of
this body.
Edge Due to Be French Envoy.
For the time being, Mr. Hoover is giv
ing no consideration to the diplomatic
appointments he must make. It seems
to be very well understood that the ;
ambassadorship to France will be given ‘
to Senator Edge of New Jersey, but as
for the other major appointments in
the foreign service the President ts un
derstood to have reached no conclu
sions. It was said in his behalf today
that he has put this task aside until he
disposes of the personnel of the Federal
Farm Board.
Mr. Hoover is known to be experi
encing considerable difficulty in his
efforts to obtain the services of the type
of man he wants to succeed Gen. Lrfd
as director of the Bureau of the Budget.
The President is desirous of appointing
some one not now in the Government
Edmonston & Co.
2 H ■■—— incorporated ===== s""ttzssJ ill &rTzrrrtsi 1y i
N« Branch Store# Carl M. Bet*. Mir.
6 . Between F * G SU.
612 13th St. Weot Side
A Sacrifice Sale of Footwear
D About this time every year we find it good business to check up stock with 0
1 an idea of clearing up before replenishing stock with complete lines. Such x a n
sale starts tomorrow.
Every shoe in the house with the exception of
Physical Culture and Stacy-Adams shoes is re
! $7.85 Shoes $6.80 $12.50 Shoes $10.63 :
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Shoes for Men as
( Well as Women
and Children
: Are in the Sale s
IT '
- q
3 No Branch Stores
, rin==-,-.r=612 13th Street Bet*F
Two Plays Will Be Presented,
1 Marking End of Community
Center Activities.
The Thomson Community Center.
Twelfth and L street*, will end its ac
tivities for the Summer with a chil
dren's program, demonstrating the re
sult of the recreational instruction
given during the season, at 7:30 o’clock
tomorrow night.
Two fairy plays will be presented, with
Loretto Murphy In charge of the dances
and Helen W. Zeller in charge of the
The groups taking part in the two
plays. “Bobby’s Day Dream’’ and "The
Japanese Princess,” are as follows:
Japanese maidens—Catherine Hinkle,
Annette Burroughs, Mary Carpenter,
Elizabeth Brooks, Charlotte Voight,
Evelyn Voight, Seiko Neishlo, Amuko
Neishio, Marjorie Harrison, Eleanor
Nash, Peggy Van Druten, Margaret
Jenkins, Pauline Stafford and Elizabeth
Pirates—Edward Berry. Ernest Reid.
De Ett Johnson, Margaret Stillwagen
and Jeannett Penso.
Dolls—Arline Malone, Vivian Reid.
Marjorie Garner, Helene Dutsch, Lil
lian Frazier. Mary Wilkerson, Jewell
Stokes, Barbara Smith. Elizabeth Cassell
and Pasha Stavin.
Soldiers—Thomas Smitlt. Clifford
Corbin, Malcolm Johnson, Earl Collier
and Coleman Stone.
Poland is importing twice as many
tractors as it did a year ago.
Final Clearance —Friday
100 Seasonable Hats
Straw Hats! Felt Hats! All have been
much higher priced .and there's a good as
sort men t of colors and all are this season s
models. Just 100 left from various special
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Footwear Friday
$9 to $13.50 Sorosis and Other
Footwear Reduced to
$6-45 '
Broken sizes. . .discontinued styles.. .hut you can see
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Shop—street floor—-
75 pairs $13.50 White Kid Slippers $6.45
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75 prs. $lO Patent Leather or Dull Kid Pumps, $6.45
Step-ins style with attractive buckles.
38 pairs $lO White Linen Slippers $6.45
One-strap style with Cuban heels.
245 pairs $lO to $13.50 Patent Leather, Kidskin and
Black Satin Footwear ....$6.45
The kidskin in gray or beige, and the satin footwear
is black. m
FRIDA Y only . . . clearance starts at 9:15
Mrs. Annie E. A. Walker, D. C.
Resident for 47 Tears, Buried
in Harmony Cemetery.
Funeral services for Mrs. Annie E. A.
Walker, colored teacher and artist and
, for 47 years a resident of this city, who
died at her home, 1811 Eighth street,
• Sunday, were held at Harmony Ceme
' tery at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Walker was bom October 5,
' 1855. near Brooklyn. N. Y., and grad
-1 uated from schools there. Early in life
; she engaged in teaching, first near
Jacksonville. Fla., anl later In the town
1 of Orrville, Ala. After passing examina
’ tions before the Selma Board of Educa
! tion. Mrs. Walker was appointed a
teacher In the Burwell Academy at
| Selma, where she taught for several
years before coming to Washington.
Mrs. Walker had been a resident of
’ this city since 1882. and in the early
’ 90s took up the study of drawing and
painting under a private tutor. In 1896
she visited Europe in the pursuit of her
art studies and in that year a picture
by her. entitled “A Little Parisian,” was
1 accepted at the opening of the Paris
Salon. , , ,
She is survived by her husband,
Thomas Walker, attorney, of this city.
i $lB
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tored t*i OC 8-$59.50 and $79.50 Distinctive Ensembles Many Ensembles I
olnves In V I • *eV 7—Kasha and Basketweave Ensem- i f JL Jmd
ton brown and 1 bles— short or long coated styles / ytt, Did you ever see such values . . . printed frocks with full length wool
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a i t“e, s but 6 these 6 are‘ a fiuie 4-$69.50 to $98.50 Handsome Ensembles Frocks and Jacket Costumes
soiled $1 2 —Beautiful Tweed Suita with i Only a few' of a kind but all present rare values . . . here are a few
1$ Pairs 12 so Washable Caneskin Tuck-In Silk Blouses, 18 $59.50 * CC Q CA evening gowiw: some frocks of checked silk, and some dresses with match-
Glovea the one-cla.su stvle 2 —Kanha Coatumea, Full length t. N? ing’jackets. Beige, green, red, brown, maize and black.
brown/ beaver . . P . sizes 5 V C'oata and^ Silk Dresses, 16 ; 36, ,59.50 \ 20-545 to $59.50 All-Occasion
and 7 only! $1 4—579.50 to sllO Individual Ensembles Frocks Nr
25 Pair* sl-11.50 Washable Fabric I —Full Length Coat Ensemble with i ' %F *
Gloves, tailored or fancy cuff Tan Silk Dress, 16 $69.50 | A fascinating value group . . . lace and printed chiffon evening gowns
styles, in grey or flight tan . . . I—Beaver1 —Beaver Collared Brown Ensemble / • • • flat crepe town frocks . . . Jacket frocks with plaited skirts and
sizes & l /2, ®. 7*4 ~...75c —long coat, silk blouse, size 14 $69.50 ' wt /l ij C A clear colored blouses . . . ensembles of printed crepes with seven
ciove Shan—Street Floor I—Swagger Tweed Coat and Tan ( x}? IV •w7 \7 eighths coats. And Friday you can buy any one at $35!
Silk Dress Ensemble—l 6 $69.50 l Misses’ Dress Shop—Third Floor
I—Blue1 —Blue Saxony Cloth Ensemble in I
Neckwear Clearitfg! sl ” M Clearing Friday! 100
s—s3°Georgett« flesh $7.50 to $10.75 Handmade Undies $8.95 to $lO Silk Dresses ji
• ix o gfb p* Such a varied assortment they simply defy de-
S “ ,3 a C Gowns Dance Sets Ha J Uv scription.. .we took various odd lots and grouped £ AC
and Cuff Sets, ecru, white $1 Chemises Ste D-ins them at this one low price to effect a quick clear. *lfD
I—ss Linen Blousetto, ecru, trimmed ” * % W ance! 32 are PRINTS, mostly one of a style, one- ■ •
in green $1 J piece, two-piece, even Jacket styles, hi sizes 14
I—s 3 Tie and Handkerchief SeU of <*** fuhtoJSSMaSSfSif '’ ’ ra< *f ura sllk «. 48 are PLAIN COLORED SILK CREPES... tan, red, blue.
Crepe de Chine $t and Pf e . chi S? underthings fashioned with the greatest care and green, some smocked, some belted, some with laCe...sizes 14
1 Tmnorted French Circular ’? nl,h !S„ wl ? hand drawn work embroidered yokes, and to 40. 20 are STRIPED TUB SILK DRESSES.. strictly tailored
‘“StiSiLJ Circular meticulous little hems! You can certainly afford the loveliest ...and all have long sleeves.. .sizes 16 to 46 in this group! It’s •
Evening Shawl or Lace sls tomorrow, if you’ll take the trouble to look for your size. a remarkable opportunity
1_»16 Lace and Satiate Panel Col- Morning Frock Shop-Fourth Floor
.-il'ri* $6;95-$lO Glove Silk Che- $T.95 1 J
pA!." »V. m,ses > Rl<K,mers ' Union Su “ s Foundation Garments— Friday!
Searf * $3.95 Evefy 3 |ji r 4 S n a S •• / mnd 15—$5 Satin Corset-Brassiere Combinations—sizes 34. 38, 40, 42 and 44
I—ss Crepe de Chine Blousetto... every ga rm entis pe r fee t, but they vebeen soiled and though you .. . long and short lengths ... all have side sections of <£-f QC
trimmed with red and white ntak vUte btack em- k he Si?°7*' Bi “® elastic and four pairs of garters 1
gingham $3 34 to 44 pink, white, black, grey, peach ... only a few of a 26—88.50 Brocade Corset-Brassiere Combinations well made, with
56c $1.56 Flowers, gardenias, roses, K,na ’ OI col » rsc „ elastic side sections . . . and some have inner belts . . . sizes 36.
clusters and boutonnieres of $3 Glove Silk Vests—sl.9s 38, 40. 42 and 44
mixed flowers . . . pick them up Trimmed or tailored . . . built-up shoulder or bodice-top style . . . 18—51.50 Long and' Short Cotton Brocade Brassieres—sizes 32, CA n
tomorrow at Zsc stzes 34 to 38 . . . pink, black or peach . . . not many I 42 and 48 DUG
Neckwear Shop—Street Floor Grey Shops—Second Floor Grey Shops—Second Floor

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