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Roy Chapman Andrews’ Gobi
Desert Work Receives
Official 0. K.
By the Associated Press.
Permission for Dr. Roy Chapman
Andrews to conduct another expedition 1
Into the Gobi Desert region of China i
and for the shipment to the United j
States of the collection of fossils and '
other objects collected in his 1928 expe- I
dition will be given by the Chinese !
Dr. C. C. Wu, Chinese Minister here, |
made public yesterday the decision of
the Chinese government after the ques
tion had been discussed with him by
Secretary Stimson at the request of
President Osborne of the American
Museum of Natural History in New
York City, under whose auspices the
Andrews expeditions have been con
Permission for the new expedition
will be given by the Chinese govern
ment, Dr. Wu said, on the understand
ing that his finds will be dealt with
according to a proposed law now being
drafted for enactment in China to pre
vent indiscriminate exportation from
the country of ancient objects.
At the same time, in order to promote
scientific knowledge, the- Chinese gov
ernment has given orders that some 35
cases of fossils, collected during the
1928 expedition and which have been
held up in China, be allowed to be
shipped to New York.
The American scientists contended
the fossils did not constitute Chinese
relics, but were part of the record of
the prehistoric world and, therefore,
belonged to all people.
■ , 9 ■
Kip’s Estranged Wife Ready to
Open Divorce Action From
New York.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, June 13.—Counsel for
Alice Jones Rhinelander, daughter of a
colored cab driver, yesterday disclosed
plans for a counter-offensive against
their client’s husband, Leonard Kip
Rhinelander, who was reported prepar
ing a suit for divorce in Las Vegas,
William B. Cunningham, one of Mrs.
Rhinelander’s attorneys, said that for
more than a year he and his colleagues
have sought to serve Rhinelander with
a summons in a separation action, but
had been unable to locate him.
“It Is likely,’’ he said, "that with
fthlnelander now located we shall go
forward immediately with the sepa
ration action.”
Rinelander, a member of one of New
York’s oldest families, who started so
ciety in 1924 when his marriage became
known, was reported from Las Vegas
to have lived in Nevada since January
1. under an assumed name, and to have
virtually completed the six months’ resi
dence necessary to start a divorce ac
■' ■■■■■•
Intensive Search Being Made for
Men Who Ambushed Ala
bama Officer.
By the Associated Press.
HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 13.—The
persons who killed R. Hugh Craft,
former prohibition enforcement agent
and Madison County deputy sheriff,
from ambush as he drove from his
farm home near Ourley to Huntsville
early yesterday, have been made the
objects of an Intensive search under
way in this northeastern section of the
Craft’s body was found slumped over
the steering wheel of his car in a ;
thickly wooded section at a spot about
half way between Gurley and Hunts- |
ville, which are 17 miles apart. The \
left side of his head had been practi- ‘
cally tom away by a charge of bird- '
shot fired from a shotgun. In addition
a pistol bullet had been fired into his
forehead between the eyes at close
range. Officers expressed the opinion
that the pistol shot was fired by the
■layers In the belief that the shotgun
charge did not finish Craft.
Bloodhounds traced tracks from
Craft’s automobile, which was wrecked
against a tree trunk when its driver was
shot, to a roadway across a mountain.
The officers believed the slayers entered
an automobile, where the trail was lost.
Attorney for Dennis Saylor, Ken
tucky, Twice Objects to Jury.
PAINTSVILLE, Ky., June 13 (£>).—-
The second technical objection to a
Jury In two days yesterday caused the
postponement until October of the trial
of Dennis Saylor, charged with killing
four persons and wounding another in
a brawl In a remote section of Johnson
County several weeks ago.
Saylor apparently was the only un
wounded survivor of the fight in which
Lee Gibson, Wallace Hannah, Gibson’s
wife and his 14-year-old son were kill
ed. Wayne Hannah, brother of one of
the victims, was wounded and had been
summoned as a State’s witness.
Two panels were summoned, but Say
lor's attorneys found legal grounds by
which both were rejected by the court.
Sheet Metal
\ CAR age
New Lumber New Doors
New Sash New Metal
New Track New Hardware
» ¥ f FOiJNDAT7ON ™MW3
I nechingerOj y
MAIN OFFICE-6- & C Sts. S W.
CAMP MEIGS-5- & Fls Av*.N E. U
BRIGHTWOOO-5921 Gs Ave.N.W 1
JScV«. H .uMn QBBPRBSfew e#l3 hi. 29 Mattre*«
collars m fig — la ww cover.
1 inn 19 j® El
JHL 3Pw wmMM u «£ h ;'-sr“* b £
Strert Floor strwt FT
Outme Ho«, 2 Pm. for .1,50 Men’. Cnuin. "Z“~ Satisfaction Since 18S9 n » W—l. C..U. JLL^pV l4B^.
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vn? T»‘sr l *"» ,t M ll( I ff m m Hi $1.25 t0 52.50*
White im. coZ’to ch”on °ri $1 jfSl liw \ljff/fc|| SjTflUll 1■ I I sizes 2to 10. In linen. 71 Children’s PUy olf#l4t -|
silk hose with black, self and $1 W? ] \l\ 1 3 ® > A I broadbloth and Pe Kg! > .>■ oa(oi“a. b !Sth comSaitton W
r-OTu-k terser - -*■ I" 810-818 Seventh St. N.W. dapper st y ,e, X '“Bedenen, Sinner,
Pure thread silk, without a M ■ 1 ————* Beautiful rayon-top bed- rig
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d C _ Collar-attached and neckband I /- V am belt loops. Sizes Bto 18. DOys fit liirlS I enniS OtIOSS
L rrs. tor <4 styles. Sizes 14 to 17. No C. VM £Cg Cg rn fIJ A X 1 I W fl Rnvs’ Wash Suits 2 for Comfortable and serviceable
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of smart Summer A $1.50 Men’* Rayon I Mil iin k\ M I i n y plain and fancy patterns. $1 sizes 1 ' 00 * Dou^e soles - I
Ollk-and-Kayon Ho*e IT_;_ _ c.,;*, V Trimmed with contrasting g P ot . , n . _
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Mi**e*’s 1 Silk Hose 2 Pi* for Perfects and slight seconds rig so ft collars attached, laundered collars at- . H Boy* ?1 and aI.3U rajama* Slip-over blouses of Margot fH
_ ... , in fancy broadcloth, cotton J| tached, separate collars to match and sporty {t* ■■ 2 for 4 JS’sh3?sli*S 'to! m 2 X
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stockings In white and llaht $1 rayon frogs. AU sizes. JL Barrymore style. \\ nite, tan, Diue, green 'm H B broadcloth; in one-piece style. 42 ’ .
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c ror Jg , , I Broadcloth Madras ■ and Stlefel blue - and - white Tl ln *»- With smart clasp.
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makes of band-top union suits Y B M..’. QO- Work Shirt* 7 fnr Madra. Madras H sleeves or short pants and no g _ Deral * LOHOr* rig
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Pajama check union auita - »™, two pockata and at. W AWAXW rT.™ iniSSlh ■■ Os light-.efcht grey ma- 71 «< so r. o-n C1
with waist attachment. t| tached collar. Sizes 14*/ a X Kayon Broadcloth terial with blue pin stripe. $| yLI3 Ueorgette sllk SietTe*
Kr.TkS; 1 “ Men’. Fnncy Short., 2 for Mu\\\\\ “AB Si*ri 13‘/ 2 to 17 | g Kfft T "VA %e A B . . , fj* ,_ a
2 “‘,%. . su ,f- a„Li fa/cy hrcdc’.o.h -Sleeve Ungth., 33, 34 and 35 g| Women’. Houm Slipper. * eSSrLSffStfSSI »
Boy* sue Union onit*, 3 for Shorts; sizes 32 to 46. Also in % \ Street Floor Black kid one-strap house with shirred cuffs.
fV ,._ •Pg sUppers. with leather soles g Street Floor .
Os genuine broadcloth, rig checked nainsook. Buy them ■ and rubber heels. All sizes. X tl ?(} Tie R*rt Tiirfimn C- f
madras and nainsook, athletic <(| at a saving!
style. Sizes 26 to 34 -?■ Men’* $2 Bathing Trunk* Men’* $1.95 Golf Knicker* Muslin Underwear, 2 for Qf e**4 In “ d wWte ToUe ’ H
Street Floor A Woolen blue flannel trunks, in gray crash and tan Gowns, chemises, shorties, OLcHIUCIFCI 1 Olid VJUUUO wlth wide valance and double
perfect quality and fast color. II linene. Made with wide, buc- ,TB step-ins and bloomers in mu*- Tg ruffle. Colored rayon trim- T |
IWith belt loops and small- jI kled bottoms and belt loops. Un plain and fancy voile and jl „._ ._ . mlng.
change pocket. Waist sizes, I Ail perfect. Waist measures, broadcloth. TaUored, em- , £}? g i P , ala s e X oilet T Colgates Perfumes—Caprice, ro n_ r U__L__ *
30 to 42. X 28 to 36 X brolderv and lace trimmed X LOOO sheets to the roll. 16 La France Rose, Lily of the SI.DU DIT Harbor Set*
tl SO &S 2 White Duck Pants Sl/Aww f Jh». ft fnr , ROLLS FOR *1 Valley, Florlent and Dactylls, Large size aeat and back t|
ant * 20c Arrow Collar*, of or $1.50 Cor*elette* 50c 7 . ounce Mavis Talcum lU - i °unces. Regularly *1.50.. *1 rest, well-filled and fully but- Y|
Men’s white duck and white Arrow starched collars and v,„w ravnn ma- xaicum toned. Covered with flowered X
twin pants with belt loops, £■ semi-soft collars in many pop- £g ilMtic over tl Powder, 3 FOR *1 *1.25 Princess Pat Face Pow- Tm cretonne. °
wide legs and ankle cuffs. S| u lar styles. Sizes 14 to 17. S| J^ rial i *tl Dustine Powder and Bath der and Lemon Almond Lotion fpH Cn uII D wvj #
Also sailor style. Some per- X Limit, 6to a customer. No. X Sal “to modSftaUc Jara 2 (with small bottle free) fl\| 50c Hall Runner, 3 Yd*, for
feet, some a bit soUed. Waists Mm phone or C. O. D. orders. X belt Side-fastened, bizes a ■ y| 27-lnch felt-base hall run-
Printed organdy and sheer 28 to 42. Street Floor to 48 ’ , TJ , . 0 M * lba LovMe Face 1 ■ ner in new and popular col- t|
ITVS3?; “Si*; $1.50 &$2 Men’. Work P«u. 59c to $1 Jewelry, 2 for $1.59 and $1.98 Haodb.g. o.y crTam JS w £buSp o . n^ n “.?*« X ors 92S“iw S |
sleeveless or with short sleeves good Quality khaki and Smart costume jewelry, in- Novelty imported raffia and Night Cream 2 FOR ...$1
White or colored organdy cos- striped cotton in dark pat- jg eluding simulated pearl and £| suedine decorated envelopes «| J* .. v ’ r „ anl *l5O Houblgant’s Quelques
lars, Inserts bands ninimr<i terns. Belt loops, cuffs and $| crystal chokers, bracelets, S| » nd leather bags, in pouch fg $1.50 Melba Vanishing Cream, Fleurs Face Powder *1
and sashes ’ »PP 8- wide-cut legs, waist measures ' | earrings and brooches. and underarm styles, in the I Tissue Cream and Skin Cleans- ... ■ ■ (1 WIMnAIII gg^l
Bargain Booth 29 to 42. X Street Floor X new shapes and colors. * er ....*1 Street Floor VTIIIUUW Tl
Yontk’t 79c Union Saiu I 51.50 Full-Fashioned A I NOTIONS 1 $2 To $3 New X
Perfect Silk Hose tb FELT HATS || -s^ysysag
Meal ?f.? r , th es Exquisite siik-to-the-top chiffon siik hose dj ■■ I 'oarmsnt '' bags'l safe - pack White and Pastel Shades Nn II
Snic .hit* $1 With French heels. Also pure silk service- H I garment bags, mothproof, aet fl/ ■ ■
$1.50 DonU. Extr. Size Ct' WHITE lnd || | m’Z£SS?ESSfSFS V *‘ ,abo " d * \ II
Ravon Underwear b 6 sllades - ■ H I ors. 2 FOR * OfF-the-Face Hats ' I | Wldth attractively #1
nayon unaerwear (po AA 17 11 17 L* J o*ll II H I stamped goods models, ■ ruffled, ideal curtaina for▼!
Womens Uilored and lace- 4 IhZ.UU I*llll-fashioned bilk HOSe ■■ I hand-embroidered. Children’s Skull Capa , ■■ Summer.
trimmed rayon union suits, Jg v * * uou.vuvu *‘ wov ■}■ I dress es scarfs, towels, vanity covers H■■ CA r . « „ . *
chemises, bloomer - bottom $g All-over silk chiffon hose and garter-top I an( « B prons. $2.00 to $3.50 r . , ~ D , MME OUC Cretonne, 3 Yard* IOT
combinations, step-ins, bloom- g service-weight silk hose, with pointed heels and I va i ues Sr A risnerman Hacks / VV g|L H Yard-wide cretonne in floral
ers and French drawers. Ms square heels. Slight irregulars. I STAMPED'HOUSE DRESSES In IKw HI and modernistic patterns for 21
79c Rayon Underwear, 2 for AA . • o*ll O II I * reen ’ blU . e an « J^o gerlne $1 Fme Fc h H W S J? \ HIM making coolie coats, draperies, v|
Beautiful new lace-trimmed $2.00 OIItSIZC Silk HOS 6 H\M I w °d6llS ' with ,atest VOR,,c ’ Modrls || bedspreads and scarfs. X
raises ta at*p ! -hu Bt and Drincess A celebrated make of service chiffon full- l| I plaster paris hands, lifelike heads for ever >' type ana y#‘l/ l| Floortex, 2 Sooare Yard* for
slips fashioned silk hose with pointed heels. Popular I and blonde, brunette and white taste. 1 \ HE Perfect mialtor rrrfnfntrmi **
Floor X Summer colors. Slight irregulars. J■■ I V> rANCT gHOrmNO' BAsl Cl Stree! F1«» I \* ■">> Floortex,’ *
D.„ ) p.„, ff . Street Floor I FANCY SHOPPING bas Street - loor { fe durable floor covering. Please tl
Boy* Laps, 2 for *j4| I KETS, $126t0 $1.95 values.. bring room measurement*. 'I
to SI.OO golf caps, In £g Street Floor Third Floor JL
styles sizes 6vi to ß 6y« q popu- X Children’* Umbrella* King’* Palace Special sl-98 Wadi Frocks
lar colors and patterns. >I.UB to >3.38 Lhlldren S C ravanette Fruit of the $1.50 OIxSS deMMCM Bandeaux and Bandette*. 2 for 69c ranty Broadcloth frocks to prints
mer patterns in all colors. X ity straw* and frU Summer Lampshade* M profit by the op- (> ■ ri p ; o - drSi LnYatteS- Girls’ regulation ifyle mid- ?l
7Caa pi n : n Vrtiln C Y«I« f n » fancy braids. Plain 2KH ** ?l pertunity to buy \g Baby rIIIOWS, Z for M tive straißhtline dies of white jean with tie
Zsc Plain Voile, 5 Yd*, for and two-tone col- T■ fS these extra large, Soft, dainty pillows covered $1 Styles in dimit y(f H Blash - Sizes Bto 20. X
Exquisite quality chiffon ri| o w . I ffor lamps, bridge floor X sheets'for so I flltod KaSik* “ d X
voUe, 39 inches wide. Black, $1 -treamers and JL lamps and table lamps. H h eavV( ro ” n ' d : J. Cl Rlanlre*. pipings and em-’ Sizes 6t0!4 in sleeveless
white and all colors. JL ordera Lamp Stand* jl thread quality, #I.ZS Lamping blanket* M broidery stitching. H dresses of cotton prints, trim- «V
CQa. Fnnlarrl Print* 7 YJ. (nr All sales final Twisted metal lamp stands, S| hand torn and ironed. In- 66x80 camping blanket in $| Slzm 2 and 3 years. gJBm med with white organdy, pip- f|
59c f oulard fnnt*, 3 Yd*, for All SaleS noor in the modem manner, base f | termed,ates. Street Root gray and ton with fancy ’J Second Floor tagß and wtßi I
Beautiful, lustrous quality decorated in gold color. X borders and stitched ends. JL #«rnn . «
in cotton foulard print* that oecoraiea m k 1 $1.50 Broadcloth Geeoer*
n^nivrrECONOMY—a I wute @a!
’Sad Dresses I WfCC CFrTUIN ftSK! J
jrxisrssi 4*0 t0*52 SO-95 IU llm O’ILV II i s«„ „ sa “t ‘ m °T ta ' A i
j new and charming patterns x for The Wonder Department on the First rioor /I : 3 for m
35c Pillowcases, 4 for M Larger Women I w Gowns, kimonos and ger- ;<[/
42x36 and 45x36 pillow- J . ~ ... - *« « « T Larger Women trudes of fleecy white flannel- T g
cases of excellent quality, the ▼! Charming fashions with long d* C QC f 1 L !m/v ’ KA«aiiflflll lVlAwar For Summer lod ß e gatherings ette trimmed with shell edge. X
strong, round-thread kind X sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. DCtUUIIUI lICW and social affairs. Styles of dls- tl ftfl Butterfly Skirt* 2 fnr
! that wears so well. Black and navy grounds with * tlnction In long-sleeve dresses that DutlCniy OKllu, L lOr
r >ll c , fast-color, permanent white dots. ' rival much higher priced frocks in Os brightly-rolored plaids,
Bedspread oet* M Stvlrs in hide nroandv vestecS /I •11 f\ fl •H IT\ fabrics, appearance and workman- circular cut and pleated onto !■
80x105 bedspread sets, tl i ic f ron ts, ruffled fronts,' box X| I ■V’ I IHAAAAA \l||/ I IfAAA AA n^fato^vaUiM 6 than whlto muslin bodies. Sizes* $1
Pleats and rows of faggoting. 01 IK 1/ICSSCS 01 IK I/ICSSCS goffered no greater values than to 14. X
38c Printed Organdy £*) A andEnSembleS A Q Garden of Ro*e* Print* (b J Q£ A browfiJd^SnJSk fi
Sheer, crisp, 'transparent tl lia. Ifi m f |W a a V j • *l/ Fine Flat Crepe* Jp *Vt)
Swiss weave in gorgeous floral i New Flat Crepe Dresses Shimmering Celanese M I sizes is, 16 and 17.
patterns. The favorite for X i r»nr«r»H. IWatiAa . M ■ 69c Porto Rican Gown*, 2 for
Summer frocks # # /Mwßml N Georgette Ure**e* m Crepe de Chue # ■ ■ /\ r-JlsSSia Sheer nainsook gowns to
3 { c un, 7’ 4 Yd *‘ { I X IwM jr /JTvWI New Crepe de Chine Dre,,e * A W Soft Washable Silks $1 ‘
tional quality, showing new |l eW C anton re P e UreSSe* Georgette Crepe JBm Booth*) 16 *"* X
cotors ttraCtlVe pattems 0f X Just 100 of these exquisite dresses, and ensembles, all in Wonderful variety as well as wonderful values! 38c English Broadcloth
tl id frana da Chine yTwA WnA I /HPW? e , W - »" d J asc ' nat, "K S « m,n " ( a! ? ,on * and a, ‘ of qual ' t , y And every size from 14 to 20, 36 to 42. 44 to 50. Every / JMS 4 Yd». f#T
>l.jy Lrepe de tnine, lard « f/mm fab r ,c *- draped, ruffled, tieredand coatensemble WO man will find a lonely frock to her Kking in this un- O HI White, plain colors and <4
39-lnch sUk crepe de chine, M JglMt styles with long sleeves. AI L SIZES 14 to 40 These usua , co n ection of dashing midsummer fashions. All fIgHA figured novelties to this au- I
firm, serviceable box-loom tE youthful styles will he eagerly bought be here for your colors—a world of prints. tH mlscK perior grade of broadcloth, *|
quality in black, street and iTfT jM p J;’ selection. &J&} Mpl frocks. X
50c'to h 7st Turkish ToweiT \ / 77/ Organdy and Checked Rayon Dresses New Summer Dresses Tfl Tl Co.him« suJi, 2 ;.r
_ . , 0F 1, .. Jl i/ 1/ Dainty new sleeveless dresses of plain and a off Glorianna Checks and Ravon Taffeta CQ A \ U inch^hem tl- I
I AJ I/ / flowered organdy, madewith slips. Also the SJ, 3 £ Jesses at the lowest price ever’advertised J . j)\ \ T?tamed with I
towels in white, plain color. J fl J U popular checked rayon dresses, in chic Sum- m Washington. Sleeveless styles with Xl IT it !«». tucks and hemstitching. X I
and fancy border stylea 9 /j 9 mer ‘ty l **- S,zes t 0 organdy or lace collars. All sizes 14 to 20 _ - e _ Sizes 36 to 44. White and colon. , I
{ Street Floor |r * Street Floor • in jaunty, youthful fashions. 4 lor $3 Second Floor
11 ■■ - . "—r ' . ■* -r-» m
to; -fcTENTNfi KTA"R, T>. C., THTTRSBAY .TCTN'E 13, 3929.

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