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Louis of Bourbon Thinks
American’s Settlement
Is Too Small.
By the Associated Press.
PARIS, June 13.—Prince Louis of
Bourtwn, wandering cousin of King Al
fonso of Spain, has changed his mind
about marrying Mrs. Mabclle Gilman
Corey, who had agreed to provide him
with a home and SI,COO a month for
pocket money.
Prince Louis decided-he would like to j
have a better allowance. He wrote to a
friend in Paris, who received the letter
Mrs. Corey has not heard from him
In nearly two weeks, since the time orig
inally set for the wedding, but she said
yesterday afternoon that the engage
ment had not been broken, though the
wedding had been postponed until Au
She blamed the postponement on the
weather, saying it was too hot in the
Summer at San Remo, Italy, where
Prince Louis is now staying, for the
Infanta Eulalie, mother of the prince,
to attend the ceremony. The Infanta
Eulalie is an aunt of King Alfonso and
looks far younger than her 64 years.
The Infanta Eulalie told the Asso
ciated Press that the wedding had been
'•indefinitely postponed” and indicated
her doubts that it would ever take
place. She said nothing about the
weather, except that she had returned
to Paris recently from Spain because
it had become too warm down there.
Mrs. Corey has known the erratic
prince 20 years. One of the prince’s
relatives said she declared she wished
to marry the prince "in order to save
"But now it seems that Louis doesn’t
care for redemption,” this relative re
marked, adding that the prince had
written that he was “through with this
Hurrying between parked automobiles
near the Fourteenth street entrance to
the Willard Hotel. Pennsylvania avenue
and Fourteenth street, in an effort to
board a southbound street car, about
9 .30 yesterday morning, to take him to
•The Department of Agriculture, where he
is employed, John Roberts, 53 years old,
of 1343 Oak street, was struck by a mo
tor truck and seriously injured.
The accident occurred a short dis
tance north of the cross-walk. Elmer
C. Durkin, colored, of 704 Q street,
was driver of the truck, property of
the Chevy Chase Dairy Co.. 3206 N
street. Roberts, according to the police,
appeared in front of the moving south
bound truck so suddenly that the driver
was unable to avoid the accident.
Policeman J. L. Rinker of the first
precinct took the injured man, who was
in a dazed condition, to Emergency
Hospital, where he was treated by Dr.
I. Rutkoski for concussion of the brain
and possible fracture of the skull.
Federals Occupy Coalcoman.
MEXICO CITY, June 13 (A 3).—Dis
patches from Michoacan today said
Gen. Lazaro Cardenas, with 7,000 fed
eral troops, had occupied Coalcoman,
Michoacan, without fighting. No de
tails were given, but yesterday rebels
holding the city were said to be in
trenching themselves to defend it.
Student Who. Worked
Way Is Picked as
College President
By the Associated Press.
' Robert G. Sproul, who worked his
way through the University of
California to graduate with the
class of 1913, has been named
president of the Institution.
Sproul, who has been controller
and vice president of the univer
sity since 1920, will assume the
presidency when the resignation
of Dr. W. W. Campbell becomes
effective June 1, 1930. He is 38-
years old and a favorite with
faculty and students as well.
As a boy he sold newspapers in
San Francisco. After graduation
from California he was employed
as an efficiency expert by the city
of Oakland, a position he held
until 1915, when he became
cashier at the university.
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i I buy such coffee I
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l|| bringing of oven-fresh coffee to your home. The 111
i ll' famous Boscui vacuum It
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| deep rich satisfying
1 fresh strength- -flavor IVAVliptf H J
r • aroma locked in . Jj* jf \
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Icebergs Endanger
Shipping Off Coast
In North Atlantic
U. S. Patrol Has Busy Sea- ]
son; Mariners Veer I \
to South.
By the Associated Press. * 1
HALIFAX. Nova Scotia, June 13. —
United States Ice patrol boats have
charted more Icebergs in the North At
lantic this year than have been observed
any year since 1912, when the Titanic
was sunk.
The Coast Guard cutter Modoc, last
of the two ice patrol boats to be re
lieved, reported several hundred Icebergs
In latitudes 46 end 47, south of New
foundland. and a number as far south
as latitude 42.
The ore steamer Seirstab was in port
at St. Johns. Newfoundland, today when
she was forced to put In after being
seriously damaged In a collision with
an iceberg off Cape Spear Saturday.
One of several schooners caught In
the Ice jam off the north coast of New
foundland freed Itself and reached port.
The schooner Lady Parsons has not
been heard from since It landed four
men at Belle Island.
Many ships have taken courses far
south of their usual routes after being
warned by the Ice patrol boats.
Anti-Jewish Demonstration Flares
Up in Warsaw.
WARSAW, Poland. June 13 OP).—Stu
dents at the University of Lwow (for
merly Lemberg), who participated in
anti-Jew;sh riots early this month, re
turned to their studies yesterday on the
appeal of the bishops of Lwow and
quiet has been restored.
More than a score of students were
arrested in Lwow and Puznan.
The Lwow riots grew out of what the
students declared were Jewish Insults
to a Corpus Chrlstl procession.
1110 G EST. 1879
Always light, flaky pies
result when the crusts
are made with
Easy to make
Add water and bake
Buy FLAKO at your grocer’s
(l/ 1
HOLLYWOOD! Calif., June 13.—T0 sure the success of her Chinese role in
you it’s an evening s entertainment —
I'm talking of the movies.
To the people who make them It’s
often a very serious thing. To those
who publicize them it’s sheer tragedy.
And if we are to credit the tale now
current in Hollywood among our very
best exaggerating circles, a girl will go
to no end of trouble to put a role over
in the de luxe manner.
Movleland credits Estelle Taylor with
the anguish of a facial operation to In
sss /?2|Nevßack Ante Peas/
i Milpiiu s*» cet < - > r^ >x I
I. JRIL IT jm VI Our first carload of Early June Peas has just been received. We are offering If
w. (wS) (H JM lV them this week-end at the new low price of 3 cans for 28c. f f
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\\ ing hot or cold in summer salads. ml
\\ They have a delicious tenderness that you will love. a S
\\ Castle Haven .//
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£*“ ne yJcAwZjtj/l
Our Newest Combination E 11
Grocery-Meat-Produce Market # i* National Biscuit Co. 1
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Corner of Florida Avenue and Orren St. 1
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Waldorf Paper, 1 Dromedary Grape Fruit : Cari 2Sc I Lord Calvert Coffee.
Scott Tissue.. 3 RoUs 28c 1— — I Borden’s Milk.. .Can 10c
2in f White Shoe Polish, c I Encore Brandi White House I Fleischmann’s
Palmolive \ Macaroni Evap. Milk /
1 Spaghetti and Noodles j Rich and Creamy I j
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m /
_ S (.
a Lon Chaney picture, just completed.
Estelle, it seemed, didn’t want the taped
eyes affected by other Hollywooden
ladles When an Oriental ”016 Is essayed.
She wanted the real thing.
So she hied her to the surgeon who
put a nose on Jack Dempsey and had a
tuck taken in either side of her head —
a nice bias tuck which held her eyes
aslant for the duration of the picture.
And after? Estelle just hied her back
again and had herself untucked. At
least that is the tale they’re telling in a
village noted for its verfccity.
Village speakeasies are becoming a
thing of the past. You have to shout
loudly to get your licker now. The
local polizei just up and at ’em with a
vengeance. As a result one little white
i washed bit of Spanish architecture near
l. Lasky’s studio has a large “For Rent”
1 sign on it.
i Titles to comics will have less aban
. don perhaps because of this. For some
of the best side-splitters were scribbled
j on the cuff during an informal and
i slightly vinous luncheon at this iolly
- little blind pig.
s One title writer returned to his
cubicle at 3 of the afternoon to find his
i supervisor waiting for him. Even a
t columnist would have had wit enough
i to that the supervisor was a bit
seedy in temper.
i “Are you getting SBOO a week to
t bum I ?*’ the supervisor asked, n trace of
| bitterness behind his carefully acquired
. British accent. ,
r “Certainly not!” said the titler with
’ a grandiloquent manner. “Never worked
so hard nzailife!”
“And the results?” It was obvious
‘ the supervisor was fast losing both
I accent and temper.
I “Out there." And the titler sagged
r into his wicker lounging chair and pro
ceeded to light a cigarette,
s The supervisor flung open the door
> of the stenographer's room to find that
i lady bent over a much-scribbled table
l cloth from the nearby bootleggery.
Many a Hollywood title comes out In
the wash. ,
“Anna Christie,” with Greta Garbo
playing the leading role in talk, should
be interesting. This is an intelligent
compromise on the perplexing Garbo
situation. The star is working on her
English overtime. Had Garbo mingled
more with local society she would be
farther ahead by this time. But she
has been one of the village hermits
since the day of her arrival from
When talk arrived one of the biggest
box office bets in Cinemaland was
threatened with extinction. This role
should meet the needs of Garbo per- I
fectly and at the same time give the
public Eugene O’Neill at his best. <
Every one Is looking for A1 Jolson,
who slipped away from the main street
haunts hera a few days ago and sur
rounded his whereabouts with complete
mystery. Some say he's visiting Ruby
Keeler In New York; others that he's
having some new songs published. One
old meanle even suggested a little light
face lifting.
Or possibly all three. A1 Is versatile.
(Copyright. 1929. by North American
Newspaper Alliance.)
Six Killed by Lightning.
BELGRADE, Jugoslavia, June 13 (A 1 ).
—Six persons who sought shelter under
a tree from a violent thunderstorm at
I Zajetchar were killed by lightning yes-
I terday. A number of others were
* stunned.

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