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. (Continued From Eighteenth Page.)_
'* % '
Mrs. Cornelius J. Cusack. Mr. and Mrs.
James J. Conlon, Mrs. John P. Holli
han, K. JVt- »•: Mrs. John O'Day, Mi&s
O’Day, Mrs. Thomas McGrath, Capt.
Maurice J. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. R. F.
Downing and Miss Rena Downing.
Mrs. Ralph W~Richards of Pitts
burgh is the guest of Muss Audrey
James at the Potomac Park Apart
ments. Mrs. Richards- is the daughter
of former Representative Benjamin K.
Ftacht, who was in Congress for 16 years.
During part of his teTm Mr. Focht serv
ed on the District committee.
Miss Martha King, daughter of Capt.
and Mrs. Ernest J. King, arrived on
Monday'to visit Muss Alice Hill at her
home, at the naval magazine, Bellevue.
Miss JCing will also visit Miss Mary
Tyler Heiner at Quantico and Miss
Anne Tardy at. Annapolis before ' re
turning to her home at the naval base,
Newport. Miss Hill is entertaining at
bridge for her guest this afternoon.
Miss Mildred Blaine Clarke, daughter
Os Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lynn Clarke,
left Washington yesterday for Ward
Belmont School, in Tennessee.
Maj. apd Mrs. Paul Paschel will be
the guests in whose honor the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood P. Morey
will entertain at a dinner tonight at
the Opening of the gold room at the
Wardman Park Hotel.
Mrs. Anna R. Burke and her daugh
ters, Nancv and Florita Burke, of Vent
nor. N. J., are guests at the Mayflower.
The Misses Burke will attend George
town Visitation Convent this year.. Miss
Florence M. Rambo of Norristown. N. J..
is also with them here and will return
to New Jersey tomorrow with Mrs.
The former Assistant Secretary of
War, Mr. Lindley M. Garrison, has re
turned to New York after passing the
Summer at Sea Bright, N. J.
Mrs. H. C. Davison entertained a party
of six at. dinner last evening at the
Terrace Sans Souci at the Carlton
Mrs. L. S. Tilton and Miss Emily
Tilton are at. their home on Kalorama
road after passing the Summer in Penn
sylvania. Miss Patricia Tilton has
joined her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Fletcher Tilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mengel of St.
Paul, Minn., who have been the house
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moore at
their home in Riggs place, have re
turned to Minnesota, stopping en route
for short visits at Omaha and Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. JaJcob Zarin ai«*
Miss E. Gretchen Simons of 3901
Connecticut avenue, who have been at
Atlantic City for some time, are guests
Os the Hotel Strand.
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Webster Prentiss
have returned to their Washington home
l^wlw/i»wm <» Wmm 'M 7
■y„ * -,.
TO weekly wasK to clutter up the house
and make mother wean-. No frowns for
A- Johnny and Mary because she’s tired
I • and easily annoyed. Now Monday is Mother’s
AEL IRONEjD holiday. Manhattan saves her from work and
t-he ™« “Economy” worry and saves her money by saving the clothes!
A service: Machine-ironed. Flat
work ready for use. Men’s shirts
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rough DRY: fu. picc« .ii swishing of pure Palm Oil suds, then many rinsings in
irong; 75c minimnm tandte. Only hot> soft water carry all the dirt away.
ICES: According to degree of
niceties required. Ask our phone Manhattan’s 3-Day collection and delivery service does
operators for details. . J * *
also these other serv.- ' not cost a penny extra. Clothes collected Monday are delivered
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■ 11 11 ■’ -- '■ ■' ---• Z-L-Jl
after spending the Summer months at
Fair Haven on Chesapeake Bay.
Mr. Abner B. Drury will entertain a
party of six at supper this evening, when
GuyTrfimbardo and his Royal Canadian
Orchestra open the gold room at. the
Wardman Park Hotel for the season.
Others who will be hosts at dinner will
, be Mr. Oscar A. Thorup, Midshipman
Charles Keene, jr.; Mr. H. W. Van Dyke,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garrett Miss Vir
ginia Forward. Mr. Frank Kelly, Mr.-.
Elizabeth Northrup. Mr. and Mrs. can
Mueller, Mr. W. L. Bouve and Mr. Fred
S. Smith.
Famous Nurse of Peking
Guest In Washington.
Miss Mary H. E. Shih of Peiping.
China, is at the Dodge Hotel for a brief
visit. Miss Shih attended the Interna
tional Council of Nurses at Montreal in
July and has since been observing pub
lic health methods in Chicago and va
rious Southern cities. From Washing
ton she will go to New York for several
weeks to study health problems there.
Miss Shih, who came byway of Russia
and Europe, will sail from San Fran
cisco the middle of November, thus en
circling the globe. .
Judge H. A. Garwood and Mrs. Gar
wood of Houston, Tex., are at the Wil
lard for a few days. They are on a
motor tour and have spent some time
at White Sulphur Springs before coming
to Washington.
Maj. and Mrs. Oliver P. Newman
have returned to Washington from New
York and are again in residence at the
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moore have had
as their house guests over the week end
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dailey and their
daughter, Miss Ann Dailey of Waynes
boro, Va., and Mrs. Henry Ashby Brown
and her daughter. Miss Charlotte
Brown, so Remington, Va,
Mrs. Phyllis Moore Lamar has re
turned home after spending some time
at the Traymore Hotel iu Atlantic City.
Mrs. George A. Heywood of Arden,
N. C„ is in Washington at the May
flower on her way to Boston for a short
visit. Mrs. Heywood has made her home
at the Mayflower for several seasons
and will reopen her apartment in the
hotel the middle of November.
Mss Mary McGregor, who has been
in Atlantic City for a month, will re
turn to Upper Marlboro. Md„ Saturday.
Miss Rebecca McGregor, 501 Second
street northeast, will motor back from
Atlantic City to New York before re
turning to Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Heaton are
at the Chalfonte-Haddon Mall, Atlantic
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Beasley of Albany.
West Australia, have been at the Dodge
Hotel for several days.
Mrs. J. Hall Dow. New York, has re
turned to Washington and is at Hotel
Grafton, where she expects to remain
for the Winter.
Miss K. Weaver has returned to the
tht: ‘ev'exing star, Washington, b. c.. Tuesday. September it, 1929.
city and is occupying her suite at the
Hotel Grafton.
Mrs. E. C. Bittenbender had among
her guests recently Mrs. R. C. Me Kim
mie and her young daughter, Betty of
Lyon Village, Va.
—•- ■
Policeman Who Fired Shots at
Tires of Fleeing Car Held on.
- Technical Charge.
By the Associated Press.
MIAMI, Fla., September 17.—A
coroner’s jury yesterday found that
1 Bernard E. Davis of Hialeah, killed
Saturday night by a policeman’s bullet
as he and a companion fled from a
pursuing police automobile after leav
ing a suspected bootlegging place, came
to his death accidentally.
W. D. Halloway, policeman who tes
tified he fired two shots at the tires of
the automobile occupied by Davis and
Edward M. Walker, was released in
charge of Police Chief Guy C. Reeve on
a technical charge of manslaughter. He
will be given preliminary hearing
1 Thursday.
The shooting occurred after a chase
from Miami to Hialeah. Walker testi
fied the officers did not identify them
; selves when they ordered him and Davis
to halt or before the shots were fired.
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Toilet Goods—Street Floor
Mob Is Charged With Disabling
Car and Releasing Two
Arrested Men.
By the Associated Pres*.
OWENSBORO, Ky., September 17.
Twelve men and two women accused of
participation in a mob attack Sunday
on a prohibition agent and two under
cover men were brought here last night
from Central City and held under bonds
of from SSOO to $5,000 for a hearing
The crowd released two prisoners the
three had arrested, disabled the engine
of their motor car and slashed the tires,
Joseph Philipps, Louisville, assistant
prohibition administrator, was told in a
The attack occurred at the Hollywood
Roadhouse, 2 miles from Central
City, a coal mining town.
The prohibition agent. Pat Sullivan,
Louisville, was cut on the head with
a bottle, and he and his two assistants,
John Dalpher, Owensboro, and John
Brown, Reynolds Station, were beaten,
they reported.
-■ ■ •
Forty-four American aircraft were
imported Into Canada in the first six
months of this year.
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