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digestion safely anil surly. It nlka- I
lines, balancrit excess #<•:>!*, keejis I
the whole system sweet a" I il’aii.
' ACIOINT, is the only perfect modern t
anti-aciil anil is a meat and starch di- j
geataut and cnrininatjve beyond com- I
pare. A really perfect medicine for I
mother, fatiirr, children rnd babies. I
Money bark guarantee. At all dnigg'St*. g
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and Vacant Houses With
923 N. Y. Ave. 1237 Wis. Ave.
District 5027 Wert 0002
922 14th St. N.W.
Established 1889
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Soles, or J
Composition **
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O’Sullivan KM
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Nothing moves in the
Gas Refrigerator
OUT in the depths of the jungle a great S ftk ' ' " **
tree, old and tired, crashes to earth. H Food Kept
Scientists say that, the era«h makes no Bp BelotC 50
noise—that sound does not exist unless Bllfl Degrees ■■■
some human being is there to hear. SBIlflR Keen* m* YXhk
Maybe that is the silence of nature. HHH Fresh I
A dozen human beings can press their Longer! ■ flßEpji WiM§iMm
ears against an Electrolux refrigerator 9 *
and never hear a hum .. . never hear a vjf WK& .
whirr .. . never hear a tick-tick. Why? HBr #
Electrolux has nothing to hum, whirr, or Wm&m S' >
tick. There's no machinery in this most TOT AT t f
modern of refrigerators. Nothing hut \ f§l|»iß*Bß| \
a silent gas flame. COST OF OPERATION ’ jpjß9lp!9BpP j
And that is the silence of Electrolux. t> to cents l . THKBflrjjtijLfaJ f *
Discovered hv scientists at the Royal m day around Washington tßSifJy
University of Technology, Stockholm,
Sweden, in 1922, the unique principle of Oas and water are not only
relatively cheap, but the '*
M . M - ■ Electrolux u»e» only a tiny , w , . w ," oJ tMu , A
R L ifnwrrSß gas flame and a small tjlian* tiny flame at'the bottom, dry frosty cold at the top. Not
Hr jjaflif ifflaPPPHil If tity of Water. That i§ why • single waring part. Nothing to nerd oil, get out of
MmfyMKafcA W& . ’ .. ~. order, or wear out. Completely ami permanently silent.
ip "Bj the cost is ritlicu
-11 terms that you are now offered, new
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WU&B rgmMp f ' H opportunity to own an Electrolux.
H [JtJ| U ”a tinv At the display rooms listed below you
Ilk Wm I K a " fla,n f a " ,, a «"«! 1 T'"» r '«y of water ’ The Tom biimTion^Elect’rohlx
a freezing hquhi heat C actniiljy Range, the KitcheneUe^model
m _ The Gas Refrigerator goes on, day after completely installed in your home. Pur.
BKL. day, month after month, without atten- chase terms are extremely liberal. Each
tion. It has no moving parts. Consequent- model is furnished in new color combi
. . , _ . , _ -* ly tfiprp in no friction nlft l tin w#*jir Tn nations thst add a distinct ton© to modern
i'il tkt f«C, Electrolux h». pa,«-d exhaustive Wtchcn decoration Write for complete
faepjthingsunderconatant.steadycold.'nilhoutasomd. laboratory tests which indicate that it illustrated inlormation today.
should last a lifetime—-
the Electrolux has had seven years of that nothing about it .
practical test. Furthermore, this re- should ever need re- Electrolux is standard equipment
frigerator has been examined by en- placement except, possi- *" B hundreds of fine ajmrtments like
gineering laboratories, women's institutes, bly, the tiny gas burner f*® 1 !, a * kfU at
official boards and bureaus, and hundreds after years of use. 7 JP* r h Tr n \pT : , 1
of big public utilities in this country. Today there are thou- i absolute quietness, fUSm fmm
•In each case the result was complete sands of Electrolux re- trouble, and needs no servicing
and enthusiastic approval of Electrolux. frigerators operating or attention.
The Electrolux has no moving parts. perfectly. And as a re-
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I ■■ 11
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Trip Is Dependent Upon Ad
journment of Congress
Late in Month.
By the Associated Press.
.President Hoover is preparing to make
one four-day trip into the Middle West |
next month and may follow it shortly ;
afterward, if the congressional situa
tion permits, with a visit to Texas.
His Middle Western trip, as tenta
tively arranged, will take him to De
troit. Cincinnati and Louisville. Leav- j
ing Washington October 20, he plans i
to ari'i e at Detroit in time to attend j
! the dedication of the Edison Labara
tory at the nearby Ford plant the next
day. and then go to Cincinnati for the
opening of the new Ohio River water
way project October 22.
After the Cincinnati celebration his
tentative itinerary calls for a trip aboard
a river steamer through a number of
the new Ohio River locks to Louisville.
IP* would speak in all three cities,
UY* address at Louisville being made
aboard the steamer upon its arrival
and broadcast over a Nation-wide
Plans for the Texas trip have not
1 reached a definite point, being depend
ent upon adjournment of Congress late
In October or early in November. The
President is still hopeful, however, that j
he will be able to attend the Gadsden
Purchase celebration at El Paso and ,
visit Dalits, Houston and several other
cities in Texas.
By the Associated Press.
LAKE GEORGE. N. Y.. September
17. —A midnight swim near here Sunday
night ended fatally for Charles Blakes
lee Law, 57. former member of Con
gress .and for 10 years a municipal
judge In Brooklyn. He suffered a heart
attack after entering the water near
his Summer home at Kattskill Bay, a
coroner’s inquest revealed. The body
was found yesterday morning.
He served in Congress from 1905 to
“Flapper” on Grill I
MSB txp 'i ■ v
wHC ...
Aged 23, who is making a fight to re
tain her position as principal of a coun
ty high school near Knoxville, Trim.,
after being accused by parents of lier
pupils of being a product of “a young,
reckless, thoughtless, don’t-care, flap
per age. thinking of everything except
the serious side of life."
—Wide World Photo.
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I ment.
Lieut. Col. Harry E. Gladman
Asks Court to Go Over
Ruling of Justice.
Another effort was started today to
ask the District Supreme Court to re
view the action of the War Department
and the. National Guard of tilt Dis
trict of Columbia in honorably dis
charging from service Lieut. Col. Harry
E. Gladman, when H. Wiuship Wheat- |
ley, counsel for .the officer, filed a mo- j
tlou for leave to file an amended pe- ,
Accompanying the motion was a copy j
of the new petition, which shows, in I
effect, that Col. Gladman. during the j
Summer; liad asked the War Depart-,
ment for a hearing in his case, which !
has been denied. This forms the basis;
of the new move, and was taken as a j
result of the ruling of Justice Stafford
in his opinion given some months ago,
that “due process" would seem l« re
l quire that Col. Gladman b? given a
hearing. The motion also contains a
note to Leo A. Rover. United States at
torney forjlie District of Columbia, in
* -
Strongly made. £ | 4 r
Mahogany finish
Peter Grogan 4c Son* Co.
817-823 Seventh St.N.W
furnishers Since 1866 j
Imi I
forming him that the motion will be
called to the attention of the court to
morrow morning at 10 o’clock.
This step Is the result of the action
of Justice Stafford last Spring, at the
suggestion of Attorney Wheatley, that
he withhold the docketing of the judg
ment In the case until Col. Gladman
could apply for a formal hearing. The
petitiou shows that formal request for
Wring was made on July 1, last, and
that It was refused on the ground that
“the usual hearing” had been accorded
Col. Gladman.
The petition then points out that a
hearing was held before Lieut. Col.
Thorne Strayer of the inspector gen
eral’s department and that certain
statements were taken from the officers
of file local Guard and the Regular
Army, but points out that It was held
in the absence of Col. Gladman, who
was not allowed to be present, was not
given the opportunity to cross examine
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and priced at a figure to insure real
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,jJ L ■
witnesses on be represented by counsel.
It is also 'charged in the petition that
at the time of the so-called hearing
Col. Gladman was confronted with cer
tain alleged efficiency reports for several
years, and that this was the first time
that he had seen them, although, it is
alleged in the petition, War Depart
ment instructions require that officers
be informed by their commanding offi
cers of any deficiencies at the time
they are noted.
The petition quotes the laws laying
down a procedurue for the separation
of National Guard officers from the
service, and alleges that they have not
been complied with. It says that Col.
Gladman's qualifications for the mili
tary service are not less than they were
at the time his commission was issued
to him.
After referring to the exparte pro
ceedings before Col. Blrayer, the yeti
tlon says that “In no other manner and
at no other time ha* there been any
attempt to comply even colorably with
the law with relation to the commi*-
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in i 1 INCORPORATED sssssss
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m CARL M. BETZ, Mgr. r
| 612 13th Street Be Llf‘fcsu, |
along of officers of the National Ouard
of the District of Columbia or to the I
vacation of the plalntiff'e commission 1
as required by said Army regulations.”

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