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To that small but discriminating group who are interested
in the finer things of life, we present the new Screen-Grid
pveready Radio
...a new radio-receiver and a new ideal
mmSr jA ® i
To the MAN who loves the sing of a golf-ball when the oratory of the salesman is forgotten;' V II
in full flight... to the woman who drives her when, five or ten years from now, you will still At
own sport-coup£ ... to that portion of the pub- be enjoying fine, clear, natural reception ' r^ \
lie, in short, that has the time, the money, and through the Eveready receiver you buy today. *l%
the inclination to enjoy the better things of From the winding of a coil to the tightening * BBBllllSBk/a
contemporary life, we present something new of a tiny nut, Eveready precision obtains all ni| lH!T. 1 *1 Jin light
and refreshing. along the line. Even the cabinets—those truly * S?^^sarr*BEf** *
Only such a restricted group, we feel, will beautiful pieces of furniture that are a.delight > Bfi
appreciate in full the Eveready policy of “not to bve with, day after day—even the cabinets
how many, but how well**...the Eveready ideal designed to serve the sound-reproducing in at room-filling volume. Clear... full-voiced volume—with nothing added, nothing taken
of superb craftsmanship that builds for perma- qualities of the receiver. ... faithful to the original tone as it enters the away. It is actually “a ticket to the micro
nence, for lasting satisfaction over a period of For instance, our research-laboratories, with microphone, miles away. . phone” ... it takes you to wherever the broad
years, for a definite return in happiness on the the facilities and experience of the great elec- ,p .. . . . . . casting originates, as though by private wire.
money you invest ip this medium of home- trical and scientific organization that sponsors Ut * or “ ears °* servtc s . And the price is no higher than you are asked
entertainment. them, have found away to make radio weather- If improvements are developed and found to pay for the ordinary “commercial” radio
. -- proof! This means that on hot, muggy nights, worth while in actual practice—they will be receiver. •
e rectston nstrument your Eveready receiver will be as sensitive as added. There may be refinements in the years If you have been confused by the babel of
k We like to refer to the new Eveready as the in crisp November. Distant stations will come to come, but we doubt that actual improvement, claims and counter-claims; if you are be-
J Precision Instrument ... a radio* fundamental improve- wildered by technical terminology; if you have
receiver bom of a passion for painstak*
ing accuracy; a precision that shuns .. x ~, this present receiver, or another; if you have been disheartened (or
the slap-dash assembly of mass produc- whose very basis is pre- disgusted!) by the new this or the new that
tion; a precision that does not stress * " - V jjjji ,V: V- cision. Your investment which seems to make any radio obsolete over
one part or one feature at the expense Hfeife v£>js>s : ‘ today is therefore safe- night, we urge you to hear the new Eveready
of the others; a precision that you ' & fIU guarded. No “yearly ... this precision instrument; this finely engi
expect to find in a fine piano or a BNHHKw model” is likely to ren- neered music-medium that will not be out of
superlative motor-car. der it obsolete. date next month or next year! See your nearest
This precision is predicated on pre- ■ S *' *'*' - We think of the Pre- Eveready dealer now... today!
vision .. • that long look into the future cision Instrument also. NATIONAL CARBON CO' Inc
I Elisi brings you the pro- Branches: Chicago Kansas City New York
KitPSiyH grams of the air in all San Francisco
their natural tone and Unit °f Union Carbide mi Carbo«Corporation
l Jtl^k lThe new eveready
K rectifier.^
' Special apeaker
K\5M |*f /* ' Imulation can warp and awell without >P
99 1 altering original fine adjustment* made in J
laboratory, weather-change*. 1
Eveready Screen-Grid Console Model 52, $157.50 (less tubes) B^
V Model 53, a larger console, sl9s— Model 54, the de luxe console , $225 (less m# f JLm BB 9T ™
tubes), using the same perfected screen-grid chassis H |g —people who ehfop
iYcm-lvl instrument
Licensed under patents and applications of RCA and RFL'

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