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The Dean of Diplomatic Corps With
Lady Isabella Howard Went to
New York Yesterday.
THE Ambassador of Groat Britain
and Lady Isabella Howard went
to New ' York yesterday after
noon and the former will sail
tomorrow for the West Indies,
•here he spent some years in his early
lpe. The Ambassador will be absent
arbciit six weeks. Lady Isabella How
ard will remain in New York foi» 10
Ays or a fortnight and return to the
Turkish Ambassador Will
Celebrate Republic's Birth. •
The Ambassador of Turkey Ahmed
Mouhtar Bey. has sent out invitations
for a reception, Tuesday afternoon, Oc
tober 29, from 4 to 7 o'clock, in the j
embassy in celebration of the anni
versary of the establishment of the j
Turkish republic.
Representative and Mrs. Fred A. Brit- !
ten came to Washington last evening |
from New York, where they arrived on j
the Leviathan from Europe. Mrs. Brit- 1
ten has fully recovered from her recent j
illness, which caused much alarm to her j
wide circle of friends in the Capital.
The Assistant Secretary of War end
Mrs. Patrick J Hurley will be the j
guests in whose honor Maj. Gen. and
Mrs. Frank R. Keefer, w-ho will enter- j
tain at the Army. Navy and Marine
Corps Country Club.
Mr. W. Irving Glover, Second As- ;
sistant Postmaster General, will give a
dinner tonight in the presidential suite )
at the Willard in honor of the visiting
superintendents of the various divisions ]
of the Post Office Department. Covers 1
will be laid for 25.
The Commercial Counselor of the
Swedish Legation and Mme. Wcidcl are j
at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlantic
City and are expected to return to
Washington in a wTek or 10 days. j
Capt. William Arnold Angwin. U. S. N.,
and Mrs. Angwin have issued cards for ;
tea this afternoon in their quarters at
the Naval Hospital in compliment to Mrs.
Rachel Angwin Beebe and Mrs. Clyde
L. Chamberlin of San Francisco cou
sin of Capt. Angwin. who are their
house guests. Receiving with the hosts
and guests of honor will be Mrs. G. E.
Land of Clinton. Iowa; Mrs. Sidney
Thornton. Mrs. William Chambers. Mrs.
George Calvert and Mrs. Riley Me- *
Mrs. Beuret wife of Rear Admiral
John D. Beuret. and Mrs. Richards. |
wife of Capt. Theodore W. Richards. !
U. S. N„ in command of the Naval !
Hospital, will preside at the tea table. |
Capt. rt: Mrs. Arthur C. Stott had
guests with them at the supper danre
last evening in the gold room of the
Wardman Park Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kauflmann en
tertained a house party of 14 at the
Blue Ridge Club Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Turkerman
have returned from Philadelphia, where
they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Clement Biddle. Mr. and Mrs. Biddle
entertained at dinner Wednesday for
their guests. Mr. and Mrs. Tuckerman
attended the wedding of Miss Inez
Justice, to Mr. Dexter Warriner, at
Rosemont, Pa.
Mrs. Wallace Neff is passing a short
time at the Wardman Park Hotel.
I '
Mrs. W. Harry Brown of Pittsburgh
and her son. Mr. W. Harry Brown. jr„ :
who came to Washington to attend the j
reception given by the Ambassador of ■
Oreat Britain and Lady Isabella Howard j
In honor of the British Premier, will re- j
' __________
The Old Kossu Weave
Revived in M od ern
Design and Color
Special Exhibition
and Sale
Gordon Dunthorne
1726 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Artcraft F Street Salon Presents the
And New Add "Bow Opera”—Autumn’s Smartest
Exquisite Mode —in Suede or Kidshin with
Handbags Metal Bow of Bronze or Steel — a
12.50 to 16.50 chic ensemble for daytime wear.
! main as the Mayflower for a few T days
! longer before returning to New York.
Mr and Mrs. Charles Herrics Wood
hull have returned from the mountains
!of North Carolina and are again in
| their home on Massachusetts avenue
| for the Winter.
Miss Mildred M. Tytus and Miss
Victoria S. Tytus will have as their
guests over the week end at Ashintully,
their place at Tyringham, Mass., Coun
tess Cornelia Szechcnyi, daughter of the
Minister of Hungary and Countess
Szechrnyi: Miss Cornelia Robb, Mr.
I John Wilkie, Mr. William Hall of New
j York and Mr. Mannix Walker of Wash
Mrs. J. Marcellus Woodard has rc
| turned to her home, at. 3700 Massachu
| setts avenue, after spending several
months in Colorado Springs and Denver.
Dr. Fenton Bradford was host at
dinner last evening in his apartment in
! the La Salle, entertaining in compliment
J to the president of the American Dental
I Association and Mrs. Percy R. Howe of
j Boston. The other guests were Dr. and
1 Mrs. Herman Chaycs of New York, Dr.
i and Mrs. Sterling B. Mead and Dr.
| and Mrs. C. B. Cole.
Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Davis have recently
j returned to Washington and ave spend-
I ing the Winter in their home, at 1800
Forty-fourth street, in Foxhall Village. 1
Dr. Davis is a pathologist in the Bureau
of Fisheries, and he and Mrs. Davis ;
spent the Summer in Holden. Vt,., where j
Dr. Davis was engaged in research work '
at the experimental station.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Harriman
returned yesterday from Europe.
Federal Bar Association
To Have Dinner Tuesday Night.
The Federal Bar Association will give
a dinner Tuesday evening in the Cos
mos Club, at which Mr. William R.
The gentlewomen and
gentlemen of Washington
are invited to visit the
Early American
Situate in
Rock Creek Park Estates
<2“HOSE interested in the antique
pertaining to architecture, furni
ture end the household erti of the
period known a> Eerly American will
find it highly entertaining end in
structive to view this homestead built
end furnished in the Colonial manner
The historic and the romantic are
justly expressed in this dwelling by
the excelient judgment and execution
of certain gentlemen versed in the art
of building and decorating, namely:
Clarence L. Harding, Architect;
Vm. P. Lipscomb Co., Builders, and
V. & J. Sloane, Decorators and
If you arc thinking of building a
home, of furnishing a home—or per
chance of furnishing just a (ingle
room in the pure "Early American”
manner, and would do it thriftily and
appropriately, you will find a wealth
of inspiration at this Early American
Come Out This Very Day
Open daily and Sundays 10:00 A.
M. Motor out 16th Street or take
the 16th Street but to Ralmia Road,
the Entrance to the Estates.
Owners of
Va Hence, president of the association,
will act as toastmaster. The members
of the Bar Association and their wives
will attend, and it is expected that
about 200 will be present. Guests for
the dinner Include Mr. Joseph P. Cot
ton. Undersecretary of State; Mr. Har
old P. Sisson, Assistant Attorney Gen
eral, who will speak; Mr. Seth Richard
son, Assistant Attorney General: Mr
W. B. L. Starbuck, member of the
Federal Radio Commission, and Mr.
Robert H. Lucas, commissioner of in
ternal revenue. A reception will pre
cede the dinner, which will begin at
7:30 o'clock, and after the dinner Mr.
Charles Trowbridge Tittman will sing
and Mr. George O'Connor and Mr. Matt
Horne of Washington will entertain
' Mr. David D. Caldwell of the Depart
ment of Justice will exhibit plans. I
. which have been drawn by the firm of i
: Zantzingcr, Boric and Medary of Phila
delphia, for the new Department of
Justice Building. These plans are
merely tentative, and Mr. Caldwell will
explain how the space in the building
will be allotted. Maj. Horace T. Jones
is in charge of arrangements for the
Mr. and Mrs. Veit Willoughby have
motored to Washington from their
home in Ridgewood. N. J., and are at
the Carlton for a brief stay.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Fales of Bing
hamton. N. Y.. will be at the Mayflower
while they are in Washington for a few
Mrs. A. F. MeCarrell of San Diego is
at the Dodge Hotel for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney G. Strieker of
Cincinnati. Ohio, are at the Carlton
for several days, accompanied by their
daughter, Miss Anna Strieker.
Mrs. Max Farrand of Bar Harbor.
Me., is now in Washington and will be
at the Mayflower for several clays.
Mrs. Adolph M. Flshel will receive
informally tomorrow evening in her 1
! r~ —— —is
Dress Hats
Imported Soleils In Black
Inlaid With Lace
Also Velvets and Hatters
Plush with Metallic and
Rhinestone Trimming
10-00 to 30-00
I <%i iiiviic |.
?£ *t
1 iiyrm «Barbara
i I
| «K|Vp ■ STORES
liHiati 11U , I ijf 1,1 keeping with fashion our
lillflMll ulfV showings of extra size
JUlinU |||** dresses are styles selected to
JF X'llp i please. They are selected by
#|||ij| |i' j|j jj | Barbara from leading
Jf;! l!i':| ij.’lf I /! jljf sivcly to women requiring
4 p| I !|'|jj j larger sizes. Each model
| f | j|!l) l!' evidences careful thought
If i RMI ii I lines. All equally smart and
i I B IllttSßl j, \ j attractive as the one pic-
I »
INC. s&cFt&i «*■ I
home, at 2614 Connecticut avenue. In
celebration of the seventy-fifth anni
versary of her birth. No cards have
been issued.
Mrs. F. Baker Weaver is at the Chal
fonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Taylor of
Stratfield. Australia, will be at the
Mayflower over Sunday, when they will
start for Vancouver preparatory to sail
ing for heme the end of the month.
They arrived in the United States about
a month ago from Europe.
Mrs. Harry Vales and her three chil
dren will be at the Mavflower until
Monday, en route to Southern Pines
from Cape Cod, where they spent the
I „
; Mr, and Mrs. Albert J. Schafer are
. W “Break Into
the Movie*”
A \IB M*vlo» will b* 1»k»u
. Mill *f ovoryono frr<nut
\|//1\ Friday Nlta. Rtal
i 111 l\ VvWvV „• a » trman—dirnt
* fill 11 VvvCxNv •» r *. Halils
{/I/ llt \\ cverythini.
Tonight \\
Thla film wlll\\
lir allow n al (hr \ .
RIALTO next \\
work. \ '
tho \
No Intrrata In \
temporarily at home with the latter’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Zust,
at 129 Sleventh street northeast. Mrs.
Schafer was before her marriage Au
gust 20 in Ellicott City, Md., Miss Helen
Margaret Zust.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Ross of
Milwaukee. Wls., are spending a short I
time at the Willard while In Washington.
The members of the American Den- '
lists’ Assistants Association and of the,
American Dental Hygiene Association
= . Ch .* ,r _ Cover*. Pillow*. B»«*. Foot i
wSIhSIXS' *""•
*27-829 11th St. N.W.
II Very Attractive Large Apartment
“Wendell Mansions"
J No. 2339 Massachusetts Avenue
THE apartments in this building, each one occupying ' i
an entire floor, represent the very best apartment ; !
I homes in Washington. * !
LARGE drawing room with open fireplace. Library, j
dining room, pantry and kitchen. Four master bed
-1 rooms and 2 baths. Three servants’ rooms and bath. All
spacious outside rooms.
For inspection and further information j/;
Randall H. Hagner 8C Co.
1321 Connecticut Avenue Phone Decatur 3600
■r.7 brown
SB/’ bi.ek nd or tu«d«. vl
toikt heel*.
[CAN we offer more 4
1 This alluring step-in pump at *5 is cause J
iL (or cheering. But the value is supreme J
Wk when Forsythe provides this Paris M
V' \ imported, genuine steel cut /
V buckle, at no extra 1
cost to you.
oli lf oot( wear
r CC J 1223 F St. N.W.
314 W. Lexlnrton St.. Baltimore, Md.
wmjlV»L ■ X "Tmffli ini * J iff 1 zM mW Wzm M
.i .ill. . u—j
® wa 88 er Tweed .JltM'
■ Ensembles .. (sis
Each Topped by a Colorful
S|§fj| Modernistic Sports Sweater!
SJQ- 75 W
In Sizes The sweater ensemble that was a sensational
14 —2O success of the Paris openings! Specially I 1 jT
reproduced for BerbericKs at this remark• \
TX7HEN you see them you'll agree with 11s that these ijkyP/
* ’ are about the smartest tweed ensembles you’ve seen
this Fall! And practical! Why, the pull-over sweater Ipsl^
and skirt alone make a complete sports outfit. Allied with w|g|i
the three-quarter-length coats, they're prepared to set the «t|j %
fashion pace in college, travel or business circles. it - *ll
were received this morning by Mrs.
Hoover in the White House.
Episcopal Home for Aired
To Benefit From Lecture.
Among those who have subscribed to
! the DeCou “Dream Pictures,” on “Mya
j terious India.” to be given in the ball
room of Meridian Mansions atJ24OO Six
(Continued on Nineteenth Page.)
The “ Alice ” . j I
A hand«ome new model for the « I
■ ■ modern miM, in hlark or i I
ft] TSfZT /Jsf*Vvs£ I
A New Glenleigh
Wherever smart women jfi A ft
congregate during the next /X®/ \ /
lew months you will see the \
Knitted Suit in evidence. It j y -
will be worn almost univer• Mi j j /A\
sally for travel, sports and in g|j ’ | /ml
the country as well as for in- mm i jjf'E&gpia
formal occasions in town. Mr! JV
/ I j We present a Glenleigh ensemble in
f?7 / / herringbone weave. A box coat with
I I tailored collar, slit pockets, with skirt
/ / l ®« yoke with inverted pleats. A slip-
I M over sweater in tricolor. A matching
rtfi Mm ascot tie. Shown in Dauphine Blue,
I* IMI Manilla Brown, Grey, Rust. Sixes 14

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