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Scottish Rite Body Decides
on Special Convocation.
33d Degree Conferred.
Plans to hold a special meeting In
Dallas, Tex., September 24-26, 1930,
were made today at a meeting of the
Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Ma
sons of the Southern Jurisdiction in the
Scottis Rite Temple. Numerous com
mittee reports also were made as the
convention drew to a close.
The thirty-third degree, the highest
honor within the province of the coun
cil. was conferred on 101 members here
last night. The honor will be con
ferred on 116 other men in their home
States at some future date, they not
having been able to attaau the cere
mony here.
Among those present f*re Senator
Arthur Capper of Kansas, Gen. Amos
A. Fries, Samuel Sung Young, repre
sentative of China to this country;
Frank D. Kriebs, secretary of the South
Dakota Department of Agriculture; for
mer Gov. Elbert Lee Trinkle of Vir
ginia. Lucien C. Connell, superintendent
of the Masonic Widows’ and Orphans
Home in Nashville, Tenn., and John W\
Edwards, instructor of chemistry at the
University of Chattanooga. Tenn.
The following received their degrees
last night;
Alabama—John Brown Bethea, jr.;
John Wilson McCondy and William
Hand Woolverton.
China—Samuel Sung Young.
District of Columbia—Cephas Edgar
Bittinger, Amos Alfred Fries, George
Banks McGtnty and James Alphonso
Florida —Frederic Louria Jacobs, Wil
liam Montgomery Atwater, William Her
man Deuber and Chester Frederick
Georgia—Theodore Gourdin Kershaw.
lowa —Charles Wilson Domback,
Claude Fisher, William Derius Jamie
son and Hardy Lee Wood.
Kansas—Arthur Capper. Harry S.
Grier, Charles Henry Howe, Marx
Mayer Kaufmann, Derby Sharpe and
Rex Wilson Walls.
Kentucky—Charles Albert Sehroetter,
John Emil Sullivan and Isaac Thomas
Maryland—Frederic Paul Adkins,
Charles Middendorf Cohn, Charles Au
gust Crate, Alfred Edwin Booth Jones
and Earle Claud Richardson.
Minnesota—Mason Merrill Forbes,
Charles Noah Orr. Lorin Weaver Smock,
George Henry Thomas, Harry Harvey
Warner and Joseph Albin Williams.
Mississippi—Saul Cyril Hart, Harry
Otto Hoffman, James Easterling Hutch
ins. jr.; Melville Philip Schlesinger and
Luther Andrew' Smith.
Missouri—Harry Baum, Ray Bond, j
James Edward Chandler. Frank Bour- •
land Coleman. Adolph Henry Conrad, 1
Wiillam Morris James, James Lewis 1
La wry, Arthur Sampson Metzger, Ed- :
win Mueller, Perry Willard Peck, John 1
Franklin Potts and Walter Williams. 1
North Carolina—Raymond Hamilton
Bbyer. .Jospph Henry Mitchell and Ed- 1
win Walker Yates.
North Dakota —Mark Isaac Forkner '
and Albert Gus Johnson. i
Oklahoma—Rollo Bart Ross Foster, 1
Gbrdon Foster Ingle, Hal Fletcher ’
Rambo, John Starbuck Shearpr, Charles <
E.'Smith and Leslie Herbert Swan. -1
South Carolina—William Samuel ■’
Brown, Clinton Asmann Miller, Edward -
Hall Pinckney, Jacob Theodore Solo
mons, jr., and Alfred Holmes von Kol
South Dakota Johnson Grenfell
Thomas, John Hendricks Ctunbow, Rob
ert Dalzel Gardner, Frank Delbert
Kriebs and Martin Percy Ohlman.
Tennessee—Lucien Campbell Connell,
John William Edwards, Abe Lewis,
Richard Aloysius Odium, Oren Austin
Oliver, Ira Edward Parker, Harry Lee
Parrish, John Bradley Vesey and Con
rad David Walker.
Texas —James Ladd Burgess, Ephraim
Morris Goldstein and Pierce Mayer.
Utah—Sidney Watson Badoon, Charlea
Francis Barrett and Benjamin Roger*
Virginia—William Francis Bowden,
John William Estlow, John Lockridge
Manley, Joseph Augustus Ricketts, Hor
ace Shepperson, Elbert Lee Trinkle and
Frank Demorse Kesler. »
Washington Donaldson Hampton
West Virginia—Luther Hale Clark.
Wyoming—Marshall Stark Reynolds
and Albert Douglass Walton.
Called to Attention of Capper by
Blease—-Code Violation to
Be Determined.
Chairman Capper of the Senate Dis
trict committee is planning to write
to District Attorney Rover to call his
attention to a novel, which was turned
over to the District committee by Sen
ator Blease, Democrat, of South Caro
lina, with a request that the district
attorney determine whether its circula
tion in Washington is a violation of the
District code. «
Senator Blease said the book was ob
tained in Washington. He said he did
not read all of it. but after reading a
portion of it, called it to the attention
of the District committee chairman.
Holz, German Author, Dies.
BERLIN, October 26 (JP). —Arno Holz,
German author and poet, died today, at
the age of 66, after a long illness. He
has been mentioned as a candidate for
the Nobel literature prize for this year.
We invite inspection of our
Model Homes Just Completed
Six and seven rooms
' garage
We are pricing them as low as $8,975
Make comparisons
Qf.cn for inspection every day until 8 P.M.
4123 Thirteenth Place N.E.
(Between Shepherd and Taylor Streets)
Charles M. Wallingsford
1010 Vermont Ave. Owner and Builder Natl 2990
i *
I. I %
; Death Treasure
By R. A. J. Walling
(Copyright, IBM, Wm. Morrow Oo.>
Veronica and Tom end their thrilling
adventure at Silworthv Cove, where
thev find Mrs. Seabroke fast asleep in her
husband s car—part o> Veronica's clever
scheme to account lor their absence during
the night. Veronica tells Soule and Somrr
deld. when thev arrive in response to a tele
phone message, that she. her mother and
Tom discovered some one stealing the speed
boat and trailed it to Silworthv, where the
thief abandoned it. Thev do not Question
her story- but later that dav Somertield
comes to the Orenolen home, convinces Tom
he knows the truth and then reveals star
tling news —that Prof. Laxton t# close on
Tom's trail and that Laxton, not an arche
ologist, is a — detective.
SOMERFIELD’S discovery that
Laxton was a detective was no
great surprise to me.
"That’s been worrying me ever
since he came,” I told Somer
field, although my suspicions of the
man's real profession were more recent.
"Then the people at the British Mu
seum.” Somerfield asked, “how ?”
"Oh, that's quite easy. Laxton must
have been on the watch for news of
Pell. As soon as Pell's name appeared
in the Times that day, when it said I
was taking a drawing of the new fresco
to the museum, Laxton or his superiors
must have fixed up the trap with the
museum people. Sunday night, when
he took me down to the cloisters, po
liceman was written all over him.”
"Os course, he was after Pell.”
“It looked like that. But why?”
"At least three people could tell us
that, Grenofen.”
"Yes, I know.” said I. “But I won’t
ask Veronica. I don't think ’twould be
fair to ask Mrs. Seabroke. And if I
asked old Seabroke —well, you can easily
guess ”
Somerfield nodded. “It's awkward,”
said he. “But. you know, it may have
to be done. If the professor gets wise
to what happened last night, he won't
have any mighty compunctions about
asking. Will he, now? Spiriting away
the man he was after for the murder
of Pell! Have you realized it?”
My perception of reality was befogged
by Veronica.
Somerfield, looking on from outside,
was able to precipitate the confusion
a little. He had an analytical mind. All
these disconnections, he said, had to be
linked up somehow, and the only link
he could see was Laxton.
Old Fotherbury’s excavations had
brought Pell down to Blackwater. Then,
there was a get-away by a convict. The
convict arrived at Blackwater, and on
his heels —Laxton.
Pell was murdered in the act of re
vealing a ghost and when we look for
the ghost we find—Laxton.
“Something in the background." said
Somerfield, "between the Seabrokes,
Pell and the convict. Something that
even Laxton can’t see, for he doesn’t
seem to have brought the Seabrokes
into the picture yet. Therefore, what
ever his knowledge, it begins later than
the Seabrokes’,”
"No floubt about it,” said I. “Lax
ton begins with some connection be
tween Pell and the convict. The Sea
brokes begin much further back. You
remember that, immediately before
Laxton came to Blackwater, he’d been
in Devonshire. You remember the un
explained absence of Veronica from
London that Saturday and Pell’s ab
sence at the same time. You read that
1223 Park Rd.
—terms —
This colonial home was taken ,
in exchange by one of Washing
ton's foremost builders who will
mot trade unless the price is
right. He has gone right through
the house, repapered, painted and
refinished the floors, making it the
same as new. There are six well
planned rooms, enclosed sleeping
porch, tiled bath, hot-water heat,
concrete front porch, iron rail
ings, screens, weather strips,
awnings. Convenient to both car
systems, buses, stores, schools
and churches.
Oscar P. Court
Georgia 0211
a woman and a car, as well as a male
accomplice, were concerned in the es
cape. Think of Sunday night: Veroni
ca's strange return, my encounter in
Woodcot lane, Laxton's queer conduct,
Laxton's knowledge that some fellow
would be prowling about Newplace that
night—it all shows Laxton had touch
with something that was likely to hap
"I've been wondering,” Somerfield
mused, “whether Laxton had any ink
ling of a possible shooting match and
was trying to stop it. By the way,
Grenofen. Laxton’s not come out as a
policeman yet. Why? He’s still running
the antquanan stunt.”
“Is he? Seen him lately?” I asked.
“Yes,” said Somerfield. “This after
noon I met him coming away from
Newplace—in a dirty mess, earth all
over his boots and clothes. Just taking
leave of Marling and the cub. Said he'd
been exploring with them. He walked
along with me as far as the Lord Nel
son. Fact is. Grenofen, that's what '
made me come on to see you.”
“Did he say anything about me ]
then?” I asked.
“Yes. Asked if you were home from i
Ha 11am Bay. Whether I'd met your
cousin. Whether you were specially
friendly with Fotherbury. He’s got his
eye on you, Grenofen. But that wasn’t
the most remarkable thing.
"He harked back to what happened
in the library the afternoon Pell was
killed. Then he asked me whether I
saw you or anybody else take a book out
of the shelves that afternoon.
“He said Fotherbury had missed a
book. It was in the library Friday.
Tuesday, it couldn't be found. And Mr.
Fotherbury wanted i.t badly.”
"What book?” I asked.
"An old illuminated book, with a
manuscript history of the abbey. Lax
ton said he wouldn't be surprised if it
was what had put Fotherbury on to his
“Nobody touched a book that day, so
far as I remember.”
“I didn't see anybody touch a book.
But it's not the loss that interests me
—it’s the fact that Laxton's so curious
about it.”
“Yes, that's rather queer,” I ad
“I’d give almost a dollar to know
whether Pell was in the library on Frl-
(Sunday and Eveningt)
An Attractive Brick Home
In University Park
(4515 49th Street N.W.)
A colonial Brick Home with
spacious rooms, carefully planned
and designed by owner and builder.
It has a tile bath and shower,
bronze screens. Inlaid linoleum on
kitchen floor, real fireplace In living
room, oak floors throughout, five
closets, one cedar lined, large brick
porch and walk paved with a her
ringbone pattern, beautifully land
scaped lawn and large shade tree,
wonderful attic, concrete cellar with
built-in laundry trays and servants’
toilet. Colonial lighting fixtures, and
brick garage to match home.
Only $10,750.00
(To reach house, drive out Mass.
A re., extended, to 49th St., then north
two blocks to Brandywine at.: nr
take U'eslev Heights buj at Dupont
j Chevy Chase j
] 3630 Everett Street N.W. 1
(We»t of Conn. Ave. in 4800 Block)
Detached Brick Home, 8 rooms, 2 baths, 2-car ga- |
rage. Paved street and alley.
Price Less Than $19,000
Exhibit House Open Until 10:00 P.M.
I Richardson & Franklin, Inc.
)t 25x80 ft. Best Mount Pleasant section; 9 |!
ling porches; double brick, steel construction; i||
J floored maid’s room and bath; fruit cellar and |!|
ent; hot-water heat; Pittsburg heater; gas and j|jj|
ick garage. $15,500; terms for.substantial cash
ill 10 p.m. See your broker or owner. |
The “keyhole murderer” intends to kill not Pell—but Marling!
day and whether Marling knew he'd ;
I been there.”
j "Marling!”
“Well—think of Marling a minute.
! Hated Pell. Why? Suspected him.
I Think of Marling in the cloister Sunday
night. The Monday afternoon —you
couldn't miss Marling's face when Pell
went for him. It was Marling who was
going to see the ghost, if you remember.
If Pell had taken the book, and Marling
knew it. suppose the book contained the
instructions for conjuring up the ghost,
“I can't see how a book in Newplace
library could have anything to do with
conjuring a ghost out of a convict pris
on." said I.
“Did it every occur to you that Pell
might have been shot by accident?”
Somerfield put the question almost
casually. It made me sit up.
"You mean—why, Somerfield. you
can only mean one thing! That ”
"That the shot was meant for some
body else. In fact, it’s perfectly clear,
Grenofen. Did you look through the
keyhole? A man who was going to fire
through the keyhole couldn't possibly
have aimed at Pell, who wasn't in the
1424 Holly Street I
You will find an exceptional |
bargain in this pretty and |
convenient home i-i block east R
of Sixteenth Street, where
bus service is available. |
Seven rooms, attic, bath with I
shower. Ist floor lavatory, |
laundry, rooms bright and J
sunny—the huge closets are I
an exceptional feature. In I
perfect condition throughout, g
A delightful place to live and f.
a constantly improving I
neighborhood. .7
Drive Out Sunday or I
C. H. Galliher Company
National 3397
! line of fire except for one instant ”
j "Os course! I hadn’t thought of it.
i The man who fired the shot was blind
at the time; he couldn't fire and see the
“Yes. and only one man could have
been shot through the keyhole—the one
who sat in the direct line of fire.”
"And he w f as ”
(Continued in Tomorrow’s Btar).
■■■ ■ • -
PI,Y MOUTH. England, October 26
(A 3 ).—The petition to unseat J. J. M.
Moses, Labor member of Parliament,
has been dismissed, and the activities
of A. C. Ballard, millionaire philan
thropist, accused of over-exertion In
Moses' behalf, have been characterized
as “undoubtedly very injudicious, but
not bribery.”
Justice Swift, one of the jurists who
heard the case, said: “There was no
evidence of a single voter being in
fluenced by Ballard’s promises.”
«: Window Shades «:
< | Made to Order < [
< l fiiiinniiniil Os Dupont Tontine are «;
> "a shade Waterproof, Fadeless >
> Better” and Washable. <
I lllllllllllMlllllllfl Ask for Sain-1
W. STOKF.K SAMMONS. Proprietor
5 The Day to See ? |
225 17th St. N.E. I I
H i
A Charming Sample House Located in a New li
Restricted Community Surrounding
Eastern High School !? i
|i; i
These houses embody all of the charm, the com- /
forts and conveniences of far more expensive prop- '
erties. The rooms are spacious, there are many
closets, many electric outlets; the bath is tiled and
has a shower. Kitchens are most attractive, having
Sanitas walls, cabinets, inlaid linoleum floors and
one-piece sinks. There are hardwood floors and
natural trim, beautiful fixtures—and you select the
papering. Large breakfast and sleeping porches l,
and a built-in garage. Varying exposures.
Six rooms —s7,9so
Seven rooms —so,soo
Representative on property daily to 9 P.M.
Robert E. Kline, Jr.
718 Union Trust Bldg. Nat’l 6799
Or Your Broker
Built for
Doctor or Dentist
Office and Residence
A Splendid Corner Home
in a Popular N.W. Community
Illinois Ave. and Farragut St.
The office hat a separate entrance from the
street and consists of two rooms and lavatory.
The location is in the heart of a fast growing
The residence is of tapestry brick with con
crete front porch and contains reception hall, 6
unusually large rooms and tiled bath with built-in
tub and shower. Beautifully decorated through
out, with hardwood floors and trim. It is equip
ped with oil burner, Frigidaire and all modern
ONLY $ 12,500 TERMS
14th & K CAFRITZ Dist. 9080
Owners and Builders of Communities
Apartment of Inventors, Held
in Slaying, Revealed as
Trap to Intruders.
The Brooklyn apartment of Pietro
and Leonardo Danna, Italian Inventors,
who were arrested Wednesday for the
murder In his Park Row office of Aaron
L. Applebaum, New York patent attor
ney, formerly connected with the Patent
Office here, was revealed yesterday as a
death trap to any one who sought to In
vade It, according to accounts reaching
here. . ,
Diabolical arrangements of triggers
and cartridges, denned to explode by
the mere turning of a key In a lock
or the opening of a shutter, and tubes
of acid placed so that their contents
would squirt on any one who trod on
them, were only discovered after two
detectives, sent to search the apart
ment. had suffered severe Injuries from
splintered glass and shattered wood
when attempting to gain entry.
Detectives Near Death.
That Detectives John Ross and Joseph
Ryan came within half an Inch of
death Is not an exaggeration. Had the
38-cablber cartidge inserted in a bored
hole In the woodwork of the door been
placed a little deeper the bullet would
have penetrated the panel. Instead, it
merely shattered It. * . .
Upon examination it was found that
about 6 inches below the lock was fast
ened a steel hammer attached to a
strong spring, held back by a clip. To
the clip was tied a light steel wire with
a loop, hooked around the knob of the
spring lock on the inner side of the
door, m which. Just below the knob,
the cartridge was inserted.
When Ross turned the knob by twist
ing the key In the lock, he pulled on
the wire, released the hammer and It
exploded the cartridge. Similar ar
rangements were found on each door
and window of the apartment.
Acid Traps in Floor.
The acid traps were set in holes cut
in the floor. It was disclosed later that
the acid had evaporated, so that these
traps were rendered harmless.
The Dannas were arrested Wednes
day morning at the office of Applebaum
at 41 Park Row, New York, following
a scuffiO during which Applebaum was
shot to death. It was said by police
that tha men had taken an invention
to the attorney for patents. When these
were sot forthcoming the inventors
went to the office for an accounting.
Charming New Colonial Home
HU r' PLACE containing 4 bedrooms and
Koad with open fireplace, oak floors through- '
Adjoining out ’ cement porches. Everything modern j
Fdaemnnr including separate garage with private j
driveway. A wonderful value In a splen
sl3,2so didly located home.
* Other New Homes also for Sale at
CON\ ENIENT TERMS 408 and 412 Old Georgetown Road,
Open Daily and Sunday Until 8 P.M.
Drive cut W(srn„sin Avenue to Bethcsda Bank, bear left on Old Georgetown
Road to houses/ or take Rockville trolley and get off at Glenbrook Road.
1519 K Street Representative on Premises National 9900
I : '• v
| Just Off
I Rhode Island Ave. N.E. at 12th i
5 $
«? 1018 Located on a paved street, less than one rj
?£ Montana Are square from car service, close to stores and ; .j
% with a public school nearby, this home of* if
flt' ■■
. . fers many advantages. Vary spacious, con- f
taining 6 bright rooms, also an enclosed $
jj£ __sleeping porch, tile bath, hot-water heat and
j£ electric light*. Wonderful lot, 50x120, im- .X
Open proved with about 30 rosebushes, numerous -jj
Sunday shrubs and detached garage.
| Hedges 8c Middleton, Inc. |
| 1412 Eye St. N.W. Realtors Franklin 9505
fP X*
‘iv'i-'. 'i-'. '■> ’i Vi ViV'V." V; : Vi'fe iV *VLVfe-‘fe-feVv.'4
| ' ,| |
| A Beautiful Home |
1 At a Very Attractive Price l!
This home is planned to exactness, not
only in economy of space and convenience
of floor plan—but also to the latest artistic gs
i treatment—this beautiful all-stone home
■ (slate roof) built of the finest materials,
contains eight large, bright rooms, two
ideally appointed baths (colored tile) and
three-car garage located in rear to 20-foot I
cated on the tit* of Alexander R. Shepherd’s estate, who
was Governor of the District of Columbia in 1873.
■ Drive out 16th St. to Alaska Ave., to
Holly St., turn west on Holly St. to house
For Sale by |1 1
I. Owner and Builder 1 .
Or Your Own Broker
Open until 8 P.M. Phone Ga. 1445-W
The killing followed a heated argu
ment, police said.
Applebaum is survived by his widow
and four children In New York and a
sister, Mrs. William Stein of 708 Eighth
street northeast, and brother, Edward
E. Applebaum of 6234 Georgia avenue,
Italy has abolished entrance fees to
all public museums.

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