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All Judges Present and
Many Estate Accounts
Are Passed.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
B.—Much business was transacted at
the meeting of the County Orphans’
Court Tuesday. All members of the
court, Chief Judge John A. Schultz and
Associate Justices Philip G. Miller and
Millard Thome, were present: also the
register of wills, William T. Davis. I
These orders were passed:
Will of George Lauer admitted to
probate and letters testamentary issued
to Anna M. Lauer, executrix: bond
of $2,500 filed and appraisers named:
fifth guardian account of Nellie M.
Reynolds, guardian. Dixie Lois Rasor,
passed: first and final accounts
of Gershon N. Bickford, Berwyn,
administratrix of estate of Eleanor
G. Pickford, passed; letters of
administration c. t. a. issued Alfred B.
Baker, Washington, on estate of Wil
liam B. McKinley; bond, $200; Ruby
Parker, guardian. Harrison Parker, pay
Henderson I. Brooks $30.59 for groceries;
letters of administration issued to
Charles C. Marbury in the estate of
Anna Jackson; bond, $100; first and
final accounts of Mari E. Yoe, executrix
estate of William R. Yoe, passed; first
and final accounts W. E. Cornwell, ad
ministrator estate of Virginia Cornwell,
First and final accounts of Roscoe
De Will Price, administrator estate of
Wesley Howard, passed; first and final
accounts of C. A. M. Wells, executor
estate of George P. Jenkins, passed;
first and final accounts of El&e Y.
Beale, guardian of Mary G. and Louise
M. Beale, passed: first and final ac
counts of George Ward, executor estate
of William J. W. Bayly, passed; first
and final accounts of James W. Knott,
, administrator estate of Mary V. Knott,
passed; first and final accounts of Rob
ert Lee Burgess, administrator estate
of Robert W. and Mary A. Burges*,
passed: first and final accounts of Allen
W. Griffith, administrator estate of
Bettie W. Griffith, passed; first and
final accounts of Violet Harman Rip
ley, administrator estate of Reginald
J. Rißley, passed; first and final ac
counts of Annie V. Barry, adminis
tratrix estate Bushrod G. Hay, passed;
first and final accounts of T. Van
Clagett. administrator estate of James
D. Smith, passed: first and flr.al ac
counts of Anna Berger, administratrix
estate of Marius Berger, passed: first
and final accounts of Benjamin T.
Ford and Arthur C. Keefer, admin
istrators estate of Elisabeth Ford
Spriggs, passed; first and final accounts
of Benjamin T. Ford and Arthur C.
Keeper, administrators estate of Josepn
F. Ford, passed. _
First and final accounts* of Walter E.
Nair, administrator estate of Philip E.
Nair, passed: first and final accounts
of William B. Rook, administrator es
tate of Raymond F. Rook, passed; first
and final accounts of Evelyn Eccles, ad
ministratrix estate of David Eccles,
passed: first and final accounts of Jane
M Baker and Louisa R. Wootten, ex
ecutrices estate of Rebecca Hempler,
passed; Rudolf Sadilek, executor estate
of John F. Sadilek. authorized to de
posit in bank the distributive share of
Joseph Sadilek, amounting to $959.60,
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The Mode—F at Eleventh o
suburban news.
Members of Aden Council, No. 30. Junior Order UnFed American Mechanics, at ceremonies of presenting a flag '
and Bible to Brentsville District High School, Nokesville, Va. A. Armstrong (third from left) made the principal address, j
The presentation was made by T. 11. Marshall (fifth from lett) and John P. Kerim (iourih trom left) and the gifts were ,
accepted for the school by Prof. Hayden, county superintendent of schools (sixth from left). |
subject to further orders from the
Letters of administration issued to
Charles C. Marbury in the estate of
John Jackson; bond, S2OO. Letters of
administration issued to William M.
Martin, estate of Evelyn MartLi, bond,
$1,500; appraisers appointed and notice
to creditors ordered. Letters of admin
istration issued to Miles Evans in the
estate of Virginia Mills Evans; bond,
$10,000; appraisers appointed and no
tice to creditors ordered. Letter, of ad
ministration issued to Herbert J. Mof
fat in the estate of Marie H. Von Bran
dies; bond, $500: appraisers named and
notice to creditors ordered. Will of
Samuel Bass, Mount Rainier, probated.
Letters of administration c. t. a. issued
to Lottie Smith; bond, $6,000; apprais
ers appointed and notice to creditors
ordered. First and final accounts of
Charles Burton, administrator estate of
Sallie B. Anderson, passed.
Halloween Defendants Freed.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
FAIRFAX, Va„ November 8. — H.
Rucker and Lynn Armatrout of Vienna,
apprenhended on Halloween charged
with destroying property, were dis
missed after a hearing before Judge
Ritchie of the Juvenile Court.
—•— ■— -■■» ' b
Dig for Oil in West Va. County.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
WINCHESTER, Va., November B.—A
shaft 4,000 feet deep to determine
whether the section of Hampshire
County, W. Va„ just west of Romney,
contains petroleum or natural gas is
being drilled by the Hampshire Oil it
Gas Co., organized recently by Pitts
burgh, Pa., interests.
A. Armstrong of Junior Order
Addresses Large Gather
ing at Nokesville.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
MANASSAS, Va., November B—lm
pressive ceremonies marked the pres
entation yesterday afternoon of a flag
and Bible to the Brentsville District
High School, at Nokesville, Prince Wil
liam County, by Aden Council, No. 30,
Junior Order United American Me
C. O. Bittle, principal of the high
school presided. A. Armstrong of Aden
Council made the principal address and
outlined the principles for which his of
der s£ood, emphasizing the importance
of respect for the flag and the Bible by
pupils in the schools as well as by the
people in the community. A telegram
was read from James L. Wilmeth, na
tional secretary of the Junior Order, ex
pressing his regret at being unable to
keep his appointment to speak, due to a
bad train connection.
John P. Kerlin, member of Aden
Council and sheriff of the county, made
the presentation speech for the Bible,
while T. H. Marshall presented the flag.
Richard C. Hay don, superintendent of
the county schools, accepted the on
behalf of the Brentsville District High
School, and stressed the importance of
love of the Bible and of the country’s
flag. Following the singing of "America'’
i and "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean,”
: by the assembly the flag raising cere- |
| mony took place, and with the school ;
children singing the national anthem I
the flag was hauled to the top of the
pole, after which the school rendered
the salute and repeated the pledge to
the flag.
The Brentsville District High School
is the latest building in the Prince Wil
liam school system and was completed
in time for the beginning of this year’s
school term. The building is modern in
every particular and was constructed at
a cost to the district of $35,000. Formal
ceremonies marked the opening of the
school in September and today's pro
gram was the last in a series of events
planned to celebrate the building of the
handsome structure.
By a Staff Correspondent of The Bter,
OWINGS, Md.. November B.—Acting
on a description furnished by Mrs. Bar
bara Wanderer, 52 years old, proprietor
of a hotel at North Beach. Md., who
said she was choked by a young man
who leaped on the running board of her
machine while passing through here
yesterday, Maryland police authorities
are today searching for the woman's
assailant. ,
According to Mrs. Wanderer, she lost
control of the machine when the man
choked her, and the vehicle crashed
into a telegraph pole, knocking her un
conscious. When she recovered, she
found $l6O had been taken from her.
Totals of Pollard and Brown Con
siderably Reduced in Seventh
Congressional District.
Special Dispatch to The Star,
i WINCHESTER, Va., November B.
: Hundreds of voters in the seventh con
gressional district made mistakes in
marking their ballots for governor in
Tuesday’s election, according to reports
i reaching here today from the various
t counties on both sides of the Blue Ridge
j Mountains, and as a result the vote
for both Pollard, the Democrat, and
' Brown, the Republican-Fusionist, was
i considerably reduced.
Election officials were quoted as say-
I ing the presence of four names on the
j ticket for governor had a tendency to
! confuse many people. In numerous in
: stances all four were marked out. In
‘ others cross-marks were made either
; before or after or in the center of cer
tain names, all of which invalidated
! that portion of the ticket.
In Shenandoah County, where Brown
i received 2.322 votes and Pollard 2.137,
f judges of election threw out 340 ballots
jas being improperly marked. Over 100
! such tickets were disregarded in Clarke
j County, nearly 100 in Winchester and
i more than 100 in Frederick County.
It was said that large numbers of bal-
I lots had to be cast aside also in Rock
; ingham, Albemarle. Green. Madison,
I Warren, Rappahannock and Page Coun-
I ties. The result, however, would not
I have been changed, according to elec
: tion officials, although the vote for one
I candidate or another would have been
j increased or lowered. Pollard’s vote In
I the district was approximately 13,263
| and for Brown 8,586.
j Boy Exonerated in Hunting Death.
i Special Dispatch to The Star.
MARTINSBURG. W. Va., November
I B.—J. Wesley Faulkwell. 14, was exon-
I crated by a coroner’s jury here today,
which found that the shot which Faulk
i well fired from a shotgun that fatally
i injured Harrison T. Myers, 6, a play
mate, was accidental.
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Maryland Board 0. X.’s Consolida
tion of Two Companies.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE. November B.—Exten
sion of electric current service to a
number of communities in Montgomery
County will follow the sale of the Da
mascus Light & Power Co., Inc., to the
Potomac-Edison Co., which was ap
proved by the Public Service Commis
sion Wednesday.
Under the terms of the sale, the Po
tomac-Edison Co. takes over the fran
chise. works and system of the Damas
cus Co. on the payment of $15,000,
which is the price agreed upon by the
two companies.
In granting the Potomac-Edison Co.
permission to take over the Damascus
Co. the commission provided in its or
der "that nothing herein contained
would be deemed taken or construed as
in any way determining the fair value
for ratemaking or other purposes of the
property and assets of the Damascus
Light & Power Co., Inc.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE, November B.—Rev.
Henry Talbot Sharp, well known Protest
ant Episcopal clergyman In this sec
tion, died at his home here yesterday.
For 25 years he was the rector of the
Prince of Peace Church and was af
fectionately known as the “Bishop of
Walbrook.” The deceased, who was 88
years old, was the son of the late
Willoughby and Mary Anne Schoolfield
Sharp of Norfolk, Va.
After service in the Confederate Army
throughout the Civil War, Rev. Mr.
Sharp pntered the Virginia Theological
Seminary at Alexandria, finishing in
1867. HLs first charge was in Weston,
W. Va., and he was later transferred
successively to Lexington, Ky.; Alex
andria, Va., and Baltimore. Rev. Mr.
Sharp was married twice. His second
wife, Gertrude Stansbury of Alexandria,
Va., died last year. One daughter, Miss
Evelyn Willoughby Sharp, and a
nephew, Tilghman Hollyday Sharp,
survive the deceased, who was the last
of 15 children.
Havre De Grace Structure Damaged
and Firemen of Several Commu
nities Subdue Flames.
By the Associated Press.
HAVRE DE GRACE. Md., November,
B.—An early morning fire In the Bayou
Hotel today drove out more than 30
guests and employes, many of them
here for the duck hunting season on
upper Chesapeake Bay.
The third and fourth floors of the
buildings were wrecked and some dam
age was done to the lower floors of
the hotel before combined efforts of-
Havre De Grace, Berryville, Aberdeen
and Belair fire departments checked
the flames. All the occupants escaped
without Injury, and most of the guests
were able to save their personal prop
The hotel, a center not only for the
duck hunting season, but also for the
racing meetings here, is well known to
the sporting fraternity of the country.
■" ■ ■ ■■ » ■■ ■■
Rites for Retired Baltimore Mer
chant Held at Riverdale.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
RIVERDALE, Md„ November B.—Fu
neral services for James William Har
per, 84-year-old retired wholesale mer
chant of Baltimore, were held at the
residence of his daughter. Mrs. Edna
Thompson, 15 Beal avenue, yesterday,
Rev. Clyde Brown officiating. Burial
was in Baltimore,
Mr. Brown was a native of Baltimore
and had made his residence with his
daughter here for three years. He had
been in failing health for some time.
Surviving him are his widow, Mrs.
Emma Coleman Harper, and two daugh
ters, Mrs. Thompson, whose husband,
C. W. Thompson, is a member of the
town council, and Mrs. Martha Morris
of Baltimore.
■' ■ ■
Arlington Health Department Ad
ministering Diphtheria Antitoxin.
By • Staff Correspondent of The Btar.
! November B.—The County Health De
. partment, under direction of Dr. P. M.
Chichester, Is now engaged in admin
istering the toxin-antitoxin diphtheria
treatments to the school children of the
county. Approximately 50 children are
! receiving these treatments daily. K
Dr. Chichester and his assistants
make three trips yearly to each of the
schools in the county for the purpose of
making the children immune to diph
theria and in this way have almost
stamped the disease out of the county.
The tests to determine the effectiveness
of the treatments will not be given until
next Spring.
— fj
Program to Be Outlined at Wood
lawn Meeting Tonight.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
WOODLAWN. Va.. November B.—Plaris
for the 1929 Red Cross roll call in Mount
Vernon district of Fairfax County will
be outlined tonight at a meeting 6f
community chairmen to be held in
Woodlawn Community House. Mrs.''3.
W. Cox of Woodlawn. chairman for the
district, and E. C. Gibbs of Mount Ver
non, Chairman of the roll call for the
county, will be the chief speakers.
The chairmen appointed by Mrs. Cox
to direct the drive in the different por
tions of the district are Miss NelMe
Nevitt, Potters Hill; Mrs. G. W. Miller
and Mrs. F. E. Van Deman, Mount Ver
non; Mrs. Ruth Allen and Mrs. E. H.
Allen, Newington; Mrs. E. L. Finks,
Wellington Villa; Mrs. C. K. Wilkinson.
Sherwood Hall; Mrs. J. Randall Caton
and Mrs. Herbert Blunt, Belle Haven;
Mrs. A. D. Kirby, Mrs. Pierce Reid and
Miss Mary Wease, Groveton; Mrs.
George Smith and Miss Annie Troth,
Franconia, and Chaplain Wood, Fort
Humphreys, Beside this group, it is
planned to enlist the assistance of ail
fraternal organizations, school and com
munity leagues, parent-teacher asso
ciations, churches, both white and

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