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President to Communicate
Legislative Wishes to
Session Tomorrow.
(Continued From First Page.)
action, a majority of the Senate will
I vote against seating Vare.
Mr. VaYe was In Washington today
! prepared to conduct his own fight for
’ admission to the Senate. His inclina
tion. it was said, was to go on the floor
of the Senate when his case is taken
J up. Some of his friends, however, are
urging him not to do so because of nis
Tariff Outlook Not Good.
Efforts will be made in the Senate to
expedite the consideration of the tariff
bill. The outlook, however. Is not
promising, and the passage of the bill
by the Senate probably will not take
place until some time in January, if
then. The Senate ’ coalition’’ is still
firmly in the saddle, and it is expected
to amend the bill still further in many
particulars. There is likely to be con
siderable debate on the sugar schedule
and other Items not yet acted upon. A
very different situation confronts the
tariff bill In this session than in the
last. Other measures demand attention
which were absent from the special
session. It is planned to lay aside the
tariff bill temporarily to give the tax
reduction resolution the right of way
afier that measure lias passed the
The committee appointed on the part
of the House to inform the President
that Congress was in sesion was com
posed of Majority Leader Tllson, Chair
man Hawley of the ways and means
committee and Representative Garner,
the Democratic leader of the House.
In the House only four of the stand
ing committees have been completed,
and the committee on committees will
meet tomorrow to go ahead with the
committee assignments. Those com
mittees which have been completed are
ways and means, agriculture, rules and
accounts. The hold-over members of
the appropriations committee, however,
were authorized to go ahead with the
preparation of appropriation bills, hear
ings on which have already been held.
House Tax Cut Bill.
The revenue bill reducing the rate of
the Income tax for the calendar year
1929 was introduced in the House by Mr.
Hawley. He plans to have the resolu
tion considered by his committee on
Wednesday. His expectation is that the
committee will report it out favorably
the same day, and that it will be pos
sible to take the measure up and pass
it on Thursday.
The revenue bill, a joint resolution,
reduces the rate of the normal income
tax on individuals and corporations by
1 per cent. In the case of individuals
the rate on the first $4,000 of taxable
income is reduced from l*/ a per cent
to one-half per cent; the rate on the
second $4,000 is reduced from 3 per
cent to 2 per cent and the rate on the
remainder of the taxable income is re
duced lrom 5 per cent to 4 per cent.
The rate on the income of corporations
is reduced from 12 per cent to 11 per
cent. Democratic leaders of the House
as well as the Republican leaders have
i given assurance that the tax reduction
will be put through promptly and with
out amendment.
Committeemen to Be Assigned.
The Senate Republicans have a num
ber of important committee assignments
to make, made necessary by the deaths
of the late Senators Warren of Wyom
ing and Burton of Ohio and the resig
nation of Walter E. Edge of New Jer
sey, now Ambassador to France.
Senator Smoot of Utah, it has been
determined, is to continue as chair
man of the finance committee in
stead of taking over the chairmanship
or the appropriations committee, and
Senator Jones of Washington will be
come head of the appropriations com
mittee, resigning as assistant Repub
lican leader of the Senate. Under this
arrangement Senator Watson of Indiana
Is to continue Republican leader, and
the expectation is that Senator Mc-
Nary of Oregon will be elected assist
ant leader. The “young guard,” which
organized during the special session in
an effort to get action on the tariff
bill, is strongly in favor of having the
Oregon Senator take a hand in the
Republican leadership of the Senate.
Progressives Back La Follette.
The Progressive Republican block is
reported to be lining up for a fight
to place Senator Robert M. La Follette
of Wisconsin on the Senate finance
committee to fill a vacancy caused Dy
the retirement of Ambassador Edge if
the committee on committees, of which
Senator McNary is chairman, does not
give Senator La Follette that recogni
Among the important measures which
are to come before Congress is the
ratification of the settlement of Frencn
debt to the United States. The House
will deal with this matter at a com
paratively early date, it Is understood.
The factional split among the Re
! publicans of the Senate over the tariff
bill still is going strong. Whether the
differences among the Republicans
1 can, in a measure, be ironed out at
i the coming session of Congress remains
Ito be seen. If they are not there will
be hard sledding for the administra
tion's program of legislation.
Hope to Adjourn by July.
It Is the hope of the leaders that
Congress will be able to complete its
work in May or June and adjourn. A
congressional election, at which the
i membership of the House and more
than a third of the Senate must be
chosen, is in the offiing and member*
will be anxious to get home to repair
their political fences. The record made
by the present Congress is likely to have
an important bearing on the campaign
and elections in 1930.
Majority Leader Watson and Minority
i Leader Robinson were delegated by the
| Senate to go with a similar committee
! from the House to notify the President
; that Congress is in session and ready
to transact business.
The resolution expressing the regret
of the Senate over the death of the
I late Senator Warren, Republican, of
■ Wyoming, and for many years chair
! man of the appropriation? committee,
j was introduced by the minority leader,
i Senator Robinson of Arkansas.
The only other resolution acted on
today was the usual one fixing 12
o'clock as the time for the daily meet
j ing of the Senate.
; Pope Is Expected to Elevate Mgr.
Joseph H. Albers.
VATICAN CITY. December 2 </P).
Announcement was made today that
Pope Pius will shortly appoint Mgr.
Joseph H Albers, now chancellor of
the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, to be
titular bishop of Lunda and auxiliary
bishop of Cincinnati.
The appointment will be made dtir-
I ing the forthcoming consistory on De
cember 16.
Benefit card party sponsored by
Sigma Theta Sorority will be given to
night. 8:30 o’clock, at the Thomas
Circle Club, 1326 Massachusetts avenue.
Admiral George Dewey Naval Auxiliary,
United Spanish War Veterans, will
meet at Northeast Masonic Temple,
Eighth and F streets northeast, tonight,
8 o’clock.
Florists’ Club will meet tonight in the
Gavel Club room, 1224 H street, 8
Ten Events Course lecture tonight *8
tHK jfc.vi.yiyw -btak, TTAiSHnsct-rcnv, p, c„ iicmnAT, inacaainigß 2. 19m
the Georgetown Presbyterian Church
will deal with "Oldest America Along
the Santa Fe Trail.” Fred Payne Clat
worthy, lecturer, will illustrate his talk
with his new autochromes.
Lincoln Post. No. 17, American
Legion, will hold its annual dinner at
the New Amsterdam Hotel, 2701 Four
teenth street, at 8 o'clock tonight.
Election and installation of officers for
Gen. Henry W. Lawton Camp, No. 4,
United Spanish War Veterans, meets
tonight, 8 o’clock, Pythian Temple.
District of Columbia Chapter, Amer
ican War Mothers, will hold a benefit
card party tonight, 8:30, in the Chan
tilly room of the Hamilton Hotel, Four
teenth and K streets.
Sixteenth Street Highlands Citizens’
Association will meet tonight. 8 o'clock,
in the assembly room of the Sixth
1319-1321 F Street
• December 2 STETSON HATS Hoars: 8 A. M. to 6 P. M.
sJ Shots forMen
Smashing the Prices
Albans Clothes
To thousands of men this is a critical time. The
public has suffered staggering losses. The present
watchword is “Economize and Save.”
Only such conditions could force us to reduce the
fixed prices of our St. Albans Clothes.
Years have established their sterling quality. For you
the only consideration is GRICE.
I • _ j|
$ 45 Two-Pants Suits, $27' 50
S SO Two-Pants Suits, SO7-00
$ 55 Two-Pants Suits, $/| O -00
S 6O Two-Pants Suits, s^7-00
Oar Sale of
Coats for which a tailor would charge $75 to
$l5O can be duplicated here fpr $34 to $74
$45 blue double-breasted, heavy
weight; Velvet or self collar . ; : .
SSO Boucle; double-breasted; silk SQQ
lined; velvet or self collar ; ; . ; .
S6O Worumbo; double-breasted; blue, $ Q
black or dark gray . : ; : ; .
$75 Montagnac; single-breasted; silk
lined; velvet or self collar ....
SBS Camel’s Hair; heavy weight, of $
dark blue; silk lined and trimmed .•. §
- T r
Presbyterian Church. Sixteenth and
Kennedy streets. Travel talk and pic
tures by E. C. Snyder.
Meeting of committee for Community
Chest campaign pageant will be held
this afternoon, 4:30 o’clock. In the
Community Center offlre. Franklin Ad
ministration Building, Thirteenth and
K streets.
Treaty Oak Chapter of the Order of
the Eastern Star will hold Its regular
monthly meeting tonight at Temple
Washington Tuberculosis Association
will meet this evening in Barker Hall,
Y. W. C. A.. Seventeenth and K streets.
Dr. Kendall Emerson, managing direc
tor of National Tuberculosis Associa
tion. will speak on “New Trends in
Tuberculosis Work.”
Woman's Single Tax Club will meet
at the home of Mrs. Della Du Camb,
1213 O street, tonight, 8 o’clock. Wil
liam McK. Clayton will speak on
“Public Utility Problems of District of
Dupont Circle Citizens’ Association
meets this afternoon, 4:45 o’clock. In
the Jefferson room'of the Hotel May
Washington General Assembly,
Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree,
meets tonight, 8 o’clock, in garden of
P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet tomor
row afternoon, 12:30, at the Women’s
City Chib, 22 Jackson place, for lunch
eon. All visiting and unaffiliated P. E.
O.'s cordially invited to attend.
Civitan Club luncheon In the gold
room of the Lafayette Hotel. Bishop
William F. McDowell will speak.
Loyal Knights of the Round Table
will meet at the University Club to
morrow for luncheon, 12:30 o’clock.
Rabbi Abram Simon will speak on
“Good Will In Our Community.”
Burnside Post No. 8, G. A. R„ will
meet at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon
in the headquarters on Pennsylvania
avenue. Election of officers.
Lincoln Post. G. A. R.. will meet Wed
nesday afternoon, 2 o’clock, in G. A.
R. Hall.
Botanical Society of Washington
meets tomorrow night, 8 o’clock, in the
assembly room of the Cosmos Club.
December meeting of the Somerset
School Parent-Teachers’ Association of
Chevy Chase has been postponed from
tomorrow to Wednesday, December 11.
Ladies' Aid Society of Gorsuch M. E.
Church will hold annual bazaar and
turkey dinner tomorrow and Wednesday
at Pythian Temple. 1012 Ninth street.
Luncheon served also on each day from
11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Christmas bazaar and chicken dinner
will be given tomorrow by the Women's
Guild of Incarnation Lutheran Church,
Fourteenth and Gallatin streets.
A card party will be given tomorrow
afternoon, 1 o’clock. In the home of
Mrs. F. Kimmel 213 Second street
southeast, for the benefit of Miriam
Chapter, No. 23, O. E. S.
The Lions’ Club will hold a luncheon
and business meeting In the Hotel May
flower Wednesday afternoon at 12:30
E. C. Crittenden, chief of the Di
vlslon of Electricity of the Bureau of
\ 1339 R Street, N. W., Washington V
\ fashion J
| features- . \
i ■
/ \
l modem© J
V NOTHER season of Fashionable J
/ G Overshoes brings another oppor- \
I tunity for the nation-wide group of Nisley
V stores to present its patrons with supreme J
f values in high quality overshoes at unus* S
V ually low prices. The ultra-smart lines, the J
f superb fitting qualities, the lovely color \
l tones and attractive patterns of these new
\ Nisley Stormshus take them out of the J
( realms of the ordinary in character and \
\ style. The prices are a revelation. J
I tUy'N}ODD/C'
V SEASON’S jauntiest mode in the automatic J
f fastener type of overshoe. A lovely shade of brown A
V with dainty all-over spider-web pattern. This is an J
f all rubber shoe vJith neutral, non-fadable lining. \
j Heels and toes to fit practically all types of shoes. 1 '
\ Also shown in all black spider-web rubber. First I
> quality of course —Nisley’s price, $2.50. J
I M-iy I
\ §L VOGUISH cloth (one-snap) stormshu in an /
/ exceedingly smart new brown heather mixture \
with the sole and heel in contrasting brown spider- I ;
\ web rubber. Non-fadable plaid sports lining. Heels J
/ end toes to fit practically all types of shoes. Shown
( also in plain black. First quality at Nisleys, $2.00. )
j ’VIKINC.’ ]
r NEW note in fashionable three snap stormshus. /
V An all-over spider web rubber shoe in a striking )
/ two tone effect combining tan with a perfectly
I harmonious shade of brown. Neutral non-fadable \
\ linings. Heels and toes to fit practically all types
\ of shoes. First quality only, Nisley’s price, $2.00. j
Standards, is to be the guest speaker
the Cent * r Forum tomorrow night, ,
8:30 o'clock, at the Jewish Community
Center. Sixteenth and Q streets. “Half
Century of Electricity" is his subject.
Public Invited.
Tempting dishes
at moderate prices.

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