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Henican Tells Probers De
pression Is Due to Uncer
tainty of Legislation.
By the Associated Press.
J. P. Henican, president of the New
Orleans Cotton Exchange, to Jay told a
Senate agriculture subcommittee in
vestigating the causes of depressed
prices for cotton that “uncertainty of
pending legislation Is exercising a detri
mental influence’’ on the market.
Henican continued that until definite
action was taken on the pending
measures, referring, apparently, to the
tariff bill, that "the valuable protective
influence of the contract market will be
Operators who were accustomed to
intervene by buying contracts when
prices were low, he said, now are un
willing to “assume the double risk of
the market and legislation.”
He added that “these men on the
street with their capital” are needed,
but said they had been conspicuously
absent since the Agriculture Depart
ment’s prediction of a drop In cotton
prices In 1927 and the subsequent slump
in values.
Another reason he assigned as con
tributing to depressed cotton prices was
competition from India.
He said foreign mills were turning to
foreign cotton at the expense of Amer
ica and asserted India was becoming
the greatest competitor of the United
States and the world's largest producer
outside of this country.
Gardiner H. Miller, president of the
New York Cotton Exchange, who testi
fied yesterday, said the low price of
cotton resulted from "the law of sup
ply and demand,” and asserted the
large crop here and abroad and slump
In stock values all had combined to keep
the price down.
Senators Smith and Heflin, Demo
crats., however, disagreed with Miller.
Both said market manipulation had
played a part in the fall of the staple.
Heflin asserted the firm of Anderson,
Clayton & Co., Houston, Tex., cotton
brokers, had exercised a dominating and
depressing Influence on cotton prices.
Questioned about ths legislation to
which he was referring Henican said
that measures now pending before
Congress ranged “from additional reg
ulation to practical abolition of trading
on the exchanges.”
“It is within the range of truth to
say that they are a disturbing Influence
on the cotton market and will continue
to be until they are finally disposed
of,” he said.
mrs.lhoover TALKS
First lady at Meeting Yesterday
Expresses Deep Interest in Work
of American Organization.
Mrs. Herbert Hoover, honorary chair
man of the national committee on vol
untary service of the American Red
Cross, expressed great interest in Red
Cross activities at the annual meeting
yesterday. She mentioned specifically
such activities as making surgical dress
ings. operating canteens, transcribing
braille for the blind and providing com
forts for war veterans in hospitals.
Mrs. William Howard Taft and Mrs.
Woodrow Wilson, wives of two former
Presidents, who are honorary vice presi
dents of the Red Cross committee, at
tended a luncheon given yesterday by
Miss Mabel T. Boardman In the new
memorial to women of the World War,
which adjoins Red Cross headquarters.
Reports of Red Cross activities were
given by Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, New
York; Mrs. Leonard Wood, New York;
Mrs. Austin R. Baldwin. New York;
Mrs. Walter Shaw Brewster, Brooklyn;
Mrs. E. G. Buckland, New Haven,
Conn.; Mrs. J. A. Collins, Warren,Ohio:
Mrs. George S. Derby, Boston; Mrs. Ju
lius W. Freeman, Baltimore; Mrs. Frank
V. Hammar, St. Louis; Miss Katherine
Leverich, New York; Mrs. Hugh McGib
ney, Indianapolis; Mrs. T. A. Mellon,
Pittsburgh; Mrs. George Phelps Rose,
Sewlcklev, Pa.; Mrs. W. W. Salmon,
Chula Vista, Calif.; Mrs. Bowen Tufts.
Winchester, Mass.; Mrs. Thomas S.
Wheelwright, Buckland Springs, Va.;
Mrs. Richard S. Derby, New York; Mrs.
H. P. Davison, New York; Mrs. Thomas
W. Richards, Mrs. C. A. Atkinson and
Mrs. Reeve Lewis, Washington.
Fruits of Northern Climes Demand
Big Prices on Stands in Cities
of Southern Republic*
RIO JANEIRO, V?). —Apples from
Washington, Oregon and California are
delicacies In Brazil and thousands of
cases oome here yearly. Only a small
quantity arrives In barrels.
In the sma,' fruit stands these Amer
ican apples sell by the dozen at the
equivalent of a dollar to two dollars,
according to quality. Apples also are
shipped here from New Zealand, but
the United States fruit has a virtual
monopoly of the market.
Just as the inhabitant of the tem
perate zone In the States longs for
pineapple, avocado, orange, papaya and
other tropical fruit, so does the Bra
zilian long for the apple, pear, peach
and plum of a Northern clime.
In the past year the imports of ap
ples from the United States amounted
to 200,000 cases valued at more than
$500,000. In one month 120,000 cases
A 15-mile swimming contest, which
will be open to all young women in the
city, will begin Monday under the au
spices of the health education depart
ment of the Young Women’s Christian
Association. The contest will be held in
the two pools of the Y. W. C. A., at
Seventeenth and K streets and 614 E
The meet will continue until February
16, 1930. Not less than one-eighth of a
mile and not more than one-half mile
is to be covered at any one time.
The contest is under the direction of
Mrs. Wilson Compton, physical educa
tion committee chairman.
Your Christmas Draperies
Place your order now to have your
Christmas draperies made. We are drapery
specialists and deem it a great privilege to
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The Ideal ChrUtma* Gift
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616 E St. N.W.
A Handkerchief Inhalant for
A few drops on your handkerchief, in
hale frequently and your cold will pass
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Sh jeiie!ps at bu x uc tfo n rth° ri sra p s ! Lace! Silk Underwear in Matched Sets
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