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Dinner Planned to Show Mer
its of Popularly Chosen
School Heads.
Washington residents who favor the
popular election of the school board will
have a field day celebration at the Bur
lington Hotel tonight, when the Joint
Committee for the Election of the Board
of Education conducts its gct-acquainted
dinner for the representatives of the i
organizations which have indorsed the
pending bills providing for the board's
Dr. C»n>f*e C Havenner, president of 1
the Federation of Citizens’ Associations,
designated as toastmaster, will present
nearly a score of speakers in favor cl >
the proposed system of naming the 1
District school board. Mrs. Fred S. .
Dubois, as general c hairman of the din- i
ner committee, will present Dr. Haven- |
Among those slated to speak are i
Charles I. Stengle, member of the Citi-.
zens' Advisory Council; Maj. Julius I.
Peyser, president of the District of Co
lumbia Bar Association; Janies G.
Yaden of the Federation of Citizens’
Associations; Mrs. Giles Scott Rafter, i
president of the District of Columbia 1
The Most Gracious
of Gifts
—because of their combined utility and
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reason of our exceptional and exclusive
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Lounging Robes and
French Lounge Suits
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French Lounge Suits in brocade silk crepes, $25 to
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Flannel Robes All wool stripes and plain
Brocade Robes With silk notch collars and SJQ.7S
cuffs and wide silk belts
Brocade Robes—A selection of exclusive patterns #J t
cut long and full, with girdle
Brocade Robes — Lined with Skinner’s silk. New jg;l f».75
designs and handsome colorings; very special..
Silk-Lined Brocade Robes Elaborate patterns #25
in rich colors—robes of distinction
House (.oats
A real assortment—not just a few scattering sizes—
but in complete ranges- specially made for us. $6.75
to $35.
Very Special Values
Cloth Jackets Double faced, with the reverse $/: 75
side forming collar, cuffs, pockets and facings.. u ’
Cloth Jackets —With brocade collars and SJQ.7S
Velvet and fU\k Jackets—with silk lapel C‘V!r |9()
and facing:;; silk lined tV
The Mode —Eleventh Street at F
Gloomy Christmas
Outlook for Cook
County Employes
B>- the Associated Press.
CHICAGO. December 13.—1 f
4 000 Cook County employes neg
lected to do their Christmas
shopping early, they may not do
It at all. for the prospects of
getiing paid this month looked
very dismal yesterday.
Before the county workers ran
be paid. President A. J. Cermak
of the county board said, it will
be necessary to sell tax-antici
pation warrants based on the
1930 budget. Cermak -does not
believe the budget can be passed
in sufficient time to meet the
pav roll.
Congress of Parent-Teacher Associa
tions; Mrs. William T. Bannerman,
president of the Joint Committee for
the Election of the Board of Education;
Herbert. S. Wood, president of the Dis
trict of Columbia Public School Asso
ciation; Oscar H. Brinkman and Maj.
Gen. Amos A. Fries.
A brief symposium of speakers who
will present the points of the Capper-
Zihlnian bill for the elective board will
include Mrs. J. N. Saunders, Harry M.
Stull. Arthur C. Moses, George A. War
ren, A. H. Gregory, William McK. Clay
ton and William A. Roberts.
Frank C. Merritt will call the roll of
the organizations which have indorsed
the bill. More than 50 bodies have ex
pressed support of the bill since Octo
ber, according to Mrs. Bannerman.
State’s Newest Clue Is For
mer Instructor’s Friend
ship for Girl.
ftv the Associate ' Pres*.
ROCKFORD. 111., December 13 An
other former admirer'of Cordelia Gum
merslieimer. Rockford High School
teacher slain last Saturday, today was
the principal hope of Rockford author- ]
lties to prevent the slaying from slip- j
ping Into the limbo of unsolved crimes.
Known only as "Prof. Hugo.” for- j
rnerl.v a German Instructor at the Uni- 1
versity of Wisconsin and now said to 1
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" ~~—colored. Gradually add the remaining sugar.
Add the lemon juice and grated rind. Grad
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I whites. Sift flour once before measuring. Fold in
Wjjj2sSM the flour and salt which have been rifted together.
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V *
be teaching at a Texas College, this
latest acquaintance involved in investi
gation of her death was said to have
met Miss Gummersheimer at Summer
school, Madison, Wls.
A letter from him in German Indi
cated that he and the Rockford teacher
were friends. State's Attorney W. D.
Knight was seeking to communicate
with the professor, whose full name
was withheld.
The Rockford authorities had not
abandoned, however, their attempt to
question Ralph B. Howe. Chicago Seed
Co. official, whose departure from
Florida occurred a few hours before
Miss Gummersheimer's death. There
was also another man, a close friend of
the teacher, who resides in South Caro
Some of the official investigators be
lieve the secret of the slaying will be
unraveled through clues which will come
from pupils in Miss Gummersheimer's
I classes. «
Walter Julian last night re
j ceived a bulky packet, mailed in New
I York two days after the murder. It was
sent, by Roy Scribner, radio operator,
; who was In Rockford two weeks before
! the crime. The packet was reported to j
contain the teacher's letters to Scribner,
and they were said to indicate that
the two had broken off their associa
■ ■■■■■■ •
Two Killed in Plane Cra*h.
MILVERTON, Ontario, December 13
(4 s ).—Louts Ernst, 25, son of John Ernst
of Mount Forest, Ontario, and Frank
Soan of Mount Dennis, Ontario, aircraft
limited p.lot, were killed yesterday in
the crash of their airplane on the farm
of George Roe, a mile north of this
Early Birds.
The nightingale, favorite songster of
the British Isles, confines his activities
to the Southeastern English counties '
bordering on the Channel. The an- '
nual pilgrimage of the British Empire ■
Naturalists’ Association to the Surrey;
Downs Is attended by visitors from the ,
United States. Canada. New Zealand, j
Australia. Africa and India, who come
to this favorite nesting place of the
nightingale in the hours of darkness •
I just to listen to the exquisite beauty ,
1 of the bird's song. !
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